by Felix Quigley

january 14, 2009

Israel is now also at war with Lebanon whether it likes it or not, whether its leaders want to accept the reality or not.

The position is this.

The FIRST rocket which Hamas and its Jew Hating friends in Gaza fired at Israel WAS a declaration of war. And so it has proved.

The Israeli Government tried then to pretend it did not happen and it did not matter much. But with the FIRST rocket Hamas had declared war on Israel.

Similarly with their rantings that they would destroy the Zionist enemy etc.

Similarly with Ahmadinejad’s threat to wipe Israel off the face of the map. From the first words uttered by this bigot Israel was at war with Iran.

Now the same thing is happening with Lebanon. The Lebanese Government is host to Hizbullah and Israel is at war whether it likes it or not there too.

This new development is well described by the wonderful DEBKAfile

[Begin quote from DEBKAfile here]

Israel’s northern forces on high

alert after rocket attack on Kiryat


DEBKAfile Special Report

January 14, 2009, 6:31 PM (GMT+02:00)

Hizballah’s Al Manar TV reports that Israel fired back after three rockets exploded in the Kiryat Shemone region of northern Israel. Additional Lebanese sources described Israeli helicopters hovering over southern Lebanon and an artillery response against the rocket sites.

Five Katyusha rockets were apparently fired early Wednesday, Jan. 14, from two places in S. Lebanon – 3 from Arqoub and two from Habariyeh near Hasbaya. The latter fell short and exploded inside the Lebanese border. Three more rockets primed for launching were later discovered by the Lebanese army and UNIFIL troops at Habariyeh rocket site. The Lebanese government condemned the rocket attack and the UNIFIL chief asked both sides to exercise restraint.

At 8:30 a.m., the northern Israeli town of Kiryat Shemona heard four explosions and saw plumes of smoke rise over the Galilee Panhandle. They headed for bomb shelters and cancelled classes at school. Two women went into shock.

Last Thursday, Jan. 8, Nahariya on the Mediterranean coast came under rocket attack from Lebanon and a nursing home was destroyed. Israel responded with cross-border artillery fire to what was officially described as a one-off attack. Hizballah spokesmen warned then that further Israeli “provocations” would be met with reprisals. Israeli forces in the North are on high alert after responding to the latest attack.

DEBKAfiles military sources report that the second rocket attack from Lebanon in less than a week indicates that Hizballah is supplying its terrorist allies with rockets for a systematic assault on northern Israel to expand the Hamas-Israel confrontation in the Gaza Strip to the northern front.

I wonder who is this “Unifil Chief” who is urging moderation on “BOTH SIDES”.

Yes, Debka is correct, Hizbullah must aid Hamas and Iran. These wars take on a momentum of their own.

Also Fatah and Abbas are finished. What is left out by most commentators is this.

Hamas represents the horrific Jew Hatred which is in the Arab masses. It seems that the Arabs are very different to the Iranians, especially the Palestinian Arabs. There is always a real bitter Jew hatred involved here.

The United Nations by their encouragement of this antisemitic phenomenon, by protecting these antisemites from 1948, by encouraging their antisemitism have produced a real monster.

Israel is now facing huge dangers and it must summon everything to fight back.

But Israel must not be isolated in the world. Most of us who support Israel cannot be there to fight and anyway it is highly skilled requiring training.

But there must be built in the West and in every country strong organization which can fight against the rising antisemitism which was displayed on the demos all around the world last weekend.

I feel that if given a chance the British workers who hate Islam will be with Israel and the Jews if given half a chance. At the present the British workers are held back by a monstrous labour and trade union bureaucracy.

I am certain as well that Irish workers will rally tot he Jews. Irish workers need a leadership that will tellthem about the wonderful Briscoe family who gave so much to Irish Independence. Against the antisemites the Briscoes can call from the grave and rally the Irish behind the Jewish people.

But it is the great American people and oppressed workers who will be most important for Israel. In this regard sites like Israpundit, Atlas Shrugs should try new direction, not just blogging, but holding meetings in public and drive into the American working class to win strong support. I am sure it would work wonders and it would transform the politics of people like Ted Belman and Bill Narvey.

Words can only get you so far in life.

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