by Felix Quigley

January 29, 2009

The Jewish struggle especially from 1850 onwards to identify themselves as a nation and to create a National Homeland is absolutely central to the whole perspective of Socialist Revolution. If one accepts that capitalism, once a revolutionary system and the capitalist class a revolutionary class, but that it is in its death agony, meaning that it can not bring mankind forward… If socialism is the logical answer… Then it is inconceivable that in the creation of a new form of society on earth that central in that new form could not be the right of Jews to live unmolested by anti-Semitism. This is what makes our website 4international different. We see the national struggle of the Jews in particular, and national issues in general, as central in the socialist revolution.

In recent weeks at the time of the war in Gaza we have experienced once again antisemitic mobs on the streets of cities and towns in Europe, America and Canada led by Islamofascists and by so called Leftists. Most of the Left is now allied with Islam. But they all breed on ignorance. This issue is not covered historically in a comprehensive way. This is what we willnow do on this site. Each article will have a title and will be numbered.

 The following are a few introductory points:

1.      Neither Marx, Engels, Luxemburg, Lenin or Trotsky paid any proper attention to this question. But it goes deeper than just the Jews. Since the Jews represented the oldest and most determined national struggle for self liberation that the world has known, definitely the longest, then it follows from the above that their tardiness in recognizing Jewish nationalism was but a reflection of how these socialist revolutionaries looked on nationalism as a whole.

2.      However it is completely anti dialectical to thereby reject what has become known as Marxism. It Marxism merely follows the path of knowledge and since man is a human and animal being then he has to move in his thinking from ignorance or incomplete knowledge to fuller knowledge. This dialectical process is shown very clearly in the close relationship between the thoughts of Leon Trotsky and the thoughts of Herzl

3.      To review quickly these revolutionary socialist leaders. Marx and Engels made their huge development by explaining in a scientific manner how capitalism worked and necessarily paying close attention to the phenomenon of capitalist system and its development historically. Lenin and Trotsky made their development in the field of revolutionary practice centering on the building of the scientific party leadership. Lenin while he did not recognize the Jews as a nation nevertheless held the Jews in very high esteem as a people. Trotsky it was who mirrored this interconnection between the socialist revolution and the Jewish perspectives most deeply. At no point in the life of Trotsky was he separate from this issue, from the reporting of the Sixth Zionist Congress in 1903, Herzl’s last, right to the time of his death in 1940. It is this inter relationship which is of the greatest moment today as we try to untangle this web of political struggles, political positions taken and eventual synthesis. This will therefore be part of our History of the Jews. We are dialectical materialists and nothing else. We stand for Jewish nationalism and the rights of Jewish nationalism including the right to be Jewish in all respects. In doing so we are fighting for this in the death agony of the capitalist system. This is what makes us different to every other political tendency. Nothing like us exists anywhere. If there does email us rapidly to let us know! We will return to this again. We are revolutionary socialists and that colours everything we do.

The following is a tentative outline which we will follow




·         The origins of the Jewish nation, a very old people, years of independence as a nation, the bible of the Jews the first expression of national self consciousness written down, return from exile in Babylon with their bible and self consciousness as a nation

·         The two major Jewish revolts against the Roman tyrants, the first Holocausts of the Jews, driven into Exile, fighting qualities of the Jews against the tyrants

·         The Jesus experience

·         Christian anti-Semitism, sayings of the saints

·         Karl Marx, whether he expressed it correctly or not, Marx did show that Jews played a role in the formation of capitalism, answer to those who say Marx was anti-Semitic is in his visit to Jerusalem 1854, Marx in his way showed the Jews attachment to the land of Israel, that is Palestine

·         Next year in Jerusalem, the ancient prayer of the exile, over 2000 year duration

·         The return, the Jews never ever stole land from a single Arab, how it worked, the Jews bought land from all too willing Arab sellers at inflated prices, in other words for their purchase the Jews paid dearly

·         Hopes of the returning Jews, that they would find a space and would help the Arabs to a better life, they were thinking cooperation

·         From Hess to Herzl, the concept was the same…without a Homeland the Jews are vulnerable

·         The genius of Herzl lay not in the Dreyfus Affair in France but in sensing the huge changes that would usher in wide spread anti-Semitism in the break up of the Austro Hungarian Empire. He sensed this somewhat instinctively and it was here that the mass Jew killing took place some 50 years or so later. Herzl did great things but everything pales in relation to this spot of genius

·         The end of the 1914 to 1918 World War saw great geographical and social change. But it also ushered in the first evidence of Arab Nazism based on a combination of the Imperialist nature of Islam, long hidden by Western powers like Britain, with sheer and brutal hatred of Jews, Jew Hatred also known as anti-Semitism, despite the Arabs also being a Semitic people the word refers only to hatred of Jews in common parlance. We meet the main character in many ways in our history, Hajj Amin el Husseini, also known as the Mufti of Jerusalem. The significance of this man in our historical narrative cannot be underestimated

·         Most people today do not understand the geographical equation. The area offered to the Jews centred on their ancient Judea in Palestine was a very small area indeed in proportion to the enormous vastness of the land given to the Arabs after 1918, with the added paradox that the Arabs were on the losing side in that war. An acquaintance with nothing more prosaic than maps will help to clarify

·         It is vital to understand clearly these League of Nations machinations. How the Jews were well and truly tricked by Churchill who posed as a friend of the Jews. That the false terms left and right used in Israeli politics stem from the Churchill action of giving 78 per cent of the Jewish Homeland to the Arabs, as starters!

·         The various pogroms against the Jews organized by Hajj Amin el Husseini, especially 1920, 1929 and 1936 to 39. Study of this begins to clarify that the Jews were unprepared for dealing with modern Fascism and modern Racism,

·         The material roots to German and Italian Nazism. The material roots to Islam Nazism. The alliance that they formed through the alliance of Hajj Amin el Husseini with Hitler, and Hitler-s acolytes in the practice of the Holocaust, Heydrich, Eichmann and Himmler. The alliance of Arab Nazism and German Nazism was both natural and inevitable. When one talks German Nazism, or Fascism in general, a modern phenomenon then we enter into the mind of the expert in this, that is Leon Trotsky. Would one discuss the theory of relativity and ignore Einstein!

·         The el Husseini political itinerary…Close examination of the meeting of Hajj Amin el Husseini with Adolf Hitler in November 1941, the timing of this meeting a few months before the Wannsee Conference organized to bring about the “Final Solution” involving the gassing of the Jews. The connection between Wannsee and the closing of borders to Jews by Britain, America, France, Ireland, Spain etc etc. All these anti-Semitic hypocrites were implicated in the Nazi Holocaust!

·         The Holocaust that the “Jewish” American Neocons hate to talk about took place in Yugoslavia. The Arab from Palestine Hajj Amin el Husseini was in control here and working closely with the Islamofascist Elija Izetbegovic. He was promoted as the key figure in the defeat of the Serbs by Clinton and by Holbrook. And who are the main people Obama has chosen, Clintons wife and Holbrook. A new reactionary force in politics, the reactionary “humanitarians”, really Imperialists in disguise, centered around Harry’s Place and people like Oliver Kamm. Our first modern experience of the Lies of the Media.

·         Apart from Yugoslavia Hajj Amin was absolutely central in the overall Holocaust. Hajj Amin is responsible for easily 1 in 15 of all who died in the Holocaust, a significant number for one man, a non German. Not taught in schools in the West. Martin Gilbert non coverage. Why this is systematically hidden.

·         El Husseini and Hitler were equals in their Jew Murdering life project. The developing relationship between these monsters. Hitler had promised el Husseini that he el Husseini would be in charge of the Holocaust in Palestine and in the Arab countries such as Tunisia and Morocco. So we look at the evidence of Mallman who writes that a team of the Einsatzgruppe was standing by in Athens ready to move in, when Rommel won through in North Africa. The team was led in the first instance by Walter Rauff who had invented the Gas Van method of killing Jews. But Rauff was answerable to El Husseini and Eichmann. If Rommel had not been defeated in North Africa then every Jew in Palestine would have died horrible deaths. What happened in the Baltics throws light on what might have happened to the Jews in Palestine and in the North African countries.

·         Britain and the Jews. How did they go from the honorable position of Lord Balfour to the rabid anti-Semitism of Nye Bevin and many others in the British Establishment? Bevin and his like have a great responsibility for the 6 millions of dead Jews in the Holocaust. The importance of Cromwell in this regard. The nature of the British Restoration of the Monarchy in this regard also. The social conditions for extreme anti-Semitism in the British ruling establishment class

·         More on…The progressive influence of the Bible on a section of British society which influenced Lord Balfour. The first signs of anti-Semitic Jews emerged in Britain at this time. British aristocratic anti-Semitism merges with Labour aristocracy anti-Semitism

·         Role of the British army, enemies of the Bolsheviks, enemies of the Jews, a crude link but a true one. So in 1920 the British aristocracy and the British army takes the Fascist el Husseini under their wing. In fact they make the career of the Mufti. The strange paradox, the British were denigrating the Mandate even before they undertook the Mandate

·         The role of the British in detail, emphasis here on the role of the British in the critical moments for the Jews. Especially 1920 pogrom. 1929 pogrom, 1936 pogrom, 1939 to 45 the Holocaust, 1947 the UN vote for partition and British abstention, 1948 importing of Nazis to fight the Jews as Britain sides with Arab Fascists, 1948 Britain bowing out with blood on its hands and in the company of German Nazis

·         And the US takes over. Just at the time when the US is recruiting tens of thousands of Nazis to fight the Jews and to fight against Communism in Europe. The US record towards the Jews from 1948 to the present has been researched and it shows the US capitalist class is the enemy of the Jews

·         Carter and Khomeini, Bush and the Saudis, Bush drives for Palestine state out of Israel land. Bush opens the door to Iran domination through the Iraq war. Little understood that Israel opposed the Iraq war.

·         Anti-Semitic forces in the US, Walt and Meirshammer

·         Opening the door for the Obama nexus. From Bush through McCain to Obama a seamless quilt made up of hatred of Israel

·         The Gaza war…emergence of anti-Semitic forces in every country in the world. Anti-Semitic banners openly carried on marches and demonstrators. Police accept this hate crime…against Jews. While opponents of Islam start to be imprisoned

·         The Left implodes on the Jewish issue! The Left marches with the Islamofascists. Palestinianism is modern anti-Semitism. The same hatred as the Nazis in the Holocaust but slightly adapted for public fools consumption

·         The Left are betraying socialist principles. Jew hatred not part of socialist tradition. Marx visit to Jerusalem, Lenin, the Black 100s and hatred of anti-Semitism, disgust of Trotsky with anti-Semitism, his realization and analysis that Stalin was using anti-Semitism against the Left Opposition, the Herzl Trotsky dialectic, Trotsky the main fighter against the Nazis, prediction of the Nazi Holocaust, unity of Trotsky with the Jews, Trotsky fights for Jewish state did this herald a Zionism of a new type, the Stalinist killing machine and decimation of the forces of Trotskyism and the Left Opposition in Russia, Germany, France and Spain. Finally the murder of Trotsky in Mexico

·         The Trotsky fight against the impressionism of Shachtman and Burnham. This impressionism carried on by first of all Cliff and Mandel, then by Cannon and Healy. The criminal anti-Semitism of Healy and the Redgraves now carried on especially by the SWP and WSWS but really by all the “Left” including the Matgamma group. The roots of this anti-Semitism lie not in socialism but in the Stalinist murder of socialists, especially the murder of Trotsky who had potentially many years left to live. Study of the impressionism of Healy and Redgrave leads into an understanding of the present “Left” becoming an agent of Islamic Imperialism. Inability to deal with the Jews leads to the working class left without socialist leaders in a period of greatest crisis ever in world capitalism.

·         Modern day Fascism and political correctness, the hounding of Mark Steyne by Canadian Rights Groups, the hounding of Jews by the Israel Supreme Court, the hounding and now persecution of Geert Wilderrs in Holland by a pro Islam establishment

·         Fascism is emerging but in different forms to the 1930s. Look for differences but the content is the same. History repeats but never in exactly the same way. The new Fascism is focused in the Wilders case

·         The dangerous political correctness of David and gene in Harry’s Place. The new forces of revolution tend to burst through the old forms. The Serb haters like Venishka are now robustly challenged on Harry’s Place by new entrants like New Oxfordian. Venishka the scourge on HP of the Serbs emerges in conflict with these new forces defending the Nazi Youth Pope Benedict

·         The British workers in general remain true to the traditions of Magna Carta and of Cromwell. The workers opposed to political correctness. The British workers are the natural opponents of the Fascist Islamists and enter into conflict with their own capitalist rulers not only on the economy, but on these vital political issues of Fascism and Islamofascism

·         Northern Ireland the right wing Provo terrorists enter parliament. The destruction of democratic rights brought about by George Mitchell. How it was a step to Nazi fascism of today… 16, 000 pounds sterling for killers. The absurdity of the Northern Ireland “Peace” Movement

·         Fitting that Peace leader Maguire should join with the anti-Semitic ISM in attacks on the Jews of Israel. The Irish must pay their debts, not to Arafat and the Nazi el Husseini, but to Irish national liberation fighter and associate of Mick Collins, that is pay your debt to Jewish man from Dublin Ben Briscoe

·         Powell was closer to the needs of the British workers than was or is Livingstone

·         What we need today above all. Perhaps the biggest lie of all that the party of Lenin was not democratic. There was intense discussion within. How you know an anti-Semite today…linking Israel with Nazi Germany. How you know a communist baiter and hater…mixing up Lenin and Trotsky with Stalin and Stalinism. But we do need discussion in may areas today. And we do need to build up our Trotskyist organization to promote and to help promote that discussion. The discussion must take place.

·         In this regard the key importance of the American working class and ordinary people

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