by Felix Quigley

March 27, 2009

For many years The Palestinian Arabs in Hamas and Fatah sent suicide bombers into Israel, and the Jews of Israel once more had to deal with death because they are Jews.

Then Israel built a Wall or Fence to keep these savages, and they truly are savages, out of their country. Yet this is what Israel was condemned for, the building of the Wall.

You se no matter what it does Israel cannot win.

Stephen Ritson on the cowardly Talk Radio Europe referred to the Wall as a “Land Grab” and refused to acknowledge that it was created in order to keep out these murderous savages and their suicide bombs strapped to their bodies.

Ritson says that the Wall is robbing Palestinians of their land. But this issue of the Wall robbing Palestinians of their land is false. This is not Palestinian land. At the very most all you can say is that this is disputed territory, which is why Israel has always used the term “disputed territories” in their literature.

There are very good reasons for this which are located in history. Ritson would have to deal with that history to back up what he says about the Wall.

The owner of this radio station a Jewish man called Maurice Boland from Dublin, once asked Ritson a simple question. Said Boland to Ritson…Before the Wall was built thousands of Israeli Jews were murdered and maimed by Palestinian savages. After the Wall was built none.

It was noticeable that Ritson refused to answer Boland. It is a simple fact that has to be answered.

Giving up on Ritson Boland said that he would leave him to somebody else (???) and in some exasperation called him “Stephen Mohammed Ritson”.

On a more recent occasion and argument between the two protagonists Boland called him “Stephen Ayotalloh Ritson”.

But these are very rare occasions when Boland takes on Ritson. Ritson is a highly intelligent person and competent journalist in other fields but he is biased against Israel. Israel suffers dreadfully in every utterance he makes, that is as far as I have heard and can judge.

In another programme this week Ritson referred to the Guardian slander against Israel which is saying that Israel carried out war crimes in the Gaza War against Hamas.

The essence of this issue is this, also reflected in the position of Ritson, aka Mohammed Ritson to use Boland´s nomenclature, is the following.

The answer concerns another occasion when Ritson refused to answer a simple and basic question.

On another programme during the war 2 months back a regular called Barry Norman asked Ritson the simple question: How can Israel stop the Arab Nazis from firing rockets onto Israeli people, that is onto Jews in the year of 2009 some 60 to 70 years after the Holocaust?

The Jews had thought that they were getting a place of sanctuary from Antisemitism. But they found that they were being subjected to rocket attacks from antisemites.

That is from Hamas who are actually denying to their followers that a Holocaust actually happened at all. They sometimes say that the Jews killed their own (Jewish) people.

Ritson refused to answer this simple question from Mr Norman.

An awful lot of rockets were involved in these attacks by these savages on the poor suffering Jews of Israel. Some say 8000 rockets fell on Israeli homes.

Many Jews have died although not thousands, but that is because they retreat to ground bunkers built into their homes. But why should Jews have to actually live like that in the year of 2009?

The reports that Ritson this week were referring to concerning War Crimes come from the Guardian especially, and one of the writers for the Guardian who is especially hostile to Israel is Seamus Milne. I believe that Milne is a communist but be advised, he is a communist as Joseph Stalin was a communist.

Anyway this is a piece of such writing in the last week by Milne

[begin extract from article in Guardian by Milne here]

Evidence of the scale of Israel‘s war crimes in its January onslaught on Gaza is becoming unanswerable. Clancy Chassay’s three films investigating allegations against Israeli forces in the Gaza strip, released by the Guardian today, include important new accounts of the flagrant breaches of the laws of war that marked the three-week campaign – now estimated to have left at least 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, and 13 Israelis dead.

The films provide compelling testimony of Israel’s use of Palestinian teenagers as human shields; the targeting of hospitals, clinics and medical workers, including with phosphorus bombs; and attacks on civilians, including women and children – sometimes waving white flags – from hunter-killer drones whose targeting systems are so powerful they can identify the colour of a person’s clothes.

Naturally, the Israeli occupation forces’ spokesperson insists to Chassay that they make every effort to avoid killing civilians and denies using human shields or targeting medical workers – while at the same time explaining that medics in war zones “take the risk upon themselves”. By banning journalists from entering Gaza during its punitive devastation of the strip, the Israeli government avoided independent investigations of the stream of war crimes accusations while the attack was going on.

But now journalists and human rights organisations are back inside, doing the painstaking work, the question is whether Israel’s government and military commanders will be held to account for what they unleashed on the Palestinians of Gaza – or whether, like their US and British sponsors in Iraq and Afghanistan, they can carry out war crimes with impunity.

[end extract here]


Milne is quite simply repeating the propaganda and lies from Hamas. One of which is surely this

 “now estimated to have left at least 1,400 Palestinians, mostly civilians, ”

And the 3 films he refers to prove nothing.

Also Israel has proved that there are many lies told about the war. But really those who hate Israel do not care and do not look for proof.

Why is Milne so shameless in producing such obvious lies. I mean he claims that the most of those killed by the IDF were civilians. Where does he get this informattion from? It must be from Hamas. Milne is the mouthpiece of Hamas in other words.

I remember well the first action of the Israeli Army the IDF which was a strike against some kind of ceremony which the HAMAS POLICE FORCE were holding.

I also remember the pictures from that not of civilians but of Arab men very cleared dressed in uniform lying dead in that police compound. These were not children either and I do not think they were women (irony intended).

Does Ritson and Milne deny that Israel is at war with the Palestinian Arabs?  I think Israel has been at war with the Arabs in general from the very Balfour Declaration of 1917 because the Arabs simply do not wish for an Israeli state to exist, even though they the Arabs have achieved 21 independent states, now surrounding Israel on ALL SIDES.

Is there no sense of fairness on this score from people like Milne or Ritson?

Certainly Hamas were at war with Israel and we know this because they said and say so, that they will not rest until Israel is wiped off the map.

So why do Ritson and Milne side with Hamas and as we see with Milne cleary just mouth Hamas propaganda?

Ritson peppers his talk on this radio station with all kinds of assertions and claims against Israel. So does Milne.

Take the first phrase used in the above extract by Milne:

“Evidence of the scale of Israel‘s war crimes

What is the story “When did you last beat your wife”??? There is something of this in Milne´s method.

He is writing of Israel “When did you last commit a war crime”.

But there was no war crime or war crimes by Israel. Israel was defending itself against Arabs who are filled with antisemitism, that is hatred of Jews which is at the centre of Hamas ideology. This is quite easily proved.

To defend its people Israel has the right to use all methods of defence. We on 4international reject all this talk about disproportionate. The disproportionate part is the first rocket fired at a Jew living in Israel in 2009.

That is the position of the 4international. We defend the Jews of Israel unconditionally.

Ritson by the way on his programme on this now dreadful in political terms radio station, Talk Radio Europe, called these Hamas rockets “pea shooters”. But he is mistaken. What is really happening is that Jews in the year of 2009 cannot find any sanctuary from those Arabs who hate Jews. That is the essence of the matter.

And these antisemitic Arabs seek another Holocaust of the Jews.


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