by Felix Quigley

The Gaza War that we experienced over 3 weeks ago is going to be remembered as a qualitative point in the struggles and history of man.


This was the time when the so called “Left” tipped over completely into anti-Semitism.


The “Left” marched side by side with Islamist Fascist anti-Semitics in cities and in town throughout Europe and even in North America.


This was also a time when Jewish people came under direct attack on the streets of Europe, Canada and America from anti-Semites and in which Jews stopped feeling safe in Europe.


The parallels with the period of the Nazis taking power in Germany were all too obvious.


So imagine, just think what it must have been like to be Jewish in 2009 and to hear your own people being compared to Nazis, because of the war with Hamas.


As a record to this eventful war we on 4international will now do 2 things. We will spend some time


  • Analysing the real nature of the enemy Hamas which Israel was fighting in Gaza. This also involves the nature of the PLO, the PA, Fatah and the PLO
  • Placing on record some of this anti-Semitism on the streets that we experienced in the last months


I will be working on these articles over the weekend. I am also thinking of having them translated into Spanish and perhaps French as well.


I believe that this Gaza war has been a qualitative experience and I think also it is a definite stage in the history of the Jews, and it will go down as such.


We invite you to comment. You can do so in 2 ways private or public. If you place PRIVATE at top it will not be published. Please do so. We need to hear from readers.

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