By Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

The reactionary Kapo website known in Britain as Harry’s Place has come out and supported the murder and arrest of the good Jews of Hebron by the Nazi Islamofascist Palestinian movement.

Chief Kapo Gene with associate Big Chief on Harry’s Place and fellow Kapo David T had this to say in attacking the brave Jews who are defending Hebron from the Nazis of the Palestinian movement, founded as all readers here will know by Holocaust Monster Hajj Amin el Husseini.

And remember Husseini was also an Arab from Palestine.

[begin quote here]

Said Kapo Gene

I can’t begin to express the outrage I feel at the disgusting behavior of Israeli settlers reacting to the court-ordered evacuation of a house in Hebron.

I am sure the overwhelming majority of Israelis reject their acts of violence against Israeli soldiers and Palestinians. The problem is that the Israeli government never seems to deal seriously with these extremists, who rarely serve serious prison time. Will it take the death of a soldier or policeman at the hand of a settler before the government cracks down? I fear that’s not an unimaginable event anymore.

And more than ever, it’s time to evacuate the Jewish settlement in Hebron.

David T adds

We’ve seen how this scum treats Palestinians.

This is how they serve the Beta Israel and other Jews of African descent, and the Druze, who are serving their country. From Ynet:

“Niggers don’t expel Jews! This isn’t what we brought you to Israel for!” are just some of the degrading slurs Border Guard officers reported hearing from masked settlers.

During the violent clashes between Israeli forces andsettlers in Hebron on Tuesday “a bunch of veiled people started yelling at us: Who are you to expel us from our home? An Ethiopian does not expel a Jew! A nigger does not expel a Jew!” one Border Guard officer of Ethiopian descent recounted.

“I just didn’t know what to do with myself,” he said.

And it turns out this was not the only such incident to take place. Another officer reported that while arriving to make an arrest about a week and-a-half ago, a group of youths verbally attacked him saying, “Who told you to come and evacuate us? You Ethiopians. What are you, this State’s niggers? Olmert’s niggers?”

Utter, utter filth.


They met general agreement on Harry’s Place. Remember Oliver Kamm he was a big influence here! I could only find one real bit of opposition to this Harry’s Place Kapoism.

A foreign state perhaps, but a core part of the historic homeland of the Jewish people. All nationally-conscious Jews regard the West Bank as an integral part of the historic homeland of the Jewish people. It is as natural for a Jew to live in Tekoa or Hebron as it is for one to live in Jerusalem or Beer Sheva.

This was only one of a couple of comments on Harry’s Place which put the Israeli Jewish viewpoint. It was put by a commenter called “Ben”

Almost all of the rest of the comments referred to the patriots in Peace House and to the Jewish Youth fighting for the Jews to keep Judea and Samaria as well as Hebron, their ancient and holy city, referred to these Jews as “scum”. “Scum” was the most used word on Harry’s Place in this dreadful entry by these two Jews, Gene is American Jewish, David T is British Jewish.

Ben continued his sober argument in such contrast to the now antisemitic Harry’s Place:

Just as Palestine Arabs live in Israel, so Israeli Jews live in the West Bank.

The West Bank is also strategically vital for Israel’s security, especially the high ground overlooking the Shfelah, and the Jordan valley. Israel’s need to safeguard its security was not reliquished in the Oslo agreements, neither were the rights of Jews to reside in the West Bank.

So we find the leaders of Harry’s Place joining in with the Islamofascists who want to destroy Israel. Also joining in with the Fascist Left of the SWP, the ISM and the supporter of the ISM George Galloway.

And that really is where these Harry’s Place leaders stand…with Galloway!

Our Serbian friends will understand very well that this is not the first time that Harry’s Place has joined in with the Islamofascist Nazis.

It is well known and accepted that the leader of the Bosnian Islamofascist movement which was supported by Holbrook and Clinton was a man called Elija Izetbegovic, and that this man was really a Fascist Monster, although for the Media he put on a mild exterior.

It was Izetbegovic who provided in Bosnia the base of Osama Bin Laden to build up his organization in the Balkans, and from which he launched the attack of 9-11, in which so many Americans died so dreadfully.

This was proved when wonderful British journalist Eve Ann Prentice reported seeing Bin Laden consorting with Izetbegovic.

This was hidden hy Harry’s Place of course. Also hidden by them was that Izetbegovic during the key period of 1939 to 1945 was a joint member IN THE BALKAN HOLOCAUST with none other than main butcher of the Holocaust Hajj Amin el Husseini.

So Gene and David T have form on this score of support for Nazi forces.

So why then I ask rhetorically would these Jewish Kapos of today not go about attacking the good courageous Jews in Peace House in Hebron? The modern day Kapos on Harry’s Place! As any Serb patriot will tell you!

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