The issue of Islamofascism is in the news today as Islamist terrorists have hit Bombay

This report is from INN

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Also among the nine sites struck by the group throughout “the city that never sleeps” was the Chabad House, a popular stop for Israeli tourists passing through the area who are provided with kosher food and Jewish programs there.

Three top police officials were among at least 101 dead in the attacks, including Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS) Chief Hemant Karkare, Additional Commissioner Ashok Kamte and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar, reported IBN News, which said  Karkare had received death threats in phone calls at his home within the past several days.  More than 250 people were reported wounded in the attacks, and nearly 200 reported taken hostage in various locations around the city.

The terrorists demanded that India release “all mujahedins,” telling a local television station that “only after that will we release the people.” Several other Israelis have maintained telephone contact from their eighth-floor hotel rooms. The Chabad website reported that “the situation is grim.” 

American and British nationals were being separated out from among other foreigners and held as hostages, according to one British citizen who told Sky News television that he had watched as a gunman asked a group of some 40 hostages for their country of origin. Those who were from Italy, he said, were released, but British and American citizens were held.  

British European Parliament Member Sajjad Karim told the television network before his cell phone went dead that he was barricaded in a darkened restaurant in the basement of the Oberoi Trident Hotel. “We are now in the dark in this room and we have barricaded all the doors. It’s really bad,” he said. Some 200 people were reported being held hostage at the hotel.

It is also estimated that there are still between 45 to 50 hostages being held by the terrorists at the Taj Mahal Hotel, located near the Chabad House. Five terrorists were reported dead and 14 police officers were killed as well in an exchange of gunfire at the hotel, where thick black smoke billowed from blazing windows on the upper floors.

All movie theaters, entertainment centers and multiplexes were ordered to remain shut due to fears that terrorists were still at large and roaming the city. Schools were closed as well, and it was not clear whether the stock market would be open on Friday.

NDTV reported that Indian security officials believe the terrorists may have infiltrated into the city by sea. There is little regulation in the Bombay Harbor, noted the journalist in his report. Nariman House is located in the southern part of the city, along the water.

The sophisticated terrorist attacks, the worst ever in Mumbai and India, hit as Mumbai is involved in elections. Incoming U.S. President-elect Barack Obama and currently sitting President George W. Bush condemned the attacks, as did French President Nicolas Sarkozy, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and France as the current president of the European Union. 

Foreign nationals from Australia, Britain, Italy and Japan are counted among the victims thus far.

This raises the issue of Islamofascism and it also raises the support which US Imperialism is giving to Islamists in many parts of the world. Especially in Israel where the US Government is actually training an army of Islamists, also called “Palestinians”, and is doing so to provide them with a Jihadist state of their own.

It also raises the issue of the creation of Kosovo as an independent Islamist state and also of course of Bosnia where the main leader Izetbegovic was a confirmed and lifelong Islamofascist leader, given total support by the US and EU.

So on to India. There are 3 countries which US Imperialism has within its sights, Russia, China and also India. These are 3 massive and powerful countries and it is a fact that the US Imperialists used the Islamofascists to destroy Yugoslavia as well as to destroy the Soviets in Afghanistan.

So we have to wait and see if we get more details of these cruel attackers in India. But the pattern has truly been set. Is US Intelligence involved and will we know?

It could well be that the CIA as well as British Intelligence has had a hand in this butchery and that Jewish people staying on holiday could suffer grievously, just as the Jews of Sderot are being attacked mercilessly by Arab Palestinians, thanks also to the CIA and to US Imperialism there.

US Imperialism is in dire crisis, economic and political. It was the thesis of Jared Israel that the US Empire would more and more create strife and mayhem in order to prolong its own power base and to drive against its enemies. India is certainly a competitor enemy of US Imperialism. We should be aware of the ramifications to this story and event.

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