Israpundit, led by Ted Belman who took over the site from Joseph Norland and 3 others, is now an absolute liability and a danger to the whole of the Jewish people.

Belman has atracted around him on Israpundit, writing features and comments, a range of people who are doing Israel and the Jews great harm.

I term ALL of these people as being US Imperialists, part of the US ruling elite, connected with the US ruling elite, covering for the crimes of the US ruling elite, All of them without exception.

In order to advance it is necessary for Jews to escape from Israpundit and even more important take up a day in day out struggle against this excrescence on the historical Jewish movement.

Belman has conducted a campaign, from his perch in Toronto Canada, in support of McCain and Palin in the US election.

Can we be most clear here. The candidature of Obama and Biden which has the backing of one person in particular, that of the arch reactionary Brzesinski, is one which has to be opposed right down the line.

But mark my words that is precisely NOT what Belman is doing.

Belman is a manipulator of people, and is especially a manipulator of the truth. It is this manipulation of the truth which makes us on 4international so vehemently and irreconcilably opposed to Belman and his now sordid website.

This website which goes by the name of Israpundit stands in total opposition to the great Jewish historical tradition going back over 5000 years. I say this firmly and confidently and I am non Jewish, Irish in origin, and TO BOOT a confirmed dialectical materialist. But I am committed to the continuance of the Jewish race and the Jewish nation and nation state of Israel.

In this article I can only touch on one or two issues.

But think! These may be enough.

Some time ago Belman (who does skit around from issue to issue) gave publicity to the repression of the Serbs by US and EU capitalism. I remember as part of this Belman cosied up to people like Gil White and Gorin. On one notable occasion Belman reprinted the great work of Peter Robert North, who had made a photographic report of the nearly 4000 murders of defencless Serb women and children and mainly elderly men as they huddled in the villages surrounding the town of Srebrenica. The murders were carried out by the Muslim Fascists of the Izetbegovic Muslim Government and were controlled by Nasir Oric. They were committed in the period from 1992 to 1995. These murders were documented by the Serb authorities and sent to the UN. The UN stuck the evidence in a cubby hole and not one journalist bothered to report.

What is relevant, very relevant, is that this feature on Israpundit gained a record number of responses from Jews and Serbs.

I will repeat that, in all the thousands of topics Belman has introduced, that is the one which stands at the top of the list for responses.

What that says to anybody who is fair, is that there was and is a huge ground for the Jews and the Serbs coming together.

I saw that period as the Serbs, who were being forced into submission by a combination of Islam and US and EU capital,  being desparate for a unity with the Jewish people.

Now this is why Belman is such a liar and such a liability for the Jewish people and movement.

Obama is very closely connected to Brzesinski. It was Brzesinski who was behind the cultivation of Bin Laden in Afghanistan. But Bin Laden  had another history which I will deal with in a moment. First though if you are going to attack Obama, which is very necessary to do, then his connection with Brzesinski should be top of the list. In relation to Bin Laden in Afghanistan. BELMAN HOWEVER DOES NOT GO THERE.

So we ask the simple question. Why would Belman not go there. The reason is very simple and is because he supports uncritically McCain and McCain was at the very centre of intriue against the Serbs.

McCain and Lieberman (with Biden actually!!!) were the big allies of Islamofascism against the Serbs.

That other history…It was not just in Afghanistan but in the Balkans that Bin Laden figured.

And this is the real reason that Belman does not go there. In fact cannot.

This is because urging on Bin Laden and the Bosnian and Albanian Muslim fanatics around Izetbegovic were these people

Not Obama (as far as I know) but indirectly through his running mate Biden

Biden (and the Clintons)


John McCain

Joseph Lieberman

So the reason that Belman does not attack Obama for his connection with Brzesinski is because that leads the discussion into the Balkans, into the destruction of Yugoslavia, into the planned wars of the US on China and Russia, the actual only challengers (not the Islamists) to the rule of US capital today.

And if the discussion were led into the Balkans then the role of McCain and Lieberman would stand out because the blood of Serbs has been spilled by Lieberman, McCain and Biden.

Belman is a manipulator of the truth.

Jews to survive need the exact truth of their situation in the world to be brought forward. But this need necessitates the exposure of the politics of Belman  and Israpundit in front of every Jewish worker and youth URGENTLY!

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