by Felix Quigley

May 3, 2009

Irish attitudes to antisemitism

This is the broad theme of a book published by Irish academic Rory Miller and is also the title of an interview and study based on that interview by the Institute for Global Jewish Affairs

The issues raised by Rory Miller are very important.

Miller is an academic and the issues he raises he cannot in any way resolve. He cuts himself off from the only progressive class and force in Ireland which is the Irish working class. Keep that in mind when we praise Miller for the genuine work that he has done to defend Israel and the Jews of both Israel and the Diaspora against antisemitism.


Rory Miller shows this extremely well.

He dwells on 2 key areas or points in time

1. The entry of Ireland into the United Nations

2. The entry of Ireland into the EU

Miller deals ith these two focal points and in their interconnection with Israel and the Jes in admirable detail.

On reading his material, hich we shall reproduce, it strikes me that the Irish capitalist class has been always floundering in the world cappitalist morass since its incetion in 1920, looking for a cruth to lean on.


There was a qualitative difference here.

James Connolly make no mistake about it was an Irish revolutionary of the first order, and was a great fighter for the Irish working class. So was Big Jim Larkin. Both of these men fought with great devotion and skill on behalf of the Irish working class.

But really, the most and highest point they could reach was the creation of the Irish Labour party.

To their credit as soon as they created the Labour Party of Ireland they were in conflict ith it! But at that stage of the game they could get no further.

Note these were men of their time so beware of being hyper critical.

They could not make the leap in consciousness that was made by the Bolshevik tendency, then party, of Lenin.

Nor could they make the leap as in the development made by Leon Trotsky in the invaluable Theory of the Permanent Revolution (actually this was a combo operation, Trotsky was joined in this by an intellectual called Parvus)

This is not the place to go into details on this. But remember that the Citizens Army created by Connolly was not such a party as above and to join with the petty bourgeois nationalists in 1916, even though it was surely correct, meant sure as hell liquidation.

So while our friend Miller points out very well indeed as to how the Irish capitalist class has always been subservient, and lacking in any real independence of spirit, he leaves out the reasons why the Irish working class  could never actually be independent or play an independent role. Thus in the end Miller offers no way forward.

Before going into Miller´s invaluable research I feel there is another reason which handicaps his work and is driving him relentlessly into a blind ally.

Miller does not actually despite being an historin of note locate the “Palestinian” issue in its correct and truthful place.

This is the place actually of “Jihad” and of “Je Hatred”.

In order to get a true picture one needs to turn to the work of other people.

I will name a few.

Jared Israel who has researched the turn of the US World Order in the events surrounding the destruction of Yugoslavia in the late 1980s through the 90s especially

Francisco Gil White who along with Jared Israel has done wonderful work in showing how the originator of “Palestinianism” was really Hajj Amin el Husseini who was a leading war criminal of the Nazi period

Without the work of these two, and others also who I will deal with, it is impossible to move forward. And Miller does not move forward. I think he may be out on a limb somehere in academia!

That is why at the end of the hunt he is a supporter of “Palestinianism” which is the mortal enemy of Israel and is the essence of contemporary Jew Hatred.


(more later)h

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