by Felix Quigley

April 23, 2009

Joshua Rosenburg has drawn attention to a recent article by Carl Savich which deals with the antics of a very notorious character (His name is Marko Attila Hoare) and associate of Oliver Kamm of the Times of London, also a close associate of the equally notorious Harry´s Place website. We deal once again with this man going under the very peculiar name, let me repeat it for effect, in case our readers are unfamiliar…Marko Attila Hoare !

This study is all the more important because it deals with aspects of Holocaust Denial.

[Begin study of Marko Attila Hoare here]

British Marxist, anti-Serbian nutjob & former Hague ICTY/NATO employee, Marko Attila Hoare and the Monty Python “Heinrich Himmler” sketch faux pas.

Hoare  is again proven an egregious liar about Alija Izetbegovic’s resurrected Bosnian Muslim Nazi “Handschar” [aka “Handzar”] division in this great article by Serbian-American historian, Carl Savich.

“Fact versus Delusional Fantasy: The Bosnian Muslim Government Reformed the Nazi SS Division Handzar”
April 19, 2009 – 12:58 pm
Marko Attila Hoare rejects and suppresses this factual image of Bosnian history in favor of a fantasy or delusional image from a television comedy. The real Heinrich Himmler (Heimlich Bimmler) reviewing the real or “historical” Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Handzar, 1943.

Did the Bosnian Muslim Army and Government reform or recreate the infamous Nazi SS Division Handzar or not? Based on Martko Attila Hoare’s response to my article, Hoare now concedes that, indeed, there was a formation in the Bosnian Muslim Army termed the “Handzar Division”.

Let me reiterate that. Hoare admitted that the Bosnian Muslim Government did indeed reform the Handzar Nazi SS Division of World War II. When you cut through and deconstruct all the indeologically-driven claptrap, innuendo, ad hominen, personal attacks, this is the conclusion that he reaches.

Hoare is so caught up in his own arrogance and conceit that he does not even notice that he admitted this fact.

The issue or question is and always was: Did the Bosnian Muslim Government have a unit in its ranks known as the Handzar Division? Hoare’s reply is: Yes.


Marko Attila Hoare used this fantasy image to illustrate his article on the reformed Bosnian Muslim Handzar Nazi SS Division. Michael Palin is shown as Heimlich Bimmler (Heinrich Himmler), John Cleese as Mr. Hilter (Adolf Hitler), and Graham Chapman as Ron Vibbentrop (Joachim von Ribbentrop), from a 1970 episode of Monty Python’s Flying Circus. Reality is rejected over delusional fantasy constructs.

Hoare, nevertheless, convinces himself that he was “vindicated” in denying the existence of the reformed Handzar Division. How does he do this? His rebuttal consists of challenging the strength of the reformed Handzar Division. Now that he admits that it existed, he now challenges the size of the formation. His argument is:  The reformed Handzar Division did exist, as you claimed, but it was very small. It was a little bitty Nazi SS Division, not a big bad full-sized Nazi SS Division!


The Holocaust as joke? Michael Palin as Heimlich Bimmler (Heinrich Himmler) in a 1970 comedy sketch. Isn’t Hoare a Holocaust denier? Fact: Bosnian Muslims, Albanian Muslims, and Croats played a role in the real Holocaust.

But is this a valid argument? Is someone pregnant or not? Can you be pregnant by degree? Is someone dead or not? Can you be only dead to a small degree? Did the Bosnian Muslim Army recreate the Handzar Division or not? This requires a simple yes or no answer. What Hoare initially challenged and questioned was the existence of the division. To be sure, he hedged his bets and cheated by conceding that the division might exist “conceivably” but that its number was small in size.

Hoare hedged his bets this way: “[I]t is conceivable that there really was a handful of Muslim zealots who, during the recent war, fought on the Bosnian side and grandiloquently named themselves the ‘Handžar Division’ after this historic unit.”

Hoare, in essence, denied that the division existed at all. This was the gist of his article. Now he admits and concedes that it, in fact, existed. Now he argues that the unit or formation was a small one. It is hard to pinpoint exactly what he claimed because he constantly changes his arguments and contentions.

Fact versus delusional fantasy? This is a factual image of the real Henrich Himmler (Heimlich Bimmler) with the real Bosnian Muslim Nazi SS Division Hnadzar which Hoare has suppressed and repressed. Delusional fantasy is more reassuring than factual reality.

A fair characterization of his initial argument was that there was no evidence for the reformation of the Handzar Division. The eyewitness account of military analyst and journalist Robert Fox was deemed not credible. Hoare disingenuously hedged his argument by claiming that “conceivably” it could have existed. The way to translate this argument is:  No, the Handzar Division was not reformed. But, nevertheless, it is possible it may have been reformed. Of course, this is nonsensical and absurd.
Hoare then concluded: “Monty Python is a much better source for accurate historical information than Neil Clark and his comrades.”

So was the Handzar Division reformed or not? In his rebuttal to my article, Hoare now admits that the Handzar Division was reformed. He again hedges his bets by claiming this time that it was a small unit formed by “zealots”. But, again, the size of the unit or formation was never the question or issue. If there was a small unit or formation in the U.S. Army or British Army termed the “Adolf Hitler Regiment” or “Das Reich Division”, would it be relevant or material that the unit in question was only made up of “a handful” of “zealots”? Now that the existence of the unit is accepted and acknowledged, the issue shifts to the size of the unit, which is unknown.

Hoare concluded:  “It would seem that the ‘Handžar Division’,  confidently described as numbering ‘about 6,000 troops’ by our friend, does indeed turn out to be a bit smaller when the available evidence is examined closely.”

Hoare here mischaracterized Fox’s original statement by quoting my  estimate of the strength of the unit. Fox stated that UN peacekeeping “officers” had told him that the reformed “Handzar Division” was “up to 6,000-strong.” Fox emphazied that the strength of the unit was an approximation or estimate made by UN observers. Fox refers to the formation as a “unit” and as an element of the Bosnian army. Hoare ignores this explicit language and now argues that Fox claimed that the reformed unit consisted of “about 6,000 troops”.  But nowhere does Fox state that the unit was made up of 6,000 troops. The phrase “up to 6,000-strong” could encompass any number from one member to 6,000 members. Moreover, Hoare ignored that fact that Fox referred to the formation as a “unit” in his report leaving the actual size open to debate. Fox referred to the members of the unit as “Handzars” and as “[h]ardline elements of the Bosnian army, like Handzar.” Fox wrote that the formation was a “unit” of the Bosnian army similar to other units: “The Handzars are working closely with other units around Fojnica. ” But even at 6,000 men, it would only have ranked as a regiment or brigade, which usually consist of up to 5,000 men, not a division, which is generally accepted as a formation of 10,000 men or more.  In short, the focus or emphasis of the Fox report was the existence of the unit, not the size, on which issue Fox only proffered a potential maximum figure that was based on a UN estimate.

Finally, Hoare rejected Fox’s 1993 news report from the London Daily Telegraph out of hand, but this was not done by the Republican Policy Committee of the United States Senate, which cited Fox’s report as credible and accurate. In a January 16, 1997 report, the Committee, chaired at the time by U.S. Senator Larry E. Craig, Republican from Idaho, noted that  “there exists another group known as the Handzar (’dagger’ or ’scimitar’) Division” and quoted from Fox’s report. Thus, members of the U.S. Senate, tasked with safeguarding the lives of U.S. troops, found Fox’s report to be factual, credible, and accurate. Only Marko Attila Hoare questioned the veracity and accuracy of the Fox report. Absurdly, the Bosnian Muslim Government or Army never denied the existence of the reformed “Handzar Division”. Only Hoare has done this. At the war crimes trials of Bosnian Muslim military commanders at the ICTY, the existence of the “Handzar Division” as part of the Bosnian Muslim Army is openly acknowledged and detailed.

The translation is: The Bosnian Muslim Government of Alija Izetbegovic reformed the Nazi SS Division Handzar during the 1992-1995 civil war. This is the only logical conclusion when one cuts through all of Hoare’s labels and propagandistic nomenclature.

Hoare uses a bevy of labels to do the thinking for him: “Serb-nationalists” (yes, with a hyphen!), “Milosevic supporters” (at least Hoare gets the correct pronunciation of his name with the correct Serbo-Croat form of his name), “Islamofascist” (no hyphen, a neologism popular after 9-11), “members of a US-based circle of Milosevic supporters and Srebrenica deniers” (an analogy with Holocaust deniers), “Great Serbia” (a propaganda term coined by Austria-Hungary before World War I), “ex-Maoist” (is that a good or a bad thing?), “Milosevic-supporting, Srebrenica-denying website” (hyphenated now, denoting an activity), “all good Chomskyites” (are there such people as “Chomskyites” out there?), “Serb nationalists and their supporters” (no hyphen;  do “Serb nationalists” have supporters?), “Serb nationalists and their fellow travellers”  (didn’t this term go out with the Joseph McCarthy Communist Witch Hunts during the 1950s Red Scare?), and “the Great Serbia supporters”.

How can one explain this plethora of labels? Why does Hoare use such preposterous and risible labels? We use labels to preclude thought or thinking. Labels are a shortcut to thinking and intellectual debate or discusiion. In fact, labels are meant to preclude or prevent any thought at all. This is why Hoare uses labels. They are mindless and senseless. Why use them then? In essence, Hoare does not want to debate or discuss these issues rationally or logically. He thus engages in the use of labels, what is termed “name calling” in propaganda analysis.  In propaganda, we use “pulpit words” or “glittering words” to describe ourselves and our own actions and the opposite words to describe our opponents. In short, Hoare wants to preclude any thought or debate. This is why he resorts to such propagandistic words. There is no thought or thinking going on, no discussion or debate or dialectic. There is only a stream of pre-selected labels or prejudiced or loaded words. It is like when Polonius asked Hamlet what he was reading:  “Polonius: What do you read, my lord? Hamlet: Words, words, words.”

The case is closed. As Detective Steve McGarrett would say to Detective Danny Williams, “Book ‘em, Danno!”

[end study of Marko Attila Hoare here]

The great strength of this study is that it shows that Marko Attila Hoare is responsible for a great revision of history, which is essentially what he does when he makes a joke about an aspect of the Holocaust in the Balkans.

Let us be very clear here. The Handzar division was a Nazi SS Division, and was created out of the forces of Islam in the Balkans.

To deny that is bad, but to deny as Hoare does that that was recreated by Izetbegovic is the most dangerous of all.

Because if you do that then you are saying that the study by Christopher Simpson in “Blowback” and in all the studies of the actions and words of Ahmadinejad in the present are of no relevance.

That another Holocaust is not possible!

That is the great fact that all on this British Imperialist Labourist wing surrounding Kamm, Harry´s Place, the British Media in total except for one noted journalist Eve Ann Prentice, worked might and main to keep hidden during the 90s and indeed since to this very day!

And that is where the Savich claim about Marko Attila Hoare Holocaust Denial is located. They are all guilty of this.

We on 4international have also met Jewish people who did not want to know about this aspect of history, or like Bill Narvey of Israpundit claimed that it had no relevance to today.

We also think that at the centre of all of the Fascist Leftist posturing of today on Israel lies a deep form of Holocaust Denial.

Behind the antics of people like Sinead Cusack now canvassing for her Israel hating son today in Ireland and wider is another form of truth denial, because what is denied is the situation of the Shoah which made it imperative to found Israel.

In fact all attacks that I see being made on Israel today, whether it is in Fatah and Abbas, in Hamas, in Hizbullah, or Iran…all are forms of Holocaust Denial.

There is another distortion which I would like our readers to understand acutely.

It was Leon Trotsky who emerged in the 1930s as the greatest advocate for Jewish nationalism, which he promoted because he had made a deep study of Fascism, and saw the great danger to the Jews from the Nazis.

For some reason the Lefts and “Trotskyists” have also hidden this aspect of history.

And in a strange way these things have come back together again in the grave danger to the Jews of Israel and all the Jews in the Diaspora from a combination of Fascist Islam and Fascist US Foreign policy (of Bush and Obama)

While we on 4international alone continue to fight to defend the Jews of Israel and insist that Israel has no choice but to wage war on the Iranian Nuclear agenda.

We do not wish this. But like Trotsky in the 1930s we are realistic and we try to emulate the realism of Trotsky re 1930s Fascism in the situation of today.

The essence of Hoare, and essentially also of Harry´s Place, Nick Cohen, Maggie O´Kane et al, in the following

The reformed Handzar Division did exist, as you claimed, but it was very small. It was a little bitty Nazi SS Division, not a big bad full-sized Nazi SS Division!

In their analysis of Marko Attila Hoare, in their insisting on his attempts of making a joke out of the Holocaust in the Balkans showing him as a real danger to Jewish people, Joshua and Carl have brought us a great deal further forward.


by Felix Quigley

April 21, 2009


The clock is now ticking down to war between Israel and Iran, with the US Government lining up with Iran, that is with the Iranian Fascist regime, and everything about the US Fascists, Nazis and Jew Haters, and their alliance with their pet babies the Iranian Fascists right out in the open.

This is now totally unavoidable, as surely as night follows day.

This is what we on 4international have said consistently for at least 2 years. We base our analysis on a number of things.

1. That the Jews are indeed a real nation

2. That Islam is antisemitic to the core. The real essence of the Arab rulers in the Arab League and all those Islamist countries in the UN is to prevent Infidels having a base in THEIR lands.

3. The Mullahs of Iran are motivated by Jew Hatred just as much as were the German Nazis

4. In fact during the Holocaust there was at every level close relations between Islam and the German Nazis. That is fact, hidden but easily proven.

The key to the whole situation is the US Government and how the US elite and to some extent the EU elite is lining up with Islam.

The reason for this is extremely simple and if you are a Trotskyist just a little obvious. They both seek a union together against the threatened socialist revolution.

The following report from DEBKAfile will have to be digested with some urgency:

[Begin DEBKAfile report here]

dated April 21, 2009

DEBKAfile‘s military sources cite some Western intelligence and nuclear weapons experts as predicting that Iran could turn out nuclear weapons some time in the next 12 months.

This estimate is based on Tehran’s announcement that 7,000 centrifuges are in operation to enrich uranium. If all those machines were to work at top speed day and night, seven days a week, they could produce enough weapons-grade uranium to build a bomb in 60 days, say some intelligence sources. According to American experts, given the current rate of the program’s development, Iran will be in a position to manufacture as many as 60 nuclear bombs and warheads in 12 to 18 months.

This judgment was confirmed by Israel’s military intelligence (AMAN) chief, Maj. Gen. Amos Yadlin in his latest briefing to the cabinet Monday, April 20. He reported that Iran is going all-out for enriched uranium from overseas to shorten the process.

Japanese sources recently reported that a North Korean boat shipped a large quantity to Iran earlier this year. According to the big-circulation The Nikkei, the North Korean vessel’s hold carried a secret cargo of uranium highly-enriched to 50-60 percent. The ship set out for Iran in December, moving moved at a leisurely pace so as not to call attention from Western spy satellites, surveillance vessels and warships. Earlier this year, the illegal consignment was dropped at an Iranian port for transport to a facility near Tehran, according to the Japanese paper.

Yadlin noted that extreme economic crisis has not delayed Tehran’s headlong nuclear progress or curtailed its designs on other Middle East countries – Hizballah’s subversive activities in Egypt are not a lone instance. Inflation is officially put at 30 percent but is probably closer to 50 percent, while unemployment is deepening, yet Tehran upped the 2009 appropriation for its nuclear program by 15 percent.

Rather than translating the crisis into leverage for persuading Iran to abandon its nuclear objectives, the Israeli intelligence chief noted that the Obama administration has opened the door to dialogue with all the extremists of the Middle East, including Iran, albeit “with open eyes.”

Iran, for its part, is accelerating its nuclear program, taking full advantage of the undercover communications with Washington which are aimed at gaining Tehran’s cooperation for the US war effort in Afghanistan and Pakistan.



(Iran could produce first nuke

 in 60 days with 7,000

centrifuges  working 24/7

DEBKAfile Special Report



If as we on 4international believe that the Jews are a nation, and have been for thousands of years, then a number of things follow

1. There is no alternative. Israel must make war on the Mullahs, and specifically the Nuclear Bomb making of the Mullahs

2. The Mullahs are not an ordinary opponent, they are an opponent which denies the Holocaust. Logically that means that they have a new Holocaust of the Jews in mind

3. Israel will attack. That is the historical role of Netanyahu and his colleague Lieberman

4. Because without that attack the Jewish nation is as good as dead.

And that is what is spelled out in the Debka report above and is the esence of the position of 4international. Israel must act! Israel must be supported by all socialists and progressive peoples. That support given the power of antisemitism has to be fought for.


by Felix Quigley

April 20, 2009]

The United Nations is now running an antisemitic conference in Geneva and a group of  courageous Jewish students has protested from within the conference itself. The following is the Guardian report which deals with some of the issues involved in this courageous and unprecedented protest which has taken the whole UN Establishment by total surprize.

[Begin Guardian report here]

from http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/apr/20/un-conference-boycott-ahmadinejad

Dozens of diplomats, including Britain’s UN ambassador in Geneva, walked out of a speech by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad this afternoon when the Iranian president accused Israel of being “a totally racist” regime.

The address at a UN conference on racism in Geneva was disrupted by protesters who heckled Ahmadinejad after he branded Israel a “cruel and oppressive racist regime”. He said the state of Israel was created “on the pretext of Jewish suffering” from the second world war.

Peter Gooderham, the UK ambassador to the UN in Geneva, walked out along with representatives from France, Spain and several other European countries. One shook his fist at the Iranian president as he left. The delegates said they planned to return to the session as soon as Ahmadinejad had finished speaking.

(Let there be no confusion here. Brown and the British Labourists are in favour of this antisemitic UN Conference, it is just that they want to save some face by walking out on Obama. This is typical British Labourist antisemitism. The correct thing to do was to stay totally clear of this conference. Ahmadinejad is not the only antisemite here. What happens when groups such as Human Rights Watch begin to speak and to operate their brand of antisemitism)

European countries had been split over whether to attend amid fears Ahmadinejad and other delegates could ignite a new row over the Holocaust or Israel’s right to exist.

Germany, Poland and the Netherlands were joining a boycott led by the US and Israel. France and Britain attended but promised to walk out of the conference if offensive language was used at the podium.

The protesters leapt to their feet and shouted “racist” in French at Ahmadinejad when he made his remarks about the state of Israel.

Some wore clown wigs and one, who was positioned among the delegates, managed to run to within 10 yards of the Iranian president before throwing a soft red object, hitting the podium and interrupting his speech. The protester was ushered out by security.

The protesters said they represented the Union of Jewish Students in France. “We did it because it’s all a farce,” Joelle Jakubowicz said. “You can’t fight racism if you are racist yourself.”

France’s foreign minister, Bernard Kouchner, speaking before Ahmadinejad’s speech, said “we will not tolerate any blunder or provocation” from Ahmadinejad, who has referred to the Holocaust as a myth and called for Israel to be “wiped off the pages of history”.

If Ahmadinejad “proffers any racist or antisemitic accusations we will leave the hall immediately”, Kouchner said.

(The position of Kouchner is to be welcomed but of course if he really was in support of Jews against antisemitism he would not be present in the conference at all)

The Iranian president, the only head of state at the conference, is due to give a press conference today, which coincides with the start of Israel’s Holocaust Remembrance Day.

The Foreign Office said in a statement, also released before the speech: “The United Kingdom has argued strongly for the concluding document to contain adequate language on Holocaust remembrance and combating antisemitism. We will find unacceptable any attempt to use the Durban process to trivialise or deny the Holocaust, or to renegotiate agreements on the fight against antisemitism.”

(This is rank hypocricy from the British antisemites. They should not be present at all)

A flurry of late-night telephone calls between European foreign ministries failed to salvage what British officials hoped would be a common European position, amid growing unease about what Ahmadinejad would say and fears that a draft text from the UN anti-racism conference would single out Israel and call for bans on the freedom to express criticism of religion.

(It is obvious what has happened. The British want the antisemitism to go ahead but somehow they want to sanatize Ahmadinejad. Wrong option! Cannot be done! The whole UN conference is a stinking cesspit of antisemitism)

Israel today announced it was recalling its ambassador to Switzerland for consultations. Israel’s prime minister, Binyamin Netanyahu, said that while Israel would be commemorating 6 million Jews killed by the Nazis, “in Switzerland the guest of honour is a racist and a Holocaust denier who doesn’t conceal his intention to wipe Israel off the face of this Earth”.

The US said on Saturday that it would not be attending today’s UN conference because of what Washington said was “objectionable” language in a draft statement. The Geneva meeting is known as the Durban Review Conference because it is intended to follow up a world conference against racism held in the South African city eight years ago, when the US and Israel walked out in anger at attempts to equate Zionism with racism.

(The position of Obama is the most interesting. Obama is an enemy of Israel and is an antisemite without any shadow of a douubt. The whole orientation of the US Government and ruling elite is to join forces with Islam against the demands of workers who do not wish to be driven into barbaric poverty by the crisis in capitalism. Antisemitism is the tool of the US elite in this period. What applies to Britain applies even more to these US bigots. Obama fears the American people will see that he is pro Islam and pro Muslim, may even be a Muslim himself, and above all hates Israel. That is the only reason the US is not at the conference since they have been there from the beginning of the preparations for the conference)

One person not boycotting the conference was the film star Jon Voight, a staunch supporter of Israel who said he had come to confront Ahmadinejad’s position on the Holocaust. Voight told the Guardian: “The fox is in charge of the hen house here. This is supposed to be about human rights, but hidden under that banner is antisemitism. Someone has to respond to it.”

(Voight is a stupid idiot. Pay no attention to what this stupido says or thinks. He is an insult to the courageous Jewish students seen here. Voight you are a complete fool!)

The draft statement for this week’s conference does not single out Israel but formally upholds the 2001 declaration, which does. The UN high commissioner for human rights, Navi Pillay, said she was “shocked and deeply disappointed” by the US boycott. On the Guardian’s Comment is Free website today, Pillay concedes that the 2001 meeting has been “tainted by the antisemitic behaviour of some NGOs on the sidelines”, but she argues that the best way to tackle such issues is to participate in this week’s meeting.

(Wrong Pillay. And you will be forever marked as an enemy of Israel for organizing this conference and giving the likes of Ahmadinejad a platform to spew out his racist Nazi filth)

That position was echoed today by Human Rights Watch. Juliette de Rivero, the group’s Geneva advocacy director, said: “The sad truth is that countries professing to want to avoid a reprise of the contentious 2001 racism conference are now the ones triggering the collapse of a global consensus on the fight against racism.”

(Human Rights Watch, aka the US nazi CIA front organization, must be thoroughly exposed)

British officials say the current draft text is acceptable if “adequate language” is included on the Holocaust and antisemitism, but they are also anxious to retain European solidarity.

(British officials are antisemites)

Ahmadinejad’s speech and press conference will be carefully scrutinised for his tone towards the US after Barack Obama’s recent overtures to Tehran.

(This and the following paragraph is total bullshit. The fact is that the US Government is the friend of the Iranian Fascist Mullahs. They certainly were close friends int he war to destroy Yugoslavia. The US and the British are stirring up antisemitism in the world in order to hold on to the reins of power)

The Iranian president has ruled out compromise on Iran’s nuclear programme, but has occasionally raised hopes of a thaw in US-Iranian relations, as he did yesterday when he insisted that an Iranian-American journalist, sentenced by an Iranian court to eight years in prison on espionage charges, should be guaranteed the full right to defend herself in her appeal. The Iranian government today urged Obama not to comment on the case.

(This is interesting. I think the Iranian Fascists are in crisis because they now are beginning to realize that Israel has the power, expertise and under Netanyahu the discipline and determination to pulverize their evil Nuclear programme. If you doubt it is evil then listen to Ahmadinejad. The man is obsessed with Jews and with Israel, which he calls usually Zionists, same thing actually. So he is beginning like the cowardly rat he is to snuggle up OPENLY to the US Imperialists, to Obama in particular. The great fear now of Ahmadinejad is that he is beginning to sense that this time Israel will break from the US Nazis of Obama and Bush and will fight alone to defend themselves)


So to conclude. What these Jewish students have done is just wonderful, better than a million words.

The US and British political elite who have worked together leading and preparing this conference are exposed as the friends of Ahmadinejad.

There is now not only a growing antisemitic movement but also a growing struggle against antisemitism.

Things are only beginning to move. What lies behind much of this is the total bankruptcy of the capitalist economic system and the needs of US and British Imperialism to move to new forms of rule where they will work alongside the Nazi Islamist Fascists to create dictatorships. Somewhere in there, in their scheme of things, rests their promotion of antisemitism.


(If you wish to comment on these things write below but if you wish your comment to be private mark it “private” and we will not publish)


by Felix Quigley

April 16, 2009

The time is racing ahead to the point where the proud Jewish people of Israel make a decisive break with the scourge of US Imperialist Government, that imperialist excrescence that has lain on the back of Israel since it was founded in 1948..

And this must be the point where the people of Israel under a new leadership will create a close unity, not with the Jew hating rulers of the US, but with the Jew loving ordinary people of America, the people who remain true tot he great traditions of struggle against the British which created the Republic int the first place.

Racing ahead…with every move now being made by the Obama team who are carrying on in the same way that Bush and Rice did.

After all it was Bush who appointed Robert Gates was it not! So what is the big difference to Obama!

As we pointed out time and again to Ted Belman and his friends on Israpundit and other Jewish sites, the key thing to understand is that these various elites represent the interests of US Big Business and US Power Politics in the world in general.

In the election this was the clear advice given to Belman by Professor Francisco Gil White but Belman did not listen.

The following is the latest statement by this fiend Gates

[Begin quote from DEBKAfile here]

The US defense secretary Robert Gates again voiced extreme objections to an Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear sites. Addressing US marines, Wednesday, April 16, he said Iran’s nuclearization can only be stopped by an Iranian decision. “A strike probably would delay Tehran’s nuclear program one to three years, it would unify Iranians, cement their determination to have a nuclear program and also build into the whole country an undying hatred of whoever hits them.”

DEBKAfile‘s military sources take issue with Gates’ assessment. They note that he avoided spelling out the words “nuclear weapon” – as though to blur the fact that this is Iran’s goal. As for his use of “undying hatred,” in the future tense, he may not have noticed that the radical Islamic regime bombards its people night and day with their undying hatred for Israel and calls to “wipe the Jewish state off map.”

The US defense secretary knows very well that if Israel lets Tehran acquire a nuclear bomb capability, it will be Iran’s first target, whether directly or as a shield for its terrorist proxies. Furthermore, no Israeli government can afford to forego three years – and probably more – relieved of the threat of annihilation by a power dedicated to its destruction. Even Gates cannot prophesy the exact consequences of an Israeli strike on Iran, say those sources. The Middle East would certainly be a different place for all its denizens.


Gates totally opposes Israeli

strike on Iran

DEBKAfile Special Report

April 16, 2009, 9:30 AM



We are totally in agreement with DEBKAfile. Note how sensitive Debkafile  is to the issue of language. This is vital.

Gates talks of  “nuclearization”

Debka points out that the word is “nuclear bomb”.

Debka is so correct. If you are a 17 year old boy or girl at the beginning of your life living in Tel Aviv the word is Nuclear Bomb because it is that which the Iranian Fascists are keen to make ready. But make ready for a very specific purpose.

As we say often on this site. Israel does not wish to make war in any shape or form. But mankind has not yet developed a method of defence against enemies who aim to destroy YOU other than war.

The last sentence above by Debka is particularly prescient.

The Israeli state and its people has no alternative. It is not that they wish to strike Iran, it is that if Jews want to continue living then they must.

And Debka is correct. The world of politics will be changed and nobody can predict what that change will mean.

The Islamist Fascists are hated by the ordinary people of Iran, especially by the youth.

Israel will certainly make sure that the people of Iran will know that their beef is not with them, but with their hated rulers.

An Israeli strike against the Mullahs will have the very opposite effect to what Gates says and warns about.

In fact we now know for sure following the support given to Izetbegovic in Bosnia that the US Governments and Iran are on the same side. That is the side of reaction and on the side of Fascism.

Now the clock ticks. The Israeli Government of Netanyahu must be given the support that it needs.

Mass rallies in America and Europe must be organized.

The very beginnings of this process is underway. Read Israpundit and you will find that Ted Belman travelled for 2 hours from Toronto up to the city of London, Ontario, where there was a huge meeting of people who are very supportive of Israel.

What about ther Israel haters of the ISM and Indymedia etc? Can they pack a hall 600 strong? No they certainly can not!

The same response can happen all over America. There will be huge hatred for the Obama team building up in the period ahead as people realize what they are up to. Use the time well. Every day should be made to count.


by Felix Quigley

April 15, 2009

Any person who is sane finds war of any kind abhorrent. Yet the world has NOT created any alternative to war.

When all is said and done if Iran does have a Nuclear Bomb and since it is a Government made up of Holocaust Deniers and of Jew Haters, and since it has threatened to destroy Israel, than that leaves Israel with no choice BUT TO GO TO WAR WITH IRAN

It is not our task to be engaging our readers in fanciful notions.

These are some questions:

Is Iran preparing the Nuclear Bomb?

Would Iran use the Nucelar Bomb against Israel?

What would smaller Nuclear type devices int he hands of groups like Fatah Al Aqsa, Hamas and Hizbullah do to the life and people of Israel.

The normal person in the streets of the cities of the world do not much bother with that question.

But a 17 year old in Tel Aviv, beginning his or her life, may indeed be vitally interested in the answer to that question. Or can they live to see 21 may be another way to ask the question.

So mankind to our great dismay and disappointment has not devised any other method but war.

We may not like it, wish there was another way, that this reality was not so. But it would be foolish not to face reality.

And we wish there was another message to tell the wonderful Jewish people who such a short historical time ago emigrated to Israel to seek solace.

This is a totally existentialist issue for Israelis. This is seen even in the position of Peres. If ever there was a peace dove it was Peres. Yet even Peres does not want to die or for his country to be incinerated.

In the face of this issue all others fade by comparision. If there is no Israel and if 6 millions of Jews along with many Arabs perish in the region what then!

The horror of this makes the normal person say “Oh that is not possible, is it”

And they dismiss it out of their minds. Get on witht he struggles and personal routines of life. But the same thing held “normal” people from understanding what was happening in the lead up to the Holocaust.

Indeed the Holocaust is not a historical event alone. The Holocaust is a reality in today’s politics because antisemitism did not end.

There is NO question that the US and to some extent the EU is in league with Islam. The US to a full and committed extent, first with Bush, now witht he Obama team.

To those who were not so biased this could be seen clearly in the alliances which the US Clinton team was making in the destruction of Yugoslavia, with Tudjman, with Izetbegovic and with Thaci

But people are biased in their thinking and many could not grasp this.

There is no doubt that the historical role which Netanyahu must carry out is the destruction of the Iranian nuclear powers of Jewish destruction.

1. We are now down to the detailed planning of this

2. This is going to transform totally politics in the world.

It is my opinion that the US Government is with the Iranian Islamist Fascists in this and against Israel.

I do not think that the Netanyahu leadership will pull off no matter what pressure is placed on it by the US Pro Iranian Nazis led and promoted by Obama

This is going to transform the world.

The following report from DEBKAfile tends to follow this type of prognosis rather precisely:

[Begin report from DEBKAfile here]

The detailed report compiled by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington last month, complete with graphs and diagrams, has been reprinted in thousands of copies in Tehran. It is compulsory reading for its intelligence and Revolutionary Guards personnel because the Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities concludes that the Jewish state has all the resources necessary for a successful strike.

When asked recently, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, agreed with this estimate. This week, president Shimon Peres and prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu both said that if diplomacy failed to halt Iran’s nuclear activities, Israel would be left with no option other than the military one. And Tuesday, April 14, the New York Times quoted an Israeli official as saying that Jerusalem would give the Obama administration until late 2009 to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment projects; after that, Israel will be forced to act.

Tehran responded with a complaint to the UN Security Council demanding that Israel be condemned for “its threats against a sovereign state.”

For the past three years, US military and intelligence sources have used attributed and leaked assessments to the American media to emphasize that such an operation is beyond Israel’s capabilities because of the nuclear facilities’ wide distribution across Iran. At best, they maintained, the Israeli Air Force might knock out a few Iranian nuclear installations, but only enough to put Iran’s nuclear drive temporarily on hold.

The CSIS paper refutes this assessment and maintains there is no need to destroy dozens or hundreds of sites; the destruction of seven to nine targets would be enough to cripple the Iranian program, and lists them as follows:

1. Lashkar A’bad, site of secret uranium enrichment plants in the north near the Turkish border.

2. Tehranb, for the central laboratory for developing atomic armaments as well as more uranium enrichment facilities.

3. Arak, in central Iran, where a heavy water plant is under construction to manufacture plutonium for weapons.

4. Isfahan, in central Iran, near which a small research reactor and a cluster of laboratories for uranium enrichment, centrifuges and weapons development, are situated.

5. Natanz, the main center for uranium enrichment.

6. Ardekan, at the southern tip of Iran, where more uranium enrichment facilities are located.

7. Saghand, Iran’s main uranium mining region.

8. Bushehr, on the Persian Gulf shore, Iran’s biggest nuclear reactor built by Russia.

9. Gachin, near the Strait of Hormuz, the site of more uranium mines and enrichment facilities.

Complicated tables set forth an array of technical details showing how many PG bombs Israeli Air Force F16I or F15F bomber-fighter planes can carry, how much fuel is needed to reach their Iranian targets, and at what stage of their return journey they would need to refuel.

This think tank finds Israel has enough aircraft as well as the necessary intelligence and electronic resources for the task – contrary to previous estimates.

The authors propose three attack routes for a potential Israeli operation against Iran: an eastern route over Saudi Arabia; a central route over Iraq, and a northern route over Turkey, Syria and northern Iraqi Kurdistan. They point to the third as Israel’s best option in view of the superiority of its electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

This is the first time a detailed and accurate description of these capabilities, and a description of how they were put to use in the Israeli raid on the North Korean-built plutonium reactor in Dar az-Zawr, Syria, on September, 2007, has ever been published.


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by Felix Quigley

April 15, 2009

This is an article published by The New York Times.

I feel this is an important article for many reasons. Firstly that it is the “New York Times”, that is an organization very much at the heart of the aims and practices of US Imperialism.

So for example in the destruction of Yugoslavia it was the “New York Times” which printed all of those lies against the Serbs.

I will not say very much about the article. Our readers are now well versed in the methodology of lies, that is statements made not backed up by evidence, or as is most often the case backed up by assertions of biased and partisan people.

It is all on view in the following:

[Begin extract from New York Times here]

Israel on trial
George Bisharat, The New York Times, Apr 4, 2009

This article was originally published by The New York Times and is republished with the author’s permission.

A Palestinian child cries outside of a destroyed building following an Israeli air strike in Gaza. (Maan Images)
Chilling testimony by Israeli soldiers substantiates charges that Israel’s Gaza Strip assault entailed grave violations of international law.

The emergence of a predominantly right-wing, nationalist government in Israel suggests that there may be more violations to come. Hamas’s indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israeli civilians also constituted war crimes, but do not excuse Israel’s transgressions.

(I cannot do it here but obviously we would like to investigate “Maan Images” a little more.)
(The following sentence is interesting. It is not that Israel disputes some of this, it is that Israel disputes all of it)

While Israel disputes some of the soldiers’ accounts, the evidence suggests that Israel committed the following six offenses:

  • Violating its duty to protect the civilian population of the Gaza Strip. Despite Israel’s 2005 “disengagement” from Gaza, the territory remains occupied. Israel unleashed military firepower against a people it is legally bound to protect.
  • Imposing collective punishment in the form of a blockade, in violation of Article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention. In June 2007, after Hamas took power in the Gaza Strip, Israel imposed suffocating restrictions on trade and movement. The blockade – an act of war in customary international law – has helped plunge families into poverty, children into malnutrition, and patients denied access to medical treatment into their graves. People in Gaza thus faced Israel’s winter onslaught in particularly weakened conditions.
  • Deliberately attacking civilian targets. The laws of war permit attacking a civilian object only when it is making an effective contribution to military action and a definite military advantage is gained by its destruction. Yet an Israeli general, Dan Harel, said, “We are hitting not only terrorists and launchers, but also the whole Hamas government and all its wings.” An Israeli military spokeswoman, Maj. Avital Leibovich, avowed that “anything affiliated with Hamas is a legitimate target.”

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    Israeli fire destroyed or damaged mosques, hospitals, factories, schools, a key sewage plant, institutions like the parliament, the main ministries, the central prison and police stations, and thousands of houses.

  • Willfully killing civilians without military justification. When civilian institutions are struck, civilians – persons who are not members of the armed forces of a warring party, and are not taking direct part in hostilities – are killed.

    International law authorizes killings of civilians if the objective of the attack is military, and the means are proportional to the advantage gained. Yet proportionality is irrelevant if the targets of attack were not military to begin with. Gaza government employees – traffic policemen, court clerks, secretaries and others – are not combatants merely because Israel considers Hamas, the governing party, a terrorist organization. Many countries do not regard violence against foreign military occupation as terrorism.

    Of 1,434 Palestinians killed in the Gaza invasion, 960 were civilians, including 121 women and 288 children, according to a United Nations special rapporteur, Richard Falk. Israeli military lawyers instructed army commanders that Palestinians who remained in a targeted building after having been warned to leave were “voluntary human shields,” and thus combatants. Israeli gunners “knocked on roofs” – that is, fired first at corners of buildings, before hitting more vulnerable points – to “warn” Palestinian residents to flee.

    With nearly all exits from the densely populated Gaza Strip blocked by Israel, and chaos reigning within it, this was a particularly cruel flaunting of international law. Willful killings of civilians that are not required by military necessity are grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions, and are considered war crimes under the Nuremberg principles.

  • Deliberately employing disproportionate force. Last year, Gen. Gadi Eisenkot, head of Israel’s northern command, speaking on possible future conflicts with neighbors, stated, “We will wield disproportionate power against every village from which shots are fired on Israel, and cause immense damage and destruction.” Such a frank admission of illegal intent can constitute evidence in a criminal prosecution.
  • Illegal use of weapons, including white phosphorus. Israel was finally forced to admit, after initial denials, that it employed white phosphorous in the Gaza Strip, though Israel defended its use as legal. White phosphorous may be legally used as an obscurant, not as a weapon, as it burns deeply and is extremely difficult to extinguish.

Israeli political and military personnel who planned, ordered or executed these possible offenses should face criminal prosecution. The appointment of Richard Goldstone, the former war crimes prosecutor from South Africa, to head a fact-finding team into possible war crimes by both parties to the Gaza conflict is an important step in the right direction. The stature of international law is diminished when a nation violates it with impunity.

George Bisharat is a professor at the University of California Hastings College of the Law.
The above extract is taken from a website called “Institute for Middle East Understanding”


Understanding my foot!


I think the reader can see the kinds of forces that range themselves against Serbs, Jews and ordinary people in general.

Without answering the above I think it is important to consider how this kind of material can be contested.

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By Felix Quigley

April 15, 2009

I place a query in Google to try to find out what is the meaning of uranium enrichment. I take it as a fact that that is what Iran is doing, its clerical fascist leaders are even shown showing off their machines called centrifuges. I am no expert at all in science of these matters, but I accept that centrifuges in Iran are a fact.

My google query:

What does uranium enrichment mean?

I come therefore across a blog by a man who lives in Norway, who seems to be an Iranian Exile. His profile is astounding and you can look it up yourself. He is more than intelligent, he is amazing.

[Begin quote here]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why does Iran need a uranium enrichment facility?

There are only two realistic uses for enriched uranium – to produce low enriched uranium fuel for nuclear reactors and, secondly, to produce the highly enriched uranium for the fissile heart of a nuclear weapon.

The Russian-supplied nuclear reactors presently under construction at the southern port of Bushehr are supplied complete with Russian-made fuel, so there is no demand for enriched uranium for these reactors.

Tehran says it is pursuing a nuclear programme for energy production only.

But Iran does not have a significant and established nuclear reactor programme, and in economic and practical terms establishing an enrichment facility cannot be justified. Another factor is that Iran is rich in natural gas, and oil reserves for energy consumptions

I simplify here but, that means the enrichment facility is almost certainly for a nuclear weapons programme.