By Felix Quigley

November 27, 2008

At the start of November the British MP George Galloway sent this reactionary statement to the anti-Semitic ISM in Dublin. It was to coincide with an anti-Semitic march being held in the beautiful and fair Irish capital of Dublin. Such a contrast don’t you think!


The ISM is known as the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in Ireland


[begin quote from Galloway here]


Statement of support from George Galloway MP (Respect):

“It is extremely fitting that you have chosen to demonstrate on this day to mark the infamous Balfour Declaration.

“It was Arthur Balfour – a notorious anti-Semite – who set us upon this bloody helter-skelter in Palestine and the wider Middle East.


(Balfour an anti-Semite??? In fact Balfour was part of a Christian tendency in Britain which because of the Bible was  extremely sympathetic to the Jews. What a slur this is by Galloway who is so free and loose with his rabid tongue!)

“He it was who, in the name of one people, the British, gave to the purported leaders of another, the land belonging to a third without asking any of the peoples concerned.

“Those of us who are politically active in Britain have a special responsibility to the people of Palestine for the suffering that has been inflicted on them.


(What a total lie this is and what lies Galloway in writing to the anti-Semitic ISM of Ireland spreads about! Balfour gave nothing to nobody. It was the League of Nations years later. And to the Arabs the League of Nation and Balfour were giving an area of land 500 times more. And Galloway there were no people calling themselves Arab Palestinians. Galloway in using the phrase belonging to a third is just a liar.)

“That a demonstration is taking place in Dublin should prick consciences on this side of the water.

“Congratulations to the Ireland Palestine Solidarity Campaign for taking this initiative.


(That as we said above is the Irish wing of the terrorist anti-Semitic ISM)

“This is a moment of potential change in world politics. No one should imagine that will be easy or automatic. But the closing days of the US election campaign are revealing a deep desire for change, way beyond what is on offer.

“For those of us who have campaign for decades in solidarity with the Palestinian people now is a time to renew our commitment.


(But never in solidarity with the Jewish people Galloway, the most oppressed people that history has known! Why not Galloway!?)


The failure of the US imperial project in Iraq and, increasingly in Afghanistan, is now fusing with the failure of the free market ideology that has held sway for a generation.

“It’s time to talk about alternatives. To resurrect the notions of solidarity and collectivity we were told had been vanquished.

“In so doing, the name of Palestine will be emblazoned on the banners of all who count themselves progressive.


(But not of Israel or the Jewish people Galloway. Galloway showing his colours!)

“The shifting sands in the Middle East are undermining the corrupt kings and puppet presidents who rule almost without exception from north Africa to the Afghanistan.

“There is a fire under the presidential throne of Hosni Mubarak in Egypt. The underpinnings of the House of Saud are rotting away.

“The struggle in Palestine is finding fresh and powerful detachments in Cairo, Amman, Riyadh.


(The struggle, what struggle is he talking about, rockets into Israel is that Galloway’s meaning of struggle. Galloway is SILENT on the Rockets you notice)

“We must do all we can here in the West to fan these flames.”

In solidarity,

George Galloway MP


  1. I fucking hate israel, and would happily see it utterly destroyed, but I don’t hate Jews. I’m sure you don’t have the capacity to understand this position, but you are clearly a rabid freak, so it’s ok.

  2. faceless,

    what’s with the profanity and anger? Next time, make sure you take your anti-psychotic medication before you start typing away about how much you supposedly love Jews but want Israel “utterly destroyed”.

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