By Felix Quigley

April 15, 2009

I place a query in Google to try to find out what is the meaning of uranium enrichment. I take it as a fact that that is what Iran is doing, its clerical fascist leaders are even shown showing off their machines called centrifuges. I am no expert at all in science of these matters, but I accept that centrifuges in Iran are a fact.

My google query:

What does uranium enrichment mean?

I come therefore across a blog by a man who lives in Norway, who seems to be an Iranian Exile. His profile is astounding and you can look it up yourself. He is more than intelligent, he is amazing.

[Begin quote here]

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Why does Iran need a uranium enrichment facility?

There are only two realistic uses for enriched uranium – to produce low enriched uranium fuel for nuclear reactors and, secondly, to produce the highly enriched uranium for the fissile heart of a nuclear weapon.

The Russian-supplied nuclear reactors presently under construction at the southern port of Bushehr are supplied complete with Russian-made fuel, so there is no demand for enriched uranium for these reactors.

Tehran says it is pursuing a nuclear programme for energy production only.

But Iran does not have a significant and established nuclear reactor programme, and in economic and practical terms establishing an enrichment facility cannot be justified. Another factor is that Iran is rich in natural gas, and oil reserves for energy consumptions

I simplify here but, that means the enrichment facility is almost certainly for a nuclear weapons programme.

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