by Felix Quigley

Netanyahu offered a state to the Jihadist Palestinian Arabs and all they had to do is recognize Israel. They now say that to recognise Israel is unacceptable.

Mubarak has also said thios, speaking on behalf of all Arabs.

Could anything be clearer!

Israel must now do 2 things:

1. Take over Judea, Samaria, Gaza completely

2. Make these Arabs either accept Israel as a Jewish state and necessary defence against Jihadist antisemitism

Or be expelled from Israel

And at the same time make an appeal to the youth of Teheran to help Israel to fight Sharia, Jihadism and antisemitism


Israel is now at war on many fronts and it must ensure that those nominally Jews who are traitors be expelled from Israel.

For example Haaretz should be taken over by Jewish patriots and people like Haas should be expelled perhaps to Saudi Arabia.


Let Haas place her neck on the line there.

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