The essential issue is that Israel is fighting against an antisemitic monster. I feel myself that Israel cannot win this on its own, it may delay its destruction by Arab and Islamist antisemitism, but Israel is crying out for us in the rest of the world to come to its assistance.

The central challenge in the bravery of the Israeli soldiers who fight Fascist Hamas is for us to come to the aid of Israel.

A number of things have stood out in this war


  1. Israel is fighting for its life. No nation can continue to exist if it cannot stop its land being attacked day after day. For eight years rockets have been coming from Gaza into Israel.
  2. At the same time Hamas is the agent of Iran which threatens to obliterate Israel.
  3. It was immediately clear that the soldiers and commanders of Israel had a new confidence. They made it clear that they were attacking only Hamas. The first attack on the Hamas Barracks killed nearly 200 of the enemy. They could not hide this in the resultant Arab press because they were all “uniformed” up.
  4. The attack on Hamas has been hard and cruel as it should be in any war. The IDF has hit Hamas so hard and so often that they could not mount any fake Press fakes like happened in Qana, exposed thoroughly by English website EU Referendum
  5. Israel propagandists keep on asking the outside world, how to stop the rocket attacks on our country and what you would do in a similar situation if it was your country. None have been able to answer except the anti-Semitic answer, you are Jews and you asked for it. So the victim becomes victimized.
  6. Meanwhile as the pictures flow on what a blogger called the “continuous anti-Semitic screech” from the BBC, Israel is foolishly concerned about civilians, but asks the question “What would you do. How to stop the rockets on our people” We are back where we were before, there is no answer to this except an anti-Semitic answer.
  7. Almost total unity in Israel. Once again the Israel self haters of Peace Now silenced. This is a new Israel. This is an Israel with the Iran nuclear threat hanging over it. All Jews will act to prevent their own incineration
  8. The Israeli warriors of the IDF have exposed the lousy fighters of Hamas who are really cowardly terrorists fed up on US and EU tax payers money via the corrupt UN. Given any half decent lead at the top the fighting qualities of the Jewish nation emerge. This is a people who in a miraculous way have built up the wonderful Israel of today. The opposite has emerged as well. It has shown the cowards of the Arab Palestinians for what they are. This is not explosive vest and 72 virgin scenario. Here they have had to stand and fight. But these Arabs are spongers who have been living off the largesse of UN dole for generations, that is the taxpayers, that is the workers’ wages of America and Europe. That means you and I chum we have built up this anti-Semitic monster. Handed to them on the proverbial plate by the anti-Semitic leaders in these Governments at the top of these states. The whole anti-Semitic shebang is exploded into bits by one good thrust from the Israeli warriors, the young men and women of the IDF who are fighting for their national state
  9. The certain future…Hamas will be resurrected by the US and EU Governments and of course by the Arab and Islamic anti-Semitism.  Let us be clear why. Anti-Semitism in the West is not dead. Just watch those governments in US and EU hustle to resurrect Hamas. Watch the Press lie. At best Israel fighters have won a breathing space.
  10. We can now also trust the Israeli leaders of Livni, Barak and Olmert to do precisely the wrong thing. This is a replay almost of 1967 and shows that as long as Arabs are in these areas they will attack Jews. Against all the interests of the Jews these leaders will withdraw.
  11. The correct policy to fight for…Israel can not withdraw from Gaza and will have to occupy not only Gaza but also the West Bank until this issue of anti-Semitic Arabs trying to kill Jews endures. This is because Fatah and Hamas only represent the anti-Semitic Arabs, and do not replace the anti-Semitic Arabs.
  12. The Media has hidden just how totally the IDF has defeated Hamas in every department of war. This is not a matter of equipment. Hamas are terrorists, they live off the UN dole, do not have to work for a living, beget children and the UN picks up the tab etc. The Jews won because they fight for their nation. So therefore the Media will resurrect Hamas. The Media is totally anti-Semitic and needs Hamas.
  13. Fatah remains an even more deadly anti-Semitic force and threat than Hamas bluster ever was. And Fatah is created by Britain, built up by the US, and now trained and equipped by the US and by EU money and technology
  14. Israel remains at war directly with the 350 millions in the Arab world and with the 1300 millions in the Islamic world. Israeli Jews are about 5 million strong. The war demos have showed a large Palestinian Arab anti-Semitic gang in every city in Europe and in most cities of America. They are joined by so called “Left” traitors to socialism who all carry anti-Semitic placards and say that Israelis are Nazis. That is Jews are Nazis. This is an unequal and unfair battle and Israel is crying out for help to defeat these Fascist anti-Semites.
  15. You live in these countries. What will you do?

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