By Felix Quigley

June 13, 2009

The father of Barack Obama was a Muslim. Obama then was educated and reared as a Muslim. He became a Christian when he was an adult under the influence of the anti American Black preacher called Pastor Wright


The speech which Obama gave to the Arabs and Muslims in Cairo last week was the speech of a Muslim and indeed of an Islamist. It is certain proof that there is now an Islamist (Islamofascist) in the Presidency of the United States, the most powerful nation on earth.


Consider this about the speech


  1. On 3 occasions during the speech Obama referred to the rights of Muslim women to cover their bodies. At no time during the speech did Obama refer to the rights of Muslim, or indeed any, women to not cover the bodies. Women who do not follow Muslim dress code rules are spat upon and much worse in Islamist countries. Obama was thus defending this Islamist repressive tyranny aimed in this case crucially against women.
  2. Obama made a reference to the speech to the Holocaust being a product of Europe. This is false and is in fact a big part of the Arab Big Lie about the Holocaust. The Arabs and Islam had a major hand in the Nazi Holocaust of the Jews, a fact which is personified in the Arab leader Hajj Amin el Husseini who worked in close with Hitler, Himmler and Eichmann in the carrying out of all phases of the Holocaust.
  3. The Palestine Arab movement (The Palestinians) has descended from this Arab Nazi presence in the Holocaust. The PLO and now the PA and Hamas are the direct descendents of Arab Nazis which according to the research carried out by Mallman and Cuppers fully intended to wipe out all Jews in Palestine
  4. It was precisely these very Palestinians who Obama placed on a par with the 6 millions of Jews who perished in the Holocaust. This is a development of the Big Lie technique which is quite breath taking in its scope and implications.


So what do we learn? Obama was largely a creation of the US and European Media machine which was the same Media which laid the basis for the destruction of Yugoslavia in the past and immediate decades.


Obama also was a creation of the Islamist leaning “Left”, the Israel haters of Counterpunch and of the British SWP, also of the likes of Gene and David taube of Harry’s Place, again the pro Nato and anti Serb tie in


And Obama was the creation of a majority of American Jews who have been schooled into a particular form of Jew and Israel hatred.


But there is one other aspect to this. In the 1930s the German Nazis of Hitler made a conscious decision to ally themselves with Islam


Much research by people like Jared Israel has proven beyond any doubt that US and EU Governments have been carrying out an Islamist agenda for many decades. They have also spent enormously in resources and time in order to create a pro Islam Media


The latest effect of this was seen last week when the BBC reported hour after hour on its world service that Englishman was murdered in Mali. But he was not just murdered. He was beheaded. It was necessary to turn to Jihad watch in order to ascertain this fact. If the reader wants to google this beheading you will not find the BBC reporting this and using the word “beheading”.


When English Media people are blasé about the beheading of a fellow Englishman then we know that the English are no longer a nation, or deserve to call themselves a nation.



See re Obama speech


Obama’s stunning offence to Israel and its people

By Anne Bayevsky


June 9, 2009

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