by Felix Quigley

April 15, 2009

Any person who is sane finds war of any kind abhorrent. Yet the world has NOT created any alternative to war.

When all is said and done if Iran does have a Nuclear Bomb and since it is a Government made up of Holocaust Deniers and of Jew Haters, and since it has threatened to destroy Israel, than that leaves Israel with no choice BUT TO GO TO WAR WITH IRAN

It is not our task to be engaging our readers in fanciful notions.

These are some questions:

Is Iran preparing the Nuclear Bomb?

Would Iran use the Nucelar Bomb against Israel?

What would smaller Nuclear type devices int he hands of groups like Fatah Al Aqsa, Hamas and Hizbullah do to the life and people of Israel.

The normal person in the streets of the cities of the world do not much bother with that question.

But a 17 year old in Tel Aviv, beginning his or her life, may indeed be vitally interested in the answer to that question. Or can they live to see 21 may be another way to ask the question.

So mankind to our great dismay and disappointment has not devised any other method but war.

We may not like it, wish there was another way, that this reality was not so. But it would be foolish not to face reality.

And we wish there was another message to tell the wonderful Jewish people who such a short historical time ago emigrated to Israel to seek solace.

This is a totally existentialist issue for Israelis. This is seen even in the position of Peres. If ever there was a peace dove it was Peres. Yet even Peres does not want to die or for his country to be incinerated.

In the face of this issue all others fade by comparision. If there is no Israel and if 6 millions of Jews along with many Arabs perish in the region what then!

The horror of this makes the normal person say “Oh that is not possible, is it”

And they dismiss it out of their minds. Get on witht he struggles and personal routines of life. But the same thing held “normal” people from understanding what was happening in the lead up to the Holocaust.

Indeed the Holocaust is not a historical event alone. The Holocaust is a reality in today’s politics because antisemitism did not end.

There is NO question that the US and to some extent the EU is in league with Islam. The US to a full and committed extent, first with Bush, now witht he Obama team.

To those who were not so biased this could be seen clearly in the alliances which the US Clinton team was making in the destruction of Yugoslavia, with Tudjman, with Izetbegovic and with Thaci

But people are biased in their thinking and many could not grasp this.

There is no doubt that the historical role which Netanyahu must carry out is the destruction of the Iranian nuclear powers of Jewish destruction.

1. We are now down to the detailed planning of this

2. This is going to transform totally politics in the world.

It is my opinion that the US Government is with the Iranian Islamist Fascists in this and against Israel.

I do not think that the Netanyahu leadership will pull off no matter what pressure is placed on it by the US Pro Iranian Nazis led and promoted by Obama

This is going to transform the world.

The following report from DEBKAfile tends to follow this type of prognosis rather precisely:

[Begin report from DEBKAfile here]

The detailed report compiled by the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS) in Washington last month, complete with graphs and diagrams, has been reprinted in thousands of copies in Tehran. It is compulsory reading for its intelligence and Revolutionary Guards personnel because the Study on a Possible Israeli Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Development Facilities concludes that the Jewish state has all the resources necessary for a successful strike.

When asked recently, Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the Joint US Chiefs of Staff, agreed with this estimate. This week, president Shimon Peres and prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu both said that if diplomacy failed to halt Iran’s nuclear activities, Israel would be left with no option other than the military one. And Tuesday, April 14, the New York Times quoted an Israeli official as saying that Jerusalem would give the Obama administration until late 2009 to stop Iran’s uranium enrichment projects; after that, Israel will be forced to act.

Tehran responded with a complaint to the UN Security Council demanding that Israel be condemned for “its threats against a sovereign state.”

For the past three years, US military and intelligence sources have used attributed and leaked assessments to the American media to emphasize that such an operation is beyond Israel’s capabilities because of the nuclear facilities’ wide distribution across Iran. At best, they maintained, the Israeli Air Force might knock out a few Iranian nuclear installations, but only enough to put Iran’s nuclear drive temporarily on hold.

The CSIS paper refutes this assessment and maintains there is no need to destroy dozens or hundreds of sites; the destruction of seven to nine targets would be enough to cripple the Iranian program, and lists them as follows:

1. Lashkar A’bad, site of secret uranium enrichment plants in the north near the Turkish border.

2. Tehranb, for the central laboratory for developing atomic armaments as well as more uranium enrichment facilities.

3. Arak, in central Iran, where a heavy water plant is under construction to manufacture plutonium for weapons.

4. Isfahan, in central Iran, near which a small research reactor and a cluster of laboratories for uranium enrichment, centrifuges and weapons development, are situated.

5. Natanz, the main center for uranium enrichment.

6. Ardekan, at the southern tip of Iran, where more uranium enrichment facilities are located.

7. Saghand, Iran’s main uranium mining region.

8. Bushehr, on the Persian Gulf shore, Iran’s biggest nuclear reactor built by Russia.

9. Gachin, near the Strait of Hormuz, the site of more uranium mines and enrichment facilities.

Complicated tables set forth an array of technical details showing how many PG bombs Israeli Air Force F16I or F15F bomber-fighter planes can carry, how much fuel is needed to reach their Iranian targets, and at what stage of their return journey they would need to refuel.

This think tank finds Israel has enough aircraft as well as the necessary intelligence and electronic resources for the task – contrary to previous estimates.

The authors propose three attack routes for a potential Israeli operation against Iran: an eastern route over Saudi Arabia; a central route over Iraq, and a northern route over Turkey, Syria and northern Iraqi Kurdistan. They point to the third as Israel’s best option in view of the superiority of its electronic warfare (EW) capabilities.

This is the first time a detailed and accurate description of these capabilities, and a description of how they were put to use in the Israeli raid on the North Korean-built plutonium reactor in Dar az-Zawr, Syria, on September, 2007, has ever been published.


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