by Felix Quigley

May 11, 2009


The following report which we glean from DEBKAfile is an outstanding refutation of the present American Government of Obama, and of the EU which is tail ending behind the American elite.

What this report highlights is that there are many areas of extreme menace for Israel but by far the most serious menace resides right there in Washington.

Obama is in alliance with the very worst “Islamofascists” on the planet.

Got that. Everything is now out in the open. The US Government (that is in Marxist terms the US ruling class) are on the very opposite side of the trench and are menacing Israel along with the Iranian Nuclear intending Fascists.

Meanwhile the Fascist, and actually extreme Right, “Left” in all the countries in the world are behind Obama and the Iranian Nazis.

All of Islam is reactionary. All of the Arab states hate Israel and want to see Israel destroyed.

Mubarak for example has refused always to visit Israel.

But within the Arab world there are levels and one of these has just been brought into the glare of  present publicity.

It is now certain that the Saudis and the Egyptians view the Iran Nuclear Bomb as a serious threat to themselves as well as to Israel and this is making them take action to ally themselves with Israel.

But guess where Obama and the US is. Very clearly on the side of the very worst Islamofascists.

This is the DEBKAfile report:

Netanyahu-Mubarak Talks Aim to produce Arab-Israeli Front versus Iran

DEBKAfile Exclusive Analysis

May 11, 2009

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak open to ideas for resisting Iran

Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak open to ideas for resisting Iran

If successful, Binyamin Netanyahu’s first meeting as Israeli prime minister with Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak at Sharm el Sheikh Monday, May 11, may well mark an epic turning-point in Middle East history recalling the 1979 peace breakthrough with Egypt. Their common goals – and Mubarak speaks for the Saudi king Abdullah on this issue – are the formation of an Arab-Israeli front against Iran and putting a spoke in US president Barack Obama’s planned détente with Tehran.

Most of all, the Netanyahu government utterly rejects the Palestinian-Iran tradeoff proposed by the Obama administration – and reaffirmed by US National adviser Gen. James Jones Sunday – that a two state-solution would diminish Iran’s existential threat to Israel.

Israel points out that no guarantees are offered for the latter. Therefore, Netanyahu prefers to put the Iranian menace on a different, regional footing. Last Monday, May 4, in a message to the Israeli lobby in Washington, he said pointedly: “For the first time in my lifetime,” Arabs and Jews see a common danger. There is a great challenge afoot. But that challenge also presents great opportunities.”

This was no idle talk. DEBKAfile‘s military and intelligence sources report that the groundwork for the Mubarak-Netanyahu tête-à-tête was laid by Egypt’s intelligence minister Gen. Omar Suleiman in the two days he spent in Jerusalem on April 22-23.

Officially, the Palestinians were the purpose of his talks – Suleiman has long acted as middleman between feuding Palestinian factions. In fact, Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas were the subjects of his intense discussions with Israel’s government heads and his opposite numbers in Mossad, military intelligence and the General Security Service (Shin Bet). They covered the Radical Four’s next moves and their potential military responses to a possible Israeli attack on Iran’s nuclear and strategic and infrastructure.

From Jerusalem, the Egyptian official headed for Riyadh to bring the Saudis into the planning picture.

He went straight into conference with King Abdullah and the Saudi chief of general intelligence, Prince Muqrin bin Abdul Aziz, after which Muqrin secretly visited Cairo for a long session with Mubarak attended only by the Egyptian intelligence chief.

This diplomatic flurry, according to DEBKAfile‘s sources, aimed at establishing an informal Israel-Egyptian-Saudi framework for working together – this time on the Iranian issue, but not for the first time. The outcome of the culminating Mubarak-Netanyahu talks Monday will bear strongly on their meetings with President Obama later this month. When he arrives in Washington on May 18, the Israeli prime minister will no doubt have new ideas in his briefcase.

Before the outbreak of Israel’s 2006 war with the Lebanese Hizballah, the then-Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert and his intelligence chiefs met with Saudi national security adviser, Prince Bandar bin Sultan in the Jordanian capital of Amman several times to coordinate Saudi-Egyptian-Israeli moves against the Iranian-Syrian-Hizballah front.

When Israeli launched its Gaza offensive against Hamas on Dec. 27, 2008, Jerusalem and Cairo were closely aligned on the various phases of warfare. For the duration of the 22-day conflict, Israel kept Egypt abreast of the action and Cairo updated Riyadh.

This was Israel’s first operation against an Arab target to be backed by an Egyptian-Saudi consensus.

The difference between the two Israeli military ventures was that its collaboration with Egypt won the approval of the US president, then George W, Bush. For the Gaza operation, US approval was withdrawn by the new man in the White House.

But the setback in Washington only served to spur the three silent partners’ motives for working together when their interests converge, this time against Iran’s rise as a nuclear and regional power.

The Obama administration’s outreach to Tehran and rehabilitation of Damascus served as a catalyst, accelerated by broad hints of US willingness to approve engagement with Hizballah and Hamas.

Israeli, Egyptian and Saudi rulers presume Washington has abdicated its commitment to prevent Iran from gaining nuclear weapons and a lead-position in the Middle East. They take this retreat as a step toward America’s reconciliation with the Islamic Republic. All three oppose this policy and resent being cast to the political and military sidelines of the region in the US president’s consciousness.

His emissaries failed to allay these concerns when they circulated around Arab capitals in the last fortnight. It was pointed out to them that the new US administration had not lifted a finger to slow Iran’s nuclear development in its first 100 days. If the issue was dropped to the bottom of Washington’s agenda with Tehran, it would be too late.

Israel was ready to pay a steep price for Egypt’s tacit and practical support by halting its Gaza operation last January short of the goals of crushing Hamas and overthrowing its government. Netanyahu has bought the proposition that he will have to pay Mubarak again in the coin of concessions to the Palestinians when they meet in Sharm el-Sheikh Monday. But the Israeli leader believes it is worth paying for the sake of a working partnership with Egypt and Saudi Arabia against Iran.

In strategic-historic terms, he believes that would be a more advantageous deal than succumbing to American arm-twisting. After all, Cairo and Riyadh are willing to stand up shoulder to shoulder with Israel against Iran – unlike the Obama administration.

[End of DEBKAfile report]


So it is most clar that a great confidence trick has been played during past decades on all of the peoples of the world.

There most people were believing that the US was backing Israel. This has been at the very centre of the propaganda by the Fascist Antisemitic Left for a long time.

Now everything is so clear. The US Government are really the backers and promoters of reactionary Islam in the world.

By the way Netanyahu is not wrong to seek alliances where he can find them.

But Netanyahu has no right to make any concessions to either Mubarak or to the Saudis.

To have a Jihadist Nazi state on the border called Palestine devoted to the destruction of Israel, run necessarily by Hamas, is just as serious a danger as is the Iran nuclear bomb. Just 2 sides of the one coin.

Netanyahu must make absolutely no concessions to these killers.

In a real sense the issue is out of the hands of Netanyahu. What is needed now is a massive movement of support inside the American ordinary people, because the most outstanding issue in all of this is the role of the US Government of Obama as the most reactionary and evil force that the world has ever seen.

The minds of all activists must turn now to how to arouse this American mass movement against this utterly evil thing called the Obama Government.

A very serious word of warning. Our researches based on the work of outstanding Dr Rory Miller, Irish academic, has proved that the Irish Jewish fraternity are in the main mere “dhimmis” to the Irish Free State antisemites.

There is something very similar afoot among America´s Jews. Many of these Jews in America have become totally Americanized. It is exactly the very opposite of what all these American antisemites have been claiming. These American Jews are going to stab Israel in the back big time.

This is the real meaning of the traitorous and treacherous call of AIPAC for Jews in America to campaign for a “Palestine” State (which would have to be controlled by Hamas)


On these issues there can be no compromise!

The key issue for all is to turn to the American ordinary people, the American working class in fact, and against the American Government and American Imperialism IN SUPPORT OF THE JEWS.

Show your support by writing a comment below, and if you wish it to be private mark “Private” at the top.

We wish to hear what you think.



  1. rather, the vatican’s anti Israel zealotry began in 1948 (a subset of its history of antisemitism, of course).

    Most Jews are oblivious to all of this. No Jews wish for the eradication of the Vatican, but it never returns this favor for some reason.

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