We have noted the way that the whole of the Left, including even the group run by Sean Matgamma, engaged in an anti-Semitic screech at the time of the Gaza war.


What our questions to Matgamma on the pro Imperialist and racist Harry’s Place showed clearly that his group is pro Hamas and is in fact anti-Semitic. A matter of degrees this anti-Semitism.


But the Left is infested with anti-Semitism now.


Some do not like the word but it suits and it fits. When you have groups and individuals who are likening the Jews of Israel today to the Nazis of the Holocaust infamy then THAT IS ANTISEMITISM!


But it would be totally wrong to think that it is only these renegades from revolutionary socialism who spread anti-Semitism. That is the pro Imperialist position of Ted Belman, Sultan Knish and their like.


There are others. So who else is promoting anti-Semitism?


Top of our list goes George Bush Jnr and the whole of the Neocons movement. It was Bush who did 2 critical things against the Jews and against Israel their only Homeland.


  1. Bush was the first US president to come out openly and call for a Palestine state to be set up on historical Jewish land, historical in two senses, it was Judea which was the centre of their culture now the West Bank, and secondly this Palestine state is on land given by the League of Nations forerunner of the United Nations to the Jews in Versailles and in the San Remo Treaty of 1920
  2. Bush struck against Saddam and Iraq and left Iran alone. ISRAEL WAS OPPOSED TO THE BUSH WAR ON IRAQ. What Bush did was to remove the major rival for Iran in the area. Even though Saddam was a tyrant he was also a bitter enemy of Shia Islam and of Iran. THE IRAQ WAR GREATLY STRENGTHENED IRAN, HAMAS AND HIZBULLAH.


And it was this Bush regime, and the US Neocons, who crushed Serbia or who continued the repression of the Serbs begun by Clinton.


That meant also lining up with Islamofascism, in that case with the Islamofascist Izetbegovic, who was clearly from beginning to end a clerical Fascist.


And in crushing the Serbs the Neocons were crushing the Serbs as natural allies of the Jews.


The Clinton and Bush regimes were a disaster for Israel; and for Jews in every part of the world and ushered in the great danger of a Holocaust and destruction of Israel under Obama.


Please see our separate article on how close in actuality is US Imperialism under Obama to the Islamofascists who hate Israel so.


That is the general trend under Bush and Obama. They may both say they support Israel etc, but those are words. Underneath the surface the reality is ALWAYS different to words.


It is our task to uncover the objective processes underneath the froth of politics and Media.

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