by Felix Quigley

May 28, 2009

Stephen Ritson the man with a posh Oxford accent who fronts the bitterly anti Israel radio station called Radio Talk Europe has complained that if Israel attacks Iran then all hell will break loose in the world.

But what if Iran gets the Nuclear Bomb. What will be the result of that and if you are a Jew living in Israel which Ahmadinejad hates so how comfortable would that be.

For some reason Ritson and his sidekicks on the BBC connected Radio Talk Europe cannot bring himself to see that. I wonder why that should be!

However, that is the reality of the political world we live in.

By the way the radio station which Ritson heads up with his anti Israel political shows is owned and run by a Jewish man from Dublin, Ireland.

And Irish academic called Dr Rory Miller has said that the Irish Jewish fraternity are notorious for “not sticking their necks out”.

For very definite reasons which I will sometime explain I feel that Maurice Boland is cuddling up to Islam, to the Jihadist “palestinians”, as part of this not sticking your neck out principle.

It could be that Boland is thinking of the commercial success of his radio station.

However I have a little word as reminder to Boland. The war between Israel and Iran is now inevitable and he seems to have left rabid Israel hater Ritson in charge of the shop.

Either the Jews of Israel will become slaves of the Jihadist Arabs and Iranian Mullahs or else they will win in a war effort.

There really very unfortunately and quite sadly is no middle course.

A top American General spelt out these realities and note how this General seems to take it as a given that Israel will be fighting against Iran.

[start quote from top American General here]

Adm. Mike Mullen, Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, issued his most serious warning yet about the approach of a nuclear-armed Iran: “Most of us believe that Iran is one to three years” from developing a nuclear weapon… depending on where they are right now. But they are moving closer, clearly, and they continue to do that,” he told ABC’s “This Week” Sunday, May 24. He indicated that an Iran could develop a nuke at any time from one to three years hence.

“That’s why this engagement in dialogue is so important. I think we should do that with all options on the table…” although a “pretty narrow space” is left for a successful outcome meaning Ira does not end up with nuclear weapons.

At the same time, Mullen said a military strike against Iran’s nuclear facilities could have grave consequences – but so too would a nuclear-armed Iran.

In talks with Israeli prime minister Binyamin Netanyahu on May 18, US president Barack Obama said the talks with Iran he is seeking cannot “go on forever” and agreed that at the end of the year, progress would be evaluated.

Israel defense minister Ehud Barak visits Washington in the next few days.

[end quote from American general here]

So what have we here!

A Jewish man from Dublin has created an influential radio station.

But the political content of this radio station is headed by Ritson who seems awfully like a supporter of Arab and Iranian Israel hatred to me, for example referring to Hamas as the “Resistance”.

Well I expect some tension to develop between Boland and his point man Ritson.

Ritson seems to me to be seething continually with hatred for Israel.

Boland takes another course. Boland seeks to dumb down the political content of the station.

I really do think Talk Radio Europe is going to get crazier and crazier.


To the readers of this blog


I have noticed the number of absolute howling lies that are put about by Ritson and his ilk especially on the history.

Of course the Arab Nazis have sought to actually rewrite this history.

But an Irish caller to the station told Ritson that she (Noreen) thought that in future there should be no discussion of history at all. Look forward she cried. Never look back. Get those Jews out of the West Bank she screeched.

Well yes that will do it. After the rewriting of history. Why not claim that there is no history at all.

Let us on 4international try to explain carefully the facts of this history. What do you think of the situation. Make your contribution below and mark it Private if you do not wish to be published.

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