by Felix Quigley

January 26, 2009

After the demonstrations against Israel in which Islamists and Leftists were carrying clearly anti-Semitic images on their placards there is now no way back for the so called “Left” and a new, completely new leadership must be created.


Note…Anti-Semitism is promoted and carried forward by more than Islam and the Left. But on the demos it was the left and Islamist who were promoting this anti-Semitism.


Anybody who likens in any small way or big way Israel to the Nazis IS AN ANTISEMITE.


Got that! Can we on 4international make that any clearer? And therefore we pledge ourselves to fight these anti-Semites politically.


One individual called Sean Matgamma some thought was making a move away from this anti-Semitism. However the pro Imperialist Oliver Kamm inspired Harry’s Place offered a lot to his movement to place their views on the Gaza wars and demonstrations.


It emerged essentially as a anti-Semitic piece itself and I proved this by my challenge on Harry’s Place to Matgamma. There was no answer. This has got some significance to put it mildly. It means that there is not other political tendency which can genuinely call itself as following the principles of Leon Trotsky but this site 4international.


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