By Felix Quigley

December 11, 2008

Efraim Sneh who now today wants to throw into gaol Daniella Weiss has a long and a blood thirsty record. He is the sone of a man, Moshe Sneh, who was a leading member of the Stalinist Maki party, and of various other Stalinist formations in early Israel. This is the same Stalinists who in the Spanish Civil War stopped socialist revolution by the handy technique of murdering all of the socialist revolutionaries. It was in the Spanish Civil War theatre of Stalinist butchery that the assasin, a man called Ramon Mercader, was recruited. He later trasvelled under different identities to worm himself into the Trotsky environs to murder the great socialist leader, who had given his life to the socialist revolution. It is funny how the great socialist tradition and the great jewish tradition comes together.

But back to the present. Who is this man Efraim Sneh who wants rid of Daniella Weiss? Is Sneh some kind of Nazi monster, a member of the National Front in England perhaps? Well actually Sney is a Jew!  It was in the Gaza cruel and disastrous for Jews “disengagement” that Efraim Sneh surfaced, rather let us say he crawled out from under a stone.

As this report of the time from Israel National News shows I think:

[Begin quote here]

(IsraelNN.com) “Even if the clash over Gaza exacts a price in blood, it will be tiny compared to the blood and victims that we will have to pay in decades of conflict with the Palestinians.” So says senior Labor MK Ephraim Sneh, who is running in today’s Labor election for a senior ministerial post in the Cabinet. Sneh made his remarks in an op-ed in the Maariv newspaper.

“A cruel and destructive civil war formed the democratic character of the United States,” Sneh wrote, and “the conflict amongst ourselves is unavoidable”


Note that Sneh is referring to “a price in blood” but the blood in question is not that of the antisemitic enemy, it is Jewish blood. This is why these characters like Livni, Barak and Sneh are way ahead of the idealistic and day dreaming Jews. They are plotting bloody dictatorship all the time, using special forces of Stasi police to do their dirty work, spreading lies etc etc, while many Jews daydream and pray. No contest really!

Many good Jewish people are thinking behind the times. These traitors like Sharon, Livni, barak and Olmert have no interest in prayer. They plan action and the action involves joining with the Fascist enemy and preparing the destruction of Israel. That is the truth of the matter.

“Next week,” Sneh concludes, “a new government will be sworn in. If it has courageous and determined members, it will meet the challenge of the conflict that has been forced upon it – and will win.” Sneh is the son of the late Moshe Sneh (Kleinbaum), a four-time Knesset Member and member of the Israel Communist Party’s Political Bureau.

And what was this conflict forced upon Sneh. It was that ordinary Jews wanted to go on living in Gaza.

Sneh on the other hand was insisting that Gaza would become Judenfrei. You see where that gets to. To the Nazi policies of the Holocaust. One way for an area to be Judenfrei is to kill the Jews, another to drag the Jews out by force.

The issue of force was very clear in the mind of this Haaretz writer:

Haaretz columnist Yoel Marcus has written – this past August 31, for instance – that an elite army unit should be charged with removing settlers, “even if that involves bloodshed.”

That was some time ago and of course no sooner were the Jews out of Gaza than the Arabs began to pound Jews in Israel with rockets and meantime in places like Galway Ireland the Jews are still being described by the ISM as nazis because they have made Gaza into a prison they say. You see in the eyes of antisemites the Jews can do nothing right.

Sneh wanted the Jews out of Gaza. he provided a perfect base for the vicious Hamas attacks since. Does Sneh repent and learn his lesson. Not a chance since he is again on the attack this time looking to throw the leaders of Jews in Judea and Samaria into prisons.

What to do with a man like this!

Well I feel this is just a minor and meagre look at the man. I feel that to understand his politics one needs to go back to that early Stalinist Maki and see the politics of his father Moshe Sneh, and those around him, looking also how this deadly political trend merged into the counter revolutionary Labourists.

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