For 70 and even 100 years Jews in Palestine have been attacked by anti-Semitic Arabs


The leader of the Arabs was a man who had a big hand in the Nazi Holocaust and who intended that the Holocaust be spread to Palestine. This was  the Arab Palestine leader called Hajj Amin el Husseini who fed on the anti-Semitism which comes out of the Muslim Koran.


If the Nazis had not been stopped in the desert then not a single Jew would have been left alive in Palestine. The Nazis in this would have been elected by the Arabs under el Husseini (whose other name was the Mufti of Jerusalem)


Times move on and now the main organizers of the Holocaust of the Jews in Israel is the United Nations which is the voice of the Islamist hordes who want to see the Jews driven out of the Middle East.


These points are obvious


  1. The UN is organized from American soil. It has its headquarters in New York. American tax payers finance this thing big time
  2. Yet this UN is preparing a Holocaust of the Jews
  3. The savages who make up the Fascist and Jew Hating Hamas do not have to work. Why?
  4. Because their wages are paid by the UN. For what?
  5. For waging war on Jews and for preparing the Holocaust against the Jews
  6. The clear aims of Hamas if anybody care to  read their Covenant or look at their TV programmes


Hence it falls on the American people initially


  1. Close down the UN building in New York and convert it into flats for homeless and poor Americans, especially Black Poor Americans
  2. American people must force their Government to break all ties with the UN. No ambassadors and above all no money



What Israel itself must do


  1. Israel pulled every last Jew out of Gaza, made it Judenfrei, and was immediately subject to daily rocket attack
  2. All directed not only by the Arab Fascists but by the UN anti-Semites
  3. Hence Israel must totally close all its borders with Gaza and Hamas
  4. Stating that Israel is in a state of war with Gaza
  5. But Gaza has a remaining border with Egypt. Tell therefore the UN and the Arabs to use that border solely
  6. And since Israel is at war then any arms, rockets or atomic bombs transferred into Gaza is a danger to Israel and Israel will strike without notice
  7. Regardless of Arab civilian lives
  8. The only lives being important to an Israeli state … Jewish lives only


Finally we say


What is going on in Canadian and American blogs. We know what they say. What are they DOING?

Please write on your blog what you are DOING on this, or on ANYTHING!

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