By Felix Quigley

January 14, 2009

This letter touches on the same theme of Palestinianism being antisemitism, the new code word which we have to recognize. It is a letter by a Professor Katz to a Swedish newspaper

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Antisemitic incitement by the “enlightened”

Letter from Abram Katz, PhD, Associate Professor of Physiology, Karolinska Institute, Sweden.

Dear representative of Dagens Nyheter, (a Swedish newspaper)

Jews are known for being sticklers in establishing and documenting facts. Indeed almost 25% of all Nobel Prize laureates are Jews, attesting to their success in such and related matters. It might therefore be surprising that with the ongoing war between Hamas and Israel, the media is flooded with anti-Israel rhetoric, numerous anti-Israel rallies are occurring world-wide and condemnations of Israel have been echoed from various governments and organizations (eg, the UN). One possibility is that the world community has not been informed about the continuous aggressions of Hamas terrorists against Israeli civilians. However, this is unlikely as a number of eloquent Israeli representatives have clearly explained that Israel’s military response to the continuous bombings of Israeli civilians by the Hamas terrorists is a matter of self-defense and national security.
Historical details of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as well as the current Hamas-Israel war, are well documented and available to those interested in the truth and I will not address this issue at present.

My purpose here is to publicize the clear bias of the “enlightened” western world (often including academics, journalists, artists, playwrights, writers, musicians, politicians, etc.) against Israel and to try to understand why this is so. One can ask why there are so many one-sided anti-Israel manifestations. Why do we not see mass condemnations by the “enlightened” entities against the situation in, e.g., Sri-Lanka, where about 70000 people have been killed (which is more than the total in all the Arab-Israeli wars combined)? Even when Arabs ruthlessly kill Arabs, we do not see mass condemnations by organizations such as the UN and EU. In my opinion, the reason is that the enlightened ones do not really care whether Jews or, for that matter, gentiles are killed. What irritates them is that Jews are no longer willing to play the traditional role of helpless victims, but rather exercise their basic right of self-defense. Indeed this basic right, in the view of the enlightened, appears to be reserved for all except Jews.

The question is why. Without providing all of the supporting published documentation here, I conclude that this is due primarily to antisemitism and fear of Arab/Muslim reprisals. Well if this is the case, how should one deal with the problem? Jews can continue to try to defend themselves with documentations, explanations, discussions, debates, etc., i.e., the usual “civilized” approach. We have used this approach for 2000 years and what has this achieved? The answer is well-known: millions of slaughtered, tortured, hated and humiliated Jews. I would suggest an alternative approach. When a Jew is physically threatened, the first response should be a physical one to ensure that the threat is removed.

Then one can adopt the “civilized” approach that the enlightened ones so dearly desire that Jews exercise. There is little question that the enlightened ones are more than happy to sacrifice the blood of every Israeli and Jew to realize their “civilized/democratic” goals. I believe that once the enlightened ones realize that we react as ruthlessly as everyone else, they will think twice before singling us out for condemnation.

Additionally, I think it important to publicly expose each enlightened entity/individual for what they are and, to the extent possible, punish them for their anti-Semitic actions. This should not be viewed simply as a desire for vengeance. Rather it should be viewed as a warning that incitement based on unsubstantiated anti-Semitic allegations will not be tolerated and there will be a price to pay. In this vein, I take the opportunity to accuse Dagens Nyheter (DN, a leading Swedish newspaper) for its blatant antisemitism as it pertains to portrayal of the events in the middle-east in a biased fashion.

Probably one of the most vile actions was the recent publication of a photo in the paper portraying Gaza being bombed by Israel and along side this photo another one portraying the Israeli city of Ashkelon, showing tourists spending a peaceful day at the beach. In the legend appeared the sloppy comment that Ashkelon was in the “north” of Israel, whereas the fact is that Ashkelon is one of the southern cities that is under constant fire from the Hamas. This past week, DN also published anti-Israel articles by Göran Rosenberg and Dror Feiler and associates. The latter two are supposedly Jews. Perhaps DN feels that publishing anti-Israel rhetoric by Jews will preclude the accusation of antisemitism. But it doesn’t. Historically, we have seen a number of examples of self-hating Jews who have betrayed their people in the hope of ingratiating themselves amongst the gentiles (but this tactic has not been successful). Such individuals also are classified as anti-Semites. In all fairness, on rare occasions, DN also publishes honest, neutral and factually correct assessments, as judged by the recent articles by Niklas Ekdal and Lisa Bjurwald. However, this is the exception rather than the rule.

The views expressed above are those of the author and do not represent those of the Karolinska Institute.


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