By Felix Quigley

October 29, 2008

I believe very firmly that Israpundit and editor Ted Belman are carrying though a betrayal of the Jewish people. Hear that Belman. I know you do read this blog but you are taking that most cowardly path, ignoring our point of view. Why? Essentially because you are an opportunist and the land of ideas is not really for you.

In the latest today on your site following somebody called Glenn Beck you are calling Obama a Marxist. Also Beck is saying that Obama is a Fascist or will become a Fascist.

This is to so muddy the waters Belman. US Imperialism is certainly driven towards Fascist forms of rule by the crisis in capitalism but it is the system of which Obama AND McCain are a part that is decisive.

You are a total opportunist and a disgrace to the great intellectual tradition of the Jewish people.

There are two people running in this election, McCain and Biden, who we have proved lined up behind the Fascists in Croatia led by Tudjman and the Fascists in Bosnia led by Islamist Izetbegovic. Obama was not directly involved but there is no doubt hat he would take exactly the same position.

Both Democratic Obama and Republican McCain are exactly the same.

Then there was the Georgian attack on South Ossetia in which the populist and near Fascist Saakashvili launched a vile atack on the capital of that tiny place which resulted in the destruction of the Jewish Quarter.

Belman you entertain on your site people like Yamit82, Levinson and Narvey who supported the Saakashvili attack on South Ossetia.

That was very close to the methods of a Fascist dictator like Hitler.

We have said time and time again Belman that you are betraying the Jews of Israel by your continuous support for McCain and your not pointing out that McCain and Biden along with Lieberman were up to their neck in the support of Fascist Croatia, Islamofascist Bosnia and the terrorist KLA.

What you are doing in this election is a betrayal of all principle. At one time you were sucking up to pro-Serb advocates like Julia Gorin and Bokababe. Now by your support for McCain, by your deliberate hiding of the role of McCain and his future role, you are betraying the Serbs and YOU ARE A DISGRACE TO THE GREAT JEWISH TRADITION

Shame on Israpundit. Shame also on its founder Josepher Alexander Norland for his silence on this betrayal.

What say you Belman to these simple points?


  1. Felix,

    I happened upon the link to this article on Israpundit and found it authored by you.

    I see that you included me as one who supported the Saakashvili attack on South Ossetia. I don’t recall writing on that topic.

    I may have expressed concern with Russia over their invasion, but then again I have always had concerns with Russia for reasons I have noted from time to time in the context of an article or a point being discussed.

    I still don’t know what you have against me Felix, but c’est la vie. I can’t please everyone.

    Felix, your attack on Belman, Israpundit and those contributors such as myself who prefer McCain over Obama is really over the top.

    Further, there are many reasons and facts put forward on the pages of Israpundit as to why McCain is preferred.

    You state Felix about Belman and Israpundit:

    “you are betraying the Jews of Israel by your continuous support for McCain and your not pointing out that McCain and Biden along with Lieberman were up to their neck in the support of Fascist Croatia, Islamofascist Bosnia and the terrorist KLA.”

    You also note that if Obama was in the Senate at the time you have no doubt that he would have sided with McCain, Biden and Lieberman.

    First off Felix, you are convinced to an absolute certainty that you are right in your statement about the Serbs and Muslims in the region.

    There is no point in discussing that with you because you rage against anyone who might disagree even by just a few degrees from where you are on the subject.

    Secondly, and more significantly, since you say McCain, Obama, and Biden all would have sided with the Islamofacists against the Serbs and supported the NATO action against the Serbs, that issue is cancelled out and ceases to be relevant in assessing which candidate, McCain or Obama is the best person to be President.

    Once has to measure the merit or demerit of the candidates by their stand on other issues, which is precisely what Belman and Israpundit contributors such as myself have been doing, though you may have noticed I have over the past few weeks, largely withdrawn from that discussion.

    Anyway Felix, I realize you haven’t dropped by to visit us at Israpundit. It appears you are really angry.

    I wish you were not so angry.

    Anyway, while again I find I am in disagreement with you, both on the substance of your comment and the unnecessary level of anger with which you make your point, I find it a good thing that we have again exchanged.

    I would like to see you back at Israpundit. We have had some good discussions when the topic is not one that you so passionately advocate, but is a topic well worth the time to explore through discussion.

    I hope all is well with you otherwise Felix. Please calm down though.


    Bill Narvey

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