Ya’alon belittles Obama’s policy on Iran

by Hilary Leila Kieger, Washington Correspondent, Jerusalem Post, June 10, 2009


Vice Premier Moshe Ya’alon


Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Ya’alon (Likud) delivered a blistering attack on the Obama administration’s Middle East policies Tuesday, suggesting that its approach toward Iran and the Palestinian Authority were flawed.

“Just like the new administration, we too believe that friends should be candid with each other,” he said during an address at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy. “It is our duty to explain to our American friends our concerns.”

He was referring to comments that US President Barack Obama and other officials have made recently about the need to be clear with Israel that certain policies, such as settlement expansion, aren’t acceptable.

The American declarations have fed tensions between the US and Israel, and Ya’alon’s hardline speech suggested that the gulf between the countries won’t be bridged any time soon.


This is very important and offers hope to Jewish patriots.


Our comment follows

The Americans seem to be very good at stirring up a Media frenzy and then on that basis pressuring an “agreement”. It seems obvious that Netanyahu and Lieberman have understood this and anticipated this.

In Fact. The US under Obama and Clinton are repeating, or trying to repeat, precisely what Bill Clinton did in relation to Milosevic. There are some differences. The Serbs were far more isolated and the Russians at that stage were collaborating totally with the US. It was the Russians really who sold out Milosevic and set him up literally to be murdered in his cell.

Somehow the US under Obama have got to do the same as they did to Milosevic. This could indeed be done. It is clear that this has been started.

But in the US the whole of the US Establishment was united in smashing up Yugoslavia, this will not be the case in relation to the Jews and Israel. This cannot be the case in relation to Israel.

This is why Mitchel, Obama and Hilary Clinton are literally mad to get an agreement in place. They want an agreement based on the emotion of the “poor” Palestinians. Netanyahu will not play along with this mad rush. It is essential that all organizations are quite explicit in support and defence of Netanyahu.

(end our comment here)

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu is set to deliver a major policy speech next week, which some observers have predicted he will present a softening of positions as the two countries move from taking each other’s measure to working on shared interests.

But Ya’alon’s address, which some are reading as a preview of Netanyahu’s delivery, contrasted sharply with the views of the White House.

At the same time, Ya’alon is a strong right-wing voice in the Likud, so his speech could also be read as a message to Netanyahu to hold the line.

Though the minister for strategic affairs and former IDF chief of staff couched his comments as taking on the “conventional wisdom” of the mainstream media, he belittled the notion that dialogue would dampen Iranian nuclear ambitions or that it made sense to aggressively pursue the creation of a Palestinian state.

He argued that policy toward the Palestinians should instead focus on a “bottom up” approach of economic, political, security and education reform to lay the groundwork for a functioning Palestinian entity.

I do not know if Netanyahu knows or not, but we know, that is a lot of baloney.

The centre of the Palestinian being is Jihad, the destruction of Israel. This here ideology is going to have no Palestinian state living in peace with Israel. That is for suckers.



That could well take 40 years. Or it could as I think be a bum steer in the first place.


Anybody who has studied this will see that “Palestinian nationalism” arose as a wish to stop the Jews having a Homeland.


It has been a creature of anti-Semitism from word go! The actual history shows this clearly and that is why a knowledge of history (provided we do not all descend into capitalist barbarism) will be decisive in the end.. Talking about decisive in order to do anything you need a party.


It is not a party organization because such a party cannot be plucked out of the air. But immediately there must be created a United Front organization which will be based on the opposition to a Palestine State and with all the anti-Semitism, including the ethnic cleansing of Judea, that such a palestien state entails. The bluff of Obama, Mitchel and Clinton has to be called on this one.

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