by Felix Quigley

November 21


Looking at it from the viewpoint of Israel and Zionism it is totally for the best that Obama beat McCain for the position of leadership of US Imperialism.


The big Lie and the Big Pretence has been that the US is the friend and ally of Israel. In fact it has ALWAYS BEEN ITS ENEMY.


With McCain in power it may have been possible to continue with the pretence. It is much more difficult for Obama to continue the Lie because he still has close connections to Malley, the viperous anti-Semite who is a HUGE and OPEN fan of the antisemites of Hisbullah, Fatah and Hamas.


The plan of US Imperialism has always been to create a Fatah led state inside the state of Israel and to call it Palestine. This is not a new or sudden development, this is in line with the whole history of first the British ruling class from 1920 to 1948, and then of the US ruling class from 1948 to the present.


Obama is out in the open because he is standing there right in the open with Malley. Every Jew should rejoice at this. It is much easier to see the real role of US Imperialism. It is in the open and everything is to play for.


People such as you have on Israpundit should stop their moaning over Obama and calculate what precisely is needed to fight the Fascists of Fatah Hamas and their backers in the US elite and in all the disparate anti-Semitic elements in Europe, including the Vatican.


Let us try and put it in simple terms, because if you use simple language there is less room for lying to happen.


Those who attack Israel or even disparage Israel, the idea of Israel especially, meaning the right of the Jewish people to have a National Home, are really forced to oppose the 2000 year old struggle in exile to return to Zion.


This is precisely what Zionism is. It was on this point that those antisemites of the ISM in Galway Ireland showed themselves for what they really are. You may like or dislike Israel of today but you cannot argue that Israel is not the end of that historic 2000 year old national struggle, and since these are Jews and persecuted because they are Jews has religious and some ethnic tones in this national theme as well.


So that is what those who are attacking Israel today are coming from. They may talk about the “poor Palestinians” but the sub plot is to destroy Israel.


Let us advance this a little further. No I will not use the statements of the Fascist leaders in Iran, not only by the way Ahmadinejad, allthose Mullahs who have sworn to destroy Israel. The whole world knows this. To deny this is the sure sign either of idiocy or anti-Semitism.


But the other main belligerents against Israel have made their positions crystal clear. I use here an extract in a recent post in 4international:


1.      On Monday the Al-Quds Brigades—the military wing of Islamic Jihad—fired eight rockets from Gaza into the western Negev, damaging several houses. A little later in the morning another volley landed south of the much-besieged town of Sderot, damaging houses in a kibbutz.

2.    Though the current “ceasefire” with Hamas is not supposed to be over until December 19, the shelling has been going on for almost two weeks. Just on Friday, for instance, Sderot was hit by eleven Qassam rockets and Ashkelon—a city of 120,000 to the north of Gaza—by six Grad rockets (larger and longer-range than Qassams). An 82-year-old Sderot woman was wounded by shrapnel and 22 shock victims were taken to hospital. Air raid sirens rang out in Ashkelon all day and the city opened its public bomb shelters. Children on the lunch break got caught in rocket fire and had to scamper back into their schools.

3.    Ashdod, a city of 200,000 north of Ashkelon and Israel’s second most important port after Haifa, was also ordered to get its bomb shelters ready since it too is within Grad range.

4.    As of now, 250,000 Israeli men, women, and children in the Gaza vicinity are under bombardment with the attendant toll in anxiety, traumatization, and disruption of life—not to mention those unlucky enough to have had rockets hit their persons, dwellings, or property. It goes without saying that Amnesty, Ferrero-Waldner, Ban et al. do not perceive a humanitarian crisis here and are not going to perceive one even if the situation gets much worse. The notion of Jews as victims is now confined to the Holocaust and for most of the world is categorically precluded for the Jews of Israel.



So then a declaration of war by Arab leaders on Israel if ever there was a declaration of war!


The enemies of Israel have twigged on to something mighty important and relevant. It is that no matter what they do to Israel the nations of the world insist that Israel can do nothing to defend itself.


Israel has become the despised Jew of history. This IS modern antisemitism.


And the enemy is prepared, mighty prepared. The enemy is obsessed with the defeat of Israel, the removal of the “Zionist presence” from the Middle East and from the map.


In the face of this preparedness and super determination of the antisemites to destroy Israel, the answer of Barak is hardly going to convince them to hold off. Barak has stated Israel does not want to fight and has promised to release 200 Fatah prisoners in December!






On Friday past the Jerusalem Post’s Khaled Abu Toameh reported that:

Sixteen months after assuming full control over the Gaza Strip, Hamas appears to be stronger than ever—largely thanks to the growing number of tunnels that are used to smuggle goods and weapons under the border with Egypt.

…the tunnels have now become a vital tool in circumventing the Israeli commercial blockade [and] are no longer a secret, and foreign journalists are…invited to visit them and interview their owners…. large supplies of food and medicine are being brought through them into Gaza on a daily basis….

When Israel decided earlier this year to temporarily suspend fuel supplies to…Gaza…in response to the rocket attacks on Israeli towns and cities, the smugglers installed underground pipes that continue to pump gasoline into the Gaza Strip. As a result, motorists there pay nearly half the price they were paying several months ago to fill their cars.

…a veteran Palestinian journalist [said,] “Today people want to eat and buy cheap goods from Egypt. That’s why they are smuggling everything, including sheep, calves, lions, cigarettes, perfume, electrical appliances, food and even tens of thousands of Viagra pills.”

Both Israel and Egypt seem to have wearied of battling the underground tunnel trade…. Seventeen Palestinian diggers and smugglers who were killed when their tunnels collapsed in the past few months have been declared shahids (martyrs) by Hamas and their families.

This makes the Egyptians reluctant to take tough measures against the smugglers, fearing they will be accused by the Arab world of complicity in the “siege” against Gaza’s 1.5 million Palestinians.



Our next article on 4international will try to do something about this…


Postscript re malley



November 20, 2008


Senator Obama was criticized in May for having Malley on his team of Middle East advisers after the latter admitted to being in regular contact with Hamas as part of his work with the George Soros-funded International Crisis Group (ICG), whose Middle East and North Africa Program he directs. Malley has worked with officials from several countries, urging them to recognize Hamas, which calls in its Charter for the destruction of Israel and the murder of Jews. At the time, Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt stated, “Sen. Obama strongly opposes talking to Hamas, a terrorist group committed to Israel’s destruction. As president, he will work to isolate Hamas and target its resources, and rejects any dialogue until Hamas recognizes Israel, renounces terrorism, and abides by previous agreements.” LaBolt also gave an unequivocal assurance that Malley had provided only “informal advice to the campaign in the past,” and that Malley had “no formal role in the campaign and he will not play any role in the future.” (Lynn Sweet, ‘Obama adviser who met with Hamas resigns,’ Chicago Sun Times, May 11, 2008)


Malley, in addition to his post at the ICG, served as President Bill Clinton’s Special Assistant for Arab-Israeli Affairs (1998-2001), and as Clinton National Security Adviser Sandy Berger’s Executive Assistant (1996-1998). In a July 2001 New York Times op-ed, Malley alleged that Israel, not the Palestinian Authority (PA), was to blame for the failure of the 2000 Camp David peace talks. He also wrote further pieces co-authored with Hussein Agha, a former adviser to Yasser Arafat, blaming Israel and exonerating Arafat for the failure of the peace process. Malley’s claims are completely at variance with the detailed accounts of the 2000 negotiations provided by President Clinton, former American Middle East envoy Dennis Ross and former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, all of whom pointed to Palestinian rejection without counter-offer of the peace proposals (John Perazzo, Obama’s Road to Damascus, FrontPage Magazine, November 11, 2008).


  1. US Opposes ant-Nazi Resolution in the UN General Assembly

    Global Research, November 19, 2008
    RIA Novosti

    UN adopts Russian proposed anti-Nazi resolution
    13:02 | 19/ 11/ 2008

    UN, November 19 (RIA Novosti) – The UN General Assembly on social and humanitarian issues has adopted a draft resolution proposed by Russia on tackling a rise in the glorification of Nazism and the desecration of WWII monuments.

    The draft resolution on “combating racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related intolerance,” is aimed at tackling the practice in the former Soviet republics of Latvia and Estonia of honoring SS veterans who fought for Nazi Germany during WWII.

    “Nazi monuments are unveiled in a ceremonial atmosphere and the dates of liberation from the Nazis are proclaimed as days of mourning,” Russia’s UN representative, Grigory Lykyantsev, told the UN, adding that “this attitude towards anti-fascist veterans plays into the hands of those who call for ‘a pure race.'”

    The resolution was passed with 122 countries voting in favor, while 54 delegations abstained, including Ukraine, Estonia and Latvia. Only the U.S. voted against. The resolution is now practically guaranteed to be adopted at the next UN General Assembly session in December.

    Parades in honor of Waffen-SS veterans, involving veterans from the Latvian Legion and the 20th Estonian SS Division and their supporters, are held annually in Latvia and Estonia. Russia has repeatedly criticized the Baltic States for allowing these parades to take place.

    Another former Soviet republic, Ukraine, announced plans in July to erect a statue in Lutsk, western Ukraine, honor of Stepan Bandera, a leader of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) that fought against the Soviets during WWII.

    The resolution also raises Russian concerns over the dismantling and desecration of Soviet-era WWII monuments and the “unlawful exhumation” or transfer of the remains of those killed in the fight against fascism.

    The dismantling in Tallinn of the Soviet war memorial, the Bronze Soldier, just before the May 9, 2007 Victory Day celebrations in Russia led to street protests in which over 1,000 people were arrested and one Russian national was killed.

    Relations between Russia and Latvia and Estonia have also been strained over what Moscow calls the two states’ unequal treatment of ethnic Russians, the alleged persecution of Soviet WWII veterans, and the apparent revival of nationalism and fascism.

  2. Serbia, Russia condemn Iran for Holocaust denial conference

    By The Associated Press 13/12/2006

    Serbia and Russia on Wednesday join international calls condemning an gathering of Holocaust deniers hosted and sponsored by the Iranian government in Tehran.

    Serbia called the conference a “damaging and pseudo-scientific” event.

    The Balkan country’s Foreign Ministry said in a statement that the two-day conference that began Tuesday in Tehran is an “attempt to deny undeniable facts about the tragedy of the Jewish people during World War II.”

    Participants at the gathering, supported by Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, have questioned the Holocaust’s death toll of 6 million or if it took place at all.

    Serbia’s government considers the gathering a “damaging and pseudo-scientific manifestation that cannot contribute to dialogue between cultures and religions,” it said.

    During the Nazi occupation of Serbia and other parts of the then Yugoslav Kingdom, tens of thousands of Jews died. Less than half of Serbia’s 30,000-strong Jewish community before World War II survived the Holocaust. Many later moved to Israel or to the West.

    Meanwhile, Russia’s Foreign Ministry on Wednesday criticized Iran for hosting a conference of Holocaust deniers, saying Moscow opposed “the concealment of the truth about the monstrous crimes of the Nazis.”

    In a statement posted on the ministry’s Web site, spokesman Mikhail Kamynin said Russia had condemned Tehran and President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in the past for threatening Israel and denying the systematic killing of 6 million Jews by the Nazis during World War II.

    Russia opposes “the distortion of historic events, the concealment of the truth about the monstrous crimes of the Nazis, and revision of results of
    humanity’s most difficult struggle against Nazism,” he said.

    “Russia shares the determination of the UN general assembly not to allow the denial of the Holocaust.”

    Russia has itself had a troubled history with anti-Semitism.

    Some scholars estimate that as many as 2 million Jews from the Soviet Union died in the Holocaust following the Nazi invasion of the country in World War II.

    Russian Jewish leaders also condemned the conference.

    Authorities “should unambiguously state their rejection of such issues,” Borukh Gorin of the Federation of Jewish Communities in Russia, was quoted by Interfax as saying. He also asked whether “an Iran headed by a maniac with an atomic bomb is advantageous or safe?”

    The two-day conference in Iran sparked widespread and angry condemnation in Israel and across Europe, where many countries have made it a crime to publicly deny that the Holocaust happened.

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