by Felix Quigley

February 19, 2009

Israel cannot fight this war with evil Islamists on its own. Israelis need the big battalions and forces of the workers world wide to be on the side of Israel and on the side in thought and deed with the persecuted Jews.

This battle will not be settled peacefully. Who can claim that it will be peace that is around the corner when we see all the Arab countries, and Turkey as well, ganging up for war with Israel.

Hence we can only marvel at how plucky are the Jews of Israel and we also marvel at their brilliance

[Begin this report on Israeli brilliant technology by Debkafile]

New tennis ball-sized camera with 360-degrees

range for Israeli infantry


February 18, 2009

One of the hi-tech gadgets the Israeli Defense Forces exhibited at its Southern Command headquarters Tuesday, Feb. 17, was EyeBall, the size of a tennis ball. Tossed into a closed area it relays a 360-degree picture of its interior in 15 seconds. Made by ODF Optronics, Tel Aviv, this was one of the gadgets Israeli troops used in last month’s Gaza operation to detect the booby traps with which Hamas wired homes, schools and bunkers.

Also used was an array of robots armed with cameras. One of these indestructible spies is the tiny EyeDrive, a four-wheel, remote-controlled robot which can go up and down stairs emitting a continuous stream of audio and video surveillance.

Tested for the first time in Gaza was the Matador, a shoulder-launched high-penetration missile. It was developed by Rafael after Israeli infantry in the 2006 Lebanon War were unable to hit Hizballah positions inside buildings and bunkers without tanks or helicopters. A single soldier using a Matador missile can bring down a fortified building without bulldozers or tanks. It is precise enough to drive a hole in a wall without destroying the interior of a building.

The Sky Rider miniature drone, which can be launched by three soldiers, relays images blocked by buildings to a commander’s wrist-watch screen.

As for heavy hardware, the IDF launched a new armored personnel carrier, Tiger (Namer) which provides its crew with high steel protection, behind which they can use its hi-tech weaponry and electronics without exposing themselves to attack.

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