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by Felix Quigley

March 30, 2009

It is not just Obama that is the problem for Israel although he is indeed a deadly problem. There is every chance that Obama has been recruited by the CIA from an early stage and that this Nazi created organization has groomed Obama for this present stage in the unprecedented economic crisis of US Imperialism.

People in general do not give enough attention to the ability of the ruling capitalist or imperialist class (some use the word “elite”) to think ahead and to plan, planning which is sometimes measured in decades.

This was brought home to Irish nationalists when it became apparent that the very top leaders in Sinn Fein, I mean the ones who are sitting today at the very top of the Stormont Good Friday Government along with the right neanderthals of Paisley, were paid money as young people and kept on the rolls of British Intelligence.

You seldom have firm proof of these things. But you can work it out by people´s actions. It just seems odd that Obama comes along at this point to promote the deadly Islam.

This is an attempt by Ted Belman the editor of Israpundit to come to terms with these deadly for Israel developments.

[Begin analysis by Ted Belman here]

NYT: Give the Palestinians what they want or else.

By Ted Belman

As the Netanyahu government nears completion, everyone is piling on the pressure to succumb to Palestinian demands. The EU made it clear again, if Israel rejects the two-state solution, it wont be business as usual between Israel and the EU.

Yesterday the NY Times, the publisher of the antisemitc Oliphant cartoon, editorialized,

    It will not be that hard to judge by his deeds, and relatively soon, whether Mr. Netanyahu is serious about seeking peace with the Palestinians. His government is expected to win parliamentary approval next week.

    After that, we suggest that he start with freezing further settlement construction and expansion in the West Bank, as Israel has so often promised but failed to do. He should lift roadblocks between Palestinian cities and towns that are not needed for security. In East Jerusalem, he should stop the humiliating eviction of Palestinians. And in Gaza, he must expand exceptions to the blockade to allow the import of cement and reconstruction materials.  

    If Mr. Netanyahu is serious about being a partner for peace, he will not get in the way of the militant group Hamas entering a Palestinian unity government with the rival Fatah faction — as long as that government is committed to preventing terrorism and accepts past agreements between Israel and the Palestinians. He will recognize that the United States has its own interests in diplomacy with Syria, Iran and the Palestinians — and allow the Obama administration the freedom to pursue them. He also will not start a preventive war with Iran. [..]

    As The Times’s Ethan Bronner reported, Israel is increasingly isolated and facing its worst diplomatic crisis in two decades following its Gaza war. Mr. Netanyahu has understandably raised alarms with the expectation that his foreign minister will be an ultranationalist leader with what are widely considered to be anti-Arab views. Failing to pursue peace talks with the Palestinians would only make things worse by causing frictions with the new Obama administration and with Europe.

Essentially what the Times and the EU are saying is, don’t bother me with the niceties, just give the Palestinians what they want. Gone is the pretext that the US or the EU won’t compromise Israel’s security. Gone is the commitment of the Quartet to allow the parties to negotiate the terms of the agreement.

In its place is the demand, nay the threat, give the Palestinians what they want or else. No demands are made on the Palestinians.

The Times suggests that Israel is controlling America, preventing it from pursuing its interests. Its that damned lobby again. More ominous is the idea that the US, if constraints were removed in Congress, could cut a deal with Syria and Iran. Or are they also suggesting that if Israel doesn’t provide the US with bargaining chips, such as the Golan, then Israel is preventing the US from pursuing its interests.

The NYT lowers the bar for acceptance of Hamas to the level that they accept former agreements. Hamas prefers to only “respect” them. No where is there a demand that they honour them. Netanyahu has committed to abide by all Israel’s signed agreements, which by the way do not include the Roadmap which is a blueprint and not an agreement. The NYT wants more from Israel than that it honour all agreements. It wants her to make new agreements. It certainly doesn’t expect the Palestinians to honour their agreements.

This attack by the EU and the NYT culminates a long standing plan of the State Department and others to impose peace. It started with the insertion of the Saudi Plan into the Roadmap. It continued with the publication of The Israel Lobby and the prosecution of Steve Rosen and Keith Weissman of AIPAC. Four years ago, I wrote “Viable State” trumps “secure borders” in which I took the position that the Saudi Plan was the State Department Plan. A few months after this article I commented

    “Friends of Israel should recognize reality here. Israel is merely going through the motions of negotiating and agreeing or disagreeing while the reality is that the outcome has been predetermined and forced on Israel.”.

The selection of Gen Jones and Samantha Power to serve in the Obama administration is further evidence of the long standing plan to force the Saudi Plan on Israel. It is no accident that during the period when Netanyahu was forming his government the attacks reached a crescendo to affect the makeup of the ultimate coalition. Just a day before the above noted editorial appeared, the NYT published a Op-Ed by Roger Cohen in the New York Times (The Fierce Urgency of Peace), advising on the right way to deal with Israel, based on a “Bipartisan Statement on U.S. Middle East Peacemaking.”. This report enshrined the thinking of Power and Jones as to the terms of the settlement and how to get there.

In Obama’s recent press conference he said “.. the status quo is unsustainable. That it is critical for us to advance a two-state solution”.

Yet it is critical that Israel not advance the two state solution especially on Palestinian terms.

The pressure applied to Netanyahu will be unbearable.

It became clear to us on 4international that the event of the Gaza War brought all of the antisemites of Western Europe, the US and even Canada, out into the open. Calling themselves the “left” (but not really left at all, be advised) they marched along with Arabs and Islamists behind banners and slogans which were evidently and obviously antisemitic.

This is the new Nazism. It is the new antisemitism. It takes many forms indeed.

In my own experience here are a few.

Journalists who are attacking Israel over the Gaza war but who are totally quiet about the 8000 rockets which were hitting Israel for 8 years.

People who are quiet over the fact that Hamas is a Holocaust denying organization.

These are the new Nazis no matter how polite they may sound, and even though some may speak in clipped upper class English accents.

On the San Francisco march strode a woman and her two pretty children behind a banner which it appeared they wrote themselves. “Jews are Murderers” they proclaimed to the world. And it looked as if they thought this was normal.

On the Toronto march a number of Jews who gathered in a counter-demonstration were told by the Toronto police they could not be protected by the police and it was safer for these Jews to go home, and presumably stay at home!

This is of course antisemitism of a very developed nature.

So we are grateful to Ted Belman for introducing the subject. This must indeed be the basis for much discussion on the way forward for Israel.


by Felix Quigley

March 30, 2009


The Holocaust of all the Jews in Israel and with it a sizeable number of innocent Arabs is now being prepared, in fact the finishing touches are being added to, by the forces of Islam and of US Imperialism.

This is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the following report which we reproduce from DEBKAfile

[start report from DEBKAfile here]

Designated prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu simply pushes away any suggestion of pressure on Israel from the Obama administration in Washington, while Ehud Olmert has said a few days before bowing out that he has left the Iranian nuclear threat to the next government.

Olmert forgot to mention that his government’s policy of letting Israel be sidelined on the existential Iranian issue and knuckling under to the US lead and its failed sanctions policy allowed Iran to build up momentum in its race for a nuclear bomb.

Olmert “forgot” to mention that Israel is no longer in a position to stop Iran’s nuclear program.

He and foreign minister Tzipi Livni bow out therefore leaving Israel vulnerable as never before to international pressure in all its external policies. Before he takes office, the incoming prime minister is already having his arm twisted by Washington and the European Union on Palestinian statehood – and that is just the beginning because of another development which Olmert “forgot” to mention.

DEBKAfile’s Washington sources report that the Obama administration is on the threshold of a major rapprochement with Tehran, a reversal of US policy dramatic enough to block out international sanctions. Iran will be allowed to keep its nuclear program, including military elements and enriched uranium stocks, up to the point of actually assembling a weapon.

Washington will continue the Bush practice of publishing “reports” that Iran is still years away from a weaponizing capability. Tehran will hold the upper hand by retaining the option to go forward and build a bomb within one month of a decision to do so and mount warheads on ballistic missiles already standing ready, as revealed last Sunday, March 25, by Israel’s military intelligence chief Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin.

Because of the Olmert-Livni policy position in the last two years, Israel no longer has any say in Washington and international forums on the nuclear-arming of Iran.

The outgoing prime minister mentioned that Israel has a long-range operational arm able to strike anywhere. But he forgot that, on his watch, Israel lost the ability to employ it. DEBKA file’s Washington sources report that the Obama administration, like its predecessor, will throw everything they have against an Israeli prime minister who ventures to employ its long-range arm. This will not be news to Netanyahu, any more than Olmert.

Just as Ariel Sharon dumped the Iranian problem in Olmert’s lap, he too is handing it down to his successor. He not only avoided solving it but left Israel with less leverage than ever before for heading off the fast-approaching peril.

Netanyahu is whistling in the dark when he pretends to see no American squeeze on the horizon of his government-in-waiting. One of the hardest long-term tasks ahead of him will be to rebuild Israel’s position as America’s needed and respected strategic ally, in the face of Barack Obama’s ardent courtship of Iran and the Muslim world.

The US president is willing to ditch Israel as a friend. This will be brought home to Jerusalem when he makes his big speech on April 7 appealing for a grand US-Muslim global reconciliation. The US president is preparing to tie a Palestinian-Israeli settlement – on Washington’s terms – to such unrelated issues as Afghanistan and Pakistan as the currency for purchasing Muslim and Arab backing for accommodations of these outstanding terrorist fronts.

Different forms of coercion, including the discrediting of the Netanyahu government if it fails to toe the Obama line, will follow. The incoming prime minister’s pretense that “all is well” between him and the US administration is pie in the sky, instead of the resolute, firm hand which Israel needs at the helm these days to recoup command over its basic policies and the international community’s faded respect.

When Debka writes above

One of the hardest long-term tasks ahead of him will be to rebuild Israel’s position as America’s needed and respected strategic ally”

then they are mistaken. Israel was never in that relationship with the US Government. From the very beginning the US State Department opposed the creation of Israel as an independent country. The US Government and the British, now EU, Governments have always been in alliance with Islam.

For the role of the US Government see

from Professor Gil White´s analysis

1945 – Negative – After 1945, the US created US Intelligence by recruiting tens of thousands of Nazi war criminals.

1947-48 – Mixed to Negative – Forced by external circumstances, the US government gave lukewarm support to the creation of the State of Israel. But then it reversed itself and implemented policies designed to destroy Israel.

1949-1953 – Negative – In Israel’s hour of supreme need, the US allied with Israel’s mortal enemies.

The best example of this is perhaps the experience of Yugoslavia, when all of these Governments in US and EU were without exception on the side of the Islamofascist Izetbegovic in Bosnia.

Serious and perhaps dark times ahead for Israel.


by Felix Quigley

March 27, 2009

For many years The Palestinian Arabs in Hamas and Fatah sent suicide bombers into Israel, and the Jews of Israel once more had to deal with death because they are Jews.

Then Israel built a Wall or Fence to keep these savages, and they truly are savages, out of their country. Yet this is what Israel was condemned for, the building of the Wall.

You se no matter what it does Israel cannot win.

Stephen Ritson on the cowardly Talk Radio Europe referred to the Wall as a “Land Grab” and refused to acknowledge that it was created in order to keep out these murderous savages and their suicide bombs strapped to their bodies.

Ritson says that the Wall is robbing Palestinians of their land. But this issue of the Wall robbing Palestinians of their land is false. This is not Palestinian land. At the very most all you can say is that this is disputed territory, which is why Israel has always used the term “disputed territories” in their literature.

There are very good reasons for this which are located in history. Ritson would have to deal with that history to back up what he says about the Wall.

The owner of this radio station a Jewish man called Maurice Boland from Dublin, once asked Ritson a simple question. Said Boland to Ritson…Before the Wall was built thousands of Israeli Jews were murdered and maimed by Palestinian savages. After the Wall was built none.

It was noticeable that Ritson refused to answer Boland. It is a simple fact that has to be answered.

Giving up on Ritson Boland said that he would leave him to somebody else (???) and in some exasperation called him “Stephen Mohammed Ritson”.

On a more recent occasion and argument between the two protagonists Boland called him “Stephen Ayotalloh Ritson”.

But these are very rare occasions when Boland takes on Ritson. Ritson is a highly intelligent person and competent journalist in other fields but he is biased against Israel. Israel suffers dreadfully in every utterance he makes, that is as far as I have heard and can judge.

In another programme this week Ritson referred to the Guardian slander against Israel which is saying that Israel carried out war crimes in the Gaza War against Hamas.

The essence of this issue is this, also reflected in the position of Ritson, aka Mohammed Ritson to use Boland´s nomenclature, is the following.

The answer concerns another occasion when Ritson refused to answer a simple and basic question.

On another programme during the war 2 months back a regular called Barry Norman asked Ritson the simple question: How can Israel stop the Arab Nazis from firing rockets onto Israeli people, that is onto Jews in the year of 2009 some 60 to 70 years after the Holocaust?

The Jews had thought that they were getting a place of sanctuary from Antisemitism. But they found that they were being subjected to rocket attacks from antisemites.

That is from Hamas who are actually denying to their followers that a Holocaust actually happened at all. They sometimes say that the Jews killed their own (Jewish) people.

Ritson refused to answer this simple question from Mr Norman.

An awful lot of rockets were involved in these attacks by these savages on the poor suffering Jews of Israel. Some say 8000 rockets fell on Israeli homes.

Many Jews have died although not thousands, but that is because they retreat to ground bunkers built into their homes. But why should Jews have to actually live like that in the year of 2009?

The reports that Ritson this week were referring to concerning War Crimes come from the Guardian especially, and one of the writers for the Guardian who is especially hostile to Israel is Seamus Milne. I believe that Milne is a communist but be advised, he is a communist as Joseph Stalin was a communist.

Anyway this is a piece of such writing in the last week by Milne

[begin extract from article in Guardian by Milne here]

Evidence of the scale of Israel‘s war crimes in its January onslaught on Gaza is becoming unanswerable. Clancy Chassay’s three films investigating allegations against Israeli forces in the Gaza strip, released by the Guardian today, include important new accounts of the flagrant breaches of the laws of war that marked the three-week campaign – now estimated to have left at least 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 13 Israelis dead.

The films provide compelling testimony of Israel’s use of Palestinian teenagers as human shields; the targeting of hospitals, clinics and medical workers, including with phosphorus bombs; and attacks on civilians, including women and children – sometimes waving white flags – from hunter-killer drones whose targeting systems are so powerful they can identify the colour of a person’s clothes.

Naturally, the Israeli occupation forces’ spokesperson insists to Chassay that they make every effort to avoid killing civilians and denies using human shields or targeting medical workers – while at the same time explaining that medics in war zones “take the risk upon themselves”. By banning journalists from entering Gaza during its punitive devastation of the strip, the Israeli government avoided independent investigations of the stream of war crimes accusations while the attack was going on.

But now journalists and human rights organisations are back inside, doing the painstaking work, the question is whether Israel’s government and military commanders will be held to account for what they unleashed on the Palestinians of Gaza – or whether, like their US and British sponsors in Iraq and Afghanistan, they can carry out war crimes with impunity.

[end extract here]

Milne is quite simply repeating the propaganda and lies from Hamas. One of which is surely this

 “now estimated to have left at least 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, ”

And the 3 films he refers to prove nothing.

Also Israel has proved that there are many lies told about the war. But really those who hate Israel do not care and do not look for proof.

Why is Milne so shameless in producing such obvious lies. I mean he claims that the most of those killed by the IDF were civilians. Where does he get this informattion from? It must be from Hamas. Milne is the mouthpiece of Hamas in other words.

I remember well the first action of the Israeli Army the IDF which was a strike against some kind of ceremony which the HAMAS POLICE FORCE were holding.

I also remember the pictures from that not of civilians but of Arab men very cleared dressed in uniform lying dead in that police compound. These were not children either and I do not think they were women (irony intended).

Does Ritson and Milne deny that Israel is at war with the Palestinian Arabs?  I think Israel has been at war with the Arabs in general from the very Balfour Declaration of 1917 because the Arabs simply do not wish for an Israeli state to exist, even though they the Arabs have achieved 21 independent states, now surrounding Israel on ALL SIDES.

Is there no sense of fairness on this score from people like Milne or Ritson?

Certainly Hamas were at war with Israel and we know this because they said and say so, that they will not rest until Israel is wiped off the map.

So why do Ritson and Milne side with Hamas and as we see with Milne cleary just mouth Hamas propaganda?

Ritson peppers his talk on this radio station with all kinds of assertions and claims against Israel. So does Milne.

Take the first phrase used in the above extract by Milne:

“Evidence of the scale of Israel‘s war crimes

What is the story “When did you last beat your wife”??? There is something of this in Milne´s method.

He is writing of Israel “When did you last commit a war crime”.

But there was no war crime or war crimes by Israel. Israel was defending itself against Arabs who are filled with antisemitism, that is hatred of Jews which is at the centre of Hamas ideology. This is quite easily proved.

To defend its people Israel has the right to use all methods of defence. We on 4international reject all this talk about disproportionate. The disproportionate part is the first rocket fired at a Jew living in Israel in 2009.

That is the position of the 4international. We defend the Jews of Israel unconditionally.

Ritson by the way on his programme on this now dreadful in political terms radio station, Talk Radio Europe, called these Hamas rockets “pea shooters”. But he is mistaken. What is really happening is that Jews in the year of 2009 cannot find any sanctuary from those Arabs who hate Jews. That is the essence of the matter.

And these antisemitic Arabs seek another Holocaust of the Jews.


by Felix Quigley

March 24, 2009


The key issue int he world today is the promotion of Hamas which is being carried out by the Obama team and by people like Tony Blair.


What is at stake here is this. The creation of a “Palestine” state will have Hamas at its head. And by its very nature this state will not ever recognize the right of Israel to exist, the right of Jews to have ONE state in Palestine, while the Arabs will have created TWO, that is twon on historical Palestine along with the other 20 or so, and the Jews will again be living ona  tiny section of that planned for them in the San Remo Treaty of 1920.

But it is the promotion of Hamas by Obama and Blair, by the US Empire and by the EU, that is the decisive factor.

Just as the Empire poisoned Milosevic in his Hague prison this means that there can be no compromise from the US EU Empire.

The economic crisis is snapping at their heels and they are moving on towards dictatorial rule.

In this Sharia will have its role to play and Islam is already being used to break down working class organizations.

The following is the nature of this rule. Antisemitism, blaming the crisis on the Jews, will be very central to the US Obama team.


But how is this working out down ont he ground of volatile Palestine/Israel!

Well it seems that a few minor details about Abbas Hamas are being overlooked, or rather stached under the carpet.

Those folk really do hate Jews. So much so that Abbas gained his doctorate on Holocaust Denial thesis. But the Big Daddy of antisemitism is certainly that Hamas crowd. And we have taken the trouble to have a look at this


[Start quote here]

From Palestinian Media Watch (in full — not yet online):

(Hamas is broadcasting this interesting version of Holocaust History)

Jewish leaders planned the Holocaust to kill “disabled and handicapped” Jews to avoid having to care for them, according to a Hamas TV educational program. As much of the world prepared to commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hamas TV presented its latest sinister twist on Holocaust denial.

The Hamas TV educational program, broadcast last week, taught that the murder of Jews in the Holocaust was a Zionist plot with two goals:

1- To eliminate “disabled and handicapped” Jews by sending them to death camps, so they would not be a burden on the future state of Israel.

2- At the same time, the Holocaust served to make “the Jews seem persecuted” so they could “benefit from international sympathy.”

Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian “Center for Strategic Research” explained that “the Israeli Holocaust – the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that [Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister] Ben Gurion put on.” The “young energetic and able” were sent to Israel, while the handicapped were sent “so there would be a Holocaust.”…

[End quote here]


Blair the good catholic man, always travelling with the Koran in his hip pocket, being protected by Hamas Holocaust Deniers. Somehow given the role of the Vatican in History, that seems somehow apt.

What an image for New Labour. But it is another image that comes to mind here.

The nature of this future Hamas led Palestine state that Obama and the EU are now promoting is seen in an pic taken by Hamas itself as part of its own self promotion.

The image shows 5 Hamas operatives all dressed in white and carrying suicide belts. But the striking thing is that in the centre is a little kid and he too is wearing a suicide belt.

You can find this on


The complicated situation that is arising can be seen in the following report form DEBKAfile

[Begin report from DEBKAfile here]

By submitting his resignation as Palestinian prime minister Saturday, March 7, the pro-American Salam Fayyad removes a major roadblock to a power-sharing accord between the extremist Hamas, which rules the Gaza Strip, and Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah, which governs the West Bank.

OK let it go! Abbas also is a Holocaust Denier. But everything is relative…FQ

The unity talks have still a way to go. They may fail as they have before. And Fayyad’s resignation may not be final.

And accord, however, would open the door to Hamas domination of the West Bank in the same way as the Iran-backed Palestinian Islamists threw the Fatah-dominated Palestinian Authority out of Gaza two years ago.

Fayyad confirmed that his resignation would go into effect after the “unity government” was formed – although not later than the end of March. His exit removes Washington’s man in the Palestinian Authority’s Ramallah government in perfect time for the power-sharing talks to resume in Cairo Tuesday March 10.

His action, three days after US secretary of state Hillary Clinton held well-publicized talks with Fayyad and Abbas in Ramallah, comes as a serious blow to America prestige and one up for Iran and its Palestinian proxy.

Clearly Abbas and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak, godfather of “Palestinian unity”, are working to a different clock to that of Washington.

DEBKAfile‘s Middle East sources affirm that, by holding back from toppling the Hamas regime in Gaza, Israel must take responsibility for helping to empower the Palestinian terrorists to dictate a power-sharing deal on its terms and at its tempo.

The Palestinian negotiations will no doubt try and race toward a conclusion before the end of March at around the same time as Likud leader Binyamin Netanyahu will be introducing his government coalition.

With all this happening, the Palestinian prime minister, a former World Bank economist in Washington, saw that in a unity government, his only function would be to act as a respectable non-terrorist address for the receipt of the $5.5 billion dollars the international donors meeting in Sharm e-Sheikh on March 2 approved for Gaza reconstruction.

This would reduce him to a figurehead, the public face of a Palestinian regime which brought the Hamas terrorists to power in the two Palestinian territories, the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

It is too soon to judge the success of this dodge in persuading world governments to cough up the funds they have committed for Gaza. Hamas has no other need of the former Washington-based banker and in fact, one of its conditions for sharing government with Fatah was his removal.

The deal is not yet in the bag. More than once, DEBKAfile‘s Middle East sources have stressed that the Palestinian extremists and their Syrian and Iranian sponsors would on no account form a partnership with a Palestinian element cooperating with the United States and Israel in security and intelligence matters. Fayyad epitomizes this joint effort and Abbas may decide to sacrifice him for an agreement with Hamas.

Once installed in government, Hamas would get set for sweeping the coming Palestinian presidential and parliamentary elections in 2010, thereby closing the circle of its domination of the West Bank.

This election date was another of Hamas’ conditions for its partnership-in-government with Fatah.


This unfolding scenario, which bodes ill for central Israel as Hamas’ next target after the missile-battered South, could have been prevented.

DEBKAfile‘s military sources report that towards the end of its January offensive, the IDF command gave Israel’s security cabinet an estimated four-hour timetable for seizing Hamas leaders hidden in bunkers in Gaza City together with the captive Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit. Israeli intelligence had discovered their whereabouts and the way to their hideout had been cleared. Hamas was no longer fighting.

But prime minister Ehud Olmert, defense minister Ehud Barak and foreign minister Tzipi Livni, who headed the war cabinet, shied away from a decision. Their indecision, by offering the terrorist leaders a lifeline against total defeat, left them free to come out of their holes and gear up for their next venture, takeover of Palestinian government.

It may be recalled that the Olmert government also distinguished itself in 2006 by succumbing to misguided pressure from Washington and letting Hamas run for election. Its victory paved the way for its seizure of power in the Gaza Strip in January 2006. Finally, in January 2008, the same government, this time with Ehud Barak attached as defense minister, opened the door for Hamas to move in on the West Bank by sealing a pact with Fatah.

This dangerous reality may be lurking for Israel’s post-election administration under Netanyahu before it has a chance to take preventive action. He need not count on salvation from Washington. The Obama administration, Secretary Clinton and special envoy George Mitchell, would no doubt find it politic to avoid noticing the terrorist element dominating the Palestinian “unity government.” They would insist that their dealings with the Palestinians are confined to the “good,” non-terrorist factions.

Washington would try and hold up the Palestinian security forces and presidential guard trained by US national security adviser James Jones’ American instructors as safeguards against any Hamas takeover of Ramallah and other West Bank towns.

It would be convenient to forget that those same Palestinian Authority forces did not fire a shot against the coup Hamas staged in the Gaza Strip in June 2007.

Palestinian PM Fayyad’s Exit May Usher in Hamas’ West Bank takeover

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

March 7, 2009

Final points

The DEBKA report is a little uncertain and confusing.

Just take the Yugoslavia experience. The US Empire operatives like Holbrooke appeared at times to back the moderate. But that was a ruse. They were backing the Fascists like Tudjman and the Islamist variety of Fascist like Izetbegovic from the beginning.

The US Empirists just make it appear like that.

Then wham bang they come out and line up with the Fascists.

So of course the name of the game for the US Empire is to get Hamas into power in the Palestine State. Then the Middle East will really hot up.


by Felix Quigley

March 24, 2009

The modern form of anti-Semitism and with it the New Holocaust of the Jews is taking shape


  1. The Media want Israel do a deal with Holocaust Denying Hamas
  2. The modern states of the world, led by the US Empire in the making, want Israel lie down in the flea pit with mangy Holocaust Deniers


The name of the game is called “Making Hamas Kosher”




Caroline Glick discusses this bending over backwards in How Hamas became ‘kosher’

Sadly, the answer is clear. Western leaders are not pursuing peace in these processes. They are pursuing appeasement. They call this appeasement process a peace process for two reasons. First, they know their countrymen don’t like the sound of appeasement. And second, by claiming to be championing the noble goal of peace in our time, they feel free to attack anyone who points out the folly of their actions as a warmongering member of the Israel Lobby.






Cairo interrupts Palestinian unity talks for US-EU approval of deal

DEBKAfile Exclusive Report

DEBKAfile’s Cairo sources report that last week, Egypt’s senior mediator, Gen. Omar Suleiman flew to Washington and foreign minister Aboul Geith traveled to Brussels to ask their governments to underwrite the proposal for a Palestinian unity government. Without this input, they explained, there is no point in bringing the negotiations to a close. The Palestinian Fatah and Hamas negotiators are standing by in Cairo for answers.

The fate of the captive Israeli soldier Gilead Shalit also hangs on the outcome of these talks.

The two Egyptian officials asked to clear with the US and EU sections of the text that circumvent the Middle East Quartet’s stipulations for talking to Hamas.


Those sections are itemized exclusively here by DEBKAfile:

1. Hamas’ admission to the umbrella Palestinian Liberation Organization amounts to the radical Palestinian group’s acceptance of all past agreements the PLO signed with Israel, including the Oslo Framework Accords.

2. Hamas is absolved from publicly announcing its recognition of Israel on the grounds that its rival Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah never formally recognized the Jewish state either, except for Yasser Arafat in person.

3. The Palestinian unity government’s guidelines will not recognize previously signed agreements, including those with Israel, but state that the new ministers will “respect” them.

Suleiman and Gheit informed US and European officials that Saudi King Abdullah had approved the text and Syrian president Bashar Assad had promised the king and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak to sell it to Hamas leaders.

International endorsement by the West was essential before a Palestinian unity government was installed, to spare it from boycott.

Cairo believes that once American and European endorsements are in hand, Israel’s designated prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu can be persuaded to quietly agree to live with the deal without saying so publicly.







The Egyptian brokers believe he can be won over by Cairo consenting for the first time to the complete severance of the Gaza Strip’s ties with Israel. The border crossings would be shut down permanently except for fuel supplies and Gaza provisioned in future through Egypt. This arrangement has always been adamantly rejected by President Mubarak.

DEBKAfile’s Middle East sources add that if this can be arranged and the two Palestinian factions can bury their differences over the composition of their shared government and electoral system before the Palestinian general election on Jan. 25, 2010 (they agree on the date), then the way ought to be clear for Gilead Shalit to be freed as part of the Palestinian package.

This may the long way round, but our political sources report that if Netanyahu is able to build a government with Labor’s Ehud Barak aboard to stay on as defense minister, he will go along with this formula as offering the best prospects. With this in mind, Barak proposed returning Israel’s negotiating team to Cairo to continue working on the Shalit case after the talks broke down. The defense minister has always insisted in trusting Egypt to act as go-between for Israel’s dealings with the Palestinians.

There are still a great many ifs before this package assumes final form, but several processes are afoot in this direction.



JPOST editorializes

FOR ISRAEL, however, who recognizes whom, and how, goes to the heart of the conflict – since the refusal to recognize the inalienable right of the Jewish people to self-determination anywhere between the Mediterranean and the Jordan signals Palestinian society’s continuing to define our conflict in zero-sum terms. So if Suleiman’s creative diplomacy ushers Hamas into a Palestinian government without it having to change its stripes, he will be undoing decades of painstaking steps Palestinians and Israelis have taken toward mutual recognition. That would put a question mark over the entire Oslo edifice, which has been preserved by successive Israeli governments.


Put differently: If the international community turns its back on the most elementary prerequisites for Palestinian-Israeli cooperation – mutual recognition, non-belligerency and adherence to past agreements – it will be tearing asunder the existing basis for relations between the Palestinian Authority and Israel.




Seeking new roads always in the context of the historical crisis the Empire led by the US bombed a totally innocent country, Yugoslavia as it then was, Serbia, in order to enforce its rule and to bring into existence a totally Islamist state, which is Kosovo.


Kosovo represents the union of the Empire with the Saudis, iran and Islam in general and points to the way in which the new Empire is going to rule.


Kosovo was the classic Jihad operation but Jihad moulded by the US Empire.


A clear majority of Serbs in 1900, a slight majority of Serbs pre 1939, the decimation of the Serbs due to the Nazi Holocaust in the Balkans, helped on by the Stalinist Tito promotion of Albanian power in Kosovo post 1945, by the 1990s the Serb population has reduced down to 10 per cent, and after the NATO war on Serbia there are now a few percentage of Serbs holding on in Northern Kosovo.


Classic Jihadist takeover, with one difference, direction of the drama in the hands of the Empire, chief director Holbrook and Clinton.




That there is the objective basis for the unity of Serb and Jew. Include also in that unity of Kurd, Berber, Copt and all minorities under Islam.


The aim of the Islam Fascists has been to so puncture Jewish nationalism that it finds itself defenceless against the Jihad.


The final touches are now being put to this by the Empire. The alliance in question is the US Empire in league with the Jihad, specifically a Palestine state under hamas (effectively) which does not recognize Israel, or what is left of Israel!


Add to that, as a special Jihadist insurance, the Iranian Nuclear Bomb, along with the Hamas and Hizbullah technology for the Nuclear “Dirty Bomb”.




The Coming War

A former, highly-placed U.S. intelligence official who breaks his silence on the increasing probability of abandonment of Israel by the U.S. and other Western countries based on what he termed “malicious intelligence.” (Click here for Part I).

By Douglas J. Hagmann, Director

isus10 March 2009: The Middle East will be the site of “the coming war,” and Israel will be at it’s epicenter. If we survive as a nation, the U.S. will not be on the side of righteousness in this war, instead turning our back to – or our guns against – our only true friend in the Middle East: Israel.




Intelligence for national security purposes must not be subjugated by politics or financial interests, otherwise it becomes malicious at the hands with those having agendas. If one chooses to argue that Iraq was the victim of big oil interests, than that same argument must extend to our relationship with Israel and opposing Arab countries. In other words, money talks – and it talks loudly, frequently drowning out the truth with political propaganda propagated by a media already influenced by Arab financial interests. And with money comes power and influence.


“Now you can see where intelligence and politics meet and often collide,” a reference made during my initial interview with this former U.S. intelligence official. Now this intelligence official explained that the Obama administration is being purposely filled with people who are truly anti-Israel, either because of their own financial interests or a larger globalist agenda that does not include Israel, or for that matter, the United States as a sovereign nation.


“Whatever the reason, the anti-Israel, pro-Islamist policy makers will be appointed or have already infiltrated nearly all levels of the U.S. government. These are the people who place anti-Semitic references in school textbooks, promote revisionist history regarding Islam, 9/11, and are the same people who allow or even promote the Islamic agendas in all aspects of Western society, especially the restrictions on speech against Islam. With regard to the latter, note that the United Nations is quite involved in forcing the restriction of “hate speech” and the implementation of global standards, some that have already been adapted by European nations.”


“Closer to home, there is an organized, concerted effort on the part of these individuals to foster an atmosphere of anti-Semitism throughout the West, and in particular within the United States. This is an important aspect of their global objectives, and includes blaming the Jews for our current financial crisis. The majority of Americans might not care about or even understand the situation with the Palestinians, Israel or the Middle East, but they certainly care about their own finances, especially when they see their retirement funds evaporating before their eyes. Now, they become afraid, anxious and angry.”

“Associate Israel or Jewish interests with global instability, Americans will become upset with the Jews and Israel. Blame them for being responsible for or contributing to the loss of their retirement and their economic problems, they will become angry. The objective is to erode support for the Jews and Israel in America, and is being done with the assistance of a media influenced and infiltrated by anti-Israel, pro-Palestinian, Arab and Muslim apologists. At the same time that the anti-Semitic undercurrent is perpetuated in America, world pressure against Israel will mount. Expect to see an increase in hostile acts against Jews in the U.S., Jewish synagogues and other Jewish assets,” stated this source.



Meanwhile, in order for the globalist agenda to succeed, the United States cannot remain a close ally of Israel. That relationship is being undermined from within, and the information being publicly disseminated is being manipulated from within – by a compromised and all-too-willing media.” According to this source, the groundwork to get to this point has been in the works for years, if not decades. “It was just placed on the fast track under Obama, who has promised his allegiance to the Arabs. If not already, this will become quite evident to even the most skeptical, much to the consternation of the majority of American Jews who voted for him.”


As for the coming war, it has already begun as a war for the minds, hearts and souls of the people in the West, and will manifest itself quickly to a physical war between Israel and her Arab neighbors. It will likely begin as it has in the past, with a missile or rocket fired by HAMAS, followed by a measured response from Israel. Then a good dose of propaganda from the media, who will portray the Jews as murderers of innocent men, women and children. Then outrage and condemnation from the international community, led by the United Nations, who will demand peace at the expense of Israel. This time, the U.N. will have the cooperation of the United States under the Obama administration.

We will send troops as part of a larger ‘peacekeeping mission,’ but they will most certainly not be there to help the Israelis. But first, America must be convinced that being an ally of Israel is not in our best interests, and they are the antagonists in this scenario. By electing who we have, and by the appointments already made and policies already implemented, they’re off to a pretty good start, don’t you think?”


Answer Lies in the Ayers affair.

A rather good study of the whole history of these two men, Pbama and Ayers, has been done over on Emperors New Clothes by Jared Israel. It appears that Obama was closer to 20 than 8 when the Weathermen were rattling around



Also look at this site

Numerous people have questioned how a junior senator from Illinois – a virtual unknown – could rise from virtual obscurity to the leader of the free world in seven years. Many of the same people have asked how that same person could rise to power despite still-unanswered questionsof his eligibility, and a past checkered by questionable associates and associations.

The answers lie in the globalist agenda, one that has no place for Israel, beyond Israel being the catalyst for the implementation of a new world order.

[end of interpretation of events by “Homeland Security]


The reason that Ayers is so important and relevant to Obama is that the terrorist Weathermen was the mechanism that the US elite used in order to turn the students and intellectuals away from the American working class and into state controlled terrorism.

In that regard just as happened with the Provisional IRA it became controlled by the state intelligence services.


Obama is essentially out of that intelligence and state infested milieu and he is in all likelihood also controled by state forces, the state within the state.


That is the people who place profit first middle and last. The populist Obama may not actually be fully aware yet that he is being played like a puppet.





March 24, 2009

This is a special report from The Economist, which is no friend of Israel.

It makes the very interesting point that Israeli people are very motivated because they are a few millions and surrounded by a thousand of millions of Islamists.

There are of course other reasons. The report does not go into detail about the many inventions in the computer and medical world, that as we speak are of great service to humanity.

So then why the illogical hatred which many countries have for Israel and for Jews, as was on show in the horrific anti Israel marches during the Gaza war, when some likened Gaza to the Warsaw Ghetto, others directly called Israel and Jews “Nazis” etc?

[Begin report from The Economist here]

A special report on entrepreneurship

Lands of opportunity

Mar 12th 2009
From The Economist print edition

Israel, Denmark and Singapore show how entrepreneurialism can thrive in different climates


DOV MORAN’S desk is littered with the carcasses of dismembered phones. Mr Moran has already had one big breakthrough: inventing the now ubiquitous memory stick. But he dreams of another one: he wants to separate the “brains” of the various gizmos that dominate our lives from the “bodies” to enable people to carry around tiny devices that they will be able to plug into anything from phones to cameras to computers. Mr Moran sold his memory-stick business to SanDisk for $1.6 billion, creating a thriving technology cluster near his office. This time he wants to build an Israeli business that will last, challenging the giants of the camera and phone businesses.

Israel is full of would-be Dov Morans. It is home to 4,000 high-tech companies, more than 100 venture-capital funds and a growing health-care industry. Innovations developed in the country include the Pentium chip (Intel), voicemail (Comverse), instant messaging (Mirabilis, Ubique), firewalls (Checkpoint) and the “video pill”, which allows doctors to study your insides without the need for invasive surgery.

Even more than other countries, Israel has America to thank for its entrepreneurial take-off. A brigade of American high-tech companies, including Intel and Microsoft, have established research arms there. And a host of Israelis who once emigrated to America in search of education and opportunity have returned home, bringing American assumptions with them. Many Israeli entrepreneurs yo-yo between Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv; almost 70 Israeli companies are traded on NASDAQ.

The Israeli government helped by providing a ready supply of both human and physical capital. Israel has the world’s highest ratio of PhDs per person, the highest ratio of engineers and scientists and some of the world’s best research universities, notably Technion. The country’s native talent was supplemented by the arrival of 400,000 well-educated Jewish refugees from the former Soviet empire.

However, Israel’s main qualification for entrepreneurialism is its status as an embattled Jewish state in a sea of Arab hostility. The Israeli army not only works hard to keep the country at the cutting edge of technology, it also trains young Israelis (who are conscripted at 18) in the virtues of teamwork and improvisation. It is strikingly common for young Israelis to start businesses with friends that they met in the army. Add to that a high tolerance of risk, born of a long history and an ever-present danger of attack, and you have the makings of an entrepreneurial firecracker.


by Felix Quigley

March 24, 2009

It is a decade since the US led NATO bombed Serbia.


Yugoslavia and Serbia was a small country which was doing no harm to America, but it stood int he way of the Empire in its drive to surround Russia with Nuclear Technology.

Although the Soviets had been overthrown Russia remained still an independent national country with very powerful Nuclear Weapons. It was that, the coming crisis in capitalism, the growing power of Chinese and Indian industry, which drove the US Empiricists forward.

Two days ago Richard Holbrook had this to say:

[Begin quote from Holbrooke here]

BRUSSELS (AFP) — US Ambassador Richard Holbrooke said Saturday that NATO’s air attack on former Yugoslavia a decade ago was “the right thing to do” and had improved the lives of Kosovo Albanians and Serbs.

Speaking at the Brussels Forum conference, Holbrooke — former envoy to the Balkans — recalled how 10 years ago this week he had given the final ultimatum to former strongman Slobodan Milosevic to comply or face air strikes.

“I look back on it and I think that sometimes it’s necessary to use force, and the result was good in the end,” the new US representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan told reporters.

Easy for Holbrooke to say. He still carries on the lies against Slobodan Milosevic who was in fact in the end murdered in his cell (poisoned) by his NATO Hague jailers.

NATO murdered Milosevic first of all because they could not prove their case against Milosevic, and also because Milosevic was planning to insist that Clinton appear in the Hague to give evidence concerning a conversation he had with the Islamofascist Izetbegovic in which Clinton clearly insisted that there had to be a “massacre” in Srebrenica, in order to justify the bombing by the US forces in Bosnia.

Thanks to people like Times writer Oliver Kamm there has been a conspiracy of silence in the Media about the events in Yugoslavia.

The Media is so deeply implicated in that war, especially in the lies and black propaganda agains the Serbs as a people, that these Media journalists can never have it opened up for discussion.

Only a few journalists told the truth, one of whom is very dear to the heart of this website, that is the wonderful journalist Eve Ann Prentice.

The following report by Marina Dimova has never been published in the Western Media who were so demanding that the Serbs be bombed 10 years ago today.

[Begin report by Marina Dimova here]

Thousands in Serbia

 “still in danger from

NATO cluster bombs”

Civilians in Serbia are still in danger from thousands of unexploded cluster bombs almost a decade after NATO bombing of Yugoslavia, local media reported Saturday.

A study by Norwegian People’s Aid said that some 2,500 unexploded pieces of cluster ordnance were scattered across 15 municipalities, mainly in southern Serbia near the border with Kosovo, and the second largest city of Nis.

Around 160,000 civilians were at risk and it would take between 12 and 23 years to clear the areas if the current rate of clearance continued, the study said.

Serbia needs around 38 million dollars to dig out and defuse unexploded cluster bombs – canisters that open in flight and eject dozens of bomblets, some of which can lay unexploded for years.

NATO planes scattered some 37,000 cluster bombs over Yugoslavia, killing 31 people and injuring 160, during its 78 days of attacks to end Serbia’s crackdown of Albanian insurgents in Kosovo.

But the scars which Holbrooke and his American Empiricists inflicted on the Balkans will not be forgotten in a hurry.

Nothing shows this more than the memory of the young Serb men who were abducted by those who Holbrooke and Clinton placed in power in Kosovo, abducted that is from the southern part of Kosovo and Metohija.

Not many Serbs now live in Kosovo today, certainly none in this area dealt with here.

On the 10th anniversary of the NATO bombing of Serbia it is this story which we will focus upon. It shows the nature of the new period of world capitalism, imperialism. It is a horror story of Holocaust proportions.

It is also a great lesson for the Jews of Israel in particular. The Jews know very well about Nazi brutality. Now there is a growing awareness that under the Obama Government a deal is being cooked up with the Holocaust Deniers of Fatah and Hamas, and indeed there is similarity between the hatred of Hamas for Jews, and the hatred shown in the following for Serbs.

The report is from Byzantine Blog, url at the end:

[Begin report from Byzantine Blog here]



Kosovo Province’s Macabre Rulers


Kidnapped Kosovo Serbs
Over the years, the families of the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs never stopped searching for their loved ones, trying to raise awareness about the abducted Serbs and knocking on doors of every official who could help them find their family members or their remains, so they could be properly buried.

Hashim Thaci’s Macabre Legacy:

 Throne on Mountain of Corpses

In its March 26 edition, Press Online published an excerpt from the testimony of one of Hague witnesses about Kosovo Serbs kidnapped by the KLA for organ harvesting. In her book “The Hunt”, to be published in Italy in April, ICTY’s former chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte revealed that Hague prosecution learned about a group of more than 300 Serbs kidnapped from the southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija in the summer of 1999, who were taken to northern Albania in trucks, to have their vital organs extracted and sold in the West.

The Hague eyewitness, who personally took part in the harrowing ordeal, testified that trade with vital organs of the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs was conducted under a direct supervision of Hashim Thaci, the current ‘Premier’ of the fake mafia state in southern Serbia.

The witness, listed in the ICTY documentation under the protective code K-144, stated that kidnapping of the Serbs and harvesting their organs before they were killed was a “well organized and very profitable business”, conducted under the control of the KLA leaders and with the consent of the Albanian state officials.

“In the course of this action at least 300 kidneys and around 100 of other organs were extracted and sold through Italy. The prisoners had their livers extracted too, and in few cases also the hearts… I know that the price of a kidney was between 10,000 and 50,000 German Marks. They said that the total earnings was in excess of four million Deutsch Marks. There was a precise documentation, all of the extracted organs were listed, along with the amounts of money charged. The reports were submitted to the KLA commanders, who submitted them in person to Hashim Thaci. The KLA command was taking 80 percent of the earnings. The rest was divided among the men who organized the extraction and transport of the organs,” the Hague witness described the grisly operation in his statement.

Albania, Mass Grave for Serbs

According to him, there were several prison camps in central and northern Albania in 1999 where the Kosovo Serbs kidnapped for organ harvesting were held.

“It was a well organized system. Doctors would examine all the prisoners, they had files for each. When they would get the information from Italy which organ was needed, it would be decided who will go under a knife. The prisoners were anesthetized, their organs were extracted, and then they would most often be left to die by being taken off the life support… In several cases the younger prisoners, after having one kidney extracted, were sutured and returned with others, but that caused great panic and unrest among the others, so this practice was dropped”, the Hague witness said.

He stated that the killed Serbs were buried in mass graves which were moved several times in 2000.

“The biggest mass grave with some 100 Serbs was in the place Burel in central Albania. I have personally helped burying the Serbs there… When it was heard about the action and there was a danger of investigation being launched, this mass grave was opened, and the killed were moved to around dozen of other locations. Some remains were burned…”, ICTY protected witness stated.


He also testified that there were few dozens of “used-up prostitutes” in the prison camps in northern Albania, who, after the medical examinations, were also mutilated and had their vital organs extracted before being killed.

“There were also some Russian women, Romanians and Moldavians. I once asked about them. They told me that those are the whores who have done their jobs,” the ICTY witness said.

Del Ponte Received All the Evidence by 2004

President of the Association of Kidnapped and Missing Kosovo Serbs Simo Spasic announced the lawsuit against the former ICTY chief prosecutor Carla Del Ponte for covering up these monstrous crimes, by failing to bring charges against the KLA leaders in the case of Serbs whose vital organs were harvested in Albanian prison camps.

Speaking for Tanjug news agency, Spasic said his Association is waiting to receive Del Ponte’s book “The Hunt, Me and War Criminals“, based on which the Association representative, Belgrade lawyer, will submit a lawsuit against Del Ponte.

Spasic said that this is an issue of a criminal act Del Ponte, as a chief prosecutor, was duty-bound to sanction.


According to Spasic, the families of the missing Kosovo Serbs have been warning about the KLA atrocities over the non-Albanians in the Kosovo-Metohija province since 1999. The Association of the Families had informed Del Ponte about their findings twice, in 2001, during Del Ponte’s trip to Belgrade and in 2004, when the Association representatives went to the ICTY in Hague.

Kidnapped Kosovo Serbs


Recalling those meetings, Spasic said that the first was held in the cabinet of then-Foreign Affairs Minister Goran Svilanovic, in the presence of Florence Hartmann, Anton Nikiforov and the ICTY chief investigator, Finn Matti Ratkinnen who carefully wrote down and taped the entire conversation.

“We gave them all the evidence about the Kosovo Serbs who, under the armed guard and in columns, were transfered through Montenegro to Albania. One of my missing brothers was among them, Zarko, with whom I later talked over the phone, on May 19, 1998, thanks to one connection,” Spasic said.

He added that the war crimes prosecutor Vladimir Vukcevic now has a video tape which Spasic received from the Serbian Interior Police Minister Dragan Jocic, and which contains the video recording of his brother alongside one uniformed man and two civilians.


Spasic said that Del Ponte was also informed about the telephone call he received in 2003, when a male who did not want to reveal his identity, told him about the things Albanians are doing to Serbs before they kill them.

“He told me their vital organs are being extracted, heart and kidneys, and even the sperm, for sale in Western Europe and USA”, said Spasic.


“During our Hague meeting in 2004, the chief prosecutor greeted us with the information that all of our loved ones were killed, some in northern Albania, some in the concentration camps Likovac and Lapusnik”, Spasic said, adding that when they asked why are the KLA leaders, who are hiding the remains of our family members, being protected, Del Ponte replied that “their turn will come too”.

Muslim Representative of Helsinki

Committee Confirmed KFOR

and UNMIK Knew About KLA

Concentration Camps

The late President of the Raska region Helsinki Committee, Muslim Shefko Alomerovic was also pointing to the fact that Albanians held Kosovo-Metohija Serbs in concentration camps. His testimony was especially shocking for the foreigners, because it was coming from someone who could not be labeled a “pro-Serbian” source.

Alomerovic testified that Aljos Malja, the chief of the KLA secret police, runs all the concentration camps for Serbs in Kosovo-Metohija province, which existed in six locations, most often in boiler rooms, garages and cellars of the public buildings and private homes.

In the interview to the magazine “Reporter” given in April 2000, Alomerovic said: “KFOR and UNMIK are aware of the charges by the Sandzak Helsinki Committee. Committee has people who are employed with both KFOR and UNMIK, and these men confirmed that KFOR offices in Pristina, Pec and Kosovska Mitrovica have received the relevant documentation from the Committee. These are our men whom we trust and their testimony is a sufficient evidence that KFOR is aware of the concentration camps.”

Scott Taylor: Western Leaders

and Media Know About Atrocities

Serbs, but Prefer to Ignore Them

“In 1999 there were rumors in Kosovo that the vital organs of the kidnapped and missing Serbs are being sold, but they were discarded as a ‘Serb propaganda’,” said Scott Taylor, Canada’s military analyst and former member of the peacekeeping forces in Kosovo province in 1999.

Taylor, who has worked as a war correspondent and is the current editor of the military magazine Esprit de Corps, commenting the claims in Del Ponte’s book for Saturday edition of the Belgrade daily Vecernje novosti, said it was simply not possible that NATO and UNMIK did not know about the trade in human organs extracted from kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, while the ICTY’s chief prosecutor knew about these atrocious crimes.


Nothing was published about the crimes against the Serbs that Albanians in some cases committed even in the plain view of foreign reporters and NATO troops,” said Taylor.

Families of the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs

Taylor reminded that a series of those crimes committed under the command of KLA leader Agim Ceku, were witnessed by the Canadian troops which recorded them, especially the war crimes in Croatia (Medak Pocket massacre and the ethnic cleansing of over 300,000 Serbs from Srpska Krajina in Croatia, code named Operation Storm).


Taylor said that he continued to write about Ceku’s crimes and included in his memoirs the Canadian double standards, exemplified in the charges Canada’s judge Louis Arbour at the post of ICTY chief prosecutor brought against the late Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic in 1999, for the alleged Racak massacre, which the forensic experts rejected as a fraud.

“One has to wonder why she, at the same time, failed to raise charges against the KLA leaders for trafficking the organs extracted from the kidnapped Serbs”.

Taylor said he does not represent the Serbian position, but simply demands that the full truth should be revealed before any decisions are made. “Throughout the entire conflict in the Balkans, everyone overlooked the number of crimes committed against Serbs,” he said.

Serbian Medical Society:

The Most Heinous Crimes Since

 Nazi Germany

The Serbian Medical Society of Kosovo and Metohija requested that Serbia’s Ministries of Health, Justice and Foreign Affairs urgently initiate the international investigation regarding the claims that Kosovo Serbs had their organs extracted for sale.

Addressing the press conference in Kosovska Mitrovica on Saturday, Dr. Milan Jakovljevic, President of the Serbian Medical Society, along with Society members Dr. Miladinka Barac and Dr. Dragan Stefanovic, said that Serbia has to immediately cut all diplomatic ties with Albania, the country where the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were taken to have their organs extracted.

Dr. Jakovljevic explained that “human organs can be taken only by the skilled medical staff, which means that medical workers took part in these heinous crimes”. He stressed that the greatest responsibility for the entire “massacre the international community is ignoring for eight years, avoiding to face responsibility for this even today”, rests on the medical workers who took part in the monstrosity.


“We demand that the identity of the medical workers who took part in this operation is revealed, that they are prohibited from practicing medicine and held criminally responsible. We shall work till the very end to make sure the whole truth comes to light, if for no other reason, then so that the families of those tormented Serbs who were kidnapped at least receive a moral satisfaction,” said Dr. Jakovljevic, calling on the World Health Organization to launch investigation into this “most inhumane act, before seen only in the Second World War, during the reign of Nazi Germany.”

UNMIK Policemen Lied About

Kidnapped Serbs in Albania

Milorad Avramovic (38), father of three children, who worked in Trepca mine, was kidnapped in June 1999, in the southern part of Kosovska Mitrovica. His wife Maya Avramovic said that she received the confirmation from certain UNMIK police officers in the same year that her husband is alive and imprisoned in northern Albania.

“At the time, one Argentinian whose name was Ramon Armacado and one Bulgarian whose name I can’t remember, said that in the summer of 1999 Kosovo Albanians took some 300 kidnapped Serbs in trucks to Albanian camps, in the places Tropoja and Kukes,” she said, adding that her husband was among them.

She said they told her that “everyone works there, they are unloading the construction material, building roads for Haradinaj, that the trucks are bringing food to them and that they are even wearing some kind of the workers’ jumpsuits.”


“Unfortunately, nobody took seriously our fears in all these years, even though they were entirely rational, after it was confirmed that the kidnapped Serbs were being taken to Albania”, Avramovic said.


She said that her children were deeply distressed with the latest information about the kidnapped Serbs who were used for organ harvesting and that KFOR and UNMIK heads should also be brought to justice, since they were clearly informed about everything that went on, and did nothing to put an end to this, or to bring charges against the criminals.

Recommended: Need a Liver? Kill a Serb., by Julia Gorin (Republican Riot); Is Kosovo the End of Europe?, by Ash Narain Roy (Mainstream Weekly); U.S. acceptance of Kosovo poses problem, by John Meinhold (; U.S. blunders by recognizing Kosovo independence, by James A. Palmer (Detroit Free Press); Pentagon aims to take Kosovo under its wing, by Tamara Zamyatina (Canada, Edmonton Journal)



by Felix Quigley

March 16, 2009

Nothing shows more clearly that all of these Human Rights groups which operate in Gaza and the West bank are really Nazi and antisemitic in nature.

We saw int he Gaza war how a UN spokesman issued statement after statement which inferred that the Israelis had blown up a school with great loss of life. It was a total lie. The UN did not apologise for this Black Nazi propaganda against Jews.

But the great thing is, the Jews of Israel are now wide awake to the nature of these groups and thus the fight back has begun


As is seen in this wonderful reposte from INN

[Start Israel National News article here]

NGO Watchdog:

Human Rights Groups

Silent on Shalit

by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
( NGO (Non-Government Organization) Monitor Professor Gerald Steinberg charged on Monday that human rights organizations “have released no more than a token demand” for the release of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. He cited Human Rights Watch and Oxfam for their silence in efforts to free the soldier, abducted on June 25, 2006.


“Their shameful silence on Shalit’s fate amounts to a betrayal of universal human rights,” he stated. His captors’ denial of visits from the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) violates the Geneva Convention, “a grave contravention of one of the foundations of international humanitarian law.” 

Shalit was kidnapped by Hamas, Army of Islam and Popular Resistance Committees terrorists in an attack on an IDF outpost at a Gaza crossing, where two other soldiers were killed and a fourth was gravely wounded.


Prof. Steinberg also singled out the Israeli human rights organization B’Tselem for neglecting the plight of Shalit and his family, who have no proof of whether he is alive, or of his physical and psychological condition.

Exactly one year after Shalit was kidnapped, B’Tselem issued a four-paragraph release stating only, “The circumstances of his capture and the behavior of his captors clearly indicate that he is a hostage.”



Similarly, added Professor Steinberg, “Beyond isolated examples, Amnesty [International], which was founded to campaign on behalf of political prisoners, has done nothing to campaign for Shalit’s fundamental human rights.”

He noted that human rights organizations such as Human Rights Watch and Oxfam, who have continually condemned Israel for events in Gaza, “have issued “no more than a token demand for Shalit’s release.”

Last November, the British branch of Oxfam issued an urgent appeal on the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC) on behalf of Gaza citizens — but made no mention of Shalit.

The conduct of the human rights groups is “immoral,” according to the NGO Monitor, which focuses on critical analysis and debate on the political role of human rights organizations.


by Felix Quigley

March 16, 2009


We are in a new period and nothing shows this more than the press conference which a very special Israeli family gave on Monday of this week.

It concerns brothers Meir and Shvuel Schijveschuuder. These brothers are an example to all Jews.

In the 1930s and 40s Jews were advised very badly indeed by their leaders. The leaders of the Jewish people in those terrible years had a strong tendency to say to the persecuted Jews, “Do not rock the boat. Keep your head down. Do as you are told”.

And they were asking the Jews to put their faith in their persecutors, the Nazis, or in the helpers of the Nazis, like the US Governemnt of Roosevelt.

That was very bad advice because if a bully hears that then they tend to persecute even more.

This is a bit of school yard common sense. Many a kid has learned this the hard way.

But perhaps the Jews today are not the same Jews who were persecuted and murdered by the Nazis.

So we have this story as told by INN

In fact 4international never tires in pointing out the very strong links between the German Nazis of then and the Arab Nazis of then, AND the Arab Nazis of today.

But please do not omit that it was the American Nazis of then and the British associates of these Nazis who sealed the death of 6 millions of Jews in the Holocaust by closing their borders to the Jews.

[start report from Israeli National News here]

Many Israelis who have lost loved ones to terrorist attacks have protested the government’s plan to release terrorists who have murdered in exchange for kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit. On Monday, brothers Meir and Shvuel Schijveschuuder issued an ultimatum: If the terrorists are freed, bereaved families will take the law into their own hands and kill the terrorists in revenge.

The brothers announced their plan to the world in an interview with the Hebrew-language daily Yediot Acharonot. The interview was printed on Monday morning.

The Schijveschuuder family was decimated in the 2001 bombing of the Sbarro restaurant in downtown Jerusalem. Parents Mordechai and Tzira were killed, as were 14-year-old Ra’aya, four-year-old Avraham Yitzchak and two-year-old Hemda.

Meir and Shvuel made it clear that they would go after all released killers, and not only those who attacked their family. “The plan is to reach each and every one who has Jewish blood on his hands and to give them a field trial – the meaning should be clear,” Shvuel said.

The brothers’ announcement angered some bereaved families and delighted others. In the latter camp was Ze’ev Rap, whose 15-year-old daughter Helena was murdered by a terrorist in 1992. “I’m ready to help them and teach them how to do it,” he said.

“Whoever signs an order releasing my daughter’s murderer is signing his fate… He will not leave Israel’s borders alive,” Rap added.

Rap rejected accusations that those who threatened revenge were ignoring the rule of law. The politicians planning to release terrorists are ignoring the law, he alleged. “These murderers were sentenced in court. Who are the prime minister and the defense minister to violate a court order?… On the day the terrorists are released there will be no law and order in this country; it will be the ‘Wild West.’”

Meir and Shvuel also denied that they were breaking the law. “We will act within the framework of the law of the land,” they said. “In the Palestinian Authority they go by the rule of ‘an eye for an eye,’ so we won’t be breaking any law.”


by Felix Quigley

March 16, 2009

Ken Loach is a good film maker. He is also a man who has been totally taken in by Nazi propaganda, namely the Palestinian Big Lie.

It appears that there is a new organization afoot. This organization is really an off shoot of the Jew Hating Palestine Solidarity Campaign.

Thus this organization when it comes to discuss the issues involved in the creation of Israel and the opposition of Jew Hating Arabs to Israel and to Zionists leaves out vital information for its followers.

Especially left out is that the real founder of the Palestine Arab movement is a man call Hajj Amin el Husseini, also known as the Mufti of Jerusalem, sometimes as “The Mufti”.

This man was a Nazi. He took part in the Holocaust of the Jews in Europe. He presided over the intentions of the Nazis to kill every single Jew in Palestine, in fact the Jew killing team was already in place ready to move into Palestine and slaughter the Jews.

There was no shortage of expertise in this enterprize. The nominal leader of the team was a top Nazi called Walther Rauff, a man of some intensity of purpose, giving to his name the distinction of having invented the Gas Vans used in the beginning stages of the Holocaust.

Assisted by the US Jew Hating elite who barred Jews from entering America, later this US ruling class was to recruit precisely these Nazis like Rauff as Christopher Simpson showed in his famous work “Blowback”.

However Rauff had a comand even above him as he waited in Athens for the dice to roll, not for him but for the Jews that he hated so. He was waiting for the Nazis under Rommel in North Africa to win through and it is a very lucky thing for the Jews of Palestine and all of the North African countries that they did not.

The command above Rauff was of course Hitler. But standing alongside Hitler, and especially standing alongside Himmler was Hajj Amin el Husseini, the Arab Palestinian Jew hater, the Arab Nazi who was representative of the Arabs in the Arab countries, a man monster from Palestine and really the founder of the Arab Palestine movement.


You see this Palestinian Arab movement was founded on a strange kind of nationalism, that is Jew Hatred of an extreme kind, so extreme that in 1942 the Holocaust beckoned for all the Jews in the Middle East.


The searing history that must not be aired on the so calle Left of the day.

So look at how today the various forces are coming together.

1. The US Nazis in the various Governments of the US. Clinton, Bush, now Obama!  They are arming and promoting these Nazis in Fatah and Hamas in order to create a new Holocaust of the Jews.

2. Obama making the way to a Holocaust possible through his alliance with Islam and with Jew murdering Iran. Blair in position in Palestine as a representative of that old Jew Hating British ruling class, which in 1939 passed the notorious White Paper which led directly to millions of Jews trapped in Europe, and those millions of poor defenceless people going to the most horrible deaths possible, where they watched their fathers mothers and children die, often minutes before they themselves were killed.

3. The United Nations of today, now totally controlled not only by the Nazis of Britain and the US, but also by the in built majority of Islamist countries in the UN slate.

4. Those phoney and illegal international courts and court system which we saw so clearly in the case of the destruction of Yugoslavia and the judicial slaying in his prison cell of the President of the Serbs Slobodan Milosevic, aided of course by the Serbian “Kapos” in the Serb ruling class.


What ingenuity these Jew haters and Israel haters of today are showing!


The call

       We are calling for the creation of a RUSSELL TRIBUNAL ON PALESTINE. This Tribunal will work rigorously and in the same spirit as the Tribunal on Vietnam that sat in 1967, under the presidency of Jean-Paul Sartre.     The Tribunal will have to judge the breaches of international law, of which the Palestinians are victims, and which deprive the Palestinian people of a sovereign State.        The Advisory Opinion given by the International Court of Justice of The Hague on the 9th of July 2004 sums up those violations, and concludes, in particular, that Israel must dismantle the Wall and compensate the Palestinians for all the damage resulting from its construction.      This Opinion reiterates, in §163,D, that “All States are under an obligation not to recognise the illegal situation resulting from the construction of the wall and not to render aid or assistance in maintaining the situation created by such construction; all State parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention relative to the Protection of Civilians Persons in Time of War of the 12th of August 1949 have in addition the obligation, while respecting the United Nations Charter and international law, to ensure compliance by Israel with international law as embodied in that Convention”.       This Opinion was confi rmed on the 24th of July 2004, by resolution ES-10/15 of the General Assembly of the United Nations, adopted by 150 Members States. The General Assembly “demands that Israel, the occupying Power, comply with its legal obligations as mentioned in the advisory opinion” and “calls upon all States Members of the United Nations to comply with their legal obligations as mentioned in the advisory opinion”.       Drawing in particular on the Advisory Opinion and the UN resolution, the RUSSELL TRIBUNAL ON PALESTINE will reaffi rm the primacy of international law as the basis for the settlement of the Israeli Palestinian confl ict. It will identify breaches in the application of the law and will bring all the perpetrators to the attention of international public opinion.       Your support for this Tribunal will give it the moral weight necessary to advance the cause of justice and law in this part of the world.       Thanking you for your attention and your response to this appeal, and with cordial greetings.         Yours sincerely, 











 Ken Coates                              Nurit Peled                                   

Leila Shahid

Chairman of the Bertrand              Sakharov Prize 2001            General Delegate of Palestine to the

Russell Peace Foundation                                                       European Union, Belgium, Luxembourg


EU-wide rise in anti-Semitism described as ‘understandable’

British film director Ken Loach says that a rise in anti-Semitism in Europe since the Gaza crisis is “not surprising and understandable”.

He was responding to a report earlier this week by the Vienna-based agency for fundamental rights (FRA) which said cases of anti-Semitism had risen across Europe since last December.

The agency, which collected information from 19 EU members, said rises in anti-Semitism, ranging from vandalism to physical attacks, were a serious concern.

“There does seem to be a relationship between the rise of anti-Semitism in the EU and the situation in the Middle East,” said Ioannis Dimitrakopoulos, one of the paper’s authors.

But, speaking in Brussels on Wednesday, Loach said, “If there has been a rise I am not surprised. In fact, it is perfectly understandable because Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism.”



Israel feeds feelings of anti-Semitism

Loach, famous for films like Kes, Cathy Come Home and Riff Raff, stressed that “no-one can condone violence”.

But the director, who has spoken out against Israel in the past, branded the report as a “red herring” designed to “distract attention” from Israel’s recent military actions.

Loach was speaking before the launch of the ‘Russell tribunal on Palestine’ which aims to highlight what he described “Israel’s war crimes”.

Italian GUE MEP Luisa Morgantini, who recently visited Gaza, was also speaking at the event. She said the tribunal’s aim was to collect evidence on recent developments in the region for presentation at a hearing later this year.

“It will not be legally binding but the aim is for it to operate in the same way as a court of law,” she said.

“The results will then be made public.”

“If it is proved that Israel committed war crimes then it should be held accountable.”

An Israeli speaker, Nurit Peled, who won parliament’s Sakharov Prize in 2001, said, “As far as I am concerned Israel violated international law in its recent actions in Gaza.”


And we on 4international ask our Jewish friends in Israel and abroad who is this excrescence Nurid Peled who shouts such Kapo filth and who associates with such filthy Jew Haters.


By Felix Quigley

March 14, 2009

The greatest danger to Israel coming from the US Nazi Government of Obama, and before him Bush, is confirmed from an unusual source today.

A very respected Russian expert has said the following


This Russian respected expert called Vladimir Dvorkin put it this way: “The threat is that Iran, which has effectively ignored all the resolutions and sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, as a nuclear state would become untouchable, allowing it to broaden its support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizballah.”


Never before has any expert from Russia taken this position. It is absolutely ground breaking.

Note that Dvorkin has made publicly a linkage above from Iran to Hamas and Hizbullah. This is totally astounding.

It means that the Russians are now concerned that Iran will triger a new Holocaust of the Jews.

The reason that Russia was drawn into alliances with Iran and with Syrian Fascists was sheer fear. They know very well following the destruction of Yugoslavia that Russia too is in great danger from the US Nazis.

We will say more about this later. But first let us “enjoy” this detailed statement and analysis from DEBKAfile. And let us note that this Russian expert has one thing above all on his mind, and that is time, that is the time that it may take Iran to have the Nuclear Bomb.

[Begin quote from DEBKAfile here]


A Russian strategic arms control expert, Vladimir Dvorkin, said Thursday, March 12, that Iran could produce an atomic weapon in “one or two years,” allowing Tehran to broaden its support for Hamas and Hizballah. Dvorkin, as head of the strategic arms research center at the Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow and a former general of Russia’s Strategic Rocket Forces, is a highly respected authority in the West.

This was the first time a Russian figure had predicted Iran would be nuclear-capable within so short a period, DEBKAfile‘s Moscow sources stress. Its correlative linkage to a heightened threat from Hamas and Hizballah has never been heard from Moscow, or even explicitly from Washington or Jerusalem.

Dvorkin put it this way: “The threat is that Iran, which has effectively ignored all the resolutions and sanctions imposed by the United Nations Security Council, as a nuclear state would become untouchable, allowing it to broaden its support for terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hizballah.”

Without mentioning Israel, this Russian warning implicitly put the Jewish state on notice, as the only country threatened by Hizballah and Hamas, that time was running out.

Dvorkin’s prediction of “one or two years” was also Moscow’s rejoinder to intelligence chief Dennis Blair’s forecast Tuesday that Iran would have a nuclear bomb capability within “one to five years.”

It was the second pointer to a tougher Russian stance on Iran’s nuclear weapon aspiratoins. On March 10, the Russian news agency Interfax quoted an unnamed Moscow source as stating that “Russia may shelve delivery of its advanced S-300 air defense missile system to Iran.”

Tehran wants this system to protect its nuclear sites against air or missile attack.

The Moscow source added: “Such a possibility is not excluded. The question must be decided at a political level…”

The final decision on the transaction has therefore been passed to president Dmitry Medvedev and prime minister Vladimir Putin, say our Moscow sources.

The Dvorkin statement and Interfax disclosure lay down a hard new Kremlin line on the impasse over Iran’s quest for a nuclear bomb just ahead of the Russian president’s first summit with US president Barack Obama in London on April 1.

They also suggest that Russia would show some flexibility in the interests of cooperation with Washington.

Moscow has not lost sight of a possible quid pro quo with Obama over the deployment of a US missile shield close to its borders versus Russian involvement in the Iran nuclear issue – although both sides deny this was proposed.



Moscow signals harder

 position on nuclear-armed Iran

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

March 13, 2009, 1:37 PM



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by Felix Quigley

March 14, 2009



The biggest issue today is without any doubt the dark cloud which hangs over Israel as a result of the Iranian Islamofascists making rh H Bomb.


This is in line with the real threat of another massive Holocaust against the Jews of Israel

The more that one analyses this subject as coolly and as objectively as is possible it becomes clear that the US elite, along with especially the EU elite, and then countries which are clearly led by antisemites such as Venezuela under Chavez, are the main danger to Israel. But the master of all is the US Nazis now under the Obama team.

And so it is necessary for Israel to summon up the strength in order to strike against the Nuclear Bomb of Iran. The nature of antisemitism in the world today is that Israel is going to have to carry out this strike alone, and that the main protagonist against Israel will be all sections of the US elite, now led by a deadly enemy of Israel in Obama


We have to pay more attention once again to Yugoslavia


It is extremely fortuitous that Neil Craig of A Place to Stand website has been giving attention to the issue of Yugoslavia and the role played therein by the US nazis aided by the Nazis of the EU

[begin most recent article here by Neil Craig]

Friday, March 13, 2009




There has, naturally, been no depth coverage of the recent “conviction” of several Serbs, though not the leader, for what did (& didn’t happen in Kosovo. Here, with a few end comments, is a slightly edited & highlighted article written by Andy Wilcoxson:

Last month the Hague Tribunal convicted five senior Serbian political, military, and police officials for their roles in the 1999 Kosovo war. They were convicted of crimes against Kosovo’s ethnic Albanian population during (but conspicuously not before) NATO’s 1999 attack on Yugoslavia.

Criminal liability for each of the Accused fell into one or more of the following …

1) Command Responsibility: A superior officer is held criminally responsible for the acts of his subordinates if he orders them to commit crimes or fails to prevent and punish criminal conduct in his ranks. This judgement does not cite a single instance of a crime being ordered. In this context, command responsibility is limited to crimes of omission – i.e. failure to prevent and punish crimes.

2) Joint Criminal Enterprise: A conspiracy. Under this mode of liability, the participants in a conspiracy are held criminally responsible for crimes committed in the pursuit of the conspiracy. In its judgement the Tribunal found that the Accused had “participated in a joint criminal enterprise to modify the ethnic balance in Kosovo in order to ensure continued control by Yugoslav and Serbian authorities over the province.” And that “the purpose of the joint criminal enterprise was to be achieved through a widespread or systematic campaign of terror or violence against the Kosovo Albanian population, including the various crimes specified in each of the counts of the Indictment.”…

Although the trial lasted for more than three years and the judgement was four volumes and nearly 2000 pages long it doesn’t hold up to even the most basic scrutiny.

I’ll start with the issue of command responsibility. The crimes charged in the indictment are all alleged to have happened during the NATO bombing, which ended upon the withdrawal of Serb and Yugoslav forces from Kosovo…

Carrying out a proper criminal investigation while the country is being attacked by the largest military alliance on Earth would be difficult if not impossible. No rational person could blame the Yugoslav authorities if they had other priorities during the NATO bombing.

What is remarkable, and the Tribunal noted this in its judgement, is the fact that orders were issued to the police and military to respect human rights and Yugoslav military courts were set-up to prosecute soldiers who committed crimes

While “command responsibility” pertains solely to crimes of omission in this judgement, the far more serious finding is that of a “joint criminal enterprise” or conspiracy.

With this judgement, the Tribunal has found that the government of Slobodan Milosevic undertook a massive conspiracy “to modify the ethnic balance in Kosovo” by means of “a widespread or systematic campaign of terror or violence against the Kosovo Albanian population” for the purpose of “ensuring continued control by Yugoslav and Serbian authorities over the province.”

That conspiracy theory is the keystone of the entire judgement and the foundation of the whole trial. That conspiracy theory is the only thing linking the military, political, and police leadership to the crimes alleged in the indictment. Debunking that conspiracy theory blows the whole premise of the trial out of the water.

This particular conspiracy theory faces two insurmountable problems (1) all of the crimes charged in the indictment are alleged to have happened during the NATO bombing — not before it, and (2) no military, political, or police official is on record in any of the transcripts, documents, or trail exhibits discussing or referring to any kind of a plan, policy, or conspiracy to terrorize, kill, or expel the Kosovo Albanians.

The judgement attempts to overcome the timing of the alleged crimes — the glaring problem that each and every crime charged in the indictment happened during the NATO bombing — by claiming that Serbia wanted the NATO bombing.

According to the judgement, Serbia sabotaged the 1999 Rambouillet talks. Serbia’s motive in doing so, the Tribunal would have you believe, was that Serbia wanted to be attacked by NATO. Serbia wanted to be attacked by the biggest military alliance on the planet for two reasons we are told: (1) NATO bombing would “gain time” for Serbia to carryout its dastardly conspiracy against the Kosovo Albanians, and (2) NATO bombing would give the evil Serbian conspirators “plausible deniability”.

The judgement says: “The international negotiations of 1999 sought to bring about a resolution of the crisis. The FRY/Serbian delegation, along with the other interlocutors, all contributed to the failure of these negotiations, the decision of the NATO Council to use force was put into effect, and the NATO bombing began. The partial responsibility of the FRY delegation in causing the talks to fail, when viewed in light of the movement of additional forces to Kosovo, gives rise to the inference that this was being done to gain time.”

The judgement goes on to explain that “The NATO bombing provided an opportunity to the members of the joint criminal enterprise — an opportunity for which they had been waiting and for which they had prepared by moving additional forces to Kosovo and by the arming and disarming process described above—to deal a heavy blow to the KLA and to displace, both within and without Kosovo, enough Kosovo Albanians to change the ethnic balance in Kosovo and maintain control over the province. And now this could all be done with plausible deniability because it could be blamed not only upon the KLA, but upon NATO as well. While some orders may have been issued directing the police to prevent the departure of civilians from Kosovo after the mass exodus was underway, these orders do not create doubt as to the existence of the common purpose and its execution by VJ and MUP forces.”

The Tribunal did not even attempt to overcome lack of any reference to a conspiracy in the trial record. The judgement simply announced that it was going to ignore that inconvenient problem.

Here’s how the judgement tries to gloss over the lack of evidence: “The Chamber places little stock in the witnesses who testified that there was no common plan, design, or purpose to displace the population or in the lack of any reference to such a common purpose in official meetings of entities such as the VJ Collegium. The Chamber largely accepts the Prosecution’s arguments on this point, namely that witnesses who testified that there was no plan (a) had a motive to lie about it to protect themselves, their colleagues, their friends, and the institutions of which they were members; (b) were not told or were not in a position to know about it; or (c) were merely speculating based upon inadequate information.”

This is the dumbest conspiracy theory that has ever been imagined. How could such a massive conspiracy have been undertaken out without any record being made? Without any plans being drawn-up, and without any orders being given to the troops on the ground? Are we supposed to believe that the Serbs did this through some kind of mental telepathy? A person would have to be stupid to believe that the conspiracy being alleged here actually happened.

The Judgement lists several hundred Kosovo Albanians (mostly military aged men) that it claims were victims of Serbian war crimes. The trial record contains evidence going to show that a great many of these “victims” were members of the KLA… the crimes charged in the indictment are without exception alleged by the Prosecution to have happened during the 78-day NATO bombing campaign.

Although their conclusions about so-called “joint criminal enterprise” and the criminal liability of the Accused are obscene and an anathema to justice, the judges do concede some interesting points in this judgement — points that refute their conclusions.

Especially interesting are the passages related to Rambouillet. According to the judgement, “The Chamber is of the view that the FRY/Serbian delegation went to Rambouillet genuinely in search of a solution.” but “the international negotiators did not take an entirely even-handed approach to the respective positions of the parties and tended to favour the Kosovo Albanians.”

That is an interesting concession for the judges to have made, since it undermines a key pillar of their conspiracy theory. If the Serbs “went to Rambouillet genuinely in search of a solution” that obviously contradicts the thesis that the Serbs went to Rambouillet to sabotage the negotiations so that NATO would bomb them and create an opportunity for them to persecute the Albanians.

Another interesting passage in the judgement relates to Bill Clinton and the reasons he gives for the NATO bombing campaign. According to the judgement, “President Clinton stated that the provision for allowing a referendum for the Albanians in Kosovo went too far and that, if he were in the shoes of Milošević, he probably would not have signed the [Rambouillet] draft agreement either. Although President Clinton initially referred to the intervention of NATO in terms of responding to a humanitarian crisis, he also said that the issues that led to the bombing no longer mattered and that the main issues, which ensured the bombing would continue indefinitely, were that the credibility of the U.S. was at stake, the credibility of NATO was at stake, and his personal credibility as President of the United States was at stake.”

If anybody deserves to be prosecuted for war crimes its Bill Clinton. Here’s a guy that comes right out in the open and says that he’s bombing a country because its leader refuses to sign an agreement that he wouldn’t sign himself, and the reason he’s doing it is for the sake of his own vanity — to preserve his “personal credibility as President of the United States”. It’s more than a little bit ironic that this judgement contains better evidence against him than it does against the men it convicts.

Indeed. If it is accepted, as it has been by the British Parliament, that the war was criminal all those who supported it are thus members of a joint criminal conspiracy. [Under the court’s theory they are also guilty of participating in the Yugoslav’s joint criminal conspiracy to get themselves bombed]

A higher proportion of Serbs than of Albanians fled Kosovo during the bombing. Though they didn’t get on western TV this proves that it is simply impossible for the bulk of refugees to be caused by Serbs cleansing Albanians but by KLA & NATO bombers cleansing everybody. There is a lot of other evidence supporting this. If the cleansing was a joint criminal conspiracy, as the NATO funded “court” claims every single NATO politician who supported it is part of the conspiracy.

Beyond that we have the ethnic cleansing of 350,000 from Kosovo when under NATO rule. By the precedent established that is not equally but much more criminal, because it happened in peacetime, when NATO was not focused on people bombing them. Ditto the massacres, such as Dragodan & many others; the kidnapping & selling to western brothels of 10s of thousands of children; the dissection while still alive of thousands of Serbs to provide organs for our hospitals.

All these were carried out by our police (previously the KLA but sworn in en masse) & therefore the direct & deliberate responsibility of such obscene Nazi filth as Clinton, Albright, Blair, Ashdown, Kohl through Brown, Biden, Ming Campbell, Lord Bonomy (as accessory after the fact) all the way down to every single judge & prosecutor who has not publicly denounced this racial genocide as being criminal.


by Felix Quigley

March 11, 2009


The central question now in this world is will Israel and the Jews who live their as their last refuge on earth escape the New Holocaust that is being planned for them by the US Nazi machine, under Obama now previously Clinton and the Bush Father and Son Combo.


That is the issue. That is the central issue in the world. Against that every other issue pales into insignificance.


It is in this light that the vicious Nazi role of the US nazis under Clinton and Bush needs to be seen.


To understand that we are infact dealing with a Nazi entity in the form of the US and EU ruling classes then one can do no better than to examine their role in the destruction of Yugoslavia and their attempt to destroy a whole people, that is the Slav people known as the Serbs.


In this regard this letter written by Neil Craig is of great importance.

[Begin letter by Neil Craig here]

Wednesday, March 04, 2009




This is an unpublished letter sent to almost every national Scottish, British or in a shortened version US newspaper. Well guess how surprising, not to say statistically improbable, it is that none of them published it. Well neither surprising nor statistically improbable if the truth is being censored but very much so if any of these countries actually have a free press.

I believe that I am the first to suggest that fear of future prosecution may be the reason, or a reason, for the decision not to publish cabinet minutes on the discussion leading to the Iraq war but it certainly fits the known facts.

Dear Editor,
One explanation fitting Jack Straw’s decision that the public should not know of the Cabinet’s discussions preceding the Iraq war is that politicians everywhere are becoming more concerned that they may, in future, be held to account for apparent war crimes.

Coincidentally the NATO funded Yugoslav War crimes “court” has found Serbian President Milan Milutinovic innocent of war crimes purely because in a long trial no actual evidence could be produced against him. Only 3 years ago, as his blood test showing the presence of Rifampicine proves, when they were equally unable, in 4 1/2 years of “trial” to produce any evidence against Milosevic, persons unknown poisoned him in his cell.

This concern for future justice may also explain why, though our government made public the Attorney General’s advice on the legality of the Iraq War they have refused to make public advice on the legality of whether the apparently even more dubious bombing of Yugoslavia was lawful or criminal. It was, after all, aimed 80% at civilians far from Kosovo in a democratic country whose territorial integrity we have, under the Helsinki Treaty, guaranteed to uphold & to support a KLA which even the Foreign Secretary had previously admitted was committing genocide. Indeed the government have refused even to say whether they ever bothered to seek such advice which must raise suspicions that they already knew it was criminal.

In any case the history of Kosovo under our occupation – numerous massacres of civilians such as the 210 murdered in the Dragodan Massacre a few hundred yards from the British military HQ; the ethnic cleansing of 350,000; the kidnap of 10s of thousands of schoolgirls (& boys) & their sale to western brothels: the kidnap & dissection of at least 1,300 Serb teens & their sale, in bits, to our hospitals – all carried out by the KLA helpfully signed up as our “police” by NATO proves that almost every senior British politician would indeed by far more vulnerable than any Serb if called before a court they hadn’t paid for. It is unfortunate & almost inexplicable that these atrocities, some of them at least matching any act of Hitler have gone essentially unreported by our media.

Meanwhile many innocent people, like the popular moderate Bosnian Moslem politician Fikret Abdic, whose only “crimes” were to support the survival of a multicultural state & to oppose the press gangs of al Quaeda, who were then our convenient allies in dismembering the country & were shipping home boxes of human heads to Saudi, languishes in jail.

If we are ever to have a safe & peaceful world we all desperately need the sort of international courts Mr Straw & co so fear.

Neil Craig

Rifampicine in Milosevic’s blood test

Response to FoI request on he government’s legal advice on whether the war was legal

Foreign Secretary’s statement to Parliament that the KLA, not the Yugoslavs were engaged inn genocide

Our atrocities in Kosovo &

Fikret Abdic
Where there is something contentious i normally put in references proving what I say – this seems reasonable since otherwise I would be asking them to publish something without knowing its accuracy (though looking at any letters page you will see they often do). It also means that none of these newspapers can ever claim that their failure to report the facts was because they didn’t know them.


by Felix Quigley

March 11, 2009

The position which Netanyahu faces is this:


1. He knows that Israel has to fight a war with Iran in order to delay the Iranian Nuclear Bomb threat to the lives of 6 millions of Jews


2. He knows that the US Nazis, under the possible CIA creation Obama, are determined to see Israel destroyed and the Jews massacred in another Holocaust


3. He knows that the decisive factor in all of this is the world economic crisis in capitalism. Netanyahu is no slouch when it comes to things economic since he was the man who modernized the Israeli economy, a modernization that laid the basis for much recent capitalist development. He knows how capitalism works and he also knows that the world system is in a deadly crisis. It will not be a surprize to Netanyahu that the US Nazis are in league with Islam Fascism. He is not stupid. He has seen Holbrook actually in bed with Muslim Brotherhood member Izetbegovic, associate of Hajj Amin el Husseini in the Holocaust, and he knows that Obama is directing affairs on the same plan


4. Thus Netanyahu though he cannot say it publicly has no illusions in the US Government


Hence Netanyahu is right. He knows that in the next 6 months Israel faces ALONE the war of its life, for its very existence.




He is right.


Spelling the issues out like this is only tending to expose the corrupt and personal nature of Livni´s political approach to Israel.


His natural ally is Lieberman. But see the note I add below about the moves of the Israeli traitorous Court System to Lieberman.


This report from DEBKAfile confirms much of my analysis above


Having failed to draw Kadima and Labor into a unity government, DEBKAfile‘s political sources report that Israel’s prime minister-designate Binyamin Netanyahu is planning to settle for a provisional administration serving six months before calling another early election.

Loth to rest his government’s stability on right-wing and religious parties (61 out of 120 Knesset members), Netanyahu prefers to take his chances on a new ballot. But he rejected the recommendation from of his close advisers to notify the president next week that he is throwing in the sponge in the belief that he can use the extra six months to good advantage.

His main consideration is that Israel expects to be embroiled in a major military confrontation in the next few months with Iran, Hamas or Hizballah – or all three at once – a compelling scenario for a national emergency government against which Kadima and Labor will find it hard to hold out.

With this eventuality in mind, the Likud leader keeping the senior portfolios of security, treasury and justice open for members of those two parties or deposited with Likud ministers who will step aside and make way for them in an emergency.

A prominent example of this tactic is the new Likud legislator, the former chief of staff Moshe Yaalon. He is penciled in for defense in the interim administration on the understanding that if Labor joins, he will step down and accept the No. 2 position. Uri Yogev, a former treasury official, likewise expects to stand down for a Labor or Kadima candidate in finance.

Netanyahu is not waiting for a war emergency; he is quietly pursuing Labor and Kadima in informal conversations with defense minister Ehud Barak of Labor and Kadima’s Shaul Mofaz and Tzahi Hanegbi.

His offer of the foreign ministry to Israel Beteinu’s controversial leader Avigdor Lieberman is not yet signed and sealed. The prime minister-designate calculates that if the ongoing police probe into his financial affairs culminates in an indictment, Lieberman will have to withdraw, but his party will continue to support the government.

Lieberman’s exit will ease the path of Kadima and Labor to government.

Netanyahu closest circle of advisers, our political sources report, consists of his wife, Sara Netanyahu, the lawyer-politician and former justice minister, Yaacov Neeman and Likud lawmakers Reuven Rivlin, Gideon Saar and Gilead Erdan.

Netanyahu may settle for interim

 government until early election

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

March 12, 2009

[end of DEBKAfile report here] 




Yet there is no way around this central question. There exists in the ranks of the Peace Movement in Israel, and in the ranks of many Jewish organizations in America and Europe, a downright traitorous group of people.


It seems to be to be the ultimate in treason for law officers in Israel AT THIS TIME to be bringing a law case against Lieberman. It is on the most dubious of grounds. It is a matter of hounding this patriotic Jew who hails from Russia. It is a total scandal.


This is in Israel a time of national emergency.


If Netanyahu actually had the balls he would in fact be out there in a major campaign to defend Lieberman.


All of this traitorous carry on is shown in this report from that traitorous newspaper Haaretz which is covered here by an Australian paper. Read it please. It is of great moment.

[Begin report about hounding of Lieberman here]


John Lyons, Middle East correspondent | March 07, 2009

Article from:  The Australian

ISRAEL’S prime minister designate Benjamin Netanyahu has been handed a dilemma as he prepares a new government, with the publication yesterday of a major investigation into the financial affairs of his key coalition partner and the man being considered for foreign minister: Avigdor Lieberman.

The influential Israeli newspaper Haaretz yesterday published the first part of an investigation into Mr Lieberman’s financial affairs, in which it said he had allegedly received a large amount of money from a company established by his daughter when he was a member of the Knesset (MK) and a minister.

The paper said Mr Lieberman, leader of the Yisrael Beiteinu party, had allegedly received about $1.1 million from the company since its establishment in 2004. That included a large severance payment after working for the company for two years.

Mr Lieberman told the newspaper: “I never engaged in private work concurrent with serving as an MK.”

He said that after he was elected to the Knesset a retirement agreement was signed between him and the company by which payment was transferred to him, spread over five or six instalments.

While he said all the money he received and the retirement agreement itself was reported under the law to the state comptroller, he was unable to provide those to the newspaper and said he was not in possession of them.

It was already known in Israel that Mr Lieberman was under investigation by the police for possible money-laundering and fraud, but the new investigation puts pressure on Mr Netanyahu as he chooses not just his new government, but his new cabinet.

While Tzipi Livni’s Kadima party received the most votes of any party, the Right bloc, led by Mr Netanyahu’s Likud, received more votes nationally than the Centre-Left bloc, led by Kadima.

After Ms Livni declined Mr Netanyahu’s invitation to be partof a unity government, Mr Netanyahu was left relying on Mr Lieberman and Yisrael Beiteinu to form government.

Yisrael Beiteinu, an ultra-nationalist party, on February 10 became the third-largest party behind Kadima and Likud.

Mr Lieberman and Mr Netanyahu were once colleagues, both originally from the Likud party. When Mr Netanyahu was prime minister in the late 1990s, Mr Lieberman was one of his key advisers and considered his “gatekeeper” – access to Mr Netanyahu was considered almost impossible without approval from Mr Lieberman.

But Mr Lieberman, who migrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union, helped form a new party, which originally relied heavily on the votes of Russian immigrants in Israel.

In recent years, its appeal has gone beyond the Russian community as it has appealed to many Israelis who want to see a separation between Jews and Arabs inside Israel.

Haaretz reported that the company established by Mr Lieberman’s daughter, Michal Lieberman, in 2004, called ML1, had received at least $4.4 million from abroad in the 4 1/2 years since its founding.

The paper said: “A police investigation is trying to find out who gave the money (to Mr Lieberman) and why.”,25197,25149235-15084,00.html


George Galloway is allowed to get off with far too much in the British working class movement.


I have googled his position on the Gaza War and thereby have been taken to a video of a speech he made in Parliament. I am surprized that this has not been given more air play.

It is on a very reactionary website, a very anti Israel site called Pulse Media (

Without looking at the video I am taking the transcript below the video and hope these are Galloway’s exact words. I presume they are because this site is favourably disposed towards Galloway

[Begin quote from Galloway in British Parliament]

George Galloway, the finest speaker in the British Parliament, lambasts the Government for its complicity in the Gaza massacre, suggesting it takes a more active, just, role in resolving the conflict, given its responsibility dates as far back as 1917 when Arthur Balfour promised Zionist colonisers a home in Palestine.

It’s worth remembering Zionist influence is an important factor in Parliament: from Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann who lobbied for a “Jewish homeland” in Palestine to the modern day Friends of Israel groups that organise brainwashing trips for MPs to Sderot (the first stop on these trips is predictably the holocaust memorial Yad Vashem, designed to remind leaders the coloniser is really the eternal “victim”).

1. “Gaza Massacre”

Galloway does not explain that this recent war by Israel was a defensive measure if ever there was such.

Hence Galloway does not refer to 8000 rockets from Gaza into Israel which has made life intolerable for all Israelis and especially for children.

Netanyahu was dead right when he said of those Hamas rockets…rockets from civilian areas, rockets on top of civilians…a double war crime right there!

That was the Palestinian Arab method over 8 years. Attacks on defenceless Israelis, not at all against the IDF, but taking the cowardly approach.

It was a defensive measure against Hamas, not a massacre in any shape of form.


Reference to the British Government and its responsibility

So Lord Balfour was wrong in giving land to the dispossessed and persecuted Jews of the world.

How is that so Galloway? What is your logic here?

At a time when there were no “Palestinian” Arabs in existence.

And at a time when there were 21 Arab states in the making.

Why was Balfour wrong in hoping for a piece of land for these Jews?


“its responsibility dates as far back as 1917 when Arthur Balfour promised Zionist colonisers a home in Palestine”

Zionist “colonizers” says galloway.

The word fairly slips off his reactionary tongue.

Here Galloway is meeting on the same ground as the odious Palestine Solidarity Campaign who actually promote Galloway heavily.

But what kind of colonizers were these people who had been persecuted for 2000 years and were only asking for a piece of land to make as their only Homeland!!!???

At a time when the Arabs were being helped to make 21 states!!!

One of which Galloway was to become Jordan, which was given to the Arabs by the Nazi type Churchill, on 78 per cent of that land promised by Balfour to the Jews.

That was British perfidy Galloway. Why not deal with that perfidious act by perfidious Albion.


And Galloway you use this word “colonizers”. Since when did a persecuted people become colonizers.

And since when did colonizers come across and pay huge amounts of money, and since when did colonizers take over swamps and through hard labour drain them and make them fruitful.

It pains me and it irks me dealing with Galloway word for word!


So I will finish with this. Galloway is one of those who makes much of what is called the Jewish Lobby. But why? That is the really interesting question.

Remember there is a Scottish lobby, there is an Irish lobby, there is an American lobby, all in the British Parliament. Perplexing that Galloway gets riled up over a Jewish Lobby

So quoting that last full paragraph by Galloway!


It’s worth remembering Zionist influence is an important factor in Parliament: from Theodor Herzl and Chaim Weizmann who lobbied for a “Jewish homeland” in Palestine to the modern day Friends of Israel groups that organise brainwashing trips for MPs to Sderot (the first stop on these trips is predictably the holocaust memorial Yad Vashem, designed to remind leaders the coloniser is really the eternal “victim”).

And just ask the reader to google the Protocols of Zion, at the same time look at the Hamas Charter, and think a little on the Galloway paragraph above in Parliament.

“Zionist influence an important factor in Parliament”.

I ask Galloway one question:


Galloway are you not aware how close you sail to the Protocols of Zion!!!


by Felix Quigley

March 10, 2009

The biggest issue today is to build a true revolutionary socialist leadership, a Trotskyist party, in the working class.

Such a party must place the well being of the Jewish people and their freedom from antisemitism at the very top of its priorities.

If a party does not line up with the Jews against antisemitism then it is not worthy of the name of Trotskyism.

Who is George Galloway and what is the Palestinian Aid Convoy that has arived in Gaza?

This statement by Galloway may help:

[Begin statement from Galloway here]

We have brought with us many vehicles, much equipment, much medicine, everything we could carry. And we will hand it to Ismail Haniyeh, the elected prime minister of Palestine.

[End statement by Galloway here]

Hamas is of course the same organization that was founded by the Nazi war criminal Hajj Amin el Husseini, and also by Izetbegovic the darling of the US in Bosnia. The roots of these movements are in the Muslim Brotherhood.

Hamas is also promoting Holocaust Denial. One should remember that Islam in the form of Husseini was directly involved in the Holocaust.

This essentially is what Galloway was doing.  He was handing the aid to Hamas and to the very top leader of Hamas at that. And boasting about it.

Let me try to summarise the position of Galloway and his relationship with Hamas. Then we can look a litle further at Hamas whom Galloway associates with.

I do not know how elastic is the mind of Galloway. So let me nevertheless try to narrow things down. This is important because Galloway is in no way an individual case but represents the common position on the wrongly named Left.


Galloway takes in the Gaza War a very hostile position towards Israel and total sympathy towards Hamas. (In a future article we will examine this a little more)


I am not sure how often Galloway condemned the Hamas rocket bombardment of Sderot and other places in Israel. Did he at all?


But in any case Galloway leads the Palestine Convoy as the main figure head and arriving in Gaza makes a point of handing the money etc across to the head of Hamas in Gaza.


That same head of Hamas is directly responsible for, to take just one item, that picture which we publish of men and a kid dressed to kill Jews, Israelis, that is civilians


So it is Galloway…aid to Hamas…Hamas killing Jews…Hamas denying Holocaust…Hamas blaming Jewish leaders of the time for the Holocaust…Which also means Hamas excusing the Nazis and the Nazi extermination of the Jews campaign. Galloway is bringing money to the leader of these Holocaust Deniers!


[Start quote here]

From Palestinian Media Watch (in full — not yet online):

Jewish leaders planned the Holocaust to kill “disabled and handicapped” Jews to avoid having to care for them, according to a Hamas TV educational program. As much of the world prepared to commemorate Yom HaShoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, Hamas TV presented its latest sinister twist on Holocaust denial.

The Hamas TV educational program, broadcast last week, taught that the murder of Jews in the Holocaust was a Zionist plot with two goals:

1- To eliminate “disabled and handicapped” Jews by sending them to death camps, so they would not be a burden on the future state of Israel.

2- At the same time, the Holocaust served to make “the Jews seem persecuted” so they could “benefit from international sympathy.”

Amin Dabur, head of the Palestinian “Center for Strategic Research” explained that “the Israeli Holocaust – the whole thing was a joke, and part of the perfect show that [Zionist leader and future Israeli prime minister] Ben Gurion put on.” The “young energetic and able” were sent to Israel, while the handicapped were sent “so there would be a Holocaust.”…

[End quote here]

A video of this can be seen on the solomonia site.


On the actual arrival in Gaza of this very reactionary convoy

From the Harry´s Place website the following

George Galoway said:

“I have entered Palestine many times but the most emotional of these is after the 22-day genocidal aggression against the Palestinian people,”


Other convoy-goers were similarly full of joy:

“…completely on a high, a high like no other. They say thats the same feeling every person on the convoy is having, it’s amazing! They said they’ve not even reached Gaza City yet and the streets are lined with thousands of people. Abu Bakr mentions that just like every other country they passed, there are alot of bodyguards with big guns, but here it dosnt make you fell scared, it makes you feel safe,  “they all give a huge smile whenever we look at them”.

This is what the left so called on this convoy directed by Galloway are saying. Yhey are not scared.

Consider then the following photograph


Smile, kid…

I mean the whole thing is set up to drive terror into the hearts and lives of Jews living in Israel.

This is obviously a culture of pure evil that Galloway is associating with by bringing this money and material goods and handing it over specifically to the leader of Hamas.


I mean the picture above is not a fake and is all too common. The Hamas and Fatah are basically based on Jew Hatred.

From the time of the San Remo Conference held by the League of Nations in 1920 and which promised the Jews all of Palestine, including present day Jordan, the Arabs at that stage having 21 other states in the making, the Jews are now having to fight for a share of the remaining 22 per cent.


It is wise to remember that. In our history section ( we will deal with the history of this in detail.

But this Jew hatred promoted by Hamas, its Holocaust Denial, the referring of the Israeli defence of rockets to the Warsaw Ghetto etc, all of this can only lead in one direction, towards a new Holocaust of the Jews.


Now Galloway is out of the British Labour Party and refers to himself a lot as a socialist.

This is the great problem. The US Nazis who took over from the German Nazis in 1945 have managed to create a left that is really full of hatred for Israel, which is the Homeland of the Jews.

And this left that the US Nazis have created is working with Islamofascists, also created by the US Nazis quite deliberately.

Again that sentence is irrefutable. Galloway IS working with Islamofascists, that is with the leader of Hamas.

Not mind you with an ordinary Fascist rocket toting foot soldier of Hamas, but with the LEADER of Hamas!

It is only possible to move forward in one way and that is by building a party in the working class which will fight against this Israel hatred and Jew hatred as expressed in Hamas´s Holocaust Denial, and in the close and obvious connection of Galloway with Hamas. From his own lips above the connection is proven.



by Felix Quigley

March 5, 2009

Today an Arab who is a citizen of Israel got himself a tractor or bulldozer and tried to kill scores of Jews. The man was obviously full of hatred for Israel and for the Jewish people.

During the Gaza War there was non stop coverage of the war. Israel was being condemned right left and centre. But never did I hear anybody answering the simple question “How can Israel stop the rocket attacks on its men women and children from Hamas and from others of that ilk”

This had been going on for 8 years, imagine that, Israel put up with 8000 rockets over 8 years and in response doing hardly anything.

Now since the end of the war you would not know this because there have been no reports. But…There have been a further 100 rockets that have landed on Israel from Gaza.

[start quote here]



U.S.: Evidence mounts of Syrian nuclear cover-up
By Reuters
The United States said on Wednesday that United Nations inspectors had found growing evidence of covert nuclear activity in Syria, and European allies said a lack of Syrian transparency demanded utmost scrutiny.

The UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is looking into U.S. intelligence reports that Syria had almost built a North Korean-designed, nuclear reactor meant to yield bomb-grade plutonium before Israel bombed it in 2007.

So it is not only Iran that has got nuclear bomb intentions.

This poses the greatest problems and issues for the small population of Jews in Israel. The Jews of Israel are under so much stress I marvel at how they can continue to live there.

It seems to me that it is the whole of the Arab and Islamic world that is really the danger to Israel. What we are dealing with is a very deep antisemitism throughout all of Islam.

In order to understand the depth of this it is necessary to turn to sites such as

The Syrian regime were founded by Stalinists from Moscow and I often noted how adept they were at lying.

This is shown in the rest of this report from Haaretz

[begin second extract from report here]

This report contributes to the growing evidence of clandestine nuclear activities in Syria,” Gregory Schulte, U.S. ambassador to the IAEA, said during a debate by its 35-nation Board of Governors in Vienna.

“We must understand why such [uranium] material – material not previously declared to the IAEA – existed in Syria and this can only happen if Syria provides the cooperation requested.”

He said it was also essential that Syria allow inspectors to examine debris removed from the bombed facility to an unknown location immediately after Israel’s strike.

This applied as well, Schulte said, to three other military sites which satellite pictures showed Syria “sanitized” – landscaping them and whisking away equipment – shortly after the IAEA asked to check them out.

Last week, Damascus said the uranium particles were not “significant”. It said they came from depleted uranium used in Israeli munitions, contradicting an IAEA finding that this was chemically processed uranium not in Syria’s declared inventory.

Syria also suggested IAEA analyses were faulty and that satellite imagery Washington gave to the IAEA was fabricated. Its only declared nuclear site is an old research reactor, and it has no known nuclear energy capacity.

In a statement to the closed-door IAEA gathering, the 27-member European Union voiced concern at the “possibility that Syria has not declared all its nuclear installations”.

“Any obstacles, unnecessary delays or a lack of cooperation… undermine the credibility of the agency’s verification capabilities. Such cases, therefore, deserve our utmost attention,” it said.”

Vienna diplomats said Syria had told the IAEA it had built a missile facility on the desert tract hit by Israel, a disclosure apparently meant to reinforce the Syrian refusal to grant more IAEA access on national security grounds.


by Felix Quigley

March 4, 2009

The Nazis of the US Government, led by Obama, Clinton and all, joined forces with Tony Blair the man who placed into equal power in Ireland Provisional Sinn Fein, are about to do the same with Hamas.


Hamas is a Jew hating and Jew killing movement whose leaders deny the Holocaust. that is the US Nazis are now working to place Holocaust Deniers into power.

So read this

From Debkafile

Amid a global economic meltdown, high-ranking delegations from 75 countries met at Sharm e-Sheikh Monday, March 2, and approve $5.5 billion for rebuilding the Gaza Strip ravaged during Israel’s 22-day anti-terror operation last month.

Hillary Clinton will announce at her debut Middle East appearance as secretary of state a $900 million donation: $600 million for the Palestinian Authority, $300 million for Gaza.

Germany too is expected to pledge 100 euros in addition to a European Union package, but the primary donors are Arab nations led by Saudi Arabia.

Egypt will share the kudos with the Obama administration, which will use the occasion to reassert Washington’s role as lead Middle East peacemaker.

After they leave the Middle east, their donations will eventually be streamed to three destinations: The Palestinian Authority, Hamas in Gaza and… Tehran.

The donors are undecided over where to deposit the funds once they are delivered, understanding that not a cent can be spent on rehabilitating this Palestinian enclave without going through its ruler, Hamas. Some advise depositing the money with Mahmoud Abbas’ Palestinian Authority, some suggest the World Bank, others a special mechanism (whose bureaucracy would eat up large sums).

The truism that Hamas controls everything that moves in Gaza was amply borne out by the Quartet’s envoy Tony Blair. He postponed entering Gaza for months over threats to his life. He finally went in – albeit not too far in – Sunday, March 1 under the protection of an armed Hamas escort.

While there, he may well have heard the whistle of the five missiles Hamas and its ilk fired into Israel that day, one destroying an Ashkelon school.

For eight years, the Israeli cities, villages and businesses ravaged by Palestinian missiles have been repaired at the expense of the Israeli taxpayer, who turns out ironically to be one of the Gaza donors.

Jerusalem has been transferring hundreds of millions of shekels per month to Gaza because the International Monetary Fund’s hold Jerusalem responsible for its banks – an anomaly when the US, the EU and World Bank have all agreed that by evacuating the Strip in 2005, Israel had no more responsibility.

Blair’s demand that Israel lift its embargo on the terrorist-ruled enclave to allow cement and iron to go through because “food and medicines are not enough” is far from innocent.

He knows that the cement would be used to fortify Hamas installations and the iron on weapons.

By following the donors’ money trail, DEBKAfile‘s sources have found out exactly where the international aid for Gaza ends up: At the corruption-ridden Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, feeding Hamas’ military might and paying its armorer, Iran.

The pro-West Palestinian prime minister Salam Fayyad, who is credited with bringing order to Palestinian Authority finances, regularly diverts to the Gaza Strip funds from all PA revenues including donations. Israel and the donor-states agree to their transfer, purportedly to pay the wages of PA officials serving there.

Before Hamas’ seized the enclave two years ago, 35,000 officers served with the security services; today, allocations are transferred to cover wages for 70,000.

Since both figures were fictitious, it does not need a mathematician to figure out that Hamas is using the money as a war chest. Some well-informed Israeli sources have confided to DEBKAfile that had Israel carried out an economic Operation Cast Lead against Hamas, the military operation might have been superfluous.

DEBKAfile‘s sources disclose how Hamas apportions the incoming donations:

Less then 15% for the Palestinian populace – badly hurt during Israel’s military offensive but chronically jobless, poverty-stricken, lacking schools and medical facilities since the Hamas takeover.

About 30% supports Hamas’ political and religious hierarchies.

Another 25% is spent on maintaining Hamas “security forces” including Izz e-Din al Qassam and its rocket units.

Some 30% purchases an assortment of missiles and rockets, weapons and explosives as well as fortifying military installations and command bunkers – some snaking under the Israeli border packed with explosives and suicide bombers or smuggling tunnels carrying Iranian supplies of improved rockets, explosives and weaponry through Sinai.

The most carefully hidden factor is the portion which pays for Hamas’ weapons supplies from Tehran.

DEBKAfile‘s military sources disclose how these transactions work:

Iran delivers the hardware to the Bedouin smuggling gangs of Sinai, who transport the merchandise to Hamas in the Gaza Strip, which is charged bargain basement prices. The money (initially put up by Western donors and Israel) is handed to Tehran after the smugglers rake off their commission. Cairo’s pledges to stop the smuggling are cant. Egyptian officers and troops in Sinai are on the take.

The free world and its donors are not contesting their division of labor with Iran – they put up the cash, part of which is diverted to this terror sponsor par excellence for missiles. The delegations meeting in Sharm e-Sheikh prefer to go home feeling virtuous, having shown their support for the most fashionable international aid cause in the world.

Hamas and its sponsors stay behind. They can drop their public pose as victims and have a good laugh over the Western world’s gullibility, after maneuvering the US, Europe and Israel into shelling out to make Hamas stronger and footing the bill for its Iranian weapons.

Tehran has already celebrated its success in pulling the wool over 75 pairs of international eyes by asking Interpol, created by the West to internationalize the policing of crime, to arrest what it says are 15 Israeli “war criminals” who were involved in the conflict in Gaza in December and January.

This champion of human rights has even set up a court and launched its own “investigation.”


by Felix Quigley

March 4, 2009

The economic and political crisis in the world capitalist system has been building for a long time. Really when the US took over the responsibility for world capitalism post 1945, taking over from the pretty defunct and extremely played out British imperialism and empire, it took over as a sysem in crisis.

Having fought Hitler over the issue of territory control, Hitler basically got too big for his boots, the US then proceeded to help as many Nazis as possible to escape. In the view of Professor Francisco Gil White this was in the tens of thousands that the US enabled to escape justice.

But they did not just do that, bad as that was. They also recruited these Nazis into the US State machine.

Of course the US or Britain never told this to their people. That was well hidden and it was not until 1988 with the publication of the study by Christopher Hill in Blowback that things became clearer.

Extracts from this book can be read on

If you do not have the book that site is very useful

Although never the mainstream voices for their particular nationality groups, these organizations and others like them succeeded in creating genuine power bases on the far right of the U.S. political spectrum. Before the decade of the 1950s was out, the activities of extremist European emigre organizations combined with indigenous American anticommunism to produce seriously negative effects on U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs under both Republican and Democratic administrations. By 1959 these exile groups had articulate defenders inside the staff of the National Security Council and had won a measure of influence on Capitol Hill. Observing their impact on U.S. policy toward the USSR and Eastern Europe had become, as columnist Walter Lippmann wrote, “a morbid experience.”

There are a couple of observations to be made about this “Blowback” experience.

1. Is the incredible level of lying that has went on against both the Serbs and the Jews of Israel

2. That the coming together of the German Nazis and the US Nazis post 1945 gives an insight into the kinds of barbarity that lie in wait. There is a much greater unity between the US ruling class (or elite) and the German Nazis, thus also with the Arab Nazis who had worked closely witht he SS in the Holocaust, than many people, especially ordinary Americans, have realized.

One of these barbarities has already happened in recent years. This report is of such depravity that one can only search in the dregs of Nazism to find its roots.  We have only had scraps of this information. Then the Media which led the campaign of lies against the Serbs, closes ranks once more and tries to close down the discussion.

For example John Sweeney carried a report on BBC World Service about the “man with the burned hands”, a pure piece of fiction, in which Serbs were described by the enemy Muslims as carrying out murders in a barn. Total evidence of Sweeney came from the enemies of the Serbs. Is this journalism? Stick a mike in front of the enemy and they have always obliged with “evidence”.

But the Serbs do have real evidence of these dismal affairs of the human soul.

[Begin report from on KLA barbarism here]

Organ Harvesting Atrocities:

Identifying Kosovo Albanian Butchers

Feb 25th, 2009

Kosovo Albanian terrorists with their victim
One of the photos Kosovo Albanian terrorists took in Albania, after NATO aggression against Serbia, posing with the Serb who had just been shot in the head from the close range.

Kosovo Albanian Butchers Posed with Their Mutilated Victims

On Monday, Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution positively identified eight members of Kosovo Albanian terrorist organization KLA (UCK), who were photographed with their victims, Kosovo and Metohija Serbs, kidnapped during and after NATO aggression against Serbia who, prior to being killed or left to die in agony, had their vital organs extracted for sale.

Serbian media reported that Prosecution on Monday identified eight KLA terrorists who committed war crimes against the Kosovo Serbs kidnapped and transported to northern Albania, near the border with Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province, during and after NATO aggression against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. According to the War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević, KLA war criminals were identified from the photos prosecution recently came in possession.

– Eight KLA terrorists were identified on Monday, and we expect this number to grow in the following days. As soon as we published the photos which, beside the KLA members, also show the killed and mutilated Serbs, a number of Serbia and Montenegro citizens contacted us. Members of the families of Kosovo Serbs kidnapped since the summer of 1999 believe among the photographed Serbian victims are individuals still listed as missing, – Vukčević told Belgrade media.

In the interest of investigation, Vukčević refused to give the names of the freshly identified criminals, pointing out “some of the identified have been known by their crimes for quite a while”. He added the Prosecution is working on the case classified as “Human Organ Trafficking”, which involves identification of the criminal chain of Albanian terrorists who have been kidnapping Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, and transporting them to private prisons and death camps on the territory of state of Albania during and after 1999, for the purpose of extracting their vital organs for sale.

KLA terrorists with the Serb victim
Kosovo Albanian terrorists posing with the kidnapped Serb, holding the knife above the victim’s throat. Summer of 1999, Albania.









– New evidence and testimonies shedding light on these gruesome crimes will help us complete the report which will be submitted to the Council of Europe’s special rapporteur on the KLA organ trafficking, Dick Marty, expected to visit Belgrade, Priština and Tirana [Albanian capital] by the end of April this year, – Vukčević said.

Serbian War Crimes Prosecution believes the set of photos which shows KLA war criminals and some of their victims was taken in the place called Padese, in May 1999, by the terrorists themselves. Caption on the back of one photo, written with the blue marker, reads “Košare, N. Albania, 22. 5. 99″ [Košare is an outpost on the border between Serbia and Albania]. Kosovo Albanian terrorists have also taken two of the photos where some of their victims can be seen: on one, Albanian wearing paramilitary uniform is holding a knife over the victim’s throat, and on the other, KLA terrorists are standing above the victim which was just shot in the head from close range.

Indisputable Evidence About the KLA-Run Death Camps in Albania, where Vital Organs were Harvested from Kidnapped Serbs

– These, as well as other photographs we have in our possession — one of which shows the destroyed Yugoslav Army barracks Košare, taken from the Albanian side of the border, confirm KLA terrorists were stationed in this region, near the border with Serbia. For the first time, the Prosecution has testimonies of Albanians who were imprisoned in the death camps in northern Albania, where the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were tortured, butchered and killed. According to their testimonies, one of these camps was situated in the house near Durres [seaport in western Albania], and the other in the village Kukes [northern Albania], – Prosecutor said.

Spokesman of the Serbian Prosecution Bruno Vekarić said Serbia will request additional information from the officials in Tirana, about the trafficking of organs extracted from the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs on the territory of Albania during and after the 1998-1999 Kosovo war.

– New evidence confirms these crimes took place in northern Albania and we shall send an official request to the Tirana prosecution, seeking additional information about the facts we uncovered thus far, – Vekarić said, stressing the latest evidence is only additional confirmation of the previously established data.

– This is only in addition to what we already knew, that the KLA had training camps, logistic basis, prisons and death camps, as well as temporary medical facilities where they were harvesting the vital organs for sale, on the territory of Albania, – said Vekarić.

KLA terrorists posing near the border with Serbia
KLA terrorists who were running a death camp for kidnapped Kosovo province Serbs in Albania, near the border with Serbia. Summer 1999











Based on the new evidence, the Prosecution now has a much clearer picture of the tragic events and macabre war crimes that took place in Albania. Among else, three indisputable facts were thus confirmed: that the KLA-run death camps in northern Albania existed, that kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were being transported over the border, to Albania, and that the provisional medical facilities where the kidnapped had their organs extracted for sale were also situated in Albania.

UN-Established Locations of the Mass Graves with Remains of Mutilated Serbs in Albania

Earlier, Serbian War Crimes Prosecution established the location of three mass graves, all in northern Albania, which contain remains of Serbs, victims of the organ harvesting and trafficking — two in the swamps in the vicinity of the village Burrel and third, 1.6 kilometers from the infamous yellow house, where the kidnapped Serbs had their organs extracted.

According to the report by the UN investigators, these mass graves contain mainly the remains of kidnapped Serbs, but there are also the bodies of Roma and “disloyal” Albanians, whom KLA, in cooperation with Albanian state officials, was transporting to the psychiatric hospital in Burrel, where their organs were extracted and sold to rich patients in the West and Middle East.

The location of the mass graves was marked in the March 2004 UN report, and Serbian Prosecution came in possession of the copies of these documents and maps, along with the photos taken by the UNMIK forensic experts back in 4 February 2004, which someone kept hidden from the public for almost five years.

Those photos show incriminating evidence found in the yellow house and around it, including muscle relaxants used for surgical interventions, surgical instruments, syringes, containers for medical refuse, gauze leftovers, surgical scissors and blades, scalpels…

Caption on one of the photos KLA took
Caption on the back of one of the photos in possession of Serbian Prosecution, establishing the place and time of Kosovo Albanian atrocity. The caption reads “Kosare, N. Albania, 22. 5. 99″










Representatives of Belgrade War Crimes Prosecution forwarded to the Association of the Families of Killed, Kidnapped and Missing Kosovo Serbs a list containing the names of 11 individuals cited by Albanian witnesses as the known victims of KLA organ trafficking chain in northern Albania. Bruno Vekarić said that families of the kidnapped Serbs are helping the Prosecution in the process of identification of the victims and their kidnappers and executors.

Gordana Tomanović, one of the representatives of the Association of the Families of Killed, Kidnapped and Missing Kosovo Serbs, said the families are eager to find out what happened to their loved ones.

– The families are constantly calling us, hoping this breakthrough in the investigation will help them find out what happened to their loved ones. We are in contact with the War Crimes Prosecution and we shall soon receive the latest evidence they uncovered, – Tomanović said.

This Association has its own documentation and material gathered during the past decade, including video footage which shows that among the columns of Kosovo Albanians who, during NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, at the request of KLA leaders, were leaving Serbia and crossing over the border into Albania and FYR of Macedonia, were also the kidnapped Kosovo and Metohija Serbs.

Guilty: KLA Leaders, in Cooperation with Albanian State Officials

After the latest wave of testimonies, documentation and material evidence recovered, the Prosecution contends that the key organizers of this chain of most horrific crimes since Josef Mengele’s experiments on live death camp inmates, are former leaders of Kosovo Albanian paramilitaries, headed by the former “commander of the KLA Western front”, Ramush Haradinaj, who controlled the KLA units on the border with Albania.

In addition to Haradinaj, witnesses have also named former KLA spokesman, currently head of Kosovo Albanian provisional “parliament”, Jakup Krasniqi, former chief of KLA paramilitary police Sabit Geci and Jevdet (Gjevdet) Krasniqi.

In the past month, testimonies by the former KLA members revealed KLA transported two waste disposal trucks from Kosovo province through Paštrik, one with corpses of killed Serbs, and the other carrying the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, who were subsequently tortured and killed in Kosovo Albanian-run death camps in Tropoje and Peshkopi, in Albania.

The main individuals responsible for transfer of victims from southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, according to the witnesses, are Daut Haradinaj (Ramush Haradinaj’s brother), Sami Lushtaku and Jakup Krasniqi.