by Felix Quigley

December 9, 2008

The youth who are rebelling in Greece simply do not like the Greek capitalist state and they do not like the police who enforce the rules of that state.


The Greek capitalist establishment has nothing to offer. Well it offers unemployment on a massive scale just as does every capitalist state in the world. With that unemployment it offers repression, a repression which does not just hit the youth, but all age groups from young to old. It is always the way that youth fight and demonstrate first. They have the energy and their disappointment at no future under capitalism is most intense.


The Greeks have also watched the US and EU stripping Kosovo off the Serbs, have watched the way that the US under Bush intensified under Obama have encircled Russia and know that nothing good for their lives will come from this. Not all know but many sense the unease.


So the youth of Greece hold large demonstration triggered by the police killing of a 16 year old. People who watched have described how large demonstrations of youth were tail ended by groups of others dressed in black and wearing crash helmets. These then were those who torched buildings etc. In the experience of the last 100 years it is here that the state and intelligence police have infiltrated their agents, to act as agents provocateurs. Fact of life! How to defend against this is very difficult.


It was the Jewish youth in Hebron also who carried the fight against the Israeli Stasi police who are working for the corrupt anti-Jewish Jewish state political elite and who in simple terms want to clear the land of Judea and Samaria of Jews, to create another stretch of Middle East Land which is Judenfrei, and on it erect a Jew Free Palestinian Arab state.




Meanwhile the hymns drone on. The fakery of Christ Mas goes into full swing as the capitalist class in each country try to hide the reality of the future under capitalism from the ordinary people.


What then can be done?


The youth in Greece will get little out of this except some hard knocks and hard won experience.


Similarly the youth in Hebron will be powerless and will watch as Jews are driven out to create a Nazi type Judenfrei area on which will be erected the state of the Nazi Butcher of the Holocaust Hajj Amin el Husseini.


And what we say is that this is a period when leadership is the key.

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