by Felix Quigley

March 5, 2009

Today an Arab who is a citizen of Israel got himself a tractor or bulldozer and tried to kill scores of Jews. The man was obviously full of hatred for Israel and for the Jewish people.

During the Gaza War there was non stop coverage of the war. Israel was being condemned right left and centre. But never did I hear anybody answering the simple question “How can Israel stop the rocket attacks on its men women and children from Hamas and from others of that ilk”

This had been going on for 8 years, imagine that, Israel put up with 8000 rockets over 8 years and in response doing hardly anything.

Now since the end of the war you would not know this because there have been no reports. But…There have been a further 100 rockets that have landed on Israel from Gaza.

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U.S.: Evidence mounts of Syrian nuclear cover-up
By Reuters
The United States said on Wednesday that United Nations inspectors had found growing evidence of covert nuclear activity in Syria, and European allies said a lack of Syrian transparency demanded utmost scrutiny.

The UN nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency, is looking into U.S. intelligence reports that Syria had almost built a North Korean-designed, nuclear reactor meant to yield bomb-grade plutonium before Israel bombed it in 2007.

So it is not only Iran that has got nuclear bomb intentions.

This poses the greatest problems and issues for the small population of Jews in Israel. The Jews of Israel are under so much stress I marvel at how they can continue to live there.

It seems to me that it is the whole of the Arab and Islamic world that is really the danger to Israel. What we are dealing with is a very deep antisemitism throughout all of Islam.

In order to understand the depth of this it is necessary to turn to sites such as

The Syrian regime were founded by Stalinists from Moscow and I often noted how adept they were at lying.

This is shown in the rest of this report from Haaretz

[begin second extract from report here]

This report contributes to the growing evidence of clandestine nuclear activities in Syria,” Gregory Schulte, U.S. ambassador to the IAEA, said during a debate by its 35-nation Board of Governors in Vienna.

“We must understand why such [uranium] material – material not previously declared to the IAEA – existed in Syria and this can only happen if Syria provides the cooperation requested.”

He said it was also essential that Syria allow inspectors to examine debris removed from the bombed facility to an unknown location immediately after Israel’s strike.

This applied as well, Schulte said, to three other military sites which satellite pictures showed Syria “sanitized” – landscaping them and whisking away equipment – shortly after the IAEA asked to check them out.

Last week, Damascus said the uranium particles were not “significant”. It said they came from depleted uranium used in Israeli munitions, contradicting an IAEA finding that this was chemically processed uranium not in Syria’s declared inventory.

Syria also suggested IAEA analyses were faulty and that satellite imagery Washington gave to the IAEA was fabricated. Its only declared nuclear site is an old research reactor, and it has no known nuclear energy capacity.

In a statement to the closed-door IAEA gathering, the 27-member European Union voiced concern at the “possibility that Syria has not declared all its nuclear installations”.

“Any obstacles, unnecessary delays or a lack of cooperation… undermine the credibility of the agency’s verification capabilities. Such cases, therefore, deserve our utmost attention,” it said.”

Vienna diplomats said Syria had told the IAEA it had built a missile facility on the desert tract hit by Israel, a disclosure apparently meant to reinforce the Syrian refusal to grant more IAEA access on national security grounds.

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