by Felix Quigley

November 27, 2008

( Peace House owner Morris Abraham came to Israel on Wednesday to stay in his building in Hevron. Abraham expressed determination to stay in the Peace House and resist any efforts to force Jews from the building. “Nobody is going to push me out of my house. I’m here,” he told a cheering crowd.

Abraham said he had purchased property in the city of Hevron due in part to his legacy from his grandfather, who survived the 1929 Arab pogrom in the city. “When we are terrorized or we are victims, we can’t just walk away,” he said. “We have to stay, we have to come back, we have to show our presence…. in all yishuvim [communities] and in all of Eretz Yisrael [the Land of Israel].”

Abraham showed reporters the original sale documents proving his ownership of the building. He offered to provide copies to all those present.

We on 4international send our full support to the wonderful Jewish people who wish to live in the town of Sarah, one of the most important figures in Jewish history, where her tomb is reputed to rest.

Our support for the Jews of Hebron is in some contrast to the notorious Gene Zitver who has referred to these wonderful and historical Jews as “hoodlums”. The renegade Zitver is supposed to be a Jew and he or one of his associates on Harrys Place have blocked my posts there protesting against Zitver’s betrayal of the Jews, his own people.


  1. Perhaps some kind of Serbian/Jewish institute or interfaith project would be a use of the building in Hebron which the Israeli authorities would find acceptable.

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