by Felix Quigley

November 26, 2008

What is the Saudi Plan which is being pushed now by the PA and which Olmert has said should be considered as the basis for negotiations?

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The 22-member Arab League, which does not include the Persian country of Iran, has confirmed support for the Saudi Plan. It calls for a new Arab state on all the land that was restored Israel in the Six-Day War in 1967, including the Jewish Quarter and the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

The initiative also calls for the right of more than five million Arabs to immigrate to Israel based on the claim that they are descendants of several hundreds of thousands of Arabs who fled during the wars in 1948 and 1967.

In return, the Arab nations would “normalize” relations with Israel, but there is no definitive statement that it would recognize the Jewish state

Israeli governments previously have rejected the proposal and it was put on ice until last year, when outgoing Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said it should be considered as a basis for negotiations. No government leader has accepted the clause concerning the immigration of Arabs.

The position of Olmert and a significant section of the Jewish Israeli elite are in favour of Israel giving up their land on which a second state will be created for the Arabs, the first being Jordan.

This idea has become popular in the world because a vast propaganda campaign has been built up around the “Palestinians” and the Arabs have used every trick in the Nazi propaganda book to paint Israel as racists etc and as oppressors of the “Palestinians”.

This political position which Olmert in his last days pursues is the position of traitors. They DO understand very well the history.

1. In the period following the San Remo Treaty in 1920 and until Britain officially took over the Mandate from the League of Nations, a Mandate to create a Jewish Homeland in Palestine, Britain worked moves so that 78 per cent of this total area would be excluded to Jews. That is it would be Judenfrei. Britain administered this area then as an area in which only Arabs could live. This then became the independent state of Jordan as Britain withdrew in 1948 and was one of the states which attacked Israel on the very day after Israel Independence was proclaimed. So the Arabs showed no gratitude.

2. Israel won the Sinai from Egypt in 1967 in a fair and square fight but also with Israel fighting a defensive war against Nasser. Israel and Egypt created a Peace Treaty on March 26, 1979 and the terms of this was that Israel handed over the Sinai, and all it received back from Egypt was a promise of Peace. The terms of the Camp David treaty which was engineered by US President Carter were

  1. The state of war between the Parties will be terminated and peace will be established between them upon the exchange of instruments of ratification of this Treaty.


  2. Israel will withdraw all its armed forces and civilians from the Sinai behind the international boundary between Egypt and mandated Palestine, as provided in the annexed protocol (Annex I ), and Egypt will resume the exercise of its full sovereignty over the Sinai.


  3. Upon completion of the interim withdrawal provided for in Annex I, the parties will establish normal and friendly relations, in accordance with Article III (3).

But there has been no friendly relations with Egypt and Egypt has run on its national television the Nazi type propaganda of the Protocols

3. Then there was the Gaza withdrawal of 2005. Within an hour of the last Jew leaving Gaza (Gaza was made Judenfrei) the Israelis were being attacked by Hamas, with Nazi antisemitic propaganda and rockets into Israel.


Now this Saudi Plan is essentially what is being promoted by all of the Arab states, by US Imperialist Governments, by the EU, by Iran, by others such as China and Russia with Chavez in tow.

Once the Jew was attacked as a result of antisemitism. Now the whole world is attacking Israel because of antisemitism. Israel has indeed become the Jew among the nations of the world.

If a second Palestinian Arab state is created inside Israel then there will be no peace. Rather the Arab Fascists will see this as a great weakness by Israel and will attack Israel even harder.

At the same time it must be remembered that Iran now has enough enriched uranium to make a bomb, the size of the bomb which destroyed the Japanese cities at the end of the War.

The central question is what Israel has to do in order to survive. Essentially Israel has to act. If Israel sits back and talks about peace, or expects peace from its enemies, then it will be defeated.

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