by Felix Quigley

March 4, 2009

The economic and political crisis in the world capitalist system has been building for a long time. Really when the US took over the responsibility for world capitalism post 1945, taking over from the pretty defunct and extremely played out British imperialism and empire, it took over as a sysem in crisis.

Having fought Hitler over the issue of territory control, Hitler basically got too big for his boots, the US then proceeded to help as many Nazis as possible to escape. In the view of Professor Francisco Gil White this was in the tens of thousands that the US enabled to escape justice.

But they did not just do that, bad as that was. They also recruited these Nazis into the US State machine.

Of course the US or Britain never told this to their people. That was well hidden and it was not until 1988 with the publication of the study by Christopher Hill in Blowback that things became clearer.

Extracts from this book can be read on

If you do not have the book that site is very useful

Although never the mainstream voices for their particular nationality groups, these organizations and others like them succeeded in creating genuine power bases on the far right of the U.S. political spectrum. Before the decade of the 1950s was out, the activities of extremist European emigre organizations combined with indigenous American anticommunism to produce seriously negative effects on U.S. foreign policy and domestic affairs under both Republican and Democratic administrations. By 1959 these exile groups had articulate defenders inside the staff of the National Security Council and had won a measure of influence on Capitol Hill. Observing their impact on U.S. policy toward the USSR and Eastern Europe had become, as columnist Walter Lippmann wrote, “a morbid experience.”

There are a couple of observations to be made about this “Blowback” experience.

1. Is the incredible level of lying that has went on against both the Serbs and the Jews of Israel

2. That the coming together of the German Nazis and the US Nazis post 1945 gives an insight into the kinds of barbarity that lie in wait. There is a much greater unity between the US ruling class (or elite) and the German Nazis, thus also with the Arab Nazis who had worked closely witht he SS in the Holocaust, than many people, especially ordinary Americans, have realized.

One of these barbarities has already happened in recent years. This report is of such depravity that one can only search in the dregs of Nazism to find its roots.  We have only had scraps of this information. Then the Media which led the campaign of lies against the Serbs, closes ranks once more and tries to close down the discussion.

For example John Sweeney carried a report on BBC World Service about the “man with the burned hands”, a pure piece of fiction, in which Serbs were described by the enemy Muslims as carrying out murders in a barn. Total evidence of Sweeney came from the enemies of the Serbs. Is this journalism? Stick a mike in front of the enemy and they have always obliged with “evidence”.

But the Serbs do have real evidence of these dismal affairs of the human soul.

[Begin report from on KLA barbarism here]

Organ Harvesting Atrocities:

Identifying Kosovo Albanian Butchers

Feb 25th, 2009

Kosovo Albanian terrorists with their victim
One of the photos Kosovo Albanian terrorists took in Albania, after NATO aggression against Serbia, posing with the Serb who had just been shot in the head from the close range.

Kosovo Albanian Butchers Posed with Their Mutilated Victims

On Monday, Serbia’s War Crimes Prosecution positively identified eight members of Kosovo Albanian terrorist organization KLA (UCK), who were photographed with their victims, Kosovo and Metohija Serbs, kidnapped during and after NATO aggression against Serbia who, prior to being killed or left to die in agony, had their vital organs extracted for sale.

Serbian media reported that Prosecution on Monday identified eight KLA terrorists who committed war crimes against the Kosovo Serbs kidnapped and transported to northern Albania, near the border with Serbian Kosovo and Metohija province, during and after NATO aggression against Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. According to the War Crimes Prosecutor Vladimir Vukčević, KLA war criminals were identified from the photos prosecution recently came in possession.

– Eight KLA terrorists were identified on Monday, and we expect this number to grow in the following days. As soon as we published the photos which, beside the KLA members, also show the killed and mutilated Serbs, a number of Serbia and Montenegro citizens contacted us. Members of the families of Kosovo Serbs kidnapped since the summer of 1999 believe among the photographed Serbian victims are individuals still listed as missing, – Vukčević told Belgrade media.

In the interest of investigation, Vukčević refused to give the names of the freshly identified criminals, pointing out “some of the identified have been known by their crimes for quite a while”. He added the Prosecution is working on the case classified as “Human Organ Trafficking”, which involves identification of the criminal chain of Albanian terrorists who have been kidnapping Kosovo Serbs and other non-Albanians in southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, and transporting them to private prisons and death camps on the territory of state of Albania during and after 1999, for the purpose of extracting their vital organs for sale.

KLA terrorists with the Serb victim
Kosovo Albanian terrorists posing with the kidnapped Serb, holding the knife above the victim’s throat. Summer of 1999, Albania.









– New evidence and testimonies shedding light on these gruesome crimes will help us complete the report which will be submitted to the Council of Europe’s special rapporteur on the KLA organ trafficking, Dick Marty, expected to visit Belgrade, Priština and Tirana [Albanian capital] by the end of April this year, – Vukčević said.

Serbian War Crimes Prosecution believes the set of photos which shows KLA war criminals and some of their victims was taken in the place called Padese, in May 1999, by the terrorists themselves. Caption on the back of one photo, written with the blue marker, reads “Košare, N. Albania, 22. 5. 99″ [Košare is an outpost on the border between Serbia and Albania]. Kosovo Albanian terrorists have also taken two of the photos where some of their victims can be seen: on one, Albanian wearing paramilitary uniform is holding a knife over the victim’s throat, and on the other, KLA terrorists are standing above the victim which was just shot in the head from close range.

Indisputable Evidence About the KLA-Run Death Camps in Albania, where Vital Organs were Harvested from Kidnapped Serbs

– These, as well as other photographs we have in our possession — one of which shows the destroyed Yugoslav Army barracks Košare, taken from the Albanian side of the border, confirm KLA terrorists were stationed in this region, near the border with Serbia. For the first time, the Prosecution has testimonies of Albanians who were imprisoned in the death camps in northern Albania, where the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were tortured, butchered and killed. According to their testimonies, one of these camps was situated in the house near Durres [seaport in western Albania], and the other in the village Kukes [northern Albania], – Prosecutor said.

Spokesman of the Serbian Prosecution Bruno Vekarić said Serbia will request additional information from the officials in Tirana, about the trafficking of organs extracted from the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs on the territory of Albania during and after the 1998-1999 Kosovo war.

– New evidence confirms these crimes took place in northern Albania and we shall send an official request to the Tirana prosecution, seeking additional information about the facts we uncovered thus far, – Vekarić said, stressing the latest evidence is only additional confirmation of the previously established data.

– This is only in addition to what we already knew, that the KLA had training camps, logistic basis, prisons and death camps, as well as temporary medical facilities where they were harvesting the vital organs for sale, on the territory of Albania, – said Vekarić.

KLA terrorists posing near the border with Serbia
KLA terrorists who were running a death camp for kidnapped Kosovo province Serbs in Albania, near the border with Serbia. Summer 1999











Based on the new evidence, the Prosecution now has a much clearer picture of the tragic events and macabre war crimes that took place in Albania. Among else, three indisputable facts were thus confirmed: that the KLA-run death camps in northern Albania existed, that kidnapped Kosovo Serbs were being transported over the border, to Albania, and that the provisional medical facilities where the kidnapped had their organs extracted for sale were also situated in Albania.

UN-Established Locations of the Mass Graves with Remains of Mutilated Serbs in Albania

Earlier, Serbian War Crimes Prosecution established the location of three mass graves, all in northern Albania, which contain remains of Serbs, victims of the organ harvesting and trafficking — two in the swamps in the vicinity of the village Burrel and third, 1.6 kilometers from the infamous yellow house, where the kidnapped Serbs had their organs extracted.

According to the report by the UN investigators, these mass graves contain mainly the remains of kidnapped Serbs, but there are also the bodies of Roma and “disloyal” Albanians, whom KLA, in cooperation with Albanian state officials, was transporting to the psychiatric hospital in Burrel, where their organs were extracted and sold to rich patients in the West and Middle East.

The location of the mass graves was marked in the March 2004 UN report, and Serbian Prosecution came in possession of the copies of these documents and maps, along with the photos taken by the UNMIK forensic experts back in 4 February 2004, which someone kept hidden from the public for almost five years.

Those photos show incriminating evidence found in the yellow house and around it, including muscle relaxants used for surgical interventions, surgical instruments, syringes, containers for medical refuse, gauze leftovers, surgical scissors and blades, scalpels…

Caption on one of the photos KLA took
Caption on the back of one of the photos in possession of Serbian Prosecution, establishing the place and time of Kosovo Albanian atrocity. The caption reads “Kosare, N. Albania, 22. 5. 99″










Representatives of Belgrade War Crimes Prosecution forwarded to the Association of the Families of Killed, Kidnapped and Missing Kosovo Serbs a list containing the names of 11 individuals cited by Albanian witnesses as the known victims of KLA organ trafficking chain in northern Albania. Bruno Vekarić said that families of the kidnapped Serbs are helping the Prosecution in the process of identification of the victims and their kidnappers and executors.

Gordana Tomanović, one of the representatives of the Association of the Families of Killed, Kidnapped and Missing Kosovo Serbs, said the families are eager to find out what happened to their loved ones.

– The families are constantly calling us, hoping this breakthrough in the investigation will help them find out what happened to their loved ones. We are in contact with the War Crimes Prosecution and we shall soon receive the latest evidence they uncovered, – Tomanović said.

This Association has its own documentation and material gathered during the past decade, including video footage which shows that among the columns of Kosovo Albanians who, during NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, at the request of KLA leaders, were leaving Serbia and crossing over the border into Albania and FYR of Macedonia, were also the kidnapped Kosovo and Metohija Serbs.

Guilty: KLA Leaders, in Cooperation with Albanian State Officials

After the latest wave of testimonies, documentation and material evidence recovered, the Prosecution contends that the key organizers of this chain of most horrific crimes since Josef Mengele’s experiments on live death camp inmates, are former leaders of Kosovo Albanian paramilitaries, headed by the former “commander of the KLA Western front”, Ramush Haradinaj, who controlled the KLA units on the border with Albania.

In addition to Haradinaj, witnesses have also named former KLA spokesman, currently head of Kosovo Albanian provisional “parliament”, Jakup Krasniqi, former chief of KLA paramilitary police Sabit Geci and Jevdet (Gjevdet) Krasniqi.

In the past month, testimonies by the former KLA members revealed KLA transported two waste disposal trucks from Kosovo province through Paštrik, one with corpses of killed Serbs, and the other carrying the kidnapped Kosovo Serbs, who were subsequently tortured and killed in Kosovo Albanian-run death camps in Tropoje and Peshkopi, in Albania.

The main individuals responsible for transfer of victims from southern Serbian province of Kosovo and Metohija, according to the witnesses, are Daut Haradinaj (Ramush Haradinaj’s brother), Sami Lushtaku and Jakup Krasniqi.




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