By Felix Quigley

December 10, 2008

The Toronto Zionist Council has called for

” an end to what it termed the “persecution and abuse” of Jews in Hevron. The TZC’s presiding officers warned they would call for an end to financial support for the Israeli government, and direct support for the Hevron community and its supporters, if the leadership continues in its current Hevron policies.”

This is one of the very best pieces of news that this site has ever reported upon. Let us cut through the pious crap that surrounds this Jewish movement. The call from Toronto gets right to the heart of the issue. Jews are being dragged out of their homes by other so called Jews armed in a special police and there must not be a repeat of Gaza. Little Daniella Weiss is being threatened with gaol by an MK Labourist goon. These traitors to the Jewish cause are preparing to put down all opposition and I believe will act if they are able to prevent Netanyahu winning the election and taking power.

The INN report continues:

The letter was sent December 5, the day after the evictions in Hevron, to Israel’s Ambassador to Canada, Miriam Ziv, and to Amir R. Gissin, Israel’s Consul General in Toronto. The authors, TZC President Yossi Winter and TZC Vice President Izzy Kaplan, asked: “How dare Mr. Barak allow the forces under his command to use stun grenades and tear gas against Jews – men, women and children – who were living peacefully and legally in a building in the Jewish homeland!  How dare he have the audacity to say that the state must enforce the High Court decision to evict them, when he knows very well that the High Court issued no such ruling!”

They called for Barak to be “stripped of his position” as a result of “his illegal and immoral actions against our brethren in Beit HaShalom. With Jewish blood being spilled like water in Mumbai at the hands of the very same terrorist murderers who threaten our brethren in the State of Israel every single day – and while Hamas missiles continue to terrorize southern Israel, it is hard to believe that Mr. Barak can waste precious Israeli soldiers and Israeli police – that are needed to safeguard the population everywhere – and sending them instead to Hevron to evict Jews who posed no threat anyone….”

The letter’s authors “demand that Mr. Barak cease and desist from his war against the settlers in general, and the residents of Beit HaShalom in particular!”

Winter and Kaplan then proceeded to remind the Israeli diplomats of “the lethal ambush which resulted in the massacre of 12 Israeli soldiers – that the Arab friends of Barak perpetrated not that long ago – on the very same road, ‘Worshiper’s Way’, where Beit HaShalom is located, and how pleased the IDF was when it was disclosed that the building was finally in Jewish hands, thus making easier their task of protecting the visitors going to Machpela Cave, the burial place of our Patriarchs.”

Calling the government’s treatment of Jews in Judea, Samaria and Gaza “selective oppression,” the TZC heads wrote, “We will not stand idly by and watch the government of the State of Israel treat our brethren like this.” Saying that government policies such as were evidenced in Hevron “alienate” Zionist Jews, they go on to warn, “If this persecution and abuse of our brethren won’t stop, we will start a campaign to withhold all monetary support while this government is in power. Instead we will advise everyone to channel that money to help our brethren who are being made to suffer by Ehud Barak.” Winter and Kaplan then pleaded with the ambassador and consul general, “Please use your positions to influence the few decent people still left in the government that this should not happen!”

A number of things arise in my mind because of this stirring Toronto initiative. What about the sterling Jews of Ireland. Why are they silent all of the time on these massive issues effecting Israel. I intend to write a letter to the synagogue based in Terenure Dublin and ask what they are doing, and if nothing ask them to change urgently their approach.

This will be a wonderful answer to the ISM antisemites based in Galway Ireland who have been dragging the good name of beautiful Galway through the mud.

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