by Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

We have just seen how Adam le Bor on Harry’s Place has been trying to set Israel and Jews up for persecution by the Hague Kangaroo Court, passing on lies which are put about by Jihadist antisemite Hamas supporters. That is Arab “Palestinians” successors of Hajj Amin el Hussein, who Le Bor claims to know little about!!! He made this claim on the Maurice Boland radio show few months back.

He has written books about the Balkans and does not know about el Husseini in the Balkans! What a fraud!

But Le Bor had a friend in Yugoslavia and this friend spread lie after lie against the Serbs. His name is Oliver Kamm and Kamm has been promoted by British Imperialism to a lead writer in the Times of London.

Gone is his old boring website. Now there is a big Times logo over his scribbles. Still boring as hell though!

If Le Bor is surfacing as an enemy of the Jews of Israel as he was for the Serbs, what about his great mate Kamm.

Well consider this, which Kamm writes as a lead article in the Times.

[Start extract from Times lead article by Kamm here]

The pictures do not lie. Laser-guided but blind to the distinction between fighter and civilian, Israeli bombs have reduced schools, apartment blocks and police parade grounds to visions of hell. Aid workers and relatives have removed bodies and pieces of bodies, and survivors too traumatised to talk. On Boxing Day: at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone. On Monday: reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods. On Tuesday: 40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school. And yesterday: reports of up to 30 more children killed in a house to which Israeli troops had moved them for their own safety.

For all Israel’s claims to have launched only targeted strikes on Hamas targets, it has shown scant concern for civilians caught in Gaza’s crossfire in the past two weeks. Yet this is as nothing next to the contempt shown by Hamas.

[End Kamm’s scribble here]

This man Kamm has now become the main attack against the Jews of Israel because he is perched in The Times.

Look at what he says here!

He says that the Jews of Israel have created in Gaza “visions of hell”. Did I not read that above or am I imagining it.

Of course he goes on to cover this attack on Jews by attacking Hamas. Of course he does! We have learned that Kamm talks out of both sides of his mouth at the same time.

But the stark reality is his words above. That is what sticks and we can say that Kamm is his tiny little mind preparing to give evidence against Jews in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

Break the above down into manageable chunks and we have:

bodies and pieces of bodies

survivors too traumatised to talk

at least 50 cadets killed at Gaza City’s main police station alone

reports, not denied by Israel, of phosphorus shells used over civilian neighbourhoods

40 children and teachers found dead in the wreckage of a school

30 more children killed in a house


You see what I mean about Kamm. He is composing right there and then the evidence which he will joyfully present in person to the Hague Court against the Jewish people just as he helped do in the Hague Kangaroo Court.

And where is Kamm getting all of this garbage from. We have seen that his mate Le Bor was getting it from “Palestinian sources”, so what about Kamm.

This is precisely what he did in Yugoslavia. He promoted the Big Lie that the Serbs created a Massacre in Srebrenica even though there was no unbiassed evidence that he could produce, and he NEVER did.

So what about this evidence above? Where did he get this from???

Jewish people, every single poor oppressed Serb person who knows Kamm and has learned to really hate this man will warn you, please beware.

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