By Felix Quigley
June 17, 2009
The following is not at all surprising to us, but if this report by Melanie Phillips is accurate then this si going to drive the Fascist Islamist loving Left into total crisis.
and refers to
“suggestions that Hezbollah forces were being brought into Iran to help put down the revolt against the regime. Today, as reports seep out of the brutality being meted out to the protesters – the anonymous post here at 6.03 pm is particularly affecting – which suggest that the casualty toll is far higher than has so far been claimed, the Jerusalem Post reports that Palestinian Hamas thugs have been imported into Iran to crush the uprising:


On Tuesday two protesters told The Jerusalem Post that Palestinian Hamas members are helping the Iranian authorities crush street protests in support of Mousavi… ‘The most important thing that I believe people outside of Iran should be aware of,’ the young man went on, ‘is the participation of Palestinian forces in these riots.’

Another protester, who spoke as he carried a kitchen knife in one hand and a stone in the other, also cited the presence of Hamas in Teheran. On Monday, he said, ‘my brother had his ribs beaten in by those Palestinian animals. Taking our people’s money is not enough, they are thirsty for our blood too.’

It was ironic, this man said, that the victorious Ahmadinejad ‘tells us to pray for the young Palestinians, suffering at the hands of Israel.’ His hope, he added, was that Israel would ‘come to its senses’ and ruthlessly deal with the Palestinians.  When asked if these militia fighters could have been mistaken for Lebanese Shi’ites, sent by Hizbullah, he rejected the idea. ‘Ask anyone, they will tell you the same thing. They [Palestinian extremists] are out beating Iranians in the streets… The more we gave this arrogant race, the more they want… [But] we will not let them push us around in our own country.’

It would indeed be ironic if, while Obama is putting the thumbscrews on Israel to facilitate a Palestinian state as a precondition for America getting tough with Iran, the Palestinians are being used to keep the Iranian regime in power.

Hamas is, of course, an arm of the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood. The Iranians are Shi’ites, the supposed deadly foes of the Sunni. Hamas is, however, known to receive funding, arms and terrorist training from Iran, an alliance which has been dismissed as implausible by those who appear never to have heard of the Molotov /Ribbentrop pact. But then, the refusal to grasp that the real agenda behind the violence in the Middle East is the brutal imposition of Islamic theocracy, first upon the region and then upon the world, is the tragic delusion of the west — which extends now all the way into the Oval Office.


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