by Felix Quigley

May 13, 2009

The great danger to Israel comes from the Obama Government and its aim to force Israel to accept a Jihadist Palestinian state on its border.

The aim of the “Palestinians” has always been to set up a Jihadist state on Israeli soil and from there having weakended Israel to wear Israel down by Jihadist attacks.

The decision of the Israeli Government to withdraw from Gaza, to hand the area over to the Arabs, to make the area of Gaza Judenfrei, was both a betrayal and act of treachery as well as great foolishness.

The big question which the Jewish people of Israel ask themselves every day is:

Having agreed to hand over the land of Gaza to the Arabs and having seen that land used as a base for Jihad against Israel


Judea and Samaria are the Jewish names for what has rather recently become known as the West Bank.

The Arabs never really talked about Judea and Samaria becoming a Palestinian state until after the Arab genocide of 1967 was defeated.

The genocide attacks of 1948 and 1967 were not defeated by words but by military struggle. So will the present plans of the Arabs and the Iranian Fascist Mullahs to destroy Israel.

Everybody understands that the Arabs following the strict interpretation of Islam do not want to live with a Jewish state in their midst.

And understanding that the Jews of Israel can pretty well handle that, not by pacifist fooling around, but by arming themselves against the Arabs.

It is the role of the US Imperialists towards Israel that is the most dangerous. The US are determined to impose this Palestinian state onto Israel.

The legacy of the US being a “friend” of Israel is the biggest trap today for Israel and for Jews.

This legacy of being a “friend” is the very vital point that has to become clarified and urgently so in the next weeks and months.

How determined the US is in forcing Israel to accept a Palestine state is seen in this vital piece of journalism and interpretation of facts by DEBKAfile.

This report shows just what a treacherous Government and what a treacherous leader of the US is Obama towards Israel.

[Begin analysis of DEBKAfile towards the role of Obama]

Israeli president Shimon Peres’ task in Washington on May 4-5 is to blunt the sharp edge the White House is honing to force Israel to toe the new Washington line on the Palestinians, Syria and Iran.

Prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu can expect the full force of a bludgeon to be wielded in his White House talks on May 18.

DEBKAfile‘s Washington sources report that their host is fired up to be the first US president in decades of close friendship and cooperation to clash openly with Israel and the bulk of US Jewry. Oblivious to Israel’s claim of US support for its security in a hostile regional environment, Barack Obama is expected to squeeze the Netanyahu government hard for immediate engagement on the Middle East conflict without further delay.

According to our sources, the White House staff is working at top speed on options for imposing its will.

Peres and Netanyahu will be informed that Washington is setting up two trilateral peace commissions to hammer out peace accords between Israel and the Palestinians and Israel with the Syrians.

US officials in both chairs will intercede with their own ideas to prevent them running into deadlock on disputed issues. DEBKAfile‘s sources confirm that the Obama administration will not spare the whip to force the parties into line.

The US president and his top advisers are convinced that the Palestinian problem is the main obstacle to accommodations for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq and Iran. Defense secretary Robert Gates and national security adviser Gen. James Jones are the leading advocates of this proposition, with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton more skeptical but ready to back the president’s Middle East determination to place Israel in the first line of fire.

Some of DEBKAfile‘s US sources admit that President Obama is himself under pressure because, despite the high approval rating he gained for his first 100 days in office, his myriad policy initiatives have yet to show results.

His economic remedies have steadied the banking system but not yet filtered down to the general public, he faces a hard slog in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan before making headway, and Tehran is playing hardball at every turn on the road to dialogue.

The only arena where the White House can hope for quick results is the Israel-Palestinian-Syrian track.

The two peace conferences in preparation recall Bill Clinton’s success in forcing the Serbs, Bosnians and Croats to sign the Dayton Accord of 1995, so terminating a war of three-and-a-half years.

The presidential envoy for Afghanistan and Pakistan, Richard Holbrooke, was the architect of Dayton. George Mitchell, Obama’s Middle East envoy, is in line for a similar role today. During his two rounds of talks in Middle East capitals, Mitchell has shown a smiling, genial face, but said little, while in Washington, a State Department team is working overtime on a new American “road map.”

It starts out with pressure on Israel to freeze settlement activity on the West Bank and construction in East Jerusalem. At a later stage, Israel would be pushed to abandon large sections of the West Bank, remove authorized communities as well as unauthorized outposts and hand over the historic nucleus of Jerusalem.

Finally, the Israeli government would be required to accept an independent Palestinian state, even if its government is dominated by the rejectionist terrorist group Hamas.

Peres and Netanyahu will find administration officials deaf not only on Israel’s arguments on the Palestinian issue but on a nuclear-armed Iran too. They will see the US president no longer prioritizing the suspension of Iran’s nuclear aspirations, but bent on establishing a new Persian Gulf order that formalizes Iran’s rising power. Washington’s objective now is negotiations for setting the boundaries of Iran’s Middle East expansion and limits for its nuclear program.

Israel will have no say in this process. In fact, by elevating Iran to premier regional power, America is sidelining its longstanding friends, Israel and Egypt, and setting aside their security and strategic interests for the sake of deals with Iran.

Dennis Ross, US envoy for Iran, carried this message to the capitals of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, last week.

But Obama’s new Middle East design is not without powerful opponents:

1. Tehran itself will not let Washington dictate the limits of its expanding influence but insists on dialogue taking place amid “equality and mutual respect.” This attitude also governs its nuclear aspirations. US diplomats will have to make the running to temper the ayatollahs rather than the other way round.

2. Cairo and Riyadh will resist with all their might the US bid to anoint Iran the crowning Middle East-Gulf power. Both perceive Iran’s nuclearization as the inevitable outcome of this policy.

They are also extremely concerned by Oabana’s public endorsement of Turkey as the senior Muslim power in the Eastern Mediterranean and Central Asia, a boost for Ankara’s aspirations to resuscitate the Ottoman Empire.

3. Jerusalem will resist being cast into a peripheral role in the strategic and military processes going forward with regard to Iran, the Palestinians, Syria and their terrorist arms, Hizballah and Hamas, all of which bear pivotally on Israel’s future existence. Like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, the Netanyahu government may not accept being crushed between two hostile regional powers, Iran and Turkey, whose aggressive pretensions Washington is promoting.

– Netanyahu is marshalling all Israel’s resources, including an active role for President Peres, to avoid dropping into the role of second- or third-rate Middle East power whom no one consults.

Peres, whose rich diplomatic experience and international reputation make him a prime asset, has been pressed into service to become the first Israeli president to step out of his ceremonial role into active-policy-making.

– The Israeli prime minister will also take advantage of the interests Jerusalem shares with Cairo and Riyadh in frustrating the new Washington orientation – and not only with regard to Iran.

Netanyahu and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak have arranged to put their heads together and are meeting before their separate trips to Washington.

– Israel has not abandoned its option of a military strike against Iran’s nuclear installations and its economic infrastructure. US officials, led by the defense secretary, are accordingly pouring contempt on the extent of the damage Israel is capable of inflicting. Next, they will try and tie Israel’s hands by discrediting Netanyahu and his administration.

– A final arrow in Netanyahu’s quiver is the ability to enlist American public opinion, which is traditionally supportive and sympathetic to Israel, against Obama’s Grand Middle East Design. He will seek to canvass support among friends in the US Congress and the Jewish community.

[end of DEBKAfile analysis here]

Obama in fact expresses the sheer weakness of the US Government and the US Capitalist class and system.

Obama and McCain spent the election skirting around the issues, spending millions but always saying very little.

Obama made all kinds of empty promises, to Muslims, to Jews, to workers fearful of losing their jobs.

Obama has had no answer whatsoever to the economic banking crisis except to borrow and print massive moneys to keep the system afloat.

Meanwhile over in Afghanistand and Pakistan the Islamist Jihad roars right ahead where for all his love of Islam Obama will be unable to make the Pakistani Islamist Government and military from fighting, never mind defeating, the enemy hatchet men of the Taliban.

It is going to take just a few defeats, such as happened to the US in the notorious helicopter helter skelter pull out from Vietnam AND OBAMA WILL BE STRIPPED BARE AS THE BANKRUPT POLITICIAN HE REALLY IS.

And this is why Obama and his team of Israel haters are aiming to make Israel toe the line in the face of the Jihad.

In the primitive minds of Obama and his team of Israel haters like Power and Mitchell they think that if the Jihad receives Palestine then they will settle down and generally ameliorate their demands across the board.

Obama thinks also that given a Palestine state that the Iranian Fascists will also setle down and live quietly.

But that has never been the aim of Islam. The aim is to destroy the Jewish presence in the Middle East

And Obama and his team of Israel haters, which includes many Jews, can be defeated but this can only happen if the great American public, the ordinary people, can come to understand quite seriously and in detail just what their own Government is doing.

The DEBKA report shows the evil pressure that the US is going to use against Netanyahu when he visits the US.

Netanyahu must use the visit to reach the ordinary American people. But it must not be left to him alone to do this.

That is why every Jewish and progressive socialist movement must rally behind Netanyahu and must work to waken the eyes of the great American ordinary people to the evil ways of their government.

The Obama evil plans, in alliance with Islam, definitely can be defeated but only in that way.

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