by Felix Quigley

October 31, 2008

What is the position of the US Republican Party which is the Party in power towards Israel? It is wise to check on this as American Jewish leaders try to hide the reality that it is the US elite as a whole that is hostile to Zionism. There is NO difference between Obama and McCain.

[begin quote here]

WASHINGTON —  In separate meetings with Middle East leaders Thursday, President George W. Bush applauded Lebanon’s efforts to forge a national reconciliation and told Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas that the United States has not given up hope on an agreement to create a Palestinian state.

“I appreciate your determination and your desire to have a Palestinian state,” Bush told Abbas in front of reporters before a White House meeting. “I share that desire with you. It’s not easy.”

Bush said the administration will continue to work with Palestinian authorities on security matters and on helping to coordinate international economic assistance.

“As you know, I’ve got four more months left in office and I’m hopeful that the vision that you and I have worked on can come to pass,” he added.

Abbas, seated beside Bush, told the president that he was thankful for U.S. support.

“Hope remains,” Abbas said. “We cannot live without hope.”

Mideast peace talks were relaunched at a U.S.-hosted summit last November, and with prodding from the U.S., Israel and the Palestinians set a year-end target for reaching a final peace accord that would end six decades of hostilities

(From Sept 25, 2008),2933,428123,00.html

This then is the position of the US elite towards Israel. It supports what is a Nazi type state, originating out of Nazism, right beside Israel, threatening Israel.

Note this is not the position of Obama I am talking about here. This is the position of Bush, McCain, Palin and the Republican Party. That is what is so galling in the way that Israpundit and Frontpagemag have conducted this election. To me they have been pushing a lie.

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