by Felix Quigley

November 17, 2008

What is the purpose of what has become known as the “Palestinian” movement?

Any sober answer to this must go along the lines of a wish to destroy “Zionism”. But what is Zionism? Disregard the lies. Zionism is the national movement of the Jews to have a Homeland. It is just as valid as Irish nationalism.

The Jews are a people who are interconnected with their ancient religion and customs. Is it so extraordinary then that this ancient movement has got religious aspects!

The only wish for the Palestinian movement is the destruction of Israel, which they see as a Zionist presence in the Middle East. This is interlaced with Islam which I will not go into at the moment.

But this Zionism which they are so full of hatred for is the oldest national movement which exists.

These thoughts come to mind, and the seeming inability of some Jewish leaders in Israel and even ordinary people to understand.

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DEBKAfile’s military and intelligence sources report that the foundering of the Gaza truce amid renewed Hamas missile attacks and terrorist plots are the direct outcome of the Israeli government’s passive military stance and over-reliance on Egypt to pull its Palestinian chestnuts out of the fire. That is the predominant view of senior Israeli military officials, including commanders of the Southern Command.

Thursday night, Nov. 13, the Palestinians fired five missiles, including two Grads, against Ashkelon, Sderot, Netivot and Or Haner. Suspense is building up around the Gaza Strip amid fears of a major Palestinian attack on Israeli forces and civilian locations over the weekend.

The last six months, Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert, defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Livni counted on Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to heal the quarrel between the rival Palestinian Hamas and Fatah factions, pacify the Gaza Strip and extricate the kidnapped Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit from Hamas captivity.

Although Mubarak’s bid flopped and the Palestinians had been clearly preparing to revive their large-scale terror plots and missile blitz for some weeks, the government failed to revise its tactics, pre-empt the rising threat, or explain to the Israeli public what went wrong.

It was not until Nov. 11, when intelligence was received of a secret tunnel designed to facilitate a large-scale Hamas kidnap operation that a decision was taken to blow up the tunnel. The soldiers were ordered not to touch the Hamas special force assigned with the abductions or their operational headquarters at el Bureij.

Nonetheless, Hamas leaders decided to risk reviving their missile blitz and efforts to kidnap Israeli soldiers or civilians.

Senior officers in the Southern Command believe that a serious Hamas cross-border terrorist attack is on the way. Since Cairo’s mediation failure, no one there, in Damascus or even Riyadh exercises any control over the Hamas leadership in Gaza.

According to intelligence from Gaza, Hamas leaders have turned their backs on Egypt’s pacification efforts and moved on with their objective, which is to fight their Fatah rival, Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the finish, by dint of factional warfare and major clashes with Israel.

Israel’s government heads persist in ignoring this information. Indeed Olmert and Barak are at loggerheads on how to handle the escalating Gaza peril. This was apparent during their joint visit to the IDF’s Gaza division headquarters Wednesday, Nov. 12. The prime minister said that a large-scale military confrontation with Hamas is waiting at the end of the road, whereas Barak said that while action must be taken against terror threats, it is important to preserve the truce.

It was clear to the soldiers listening to them that the truce belonged to the past.

Suspense ahead of Hamas aggression was so high Thursday, Nov. 13, that Israel revoked the permission given a few hours earlier for a 30-truck convoy to pass through into the Gaza Strip with food and goods for the population. And a handing-over ceremony for the Gaza Division commanders was called off.

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There is no solution based on “peace” possible. There is no peace process and there can never be any peace process.

The Palestinian movement was founded by Nazis, Hajj Amin el Husseini was a Nazi, and he it was who gave to this Palestinian movement its central being.

When George Bush stepped forward in the Rose Garden and called for the first time for the creation of a Palestinian State Bush was carrying out the wishes and aims of Husseini.

When Obama will follow with a high level push to unite Hamas and Fatah and organize an armed camp called the Palestinian state right inside Israel land then he is following in the footsteps of Husseini.

And Hussein was the right hand man of Adolf Hitler in the Holocaust.

Israel can only be defended by socialist revolution internationally and by a Trotskyist leadership internationally and in Israel.

There will be no peace to be made with Nazis. There will and only can be struggle, including armed struggle. There is no separation between political struggle and armed struggle.

A step forward must be taken in the coming Israeli election to defeat at all costs Livni, Olmert and Barak. Netanyahu and other more patriotic Israelis must be given the opportunity to form a government. The first step of theirs is to break from Obama, break from Britain and the EU, and insist that there will be no state of Palestine. The actual history of this Palestinian concept and culture must become known to a new generation of Trotskyists, who may well in the main be youth.

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