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By Felix Quigley

December 30, 2008

The most important part of the previous article on 4international based on the wonderful DEBKAfile report , you find this great site on www.debka.com, are these 2 paragraphs containing the ever perceptive Debka rhetorical question


[Start quote from DEBKAfile here]


The most important mission carried out by the Israeli Air Force Sunday was the destruction of 40 smuggling tunnels, severing Hamas’ arms, fuel, ammunition and reinforcements lifeline from Iran and Syria via Egyptian Sinai. It raised the question of why this feat was not carried out during the three years since the tunnels began functioning.

Whereas Saturday, the Israeli bombers struck with missiles, Sunday, they dropped Guided Bomb Unit-28s (GBU-28) on the Philadelphi tunnels. This laser-guided, 5,000-pound conventional munition was developed for penetrating hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground. It carries a 4,400-pound penetrating warhead.


This raises many questions.

But first it is necessary to point out that situations of open war in the Middle East always brings out the extreme Israel Hatred that exists in the Media and in broad sections of especially European populations, indoctrinated over decades by that very Media.

Yesterday I experienced this where I presently live here in Spain. And I am just one person existing in a small bubble of reality nor do I pay too much attention to the bourgeois Media at any time. Yet it hit me forcefully.

On the REM Spanish station run by Jewish Dublin man Maurice Boland, Boland confronted Stephen Ritson with a simple question which Ritson did not answer.

Boland pointed to the Wall, that the building of the Wall by Israel cut down the suicide bombs from the “Palestinians” by 98 per cent. Ritzon refused to confront this thus showing that he could care less about those thousands of Jews spattered on the pavements of the streets of Jewish Homeland (remember Ritson refuge from the Holocaust etc)  If he had cared then he would not have dodged Boland’s point and challenge!

Second yesterday I happened to pick up the La Verdad Spanish newspaper and had a look at their 3 full pages devoted to the war, I swear to you it could have been written by a “Palestinian” journalist and maybe indeed it was.

Back to the loaded question above by Debka. The point they make is if Israel had the technique to finish those tunnels 3 years ago then why on earth wait until all this rocketry enters into Gaza proving now such a danger. Yesterday 5 valuable Israeli Jewish lives were lost.

A little aside on this issue of Jewish lives…Israel is surrounded and for every one Jew there are about 5000 bloodthirsty Islamists all eager to destroy the Jews. That is why those 5 Jewish lives are so valuable and are irreplacable.

Ritson would not understand.

So back again…To answer that question of why the Jews did not destroy those tunnels 5 years ago…you have to go into the weaknesses in the Jewish psychology. You see there are elements in it which makes Jews always talk about peace, and living at peace with people who have declared time and time again that they are the enemies of the Jews.


That is the past of the PLO, of the PA, of Hamas and of Ahmadinejad. It is the past of the Holocaust.

What must be repeated over and over is that the November rejection of the UN plans in 1947 by those Arabs of the time was just 2 years following the end of the Holocaust in which the whole Arab population were closely intertwined with the Nazis. So some subterfuge by the Arabs was necessary.

The trick here is that after the Holocaust the Arabs and world Islamists learned quickly that they had to dress this obsessive Jew Hatred in different language.

Hence the “poor” Palestinians image and brand name was created and was promoted heavily, taken up by the Stalinists in Moscow for their own evil reasons, taken up by the mouthpiece of the British Establishment the BBC for their evil reasons, taken up more lately by CNN, hence on to the scruffy little Spanish La Verdad

In this regard let us take a cut off point in the historical timeline. Let us take say 1960. Before this date there was not a mention of the “Palestinians”.

The whole concept is advertiser’s imagery. Before 1960 it was not heard. There were NO Palestinians in that these people called themselves Arabs. Now it is everywhere.

This imagery was sold through lies, lies and more lies. Over the past 15 to 20 years this has seen the rise of clearly pro anti Jewish terror groups like the ISM. Indeed what is a real giveaway yesterday the BBC employed one of these ISM groupies to give an on spot report from Gaza.

So back to the Jews of Israel. Why not use those tunnel busters at the beginning many years ago? Why wait?

The reason is that the minds of too many Jews are filled with “Peace” with their enemies’

It is Shalom this and Shalom that.

That is a nice concept and peace or Shalom is a wonderful idea. But it is NOT a wonderful idea when that hungry, antisemitic wolf is howling at your front door. You get my point. Then it is far better, safer and more conducive to eventual peace to stare that cold hard reality of Jew Hatred right in the eyes and to see that Jew hatred smoking out of those hairy nostrils.

And that really is why those Israeli politicians like Olmert, Barak and Livni kept putting it off. Maybe there is another way they reasoned.

By the way on REM I believe that Jewish man Boland is paying the wages of Ritson That means Boland has a problem if he is true to himself. Ritzon cannot even confront the issue of how to stop suicide bombers, Palestinians, coming in and plastering Jewish brains and muscle onto the pavements of Jewish cities.

Or put another way Ritson cannot confront the question of how Jews can stop suicide bombers.

I am a Trotskyist and we on 4international are Trotskyists. In war if the enemy is coming to kill you we say kill the enemy before he has a chance to do so. Those who talk about being peaceful to your enemy are real hypocrites and worse.

Little children in the Jewish areas of Judea know better. They know the Arabs. That the Arabs want to end the only Jewish state which is Israel while the Arabs have 21 states in existence, including Jordan which was given to the Arabs by the British, carved out of the land given to the Jews in the San Remo League of Nations Treaty of 1920, and peopled now by those Arabs from Palestine.

Little Jewish children know these basic facts of reality. But the suave REM Ritson will never get it. Boland has to or at least as a Jewish man should ask why but I doubt if he will!

The Jews in struggle have a real chance now to understand history. Ritson NEVER!


By Felix Quigley

December 29, 2008

We on 4international salute the wonderful Jewish people and nation of Israel in the valiant struggle against “Palestinian” Fascism as is being conducted now by the amazing warriors of the IDF.

This is the very best reply to those antisemites who inhabit the ISM, the BBC and even on sites such as Harry’s Place.

The Jewish people we were always totally confident would emerge as the warriors that they are. But at this point and as revolutionary socialists, as Trotskyists, we say that the Jews of Israel in fighting against this deadly form of Fascism, which is “Palestinian” Jihadism, are at the very forefront of all progressive thought and action in this world.

This report from DEBKAfile is the very best report on the whole issue. It shows that in every step they take the Jews of Israel are confronting our common enemy. We salute totally these brave fighters of the IDF:

[begin report from DEBKAfile here]

Israeli commandos already fighting behind Gaza lines

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

December 28, 2008, 8:34 AM (GMT+02:00)

GBU-28 penetration bomb

GBU-28 penetration bomb

Amid continuing massive air strikes and wide speculation about whether or not Israeli ground forces will cross into the Gaza Strip, DEBKAfile‘s military sources report small groups of Israeli special forces were already carrying out swift hit-and-run raids Sunday, Dec. 28, on Day 2 of the Israeli Gaza operation.

As Israeli bombers, gunships and drones hovered overhead, picking up every move made by Hamas fighters and their missiles, Israeli stealth squads popped up at command posts, transport routes and missile squads, hit some and then faded away behind sand dunes. This tactic sowed confusion in Hamas ranks and gave them no chance to regroup and recover from the crushing air assault to their military infrastructure. The latest Palestinian death toll is estimated at 296.

This ground operation, which is likely to intensify Sunday overnight, has two objectives:

1. To mark key targets for air bombardment;

2. To blaze the way for a large-scale armored incursion still to come.

The most important mission carried out by the Israeli Air Force Sunday was the destruction of 40 smuggling tunnels, severing Hamas’ arms, fuel, ammunition and reinforcements lifeline from Iran and Syria via Egyptian Sinai. It raised the question of why this feat was not carried out during the three years since the tunnels began functioning.

Whereas Saturday, the Israeli bombers struck with missiles, Sunday, they dropped Guided Bomb Unit-28s (GBU-28) on the Philadelphi tunnels. This laser-guided, 5,000-pound conventional munition was developed for penetrating hardened Iraqi command centers located deep underground. It carries a 4,400-pound penetrating warhead.


Postscript by FQ

Yes this is the way. Fight the Fascist enemy with bravery but also with huge cunning. Do not listen to the US and British Imperialists. They are totally irrelevant anyway. As regards the UN call on the American workers to kick this excrescence out of their wonderful and historical American continent. Forward to victory of the wonderful Jewish people!

Finally do not give any interviews. Never explain. Just act. We are behind you every inch of the way.


by Felix Quigley

December 26, 2008

In this article which I saw on INN Moshe Philips while using this confusing terminology of Right wing etc does make a key point, on the issue of the difference between tactics and strategy

[begin article here]

Does Israel Need a New Party?

by Moshe Phillips

More important than a new party is a clear vision.

On December 8, 2008, it was announced in Israel that Professor Daniel Hershkowitz, a newcomer to party politics, will be leading a new party called HaBayit HaYehudi (“The Jewish Home”). HaBayit HaYehudi was originally an
Is HaBayit HaYehudi really just old wine in a new bottle?
amalgamation of several older right-leaning parties that have been in decline for several years. Since Hershkowitz was named, the party has continued to hemorrhage from the loss of members, supporters and even those organizations that created it.

The next elections in Israel will be the most important in Israel’s history. There are two competing visions for the future of Israel. One vision maintains that Israel keep control over the West Bank and one does not. HaBayit HaYehudi Party, which one can assume will advocate keeping the territories, will participate in the next Israeli elections for the first time. When it was announced that HaBayit HaYehudi Party had been formed, many on the Israeli Right, and their supporters in the US, asked if the Israeli Right really needed yet another political party. Is HaBayit HaYehudi really just old wine in a new bottle?

At a time when Israelis are searching for leaders who can work together to meet the challenges the Jewish State faces, it’s time for the Israeli Right to acknowledge that their established parties have failed. The Nationalist Camp has not found common ground with the Israeli electorate, and has again and again failed to define a way forward that could bring Israelis together to be stronger and better prepared for the future.

The Israeli Right has a problem. It knows that practically speaking Israel must retain Judea and Samaria, the West Bank, in order to have the strategic depth it needs to repel a ground attack. Put another way, without the territories Israel returns to a border that was just nine miles wide at the strategic center of the nation near Netanya, and not much wider at Tel Aviv. These were the borders Israel had from 1948 until 1967, and which the dove Abba Eban labeled “Auschwitz borders”.

The Right also knows that there is a dramatically escalating hostile Islamic population within this historically and religiously intrinsic Jewish area. And further, world pressure and common sense say Israel cannot and should not rule over these people in perpetuity. The Israeli Right has a vision problem.

(Moshe Philips here goes on to explain the betrayal of what he calls the Israeli “Left”…FQ)

The Israeli Left has reacted to the above realities by erecting a security fence and supporting the creation of a Palestinian State. This new Islamic state will be responsible for, it is argued, eliminating terrorist attacks on Israel that originate from within its borders.

The Left’s plans have been proven over history not to work. The Maginot Line and Israel’s own Bar-Lev Line should be enough historical evidence to demonstrate that networks of defensive fortifications cannot work effectively in a real war. To place faith in any Palestinian government to act as a proxy for Israel’s security is so absurd that it simply must be labeled by sane individuals as criminal negligence or sheer lunacy.

Why has the Israeli Left had such success until now? They have presented a clear vision. It was a vision that was totally disconnected from reality, but it was a clear vision.

Why was the Nationalist camp floundering? The parties on Israel’s Right must be asked what their plans are and what their vision is. Other than “voluntary transfer”, or some type of an unworkable autonomy that falls short of a state and may include Jordan, the questions are hard to answer.

All segments of the Nationalist Camp want a future where Jewish settlements grow and can prosper with security. But because of the Arab population in the territories, to most Israelis this is a non-starter. Everyone on the Right wants to see the IDF respond swiftly and severely to rioting and terrorist attacks. Targeted killings are something few on the Right oppose. But this is not a plan. Targeted killings are a tactic. There is a difference between tactics and strategy. The Israeli Right needs a strategic plan.

Jerusalem is at risk. The entire Zionist enterprise is at stake. The Israeli Right simply must step up its game. Stating that Judea and Samaria are lands deeded to the Jewish People by G-d as delineated in the Bible and settling the land is just part of an answer. There must be more.

HaBayit HaYehudi may or may not succeed in their effort to build a viable party
The parties on Israel’s Right must be asked what their plans are and what their vision is.
comprised of religious-leaning right-wing nationalists, as seems to be their goal, but building a new political party is not a vision for Israel’s future. It is a vision for a new party.

Whether a new right-wing Israeli party is needed, or even whether the Nationalist Camp succeeds or fails in the next election, is far less important than the fact that what is needed is a new vision and a new plan. The Israeli Right must change the situation by reinventing itself and developing innovative solutions to Israel’s problems, and then act in a dynamic manner that shifts the paradigm.

If HaBayit HaYehudi Party wants to be successful, it needs to be a purposeful movement. If it is to thrive, HaBayit HaYehudi must articulate its position clearly and comprehensively, and prevail over lesser vehicles, motivated by good intentions perhaps, but which will not make real change happen. In short, HaBayit HaYehudi must set the agenda and not allow its agenda to be set by the emergency of the moment.

Does Israel need another new political party? Only if that party has a vision that will inspire Israel’s masses and articulate a plan to make that vision a reality. If HaBayit HaYehudi is that party, then it is deserving of support; if not….



by Felix Quigley

December 26, 2008

It has not been reported in the West that Katyusha rockets which were set up by Hizbullah and aimed at Israel were defused by the Lebanese Army. These rockets were lying just 3 miles from the Northern border of Israel, ready to fire. This is an area which is under the control of that UN force which was brought in to stop precisely this following the last Lebanon War.

[Begin report from INN here]

The 107-mm missiles, which were fitted with timing devices, were deployed in the Naqoura region, across the border from the central and western Galilee regions, and were set up to be launched at Israel. The source, which spoke on condition of anonymity, said the Katyushas were found in the area between the border towns of Naqoura and Teir Harfa, “a short while before the time set for their launching.”

No details were made available as to which specific type of Katyusha missile was discovered. There are several different versions; during the 2006 Second Lebanon War, the Hizbullah terrorist group used Iranian-modified RAADD Katyushas equipped with warheads carrying 100 kilograms (220 lb) of explosives.

The area in which the missiles were found is supposed to be under the control of the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), but is considered a Hizbullah stonghold. According to the terms of ceasefire agreement set forth in the U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, the presence of the force was established specifically to prevent such an occurrence.

Hamas terrorists in Gaza began launching medium-range Grad-type Katyusha rockets at the port city of Ashkelon more than a year ago, after receiving advanced munitions and guerrilla training from the Iranian-backed Hizbullah guerillas. One of those missiles was launched at Ashkelon Thursday evening.



by Felix Quigley

December 26, 2008

How many people in Europe and America know that on December 24 two days ago there were over 50 missiles launched at Israel from the Gaza along with other mortar rounds? Very very few is the answer.

This points to the real issue. That the situation of lies has to be changed and the ordinary people must be made known the truth.

The following report from DEBKAfile tells of the reality Israelis face every day. This is NOT being reported by the western Media.

[begin this report from Debkafile here]

The fifty or so missiles and rockets Hamas sent crashing into Israel Wednesday, Dec. 24, along with dozens of mortar rounds, represent no more than a quarter of its capabilities, DEBKAfile‘s military sources report.

IDF officers calculate that the fundamentalist Palestinian group can shoot 200 missiles a day, on a par with Hizballah’s barrage against Galilee in the 2006 Lebanon war, with devastating consequences in casualties and damage to property.

They can reach an area far broader than the strip taking hits from Gaza Wednesday which was delimited by Ashkelon to the north and Netivot to the east. Therefore an outer rim of 30 locations 30 km distant from the Palestinian enclave has now been connected to the Homeland Command’s early warning system, including Kiryat Gath, Kiryat Malachi, the Lachish Region and Ashdod. Homeland Command operations units have been deployed there too, together with emergency medical, firefighting and rescue teams. Magen David Adom is on top terror preparedness with 200 ambulances on standby in southwestern Israel.

The Israeli security cabinet meeting Wednesday concluded that Israel would have to resort to military action to extinguish the escalating missile, mortar and rocket barrage from Gaza, which Wednesday left a trail of some 57 shock victims – half of them children – and wrecked homes, vehicles, shops, workshops and roads. The ministers took into account that Hamas would counter effective Israeli air strikes in Gaza by fielding its long-range missiles now believed to have a range of 42 km. This takes in the important Mediterranean port town of Ashdod and the outskirts of Beersheba.

The dilemma facing Israel’s military command is this: Will Hamas if attacked immediately throw its long-range weapons into the fray against southern Israel, or rather build up the tempo of its short-range missiles in stages? They hope that, like the IDF, Hamas will exercise a measure of restraint and not lose sight of its goal, believed to be the renewal of the “ceasefire” which it formally terminated last Friday.

However, field officers in the South are less optimistic. They told DEBKAfile‘s sources that they don’t believe half-wars are a practical option.

(Of course they are correct here. There is no such thing as a half war. It is either war or not war and Hamas has clearly stated that it intends to destroy Israel. So given that intention the only answer is to defeat that enemy totally. But Israel must also defeat Fatah, it is a must to look at the Fatah intentions and at its Constitution. This MUST bring Israel into total conflict witht he US and EU which builds up the Fatah enemy of Israel behind the Hamas smkescreen…FQ) 

Israeli foreign minister Tzipi Livni has been invited to meet Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak Thursday, Dec. 25, to discuss the Gaza crisis. Cairo has broken the embargo on the Gaza Strip by inviting any government wishing to send aid to the Palestinian population to send it via Egyptian territory.



by Felix Quigley

December 26, 2008

A discussion has just appeared on Israpundit concerning Gaza. For months the Islamofascist Hamas which seeks to destroy Israel (Fatah does too) has been during a truce!!! showering the Israeli land with rockets.

Hamas is financed from both the EU, the US and from Iran. During these past months and few years Hamas has built its firepower to a huge extent so that very few parts of tiny Israel are free from being hit by their rockets. But the question of what to do is essential a question of revolutionary socialist tactics and to a certain extent is psychological. Only with the building of a Trotskyist party in Israel can correct tactics be developed.

It is in that light that we reproduce part of the discussion on Israpundit:

[begin discussion on Israpundit here]

What to do with Gaza

By Ted Belman

In the posts just below this one, both Eiland and Beilin recommend full disengagement from Gaza which means opening it up to the sea and to Egypt. Beilin is from the extreme left (Oslo Accords and the Geneva Initiative) and Eiland is only somewhat to the left. But that is no reason to reject this idea out of hand.

(I interrupt here. This is Belman up to his usual mischief concerning his definition of the Left. In answer to Belman´s lies on this score we assert most forcefully that Belinin is NOT from the “Left” or worse “extreme Left”…FQ)

As for the rocket attacks, Beilin writes,

    Should Qassams and Grad rockets be fired from the Gaza Strip despite the above, we will always reserve the military option, and the IDF would always be able to reoccupy this crowded and problematic place, even if this comes with a heavy price.

and Eiland simply says

    Arms are reaching Gaza anyway, and opening the crossing would once and for absolve Israel of accusations of “occupation.”

Both believe that our blockade of Gaza doesn’t stop the flow of arms and comes at a diplomatic cost.

To my mind, any diplomatic benefit which may accrue to Israel due to the lifting of control would not be worth the military risk in allowing Iran to have full sway in Gaza.

That is not to say Israel should invade Gaza immediately. But Israel must stop the rocket attacks.

Israel should

    1) return to assassinating the Hamas leadership with a vengeance.
    2) announce that she will devastate with artillery any location from which a rocket is fired.
    3) destroy with artillery any arms factory of cache
    4) occupy the southern strip for a couple of miles and destroy all the tunnels.
    5) occupy the northern 5 miles of so to distance the rocket launching from Sderot and other communities.

As for the fear of international condemnation and prosecution for war crimes due to the artillery fire, Israel should pay no heed. Better to have its leadership accused of war crimes than to order an invasion that would result in the death of dozens of soldiers.

Under no conditions should Israel destroy Hamas only to turn Gaza over to Fatah.

(This is the centre of Belman´s argument and in this he is precisely correct. It is on this that Israpundit should concentrate…FQ)

Beilin also comments on how swimmingly things are going in Judea and Samaria. What matters to me is not how we are getting along but how we can retain control over Judea and Samaria. Israel must keep all of Area “B” and “C” as delineated by Oslo. The object of our policies should be to keep this land rather than to get along.

(When Belman starts talking about B and C watch out. This is a recipe for Belman betrayal. Forget B and C, forget Oslo, the Israeli people now need to take control in revolutionary struggle of at least all of Judea and Samaria, Gaza, Golan, present day Israel and administer this as a unit…FQ)

Posted by Ted Belman @ 6:54 am |




    It remains a mystery to me as to why Israel has refused to defend its citizens against Hamas terrorists.

    If Israel merely met them with equal force, missile for missile, the Pals would be running out the back door to Egypt. And that is what should be happening – the Arab states need to take responsibility for their own shameful lack of concern over the terrorism that they have created and promoted.

    It is time that the seeds of violence the Arab states have sown come home to impact Egypt, Syria, Jordan and all other neighbors who sit smugly by while Israel is torn apart by bombs and the weight of international condemnation (Israel really deserves condemnation for doing nothing to defend themselves against the vicious terrorists not for the reasons that the world falsely accuses them).

    The world will condemn Israel regardless of what they do or not do. The only important problem at this time is to stop terrorism and missile attacks. Ted has a good list that would make for an excellent strategy. Israel must listen and stop encouraging terrorism by ignoring it and then trying to get brownie points for sacrificing its people to terrorism.

    Comment by Gary — December 24, 2008 @ 8:31 am


    Israel has a hostile entity on its doorstep which will not surrender or be voted out of power. As has been stated many times, invading Gaza is easy, getting out is not. IDF troops would be subject to the dangers of door-to-door combat as they faced in Jenin and would have to re-occupy the strip following the operation.

    Far better to elect the Indian Kashmir approach. India has been shelling militant positions in Kashmir for 20 years. Thousands have died and yet the world largely ignores the conflict because they are inured to it. Hamas wants a war of attrition; Israel should give it to them. Hand off all power and aid responsibilities to Egypt and let the shelling begin.

    20 years from today, we shall see what remains of Palestinian “society”.

    Comment by Charles Martel — December 24, 2008 @ 12:29 pm


    Charles, you are far off base in your comments. Return shelling is the same old tit for tat that has gone on for years. A democratic nation can not survive under those conditions. Look around at all of the nations in this world who have their security because they were willing to fight for it. War is war and there will be friendly casualties of Israelis; however, attrition would doom Israel into her demise in a number of years. I say that Israel should raise her banner and clobber Hamas into death or surrender, occupy Gaza, controling her security in the south and west.

    I, also, believe that Israel should build defense plants in the Negev in order to create weapons that Israel has to beg for. Defense factories could also provide thousands of jobs and to bolster her economy.

    The International community condemns Israel now, so let’s give them a bonified reason.

    Comment by Ed D — December 24, 2008 @ 12:49 pm


    Ed, I defer to your military expertise but really, can you tell me when (outside of a short war), Israel has ever consistently and overwhelmingly blanketed enemy territory with projectiles? Life would be a much greater hell for the Arabs.

    Besides, retaking Gaza will upset yamit and Ted’s strategy of maintaining Hamas in power indefinitely so as to frustrate international calls for a Palestinian state.

    Comment by Charles Martel — December 24, 2008 @ 1:18 pm


    Most Israelis have developed an aversion to Gaza even before the beginning of the state but that strip if left to it’s inhabitants mostly from Jaffa and center of Israel have an inborn hatred of Israel far stronger than most other Arabs I lived among them for over 10 years, and did most of my active and reserve duty in the Southern command including Gaza Strip. The Gaza Strip is historical Israel and the Arabs are occupying our Land so din Yehuda and Shomron din Gaza. Israel must work to depopulate the strip of Arabs, and take it back and resettle it with Jews. Since over 80% of population are neither native Gazans nor their decedents but so called refugees mostly from Tel Aviv area and center of Israel villages any place they are resettled or driven to is no difference as for most of them in alien Gaza that few of them view as a permanent home. Hamas and Islamic Jihad have given us enough casus belli to wipe the strip clean of Arabs,. The idea being that it should be quick min loss of life and permanent.

    Ed is correct Charles we don’t want tit for tat situation where they control the tempo, timing and methods of the conflict. At the very least Israel must punish Hamas so severely that they begin to understand that to continue would mean their individual and collective eradication.

    Comment by yamit82 — December 24, 2008 @ 1:18 pm


    For every firing of rockets out of Gaza, Israel needs to annex a one or two mile strip of northern Gaza, flushing whatever Gaza residents are there down south. This annexation has to be permanent, never open to negotiations. If the palestinians can’t control themselves, then they will eventually be flushed into Sinai.

    Until Israel learns that it must TAKE land for every attack that is committed against it (such as in the last Lebanon War) the attacks will not stop. The arabs must pay a price for attacking Israel, which is currently not the case – and with the Lebanon War, the arabs even got a piece of land put back into play (Shebaa Farms), thanks to the morons at Kadima.

    Comment by progressoverpeace — December 24, 2008 @ 1:41 pm


    to #6: “flush” is the perfect word.

    Comment by bugsy — December 24, 2008 @ 8:32 pm


    Regarding an invasion of Gaza, Israel cannot afford another victory over the Arabs. It is too embarrassing to these hypersensitive Muslims (though loss of life is irrelevant) and it would take decades to assuage there hurt feelings and get them back to talking peace. Can you imagine what would happen if Israel succeeded in destroying Iran’s nuclear and arms production facilities! The Iranians would remember forever and a Jew would not be able to walk within ten feet of a Persian without wondering if he was going to survive the encounter for just that long – forever. That is why no attack has occurred until now. The Persians practice a religion of mourning and revenge. Until they give up their “beliefs,” no one is safe – not Jew, Christian, Sunni Muslim, or even a doubting Persian. Their motto is “Death to everyone, including me.”

    Comment by jerry — December 24, 2008 @ 9:57 pm


    violence from gaza is encouraged by the perception that there will be another state west of the jordan river. it will never succeed. ending the delusion is the first step to stabilizing the entire area west of the jordan river.

    the following was originally distributed on july 12, 2006!

    The verdict is in. The experiment in Gaza has proven that Arab leadership has no interest in creating a peaceful society living alongside Israel in harmony and tolerance. Therefore, we hereby declare that the occupation and administration of the West Bank has been terminated.
    The entire West Bank without exception is declared to be an integral part of the State of Israel.
    The Palestinian Authority is hereby disbanded. All quasi-governmental agencies, militia groups and organizations and entities hostile to the Jewish State of Israel are ordered to be disbanded. All weapons are to be deposited with local police and military authorities.
    Residents of the West Bank who accept the authority of Israel will be candidates for permanent residency and/or citizenship. Others will be removed to the Gaza Strip with appropriate financial consideration.
    The Jewish State of Israel will be governed by local authorities elected in district elections over the next two years. The civil and religious rights of all peoples will be respected.
    Arabs who have escaped from the West Bank into pre-1967 Israel will be welcome to return to their homes on the West Bank.
    An era of prosperity, social reform and political stability will come after the removal of the current violent, corrupt leadership.
    It is time for sane unilateral actions. Oslo, Camp David, Roadmap, Two-state solutions have failed. A permanent solution is required.
    Further information and details can be found at http://www.onejewishstate.com

    Michael Wise

    Comment by mikewise — December 25, 2008 @ 7:22 am


    mikewise: great plan except it should be expanded to the original borders of the mandate and Balfour Declaration, why limit Israels borders only to the Jordan River? The little King will eventually be overthrown By Hamas or other Islamic radicals and then we will have an enemy with modern weapons and all the prerogatives of an enemy state directly on our eastern border probably with the help and support of the whole world. Without Israel the Little King would not last a year in Power. Democracy has no place in the middle east and I doubt seriously anyplace else as it allows multiculturalism, pluralism, nihilism and rule by the lowest common denominators of values national narratives and nationalism itself to be clouded and influenced by a majority of the self interested to subvert the collective and even the national interest. If By democracy you mean one man one vote, equality of all citizens under one common Law, then this in the end would eventually allow a large minority to dominate the Israeli and Jewish concepts of national particularism. All That supposes that the Arab minority would continue to be so. I don’t know of any sane Israeli who today believes that the Arab who have today Israli citizenship would ever cease to be recidivists and cease becoming what the Torah calls a thorn in our side if not an actual 5th column.

    major religious limitation is the concept of ger toshav. The Torah presumes a strong, politically incorrect, ethnically conscious Israeli state and so allows a number of foreigners to reside there as submissive resident aliens who respect the state’s Jewish character. Rabbis uncritically grafted that concept onto modern Israel. Kahane accepts that some Arabs can live in Israel with restricted civil rights. That won’t work. They will cry injustice, protest against apartheid, bring their extended families to Israel in family reunion schemes, and breed on Israeli welfare. No Arabs should be left in Israel, with the possible exception of those married to renegade Jews.

    Other than allowing any Arabs to remain in any part of the Land of Israel and Republican Democracy as the system of governance I agree with everything else.

    Comment by yamit82 — December 25, 2008 @ 11:10 am



    Regarding an invasion of Gaza, Israel cannot afford another victory over the Arabs. It is too embarrassing to these hypersensitive Muslims (though loss of life is irrelevant) and it would take decades to assuage there hurt feelings and get them back to talking peace. Can you imagine what would happen if Israel succeeded in destroying Iran’s nuclear and arms production facilities! The Iranians would remember forever and a Jew would not be able to walk within ten feet of a Persian without wondering if he was going to survive the encounter for just that long – forever. That is why no attack has occurred until now. The Persians practice a religion of mourning and revenge. Until they give up their “beliefs,” no one is safe – not Jew, Christian, Sunni Muslim, or even a doubting Persian. Their motto is “Death to everyone, including me.”

    I think you are confused the current Jewish Holiday is Chanukah and not Purim; Unless you are really serious and then my ans to you would be serious and to the point and you would not like to read what I could write about you then.

    Comment by yamit82 — December 25, 2008 @ 11:15 am


    To Jerry in #8. I am assuming that you are serious in your statement. If that is the case I am wondering if you were born an idiot or worked hard to become one?

    Comment by Ed D — December 25, 2008 @ 1:07 pm



    Ed is correct Charles we don’t want tit for tat situation where they control the tempo, timing and methods of the conflict. At the very least Israel must punish Hamas so severely that they begin to understand that to continue would mean their individual and collective eradication 

    You are kidding yourself if you believe Israel is completely sovereign in it ability to attack Gaza. It is still very much a puppet of America and E.U. Otherwise why is there a quartet guiding the Israeli-Pals negotiations?. Why is Israel still being held responsible for Gaza as is indicated by the numerous times the borders were unsealed? what about the recent tranfer of 100 mil shekels by Israel to Hamas after a request (order) by World bank.None of this can be explained except by frankly stating the fact that Israel is still very much subject to very powerful outside forces.We also know that with the new American presidency, Israel will have to contend with an increase in outside pressure.

    Comment by palworthy — December 25, 2008 @ 10:59 pm

  14. http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=6700#more-6700


by Felix Quigley

December 26, 2008

Paul Eidelberg  takes a defeatist position towards the Jews of Israel today. It is in that light that he looks back to this very valuable historical experience from 1919 in then Palestine. However he does well to bring this piece of history to light and we thank him for his effort. Just to note that the Jews of Israel today are not lacking in the slightest of the will to fight, this including atheistic Jews as well as religious Jews. What is lacking is clear leadership which in essence can only be provided by a Trotskyist party fighting to lead in Israel.

[begin quote here]

Jewish Pride. Where is it now?

Then and Now

Paul Eidelberg

Back in 1920, an event took place in Israel that redounds to the honor and courage of many Jews, secular and religious. Indeed, since these Jews were then subject to British rule, their noble conduct shines all the more brilliantly when contrasted to the behavior of many Jews in the supposedly sovereign state of Israel—and I have especially in mind Israel’s ruling elites.

The event is recorded in Dr. Joseph B. Shechtman’s excellent biography of Vladimir Jabotinsky, from which I shall quote and paraphrase.

At the end of 1919, Jabotinsky formed the Jewish Defense Corp (Haganah) in reaction to Arab violence. On April 4, an Arab mob, inflamed by anti-Jewish speeches, began attacking Jews in Jerusalem. “Soon Jewish blood was shed and the mob rushed into the Jewish quarter to kill and to pillage, shouting: “El Dowleh ma’ana (the government is with us).”

“Instead of assisting the victims, Arab police either adopted a passive attitude or joined the attackers. The pogrom lasted two days and resulted in five Jews and four Arabs killed, 211 Jews and 21 Arabs wounded; two Jewish girls were raped.”

The only part of Jerusalem affected by the riots was the Jewish quarter in the Old City, where Orthodox Jews refused to permit Jabotinsky’s Jewish Self-Defense Corp to operate. All other quarters of the City were guarded by Jewish patrols, with the result that not one casualty occurred in these areas.

“Hardly was the pogrom over when the British administration started reprisals against the Jewish defenders of Jerusalem.” Twenty Haganah members were arrested, including Jabotinsky. The men were brought into an interrogation room, where they were surrounded by Arab guards with Turkish lashes in their hands.

On the order of the judge (an Australian captain), an Arab secretary started the investigation by addressing Jabotinsky in Arabic: “What is your name?” There was no answer. The question was repeated in French: Votre nom, Monsieur? No answer. Finally in English: “Will you please tell me your name?” No answer.

The judge lost patience, banged on the table and angrily shouted: “Why don’t you answer?”

Turning to the judge, Jabotinsky said quietly but firmly: “Your honor! I shall not answer a court secretary who belongs to the tribe of the murderers whose attacks upon innocent people, coupled with pillage and raping, are still going on beyond these walls. Furthermore, I shall answer no questions unless they are asked in Hebrew, my language, the language of the Land of Israel and the language of my nineteen comrades.”

“There are no nationalities in the Court; there are only officials,” the judge sternly admonished him.

“If this is the case, I shall not reply to this official,” was the composed answer.

“Take him out of the room,” ordered the judge.

This was quickly done. But the remaining prisoners firmly clung to Jabotinsky’s policy. The Court adjourned. Two hours later they were summoned again; a Jewish sergeant, speaking English and Hebrew, was in the secretary’s chair and his opening question was in Hebrew” “Mah Sh’meicha?” (What’s your name?).

But this is not all. We read in the sequel: “The Jews of Jerusalem learned that Jabotinsky and his comrades … were committed for trial, on Sabbath, April 10th. The same day, three hundred-eighty members of the Defense Corp who had not been arrested, signed a petition to the Court declaring themselves at one with the twenty arrested men and asking to be tried together with them.

“Simultaneously, in all synagogues signatures were collected under a petition expressing full solidarity with Jabotinsky and stating that, although the signatories had not been in a position to participate in the Self-Defense Corp, they would have done so, had it been possible. The Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, Rabbi Kook, was the first to sign the petition and authorized its signing on the Sabbath by others.

“Two thousand five hundred Jews signed, among them three hundred women who stated they had been urging their husbands, brothers, sons to join the self-defense. The petition was submitted to the Military Court, but was disregarded.”

Jabotinsky and his comrades were tried, found guilty, and sentenced to fifteen years penal servitude—this, for defending Jewish life and Jewish honor against murderous and rapacious Arabs! Indignation seized the Jews in Jerusalem and all the suburbs. Haaretz reported on April 20: “All the schools, institutions, shops, etc. are closed. Nobody on the streets; no trading, no newspapers, nothing. A total strike.” The Rabbinate proclaimed the 26th of April a day of general strike, fast, and mourning, with the sounding of the Shofar in all synagogues in the country. (What would happen in Israel if such a strike were called today?)

When news about the vindictive sentence reached London, a storm of public indignation was aroused. Members the House of Commons were embarrassed, for Jabotinsky had served as an officer in the British army during World War I, indeed, had organized the Jewish Legion that fought on the side of the allies.

On July 8th, the High Commissioner of Palestine, Sir Herbert Samuel, issued an amnesty for all those imprisoned in connection with the Jerusalem riots, including two Arab rapists! Instead of being exonerated as he had insisted, Jabotinsky and his comrades were placed on the same level as Arab rapists and pogromists! He bitterly protested, but in vain.

A bright episode in Jewish history was thus dimmed by what we now call “moral equivalence.” But the Jewish pride and courage displayed by Jabotinsky, his comrades, and his 2,500 supporters—let us again mention Rav Kook—should serve to inspire Jews today confronted, as they are, not only by bloodthirsty Arabs, but by a shameless and pusillanimous government at war with heritage of the Jewish people.



by Felix Quigley

December 23, 2008

As we come to the end of the year things have never been so critical and tense as the situation facing Israel. Israel is now caught in events beyond its own making, that is triggered now in a new way by the very deep crisis in the world capitalist system effecting every country in the world. It is now becoming very clear that Russia is supplying the very advanced S300 missile defence system to the Iranian Mullah Fascists. This is all linked in with the US and EU NATO decision to make war on Russia, also China through Tibet, and is connected also with the Israeli ruling class decision to go with this encirclement and eventual war on Russia as was seen in the support (concrete) of Israel for Saakashvili, and the not to be dismissed support of Jewish leaders in American and Canada such as Belman and Norland for the Saakashvili atack on South Ossetia.

Now this decision of Russia to supply these Fascist Fiends with this equipment is a potential decision to wipe out Israel. The Russians must understand and be made to understand this is exactly what they are doing. This is worse than the Stalin pact with Hitler from 1939 to 1941 and even the treachery of the above mentioned in supporting the war against Russia by NATO does not change this one bit.

Israel now has no choice whatsoever.  It is terrible that the Jewish people who only sought a refuge from antisemitism in founding Israel have to do it. But Israel simply has no choice but to strike Iran with everything that they have. We on 4international are not war mongerers, the very opposite, but we have to learn to look reality in the face and act rationally in the face of that reality.

I do not think Israel now has months. Rather it has weeks. The Iranian Guards are on their way back, or are back, from Russia after being trained there in the use of these systems. Russia has been hiding the delivery but they surely are being delivered.

Back in the summer Gates working on behalf of US Imperialism tried to insist to Israel that these weapons would never reach Iran. Was he mistaken? Or was he in on the act of wanting Iran to get these systems? You decide because we on 4international are certain it is the latter.

And if we are right then Israel has to strike with all it has got and it has to strike alone.

Does Israel have any friends then. A thousand times we assert yes!!!

Israel has got the friends of ordinary people in every country, but at this late hour it is important to focus, and our focus is on the US working class people, whether Black, White or Mexican Chinese etc.

This places now a huge burden of responsibility on all Jewish organizations in America and Canada. They must at last grow up politically, stop their internal bickering, and make a huge effort to link up on these issues with the vast masses of the ordinary American people.

The DEBKAfile report on this, on which all must now act urgently, follows

[begin report here]

Russian S-300 anti-air weapon already delivered to Iran

DEBKAfile Special Report

December 18, 2008, 12:00 PM (GMT+02:00)

Despite the efforts of US and Israeli leaders, Moscow has begun delivering the highly sophisticated medium-range air defense S-300 system to Iran for securing its nuclear and strategic sites against potential attack.

The RIA news agency reported Wednesday night, Dec. 18: “Moscow has earlier met its obligations to supply Tor-M1 (short-range) systems to Iran and is currently implementing its contract to deliver S-300 systems.”

DEBKAfile‘s military sources disclose the S-300 deliveries began two weeks ago.

Their installation, coinciding with the return home of members of Iranian air defense officers from training in Russia, means that air or missile attacks on Iranian sites will henceforth be extremely difficult and carry a high price.

On 9th October, DEBKAfile‘s Moscow sources reported that Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert failed in the key mission of his trip to persuade Russian leaders to refrain from selling this advanced weapon to Iran and Syria.

On July 9, US Secretary of State Robert Gates said: “Based on what I know, it’s highly unlikely that those air defense missiles would be in Iranian hands any time soon.” Clearly, Gates was misinformed and his intelligence wrong, since five months on, those missiles are on their way to Iran.

While both the Bush administration and Israeli leaders insisted that a military option remained on the table if Iran persisted in its nuclear weapons program, neither took into account that Tehran was not deterred or standing idle.

This week, the Israeli defense ministry announced that Amos Gilead, a high official, would travel to Moscow Wednesday, Dec. 17 in a final bid to hold the Kremlin’s hand. But Olmert and defense minister Ehud Barak had missed another boat.

DEBKAfile‘s military and intelligence sources report that after Iran, Moscow will install the S-300 in Syria, focusing on securing the Russian naval bases going up in the Mediterranean port of Tartous. By selling these countries top-line weaponry, Moscow is strengthening its military presence and influence in two Middle East countries of especial interest to the United States and Israel – a tactic Soviet Russian employed in the Cold War.


It goes without saying that every person who has read 4international blog must now join in a huge effort in building up the Trotskyist movement in opposition to Stalinism, to revisionists like the pro Islamist SWP, and in opposition to the Butchers of the Serbs who are people like Kamm and his cronies on Harry’s Place.

There must be an end put to the sickness of propagandism. It is not just what people say which counts in this life. It is also what people do. There must be a big struggle to unite theory and practice in order to plot a future for humanity.


by Felix Quigley

December 18, 2008


Patrick Goodenough, international editor

Israel Denies Entry to U.N. Critic Who Accused It of War Crimes
Monday, December 15, 2008

By Patrick Goodenough, International Editor of CNS News, reports on the decision of Israel to throw out Professor Richard Falk who is a bitter enemy of Israel, very close to the antisemitic ISM, one of those who insults Jews everywhere in everything he does and everything he says, often comparing Israel to Nazi Germany, this is part of the big lie against Israel, promoting the Big Lie of the Palestinian Refugees etc, when in fact it was the Arabs in 1948 who were intent on exterminating the Jews from the Middle East, and had ben part of the Nazi Holocaust intentions.

[begin article from CNS News here]


Prof. Richard Falk (Photo Richard Lord/World Council of Churches)
(CNSNews.com) –  Israel on Sunday blocked entry to a U.S. scholar and outspoken critic of Israeli policies who in his new capacity of special United Nations investigator last week accused Israel of “war crimes.”
An Israeli foreign ministry spokesman on Monday confirmed the incident, saying Prof. Richard Falk had tried to enter the country without an invitation and had therefore been denied entry.
Lilia Zaharieva, the deputy head of the U.N.’s “occupied Palestinian territories country office,” said staff had gone to Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv to meet Falk but learned that “he was not allowed to enter Israel.”
 The CNS News report continues
The Palestinian permanent observer mission to the U.N. in Geneva – where the U.N.’s human rights bodies are located – said Falk had been “detained” on arrival and “was requested to stay the night at the airport waiting to be deported.” It said Falk had intended to visit Israel and the Palestinian territories for a week to investigate the human rights situation.
A spokesman for the U.N. Human Rights Council in Geneva said he had not heard of the incident but would make inquiries before commenting. Attempts to reach Falk by email were not immediately successful.
Falk, a Princeton international law scholar, earlier this year was appointed by the Human Rights Council to serve as the new “special rapporteur on the situation of human rights in the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967.” The U.N. human rights apparatus has around 20 such expert investigator-reporters.
Israeli foreign ministry deputy spokesman Andy David said Monday that Israel had over the past three years welcomed visits by seven Human Rights Council special rapporteurs as well as a special representative of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights.
In the case of Falk, however, “beyond the imbalance inherent in his mandate, the bias is further exacerbated by the highly politicized views of the rapporteur himself, in legitimizing Hamas terrorism and drawing shameful comparisons to the Holocaust,” he said.
“In light of his vehement publications in the past, it is hard to square his appointment with the requirements of the Council’s own internal procedures which call for the appointment of mandate holders who are impartial, objective and possess the quality of personal integrity.”
As a result, David said, Israel had made it clear that Falk would not be welcome to visit in his capacity as special rapporteur.
Israel did facilitate a visit by Falk in his personal capacity last June, when he wished to attend an academic event. However, Falk had “abused” the visit for the purpose of presenting an imbalanced report to a U.N. General Assembly committee later in the year, David said.
Goodenough points to the arrogance of these UN despots. He was not even invited to Israel
He said Falk’s attempt to visit now in his official capacity, without an invitation while fully aware of Israel’s position, stood in contrast to the Human Rights Council’s own manual of procedures, “which stresses the necessity of consent and coordination with the state concerned.” He had therefore been denied entry.
‘Colonialism and apartheid’
Falk’s appointment to the U.N. post last March immediately drew criticism because of his provocative views on Israel. An article last year, for instance, compared Israeli treatment of Palestinians to Nazi Germany’s atrocities against Jews.
Someone who has accused Israel of “genocidal tendencies” could not possibly be considered impartial as required for the rapporteur’s post, Israel’s ambassador to the U.N. in Geneva said at the time.
Falk told CNSNews at the time that he had done his best over the years to be objective but that he had also “often felt that the Palestinian side of the story is told in a manner that is biased and misleading.”
“I do not believe that a one-sided and unbalanced endorsement of Israel’s approach to peace and security is in the interest of either the United States or Israel itself,” he said.
Since then, Falk has not dodged controversy.
In his report to the General Assembly body in October, he said Israeli policies bore characteristics of colonialism and apartheid. Israel rejected the report as misleading, and said Falk lacked objectivity.
Last Wednesday, as the U.N. marked Human Rights Day, Falk issued a statement calling the Israeli embargo against the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip a violation of international humanitarian law and said the International Criminal Court should look into the possibility of indicting Israeli leaders for war crimes.
He charged that Israel was carrying out the policy “to punish Gazans for political developments within the Gaza strip.”
Israel maintains it is enforcing the embargo – which covers all but basic humanitarian goods and has been described by some critics as a “siege” – in response to continuing rocket and mortar attacks from Gaza, targeting Israeli communities across the border.
Critics say Falk’s U.N. mandate is inherently biased because it does not call for an investigation into all aspects of the prevailing situation in the disputed territories.
Created in 1993 by the Human Rights Council’s now-defunct predecessor, the unchanged mandate for the special rapporteur post currently held by Falk is “to investigate Israel’s violations of the principles and bases of international law, international humanitarian law and the Geneva Convention … in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel since 1967.”
The wording excludes from the investigator’s purview any actions taken by Palestinian terrorists or Arab governments that may be pertinent or have a bearing on Israeli policies and actions.
Another concern critics have raised about Falk relates to his views on al-Qaeda’s terrorist attack on America in 2001.
While not stating categorically that the “inside job” conspiracy theories about 9/11 are true, Falk has raised questions over several years.
Last month, in an article in a Scottish student publication, he wrote that it was “not paranoid … to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide, and much to explain” about what occurred on 9/11.
“The U.N. can’t claim to oppose al-Qaeda terrorists while its officials seek to deny their most ghastly crimes,” Hillel Neuer, executive director of the Geneva-based non-governmental organization U.N. Watch, said in response to the article’s appearance.
“How tragic that on the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN’s representative figures have gone from luminaries like Eleanor Roosevelt to loonies like Richard Falk,” he said.
PS by Felix Quigley
Goodenough has done a good job here on exposing the hatred of Israel by people like Falk. He spoils this by mixing it in with 9-11. The issue of 9-11 should not be allowed to be raised in this way. It is in every respect a vital area for discussion, especially the role of the US in the Balkans in supporting Izetbegovic, who in turn provided the base for Bin Laden to build up his forces which struck at the Twin Towers.
These are two quite separate issues.
The issue with Falk is that he is part of the Big Lie and in supporting the “Palestinians” he is part of that vast attack on the right of Israel to exist. This is the new antisemitism of our day. It is slightly disguised behind the Human Rights for Palestinians and for Palestinian Refugees etc.
Israel has taken an important step in kicking this individual out of their country. It is a pity that Mrs Mary Robinson was not also kicked out all those years ago.
The article is on


by Felix Quigley

December 17, 2008

The coming General Election in Israel is the most important in its history. Everything in this election centres on the issue of the creation of the Palestine Jihadist Jew Hating state engineered by US and EU Imperialism out of Israeli land. These Jew haters have been aided by traitors in Israel itself. The question in the election is can these Fascists and Jew Haters be stopped since they are backed by huge swathes of international opinion which has been taken in by the “Palestinian” myth and lies, and how it can be stopped.


4international is based in this election on learning the lessons and opposing the absolutely criminal and traitorous policy of Barak, Livni and Olmert, carrying on from the Sharon betrayal over Gaza, and the need to expunge this reactionary excrescence out of Israeli politics.


We call for an unmistable vote for Netanyahu, and for the slate of Netanyahu. This does not mean that we are fully in agreement with Netanyahu. But in this election it is vital to form a United Front with Netanyahu and his team and against those who would sell out on the issue of the Palestine state issue.


If there is any ambiguity on this call then it allows in again the reactionary political line of Sharon and of Barak.


On the question of Feiglin… We are opposed to the administrative moves made by Netanyahu against Feiglin. But we oppose the general divisive and sectarian politics of Feiglin who tries to preach that the only good Jewish fighter is a religious Jew, that is a Jew who believes in a supernatural being. With every fiber of our bodies we oppose this concept and we see this as an insult to the millions of patriotic Jews who are either agnostic or atheist. A moment’s reflection will show just how divisive and downright counter productive are these politics of Feiglin. We need fighters for Israel, not Holy Joes who are lost in the clouds of prayer etc. So Netanyahu is wrong he should not for a second try to suppress the Feiglin politics, he should welcome it, and have the fight on ideas with Feiglin right out there in the open.


Above all the situation needs the building of a revolutionary Trotskyist Party in Israel which will take the fight on against the betrayals of Labourism represented by Barak, and against Stalinism represented by Os and Pappe etc.


Although the world economic crisis in capitalism predominates in the world and also in Israel and the Arab countries, this election is really about the national rights of the Jews.


Will the Jewish nation represented by Israel become an independent power in the world?


This means these things


  1. A definitive break of Israel from the US and EU Imperialists and total independence especially from the US bullies who have been led by Bush and Rice and now by Obama and Clinton. The US spying on Israel forces lodged in the Negev must be immediately expelled from there. They are there on the pretext of warning against an incoming Iranian rocket. Such a defensive approach by Barak since Israel can well defend itself against the Iranian Fascists given boild leaders! In fact Barak has allowed a major spy mission by the US Imperialist class to be lodged on Jewish soil. This is potentially worse and more dangerous to Israel than was the Israeli association this year with Fascist Butcher of Georgia Saakashvili. And Israeli patriots still lie in US jails!
  2. Israel under a new government must refer back to the US military assessment of the 70s regarding Israeli security. It must take total control of Golan, Gaza, Judea and Samaria (for its vital high ground and strategic depth) and present day Israel itself. This area must be administered as one unit. A new propaganda team must be assembled by Netanyahu which points out that the surrounding land mass of the Arab and Islamist states out does Israel by about 5000 to 1. All the peoples of the world including the Irish must be made fully aware of these realities. All minorities in this area will have full social and religious rights, but not political, as laid down in the League of Nations treaty of San Remo 1920.

4internal is opposed to all those who are silent on this election. Where are those like Francisco Gil White? What does Jared Israel have to say? Where is Nathan Pearlstein and Peter Robert North?

Meanwhile those on Israpundit under Ted Belman, on Frontpagemag and on other sites such as Jihadwatch are following a programme essentially of support for US Imperialism. The key factor in all of this is the support given by Israpundit for the attack by Saakashvili on South Ossetia and on the destruction of the Jewish Quarter there.

People like Belman and Yamit82 are incapable of calling for a clear vote for Netanyahu. Who then does Belman call on Jews in the election to vote for.

Especially Yamit82 is a religious bigot. He demands that all who fight for Israel be a believer in the supernatural etc. What then about the millions of Jews and of other nationalities who will fight for Israel yet be either confirmed atheists or as in the case of most youth be unconcerned about such issues.

The other issue which 4international is most opposed to is calling the traitors in Israel, such as Pappe or even Olmert, of the “Left”. This is an Imperialist and British Intelligence strategy. Confuse people over the difference between revolutionary socialism which is this movement, and those such as Stalinists or Labourists who have long been traitors to socialism.

It is in the cunning and reactionary interest of people like Sultan Knish to label all together as “The Left”, or as “Leftists”. Knish fools nobody but his own reactionary self. Jews will not find correct leadership from this fraud!

In opposition to these labels we ask all of these people what is their concrete political position on the burning issue of the day, on who to vote for in the coming General Election in Israel. This will be the most vital event in the history of the state of Israel. On 4international we say, speak now or forever hold your peace. We want to know what your position is on this election and why…

In future articles over the next period we will be looking sharply at the position of the likes of Yamit82, Belman, Pipes etc etc. We cannot wait!


by Felix Quigley

December 12, 2008

A vital new development takes place in Israel. The group of 18 has launched its campaign to by each and every means stop the creation of a Jihadist Palestinian state in Israel. 4international it goes without saying is totally in support of this ideal.

We say that “Palestinianism” is a method to destroy Israel.

This was shown most clearly in Gaza. The Jews pulled out of Gaza, leaving greenhouses etc for the Arabs to build up their economy. They wanted peace and nothing else. They got war from the Arabs, not just Hamas but the Arabs who then thanked Hamas and elected them into power.

The INN has this report of this massive new development among the Jews of Israel:

‘The 18’ Launch Campaign Against PA State

by Maayana Miskin

 (IsraelNN.com) A new activist group calling itself ‘The18’ has launched a campaign against the creation of a Palestinian Authority state in Judea and Samaria. The group recently released a video explaining its platform.

[The INN report continues]

The group was founded after the election of Barack Obama to be President of the United States. Obama believes in “linkage,” the group says, and believes that if Arab grievances are addressed, terrorist will cease. He will see the creation of a PA state as a top goal.

Jewish nationalists must make fighting the creation of a PA state their top goal, the group says. “All other issues are a diversion… we must steel ourselves to the reality that all else must be secondary to fighting two-state,” member Michael Fenenbock explains in the group’s manifesto. “If we lose the two-state battle… we lose the whole game.”

The18 is inspired by the Warsaw Ghetto uprising during the Holocaust, members say. On its site, the group mentions the uprising as a time when “a young Jew named Mordechai Anielewicz showed that a fearless handful of committed men and women can make a rebellion and he forever laid to rest the myth of the passive Jew.”

We on 4international send our support and will follow your campaign most closely


by Felix Quigley

December 12, 2008

There is no doubt that there is a Civil War raging inside the Jews of Israel and only fools will deny it. It is much better to face up to the reality because on one side are the true patriots and on the other side are the traitors to the Jewish cause.


The traitors are of course the police state that has grown around Sharon, Olmert, Livni, Barak and Stalinists like Efraim Sneh


This police state was given a big push when the reactionaries under direction from the US CIA along with Blair decided to force all Jews out of Gaza Nazi style thereby creating a Judenfrei area.


In order to do this Sharon and Olmert helped by Barak Labourist and Efraim Sneh Stalinist decided on 2 things


  1. They created a special Jew hating police force which literally hated the communities in Gaza
  2. They used the Jew hating Israeli Media and the reactionary Stalinist type academics in places like Ben Gurion University to launch black propaganda against these Jews. They even had this going on an international scale, Stalinist and Jewish Antisemitic Ilan Pappe toured Ireland attacking Zionism and Zionists.


Never mind that the Gaza has proved a total failure. As their opponents said the Fascists will use Gaza as the next step in their desire to destroy Israel as the Jewish Homeland.


Now there has emerged firm proof that the name of the Game in Israel is Civil War against good Jews. Of course the polite rabbis etc so full of their pious religious crap do not want to admit it. The idea that Jews would fight with each other is not welcome to them.


But this is the reality. Good Jewish people like Daniella Weiss who has given her life to the Jewish cause is threatened with Jailing by Sneh and Barak, a true Stalinist tactic, silence your opponent by clapping them in jail.

This is the report by INN



[start report here]


(IsraelNN.com) For the first time, police statistics are shown to confirm official law enforcement discrimination against the Jews of Judea and Samaria.

The 29-page report shows a clear pattern, backed up by columns of statistics, of police discrimination against Jews living in Judea and Samaria. The report was prepared by the Civil Rights Organization of Judea and Samaria (Yesha), headed by Orit Strook of Hevron.

While throughout Israel the number of police-opened criminal files, with no complainant, runs at 14% of the cases, in the Jewish towns of Yesha it is 25% – 80% more.

Treating Jewish Residents as Gangsters
The statistics indicate that the Jews of Yesha are treated as a “community of crime,” in which specially-formulated regulations are implemented. These include:

  • using the Shabak (Shin Bet, General Security Service) as an intelligence body, instead of standard police detectives
  • usage of restraining and distancing orders
  • massive and forceful police presence
  • relatively many arrests; unlike elsewhere in the country, the police are obligated to arrest any Jew who causes any harm to a person or property
  • police-opened files in a wholesale and initiated manner
  • special detective teams
  • extra-light criteria in determining when to hand down indictments

“Practically speaking,” the report concludes, “the purpose of formulating the special regulations [against the residents of Yesha], which have no parallel anywhere else in Israel, was to use the law enforcement institutions in order to enable the government to oppress political opponents.


The report continues


One chapter deals with the “Yesha Law Enforcement Team”. Though this body was officially dismantled in 1998, by order of the Attorney General, in fact it continues to operate up to this very day.

The report reviews the ways in which this team works: Re-opening closed criminal files, exerting pressure on courts, compiling a ‘black list’ of suspected and accused Jews, issuing administrative distancing orders, and the like. This body operates in violation of Knesset decisions, while on the other hand, it is susceptible to influence by various left-wing groups.

The special regulations formulated by the Attorney General in 1999 regarding Arabs of Judea and Samaria state that any charges that do not deal with “heavy security crimes” must be dropped for “lack of public interest,” that charges must not be leveled against “public figures,” and that persons under 16 years of age must not be incarcerated over night.

Twice as Many Indictments, Half as Many Convictions
Another statistic shows that while the rate of indictments per criminal case averages 14% across the country, in the Judea and Samaria District it was no less than 38% – more than twice the national average.

Even more significant, however, is the rate of convictions: While across the country, 97% of those indicted on criminal files are convicted, in Judea and Samaria it is only 54%. The report therefore concludes that the judicial system ends up doing the “filtering out” work that the police are supposed to do, “and this is a grave blow at the basic civil rights of suspects in Judea and Samaria, who, because of the selective law enforcement policies, find themselves in the status of ‘accused’ who are forced to defend themselves in court, with all that that implies, in order to regain their status of presumed innocence.”

More Police Resources in Yesha
Not only do the police dedicate extra resources for the purpose of opening files against Yesha residents, the report states, but this also comes at the expense of the basic democratic rule of equality before the law.

Left-Wing Left Alone
Another chapter shows that while the Jews of Yesha are over-enforced, their Arab neighbors, as well as anarchists and left-wing outsiders who demonstrate or otherwise act in their areas, enjoy below-average law enforcement.

For instance, during the first 8.5 months of 2008, out of a total of 400 “disturbing the peace” files opened, only 36 of them were against left-wing activists – exactly 9%. This, despite the regular, weekly, violent left-wing protests held in Bil’in and Na’alin against IDF forces.

In addition, in 2007, only 30 left-wing figures were arrested. Out of this total of 66 arrests in ’07-’08, only two (3%) ended in indictments – as opposed to the figure of 38% against Jews cited above.

The report states that no distancing orders have ever been issued against the violent left-wing protestors, even though this would affect only their right to protest. On the other hand, five such orders have been handed down this year against nationalists, distancing them from their families, homes, source of income, and day-to-day life.

Six Times More Zeal Against Jews
Another telling statistic shows that in 73% of the cases opened against Jews in Yesha, the police were able to locate the suspects and verify the charges against them – while this was true for only 13% of the cases opened against Arabs. This percentage, the report states, is the most indicative of the amount and quality of resources used to enforce the law against the various sectors.

More Police Per Jew
Another telling statistic: The number of police officers in the Judea and Samaria District is one for every 241 Jewish residents, while in Um el Fahm it is one for every 1,200 residents. In the mixed Jewish-Arab city of Akko (Acre), the number is one for every 839 residents, and one for every 1,045 in Netanya. “This hurts not only the residents of Judea and Samaria, but all Israelis, who receive low-quality police service. One can only imagine how a more equitable distribution of police forces would help reduce crime in Netanya, for instance.”

The report cites several judicial rulings that expressed criticism of the police for pressing charges only against the Jews involved in an incident, while letting the Arabs involved go free.

Unanswered Questions
The report sums up as follows: “The reality, as reflected in special rules, data and the above charts, is one of disproportionate and unreasonable over-enforcement of law on one sector, tremendous allocation of police resources, trampling of residents’ civil rights, and lack of protection from attacks. Even worse, it shows that government bodies and law enforcement tools are used to repress a particular population sector that is labeled as having a particular political or ideological bent… The piercing question is: What is the legal, constitutional and moral justification for this? In addition, why is this true picture kept hidden from the public? Why has an opposite picture, one that has nothing to do with reality, been presented to the public over the course of many years?”


This is the huge question, why are these facts kept from the Israeli people? The Israeli people do not actually happening.

But this is the same as in every country. The Media is the Media of the bourgeois capitalist state, and in Israel this state is opposed to the good Jews like Daniella Weiss and is controlled by Stalinists like Efraim Sneh and by Labourists like Barak.

In other words the news and the telling of history is biassed.


By Felix Quigley


December 12, 2008


The treachery of the present Israeli Government of Livni, Olmert and Barak was shown yesterday when trucks trundled from Israel carrying what!!! Loads of cash for Hamas which will be used to finance the killing of Jews in Israel since there are NO Jews left in Gaza for Fascists to kill.


An organization of Jews in Israel which is campaigning for the release of the young soldier Shalit which Hamas kidnapped and holds rushed down to the border crossing to try to stop the trucks of bullion making their way to make this grand gesture and donation *For arms( to Hamas.


The Jewish Homeland decided wrongly that they would pull every last Jew out of Gaza and thus emulated the German Nazis and other historical anti-Semites in making the Gaza Judenfrei.


The response was not a thank you let-s try to make something of this place for ourselves by the Gazan Arabs. Their response was to give Hamas the Fascist organization almost total electoral support.


Hamas won the election in a landslide thanks to the innate anti-Semitism in the Arabs now for the past 30 years or so newly christened with the name “Palestinians”.


Perhaps some Israeli Jews thought by pulling out they would be answered by peace from the Arabs, or maybe just leave them to their own devices.


They miscalculated on the latter because the devices of the Arabs is to use each and every occasion to stir up hatred of Israel. The Arabs as a whole wish to destroy Israel.


In doing this they call in the services of the Independent, the Guardian, the BBC etc. That is the top end of it. The bottom end, the openly anti-Semitic Nazis are to be found in the ISM in places such as Galway, Ireland, where open Jew Hatred is preached by the ISM.


Part of the INN news report wrote on these incredible events

[begin quote here]


(IsraelNN.com) Five trucks brought NIS 100 million into Gaza Thursday afternoon from banks located in Hevron, Jerusalem, and Tul-Karem after Defense Minister Ehud Barak ordered the money transfer to prevent banks in the region from collapsing. The Legal Forum for the Land of Israel made an urgent appeal on Wednesday to Attorney General Manny Mazuz to stop the transfer of money. “According to the law forbidding the financing of terrorism, this money should not be transferred. The transfer is neither legal nor ethical,” the Legal Forum stated.
INN report further wrote

Gilad Shalit was abducted 900 days ago in a Hamas terrorist attack at a Gaza crossing where two other soldiers were killed. The head of the International Red Cross (ICRC) delegation in Israel said Wednesday that he has done whatever is possible to make contact with the kidnapped IDF soldier but has not been able to surpass political obstacles.

Hamas senior officer Mahmoud al-Zahar on Thursday repeated that Shalit could be freed in “one day” if Israel were to meet its demands by liberating 1,000 terrorists and opening all Gaza crossings, including Rafiah.

Humanitarian Gestures While Under Attack
Whether calm in the Gaza area will be restored through Israel’s humanitarian gesture of transferring money is uncertain. This week, terrorists from Gaza continued to fire Kassam rockets and mortars at Jewish communities around Gaza. In addition, Israel’s army found several bombs that had been planted in the area around Gaza.

The head of Southern Command, Major General Yoav Gallant, has instructed the army to prepare for a possible Hamas attack next week. Sunday is the anniversary of the founding of the Hamas terrorist organization and next Thursday marks the official end of the cease-fire.





By Felix Quigley

December 11, 2008

Efraim Sneh who now today wants to throw into gaol Daniella Weiss has a long and a blood thirsty record. He is the sone of a man, Moshe Sneh, who was a leading member of the Stalinist Maki party, and of various other Stalinist formations in early Israel. This is the same Stalinists who in the Spanish Civil War stopped socialist revolution by the handy technique of murdering all of the socialist revolutionaries. It was in the Spanish Civil War theatre of Stalinist butchery that the assasin, a man called Ramon Mercader, was recruited. He later trasvelled under different identities to worm himself into the Trotsky environs to murder the great socialist leader, who had given his life to the socialist revolution. It is funny how the great socialist tradition and the great jewish tradition comes together.

But back to the present. Who is this man Efraim Sneh who wants rid of Daniella Weiss? Is Sneh some kind of Nazi monster, a member of the National Front in England perhaps? Well actually Sney is a Jew!  It was in the Gaza cruel and disastrous for Jews “disengagement” that Efraim Sneh surfaced, rather let us say he crawled out from under a stone.

As this report of the time from Israel National News shows I think:

[Begin quote here]

(IsraelNN.com) “Even if the clash over Gaza exacts a price in blood, it will be tiny compared to the blood and victims that we will have to pay in decades of conflict with the Palestinians.” So says senior Labor MK Ephraim Sneh, who is running in today’s Labor election for a senior ministerial post in the Cabinet. Sneh made his remarks in an op-ed in the Maariv newspaper.

“A cruel and destructive civil war formed the democratic character of the United States,” Sneh wrote, and “the conflict amongst ourselves is unavoidable”


Note that Sneh is referring to “a price in blood” but the blood in question is not that of the antisemitic enemy, it is Jewish blood. This is why these characters like Livni, Barak and Sneh are way ahead of the idealistic and day dreaming Jews. They are plotting bloody dictatorship all the time, using special forces of Stasi police to do their dirty work, spreading lies etc etc, while many Jews daydream and pray. No contest really!

Many good Jewish people are thinking behind the times. These traitors like Sharon, Livni, barak and Olmert have no interest in prayer. They plan action and the action involves joining with the Fascist enemy and preparing the destruction of Israel. That is the truth of the matter.

“Next week,” Sneh concludes, “a new government will be sworn in. If it has courageous and determined members, it will meet the challenge of the conflict that has been forced upon it – and will win.” Sneh is the son of the late Moshe Sneh (Kleinbaum), a four-time Knesset Member and member of the Israel Communist Party’s Political Bureau.

And what was this conflict forced upon Sneh. It was that ordinary Jews wanted to go on living in Gaza.

Sneh on the other hand was insisting that Gaza would become Judenfrei. You see where that gets to. To the Nazi policies of the Holocaust. One way for an area to be Judenfrei is to kill the Jews, another to drag the Jews out by force.

The issue of force was very clear in the mind of this Haaretz writer:

Haaretz columnist Yoel Marcus has written – this past August 31, for instance – that an elite army unit should be charged with removing settlers, “even if that involves bloodshed.”

That was some time ago and of course no sooner were the Jews out of Gaza than the Arabs began to pound Jews in Israel with rockets and meantime in places like Galway Ireland the Jews are still being described by the ISM as nazis because they have made Gaza into a prison they say. You see in the eyes of antisemites the Jews can do nothing right.

Sneh wanted the Jews out of Gaza. he provided a perfect base for the vicious Hamas attacks since. Does Sneh repent and learn his lesson. Not a chance since he is again on the attack this time looking to throw the leaders of Jews in Judea and Samaria into prisons.

What to do with a man like this!

Well I feel this is just a minor and meagre look at the man. I feel that to understand his politics one needs to go back to that early Stalinist Maki and see the politics of his father Moshe Sneh, and those around him, looking also how this deadly political trend merged into the counter revolutionary Labourists.


by Felix Quigley

December 11, 2008

We on 4international are truly overjoyed that the phony cloak has been scratched away from Judaism and that the real differences are emerging into the open. This is going to strengthen the Jewish nation against its antisemitic enemies enormously. The sharpest point of this has been the leter sent by Stalinist “Communist” Efraim Sneh to reactionary despot Barak calling for the arrest of Jewish fighter and activist Daniella Sneh. It behoves us as revolutionary socialists and as Trotskyists to find out the ideas behind these two people. We will deal with Sneh presently, just now to note that this man historically is a total enemy of the revolutionary socialist tradition of Lenin and Trotsky, he represents Stalin and Stalinism which Lenin was fighting before his premature death,  and which of course Trotsky was the leading fighter against. So much so that the Stalinists had to murder Trotsky in 1940 in Mexico, murdered by a Stalinist assasin called Ramon Mercader, who was recruited in the Spanish Civil War theatre of Stalinist butchery of Trotskyists, socialists and anarchists. First let us deal with Daniella Weiss. In a previous article I referred to Daniella Weiss as “little” in fact she is a giant among revolutionary Jewish giants.

This is a profile done by the anti Jewish Guardian newspaper of England. I turn to it only for some background research. My comments may be read as bold italic.

[start Guardian profile here]

For Daniella Weiss, the war was a turning point. Born into a conservative but not an ultra-religious family in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, she was 22 at the time and married. She had finished her undergraduate degree in English literature and philosophy at Bar Ilan University and had become deeply religious.

(Please allow me to interupt here immediately. The Guardian sense of “deeply religious” is mischievous and misleading. It does not explain that when Karl Marx visited Jerusalem in 1854 he wrote and wrote very sympathetically of his wonder at the religious fervour of the Jews and the way that they were dhimmified by the Muslims. When Leon Trotsky was visited in Mexico some short time before his murder by a Russian Jewish lady from Jewish Palestine he also was full of wonder for the fervour of the Jewish tradition and race, and this helped him to break from the past and to assert that the Jews were indeed a nation, in fact the oldest we know of, and that they had a right to a piece of the earth just like any other. Trotsky also called for Jews to get themselves to Palestine, at all costs out of Europe to escape the terror of the Nazis, to set up there their own state, and at all costs to make it defensible. He refered scathingly to the “reactionary Mohammedans”. From which it is obvious that Judaism is closely linked with the history of this wonderful people and nation. Pity that many try to deny this. Does Sneh? Does Olmert? Does Barak? Seems like it to me)

In the first years after the war, Weiss became involved in the settlement movement as they began to build deep inside the now Israeli-occupied West Bank. She was first at Ofra, an early settlement just north of Ramallah, and then at Kedumim from December 1975.

(You really have to watch the Guardian. The term The West Bank fairly slips off their tongue does it not. In fact this was the 1967 War they talk about here, and Arab Armies were queueing up to attack (again) the Jewish state. But it was not then called the “West Bank”. That was a name that was manufactured by the Arab Jew Hating enemies, and by the antisemitic Imperialist countries in Europe and in sections of the American Government)

Weiss does not talk of an “occupation”, but uses the word “liberation” for the territory captured by Israel in the six-day war. She talks not of “settlements” but “communities,” not of “building anew” but of “resettling” on the land. To her the Jews have a historic right to the land stretching back thousands of years, while the Palestinians are a “new formation.”

(Weiss is to be applauded. Her terminology is precise and truthful. On one point the “Palestinians” indeed are a new formation. Before 1967 there was no talk at all among the Arabs of their being “Palestinians”. Indeed it even seems they never did like the term. This word the “Palestinians” was artifially manufactured and vast sums of Arab money was expended to sell the concept. It had from the bginning an antisemitic content)

“We felt literally the revival of the biblical narrative. So to return to it was to return to the glory of the past history of the Jewish nation. These are the terms by which I lived and live. I saw myself being a pioneer continuing the work that my parents and grandparents did in the coastal plain in Tel Aviv. I saw myself as privileged to continue the Zionist effort.”

(We on 4international applaud Weiss here for her defence of her proud tradition. Every single nation has this in its make up. In Ireland for example part of the Irish tradition is the wonderful Newgrange Megalithic remains which is the first solar and lunar calendar built to great precision by the ancestors of the Irish. If the Irish has this tradition and is proud of its history, why not the Jews!)

The settlements grew slowly but steadily, both under Israel’s Labour and Likud governments, often with state support and almost always with military protection. Today, there are around 460,000 settlers living in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem. Some are there for their religious beliefs, others for economic incentives on offer. The number of West Bank settlers has doubled since the Oslo peace accords in 1993 and some of the largest settlement blocs are now within the path of Israel’s West Bank barrier, suggesting it hopes to hold on to the land in any final agreement. Settlers in the occupied territories use what the Israeli military calls “sterile roads,” which are set aside for Israeli-registered cars only. The settler community has become a vocal political lobby, exercising considerable influence over government.

(Watch out for Guardian mischief and bias. They call them sterile roads. Who calls them this! But Guardian does not say that these Jewish people living in this area are under continual attack and face the enormous hatred of those “poor” Palestinians, as we shall see shortly) 


At first, Weiss’s settler community wanted to build inside the Palestinian town of Nablus. But the Israeli government refused permission, so they settled on the hilltops nearby. When her settlement first began, she lived with her husband and two young children in a tent. There was a generator for power, but little else. Later it became a small shack, then a trailer until it became effectively a small town, with properly surfaced roads, houses, parks, shops, electricity, telephone connections, running water and a guarded perimeter. It is home to around 3,000 settlers.

It felt a long way from her home in Tel Aviv. “After sundown it was as if you were on the moon. You didn’t see a glimmer. I remember I said to myself: ‘I am like Robinson Crusoe.’ There was a real sense of being pioneers. We were thinking there are Arabs here and Jews here and for us it is a return to our origin … We were two different cultures.”

In the early days, she thought little of the Palestinian community around her, except to note that she saw little electricity or education. In later years, through the first and second intifada, there have been more and more clashes between the settlers and the Palestinians living around them. In 2002, Weiss’s son-in-law Avraham Gavish, his parents and grandfather were shot dead in their home by a Palestinian militant.

(I am amazed at this writing by the Guardian. Four Jews shot dead, a young man, his parents, and grandfather, and the Guardian tucks this in as an irrelevant detail at the end of a paragraph. Surely a central life event for Weiss involving again four Jews death. And why were they murdered?  Answer because they were there!) 

Weiss believes that the land of Israel should be the Biblical “Promised Land”, stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates, which today would take in a large chunk of Egypt, Israel and the occupied territories, the whole of Jordan, and a broad slice of western Iraq.

“I feel myself being part of a Biblical scene. It was a very dramatic change in my life and when I see now over 200 communities and outposts and villages and 260,000 Jews in these communities I feel I am part of a huge Zionist miracle,” she says. “The rights of the Jews to return to their homeland stem from a history of 4,000 years and then an intermission of 2,000 years was imposed. Did it take away our right? Or were our everlasting prayers a constant link? I, of course, believe it was a constant link that was revived with Zionism.”

(We on 4international are with Weiss on this. This is the Jewish birthrite. And compared with the massive area of land that the Arabs, themselves interlopers and suppressors of cultures other than Islam have gained from Versailles, not a huge area at all)


Under international law, however, the settlements are illegal because an occupying power is not permitted to transfer its population on to occupied land. But Weiss disagrees, calling this “modern politics.” “I don’t think these changes in the world can in any way change the basic link between the Jewish nation and the Land of Israel.”

(I agree with Weiss and furthermore this is the revolutionary spirit of the Jewish nation speaking. The Guardian is lying, under international law the building of Jewish homes in Judea and Samaria is NOT illegal. The 1967 war the Guardian needs to be told was a defensive war fought by the Jews against the invading Arabs and in that regard was a continuation of the defence against the planned genocide of 1948, 3 years after the Holocaust and led by the Arab Butcher of the Holocaust, Hajj Amin el Husseini. The Guardian are TOTAL liars. Peace House in Hebron was bought legally by the Jews. The Guardian is trying to say that the Jews like Weiss dispossessed Arabs. But it is getting tied up in its own lies. It has already above showed that Weiss was not allowed to enter Nablus by her own government AND HAD TO BUILD ON THE UNINHABITED HILLS AROUND, THAT IS IN THE WILDERNESS)

Her sense is that the settlement movement of the past 40 years has made Israel a stronger nation. “No peace can be attained if the State of Israel is small,” she says. The future borders of Israel, she argues, should include the West Bank. As for the Palestinians, those who accept Israeli sovereignty should stay, those who fight will be fought and those who don’t accept sovereignty should leave. Those who stay, she says, could be offered passports but only if they pass tests of “loyalty and devotion” to the state of Israel. “100 years ago we were 10% of the population west of the Jordan River and now there are two-thirds Jews and one-third Arabs, so who says who will have the upper hand?”



By Felix Quigley

December 10, 2008

The Toronto Zionist Council has called for

” an end to what it termed the “persecution and abuse” of Jews in Hevron. The TZC’s presiding officers warned they would call for an end to financial support for the Israeli government, and direct support for the Hevron community and its supporters, if the leadership continues in its current Hevron policies.”


This is one of the very best pieces of news that this site has ever reported upon. Let us cut through the pious crap that surrounds this Jewish movement. The call from Toronto gets right to the heart of the issue. Jews are being dragged out of their homes by other so called Jews armed in a special police and there must not be a repeat of Gaza. Little Daniella Weiss is being threatened with gaol by an MK Labourist goon. These traitors to the Jewish cause are preparing to put down all opposition and I believe will act if they are able to prevent Netanyahu winning the election and taking power.

The INN report continues:

The letter was sent December 5, the day after the evictions in Hevron, to Israel’s Ambassador to Canada, Miriam Ziv, and to Amir R. Gissin, Israel’s Consul General in Toronto. The authors, TZC President Yossi Winter and TZC Vice President Izzy Kaplan, asked: “How dare Mr. Barak allow the forces under his command to use stun grenades and tear gas against Jews – men, women and children – who were living peacefully and legally in a building in the Jewish homeland!  How dare he have the audacity to say that the state must enforce the High Court decision to evict them, when he knows very well that the High Court issued no such ruling!”

They called for Barak to be “stripped of his position” as a result of “his illegal and immoral actions against our brethren in Beit HaShalom. With Jewish blood being spilled like water in Mumbai at the hands of the very same terrorist murderers who threaten our brethren in the State of Israel every single day – and while Hamas missiles continue to terrorize southern Israel, it is hard to believe that Mr. Barak can waste precious Israeli soldiers and Israeli police – that are needed to safeguard the population everywhere – and sending them instead to Hevron to evict Jews who posed no threat anyone….”

The letter’s authors “demand that Mr. Barak cease and desist from his war against the settlers in general, and the residents of Beit HaShalom in particular!”

Winter and Kaplan then proceeded to remind the Israeli diplomats of “the lethal ambush which resulted in the massacre of 12 Israeli soldiers – that the Arab friends of Barak perpetrated not that long ago – on the very same road, ‘Worshiper’s Way’, where Beit HaShalom is located, and how pleased the IDF was when it was disclosed that the building was finally in Jewish hands, thus making easier their task of protecting the visitors going to Machpela Cave, the burial place of our Patriarchs.”

Calling the government’s treatment of Jews in Judea, Samaria and Gaza “selective oppression,” the TZC heads wrote, “We will not stand idly by and watch the government of the State of Israel treat our brethren like this.” Saying that government policies such as were evidenced in Hevron “alienate” Zionist Jews, they go on to warn, “If this persecution and abuse of our brethren won’t stop, we will start a campaign to withhold all monetary support while this government is in power. Instead we will advise everyone to channel that money to help our brethren who are being made to suffer by Ehud Barak.” Winter and Kaplan then pleaded with the ambassador and consul general, “Please use your positions to influence the few decent people still left in the government that this should not happen!”

A number of things arise in my mind because of this stirring Toronto initiative. What about the sterling Jews of Ireland. Why are they silent all of the time on these massive issues effecting Israel. I intend to write a letter to the synagogue based in Terenure Dublin and ask what they are doing, and if nothing ask them to change urgently their approach.

This will be a wonderful answer to the ISM antisemites based in Galway Ireland who have been dragging the good name of beautiful Galway through the mud.


By Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

The reactionary Kapo website known in Britain as Harry’s Place has come out and supported the murder and arrest of the good Jews of Hebron by the Nazi Islamofascist Palestinian movement.

Chief Kapo Gene with associate Big Chief on Harry’s Place and fellow Kapo David T had this to say in attacking the brave Jews who are defending Hebron from the Nazis of the Palestinian movement, founded as all readers here will know by Holocaust Monster Hajj Amin el Husseini.

And remember Husseini was also an Arab from Palestine.

[begin quote here]

Said Kapo Gene

I can’t begin to express the outrage I feel at the disgusting behavior of Israeli settlers reacting to the court-ordered evacuation of a house in Hebron.

I am sure the overwhelming majority of Israelis reject their acts of violence against Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. The problem is that the Israeli government never seems to deal seriously with these extremists, who rarely serve serious prison time. Will it take the death of a soldier or policeman at the hand of a settler before the government cracks down? I fear that’s not an unimaginable event anymore.

And more than ever, it’s time to evacuate the Jewish settlement in Hebron.

David T adds

We’ve seen how this scum treats Palestinians.

This is how they serve the Beta Israel and other Jews of African descent, and the Druze, who are serving their country. From Ynet:

“Niggers don’t expel Jews! This isn’t what we brought you to Israel for!” are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers.

During the violent clashes between Israeli forces andsettlers in Hebron on Tuesday “a bunch of veiled people started yelling at us: Who are you to expel us from our home? An Ethiopian does not expel a Jew! A nigger does not expel a Jew!” one Border Guard officer of Ethiopian descent recounted.

“I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” he said.

And it turns out this was not the only such incident to take place. Another officer reported that while arriving to make an arrest about a week and-a-half ago, a group of youths verbally attacked him saying, “Who told you to come and evacuate us? You Ethiopians. What are you, this State’s niggers? Olmert’s niggers?”

Utter, utter filth.



They met general agreement on Harry’s Place. Remember Oliver Kamm he was a big influence here! I could only find one real bit of opposition to this Harry’s Place Kapoism.

A foreign state perhaps, but a core part of the historic homeland of the Jewish people. All nationally-conscious Jews regard the West Bank as an integral part of the historic homeland of the Jewish people. It is as natural for a Jew to live in Tekoa or Hebron as it is for one to live in Jerusalem or Beer Sheva.

This was only one of a couple of comments on Harry’s Place which put the Israeli Jewish viewpoint. It was put by a commenter called “Ben”

Almost all of the rest of the comments referred to the patriots in Peace House and to the Jewish Youth fighting for the Jews to keep Judea and Samaria as well as Hebron, their ancient and holy city, referred to these Jews as “scum”. “Scum” was the most used word on Harry’s Place in this dreadful entry by these two Jews, Gene is American Jewish, David T is British Jewish.

Ben continued his sober argument in such contrast to the now antisemitic Harry’s Place:

Just as Palestine Arabs live in Israel, so Israeli Jews live in the West Bank.

The West Bank is also strategically vital for Israel’s security, especially the high ground overlooking the Shfelah, and the Jordan valley. Israel’s need to safeguard its security was not reliquished in the Oslo agreements, neither were the rights of Jews to reside in the West Bank.


So we find the leaders of Harry’s Place joining in with the Islamofascists who want to destroy Israel. Also joining in with the Fascist Left of the SWP, the ISM and the supporter of the ISM George Galloway.

And that really is where these Harry’s Place leaders stand…with Galloway!

Our Serbian friends will understand very well that this is not the first time that Harry’s Place has joined in with the Islamofascist Nazis.

It is well known and accepted that the leader of the Bosnian Islamofascist movement which was supported by Holbrook and Clinton was a man called Elija Izetbegovic, and that this man was really a Fascist Monster, although for the Media he put on a mild exterior.

It was Izetbegovic who provided in Bosnia the base of Osama Bin Laden to build up his organization in the Balkans, and from which he launched the attack of 9-11, in which so many Americans died so dreadfully.

This was proved when wonderful British journalist Eve Ann Prentice reported seeing Bin Laden consorting with Izetbegovic.

This was hidden hy Harry’s Place of course. Also hidden by them was that Izetbegovic during the key period of 1939 to 1945 was a joint member IN THE BALKAN HOLOCAUST with none other than main butcher of the Holocaust Hajj Amin el Husseini.

So Gene and David T have form on this score of support for Nazi forces.

So why then I ask rhetorically would these Jewish Kapos of today not go about attacking the good courageous Jews in Peace House in Hebron? The modern day Kapos on Harry’s Place! As any Serb patriot will tell you!


by Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

As if on cue to back up our latest article on 4international that civil war among the Jews of Israel is totally unavoidable,

see https://4international.wordpress.com/2008/12/09/not-peace-with-olmert-but-destroy-totally-olmert/

and in fact the sooner for real Jews the better, we have just this minute come across a call by a Labour Knesset member calling for the arrest and imprisonment of a Jewish patriot involved in the defence of Peace House in Hebron.

Who is this man, who is this Kapo, who is joining the Islamofascists and calling for the jailing of Jewish patriots?!!!

Or we can ask what need is there for a Nazi Fascist movement this time to prepare a Holocaust of the Jews when a section of the Jewish leaders offer to do the job for free, and apparently with delight.

The name of this scoundrel, claiming to be Jewish, let it be forever written into the history of the Jews, is EFRAIM SNEH

And his victim is great little Jewish woman called Daniella Weiss.


This is what the scoundrel Sneh said and did according to Israel National news

[begin quote here]

(IsraelNN.com) Efraim Sneh, formerly a Labor \Knesset member, called Monday for Defense Minister Ehud Barak to jail Land of Israel activist Daniella Weiss. Weiss is “leading a rebel force,” he said.

Sneh accused Weiss and fellow activists of carrying out “pogroms” and “threatening to ignite all of Judea and Samaria.” Weiss “leads people to rebel and openly incites against the state of Israel,” Sneh alleged. “It cannot be that someone who stands at the head of armed, anti-state forces and threatens soldiers will be allowed to walk freely and spread poison openly, in front of television cameras, as if there was no law in Israel,” he said.

So the Israeli ruling class in Kadima and the Labour Party, joined by Stalinists in the Israeli Communist Party, and their followers in the Media and academia are preparing total dictatorship over the Jews.

And why do they want good Jewish patriots like little Daniella Weiss to be thrown into a jail in ISRAEL?

As we said in our last article they want to do this because they wish to have a dictatorship so that hundreds of thousands of Jews can be thrown out of Judea and Samaria.

With thousands of Jews then following Ms Weiss into jail the road is clear for the pupil of Hajj Amin el Husseini the butcher of that First Nazi Holocaust (That is US agent Abbas) to go about the organizing of the Second.

INN report continues

Sneh, who is running for Knesset with the newly established left-wing party Strong Israel, attacked Weiss and other nationalists during a visit to Hevron on Monday as well. “The violence here is caused by a handful of wild and brutal people who bring shame on the state. We must deal with them with a strong hand,” he said. The “handful” is led by Weiss, he added.

Weiss, formerly the mayor of Kedumim, has blamed the government and senior IDF officials for violence in Hevron. Charges of activist violence against soldiers were fabricated, she said two weeks ago, accusing the government of slandering Land of Israel activists.

Weiss has also faced opposition from the Council of Jewish Communities in Judea and Samaria (Yesha) after refusing the council’s help in fighting the planned expulsion of Jews from the Peace House in Hevron. According to the Jerusalem Post, Yesha Council head Danny Dayan even requested that Weiss be removed from Hevron entirely.

On Sunday, the Land of Israel Faithful organization released quotes according to which Weiss was directed by Hevron spiritual leader Rabbi Moshe Levinger. Levinger told Barak that he had directed “every step of Daniella Weiss,” the organization said.


And do not tell us that the Jews of this world are not prepared to fight. As Josephy from the US commented to the above (comment 3)

If Mrs. Daniella Weiss is leading a rebel Army –please advise where to enlist and where to send money to–

How many divisions does Sneh have???


by Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

Civil War inside Israel is well on the way being planned and enacted by an absolutely reactionary and anti-Jewish ruling class centred around Olmert, Livni and Barak, with reactionary Stalinists of the Communist Party in the world of journalism and academia thrown into the mix.

Those who think that it is possible to avoid this war and who advise like Jerry Gordon on Israpundit that a false unity can be created among the Jews of Israel are sadly mistaken.

Gordon is an out and out reactionary who is lodged in the top echelons of Israpundit thanks to Belman who till his dying days will think Bush was good for Israel!!!

As far as I understand (he stated it) Gordon was involved in his day job working for US Imtelligence. Gordon has supported the attack by Saakashvili on South Ossetia in which the Jewish Quarter in the Capital was totally demolished. On Israpundit this vile anti Jewish action was also supported by Belman and Yamit82 among others. Even the founder of Israpundit Joseph Alexander Norland supported this dreadful event and action by the US supported Saakashvili.

Now Gordon is weighing in on the issue of the criminal assault on good decent Jews in Peace House in Hebron and his advice is basically do nothing, just try to patch things up between the Jews of Israel.

But that is impossible! It has to be accepted that a goodly proportion of Jews are now out and out reactionaries, counter revolutionaries in the extreme against the Jewish people. THAT is the beginning of doing something useful for the Jews.

The attack on the Jews of Hebron is the same as that carried out in 1929 by Hajj Amin el Husseini, thus the only difference is that this time the attack was not carried out by Mohammedan Fascists as they entered the scene of history behind the German Nazis of Adolf Hitler, but by the modern Jewish rulers of Israel itself.

In fact the attack on Peace House in Hebron is most significant. It can be seen as a link, joining the past disastrous attack on the Jewish communities in Gaza, making Gaza Judenfrei… with the FUTURE and coming removal of all of the hundreds of thousands of Jews from Judea and Samaria. Thus laying the basis for the future Palestinian state which US Imperialism under Bush and Rice have been promoting might and main and which will now be intensified by Obama and Ms Power. Power to Obama how are you!

For Gordon to mumble into his hot whiskies now about making peace between Jews of Israel is the utmost trash, straight out of the trash can of all peaceniks.

No it is far better for Jews everywhere to understand reality. And one aspect of reality is to understand that just as Steven Wise did in the 30s so will the present Jewish leaders lead Jews into the new Holocaust.

(You might google Gil White and Wise here)

Something about the 200 years of exile and unending persecution has made Jews like Gordon think “Hey we are all in the Jewish club. All in the Jewish clan. So in the end we will all pull together and somehow save ourselves.”

Gordon is a total fool. While he preaches Gandhi the ruling class is moving ahead very fast in Israel.

1. The ruling class of Olmert, Livni and Barak have already decided their ally is the Islamofascist Arab Palestinian movement, origins in the Nazis, tormentors of their people

2. They have taken over the special Jew hating Stasi of Sharon and have been perfecting them in order for the final push to place Abbas in power in a Jihadist state

So Gordon calling for “Peace among the Jews” is the most utter bilge!

Another form of this special “Jewish” bilge comes from no less than Emanuel A Winston, who I have lots of time for usually.

I made this comment on Israpundit recently which sums it up I think:

[start quote here]

Winston writes above referring to this same attack on the Jews of Peace House in Hebron:

“Jews should not lift their hands against these cursed people who attack Jews if nothing more than to save themselves from contamination.

Pray to HaShem for retribution with whatever form of punishment He chooses.

The Evil that has collected under the umbrella of Olmert’s Kadima Party shocks all Jews. Let the Rabbis assemble and call for mass protests, prayer and G-d’s Retribution to deal with His enemies.”

I wrote then on Israpundit, comment 35 (http://www.israpundit.com/2008/?p=6189) In response to the above bilge by Winston I make a couple of safe predictions.

1. Do not expect a repeat on Barak as what struck Sharon down. I feel he has a healthy glow about him and has many years of counter Judaism left in him yet. This man hates the Jews and he just hates Israel.

2. The brutal Israeli ruling class will just love to hear from Winston because Winston is taking the road of Gandhi no less. (Not lifting their hands etc)

3. Winston will wait one hell of a long time if he is going to await the “Rabbis” assemble and call for that strange trio of

mass protests

prayer!!!! I could not believe this and thought am I back in bloody catholic Ireland!!!

and retribution from the big man above to do the job for the Jews of Israel..

No I am afraid that awaiting that will not do the trick this time folks no more than it did in the period from 1933 to 1945 or it did back in the “disengagement” from Gaza.

Something a little more concrete is going to be needed folks at Israpundit. Is that really the best you can collectively come up with???

And that is what I said to the dolts on Israpundit with chief dolt Belman leading the chorus.

No I am absolutely certain that the Rabbis cannot lead the Jews in this period. Winston is in fact a lost soul. He is totally powerless in the face of Fascism, and by Fascism I mean the followers of Mohammed and the followers of Bush and now Obama. I also mean Blair and Sarkozy.

Just as these Fascist rulers of the world did everything really evil to destroy Yugoslavia, to place an Islamofascist Holocaust operator Izetbegovic and associate of Husseini in power in Bosnia, to tear Kosovo away from Serbia, to stage fake massacres etc, so now these Fascists, real Fascists, are organizing the Second Holocaust. The necessary step in this is to split Israel through a land line from Gaza to West Bank, set up a Jihadist state behind Palestinian Jihadists, swamp the area with millions of Arabs whether “refugees” or not, then strike with Iran Hizbullah Fatah and Hamas against Israel.

Meanwhile the Israeli rulers will use their police to help join in witht he killing just as Jews did in the Death Camps.

Gordon, Belman, Norland and all those on Israpundit are powerless totally. It would be better that they all admitted this, and admited this in public in front of the Jewish people.

Let them say “We are totally politically Bankrupt. We have no answers. We do not know what to do next. We are lost”.


by Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

The youth who are rebelling in Greece simply do not like the Greek capitalist state and they do not like the police who enforce the rules of that state.


The Greek capitalist establishment has nothing to offer. Well it offers unemployment on a massive scale just as does every capitalist state in the world. With that unemployment it offers repression, a repression which does not just hit the youth, but all age groups from young to old. It is always the way that youth fight and demonstrate first. They have the energy and their disappointment at no future under capitalism is most intense.


The Greeks have also watched the US and EU stripping Kosovo off the Serbs, have watched the way that the US under Bush intensified under Obama have encircled Russia and know that nothing good for their lives will come from this. Not all know but many sense the unease.


So the youth of Greece hold large demonstration triggered by the police killing of a 16 year old. People who watched have described how large demonstrations of youth were tail ended by groups of others dressed in black and wearing crash helmets. These then were those who torched buildings etc. In the experience of the last 100 years it is here that the state and intelligence police have infiltrated their agents, to act as agents provocateurs. Fact of life! How to defend against this is very difficult.


It was the Jewish youth in Hebron also who carried the fight against the Israeli Stasi police who are working for the corrupt anti-Jewish Jewish state political elite and who in simple terms want to clear the land of Judea and Samaria of Jews, to create another stretch of Middle East Land which is Judenfrei, and on it erect a Jew Free Palestinian Arab state.




Meanwhile the hymns drone on. The fakery of Christ Mas goes into full swing as the capitalist class in each country try to hide the reality of the future under capitalism from the ordinary people.


What then can be done?


The youth in Greece will get little out of this except some hard knocks and hard won experience.


Similarly the youth in Hebron will be powerless and will watch as Jews are driven out to create a Nazi type Judenfrei area on which will be erected the state of the Nazi Butcher of the Holocaust Hajj Amin el Husseini.


And what we say is that this is a period when leadership is the key.