posted by Felix Quigley

July 21, 2009


A vital report from John Spencer for all supporters of Israel. The comments after the jump including analysis by Hugh Fitzgerald very important

Stop the Presses! Foreign jihadists are living in Gaza!

If this surprises you, you have fallen for the propagandists’ claim that the Palestinian Arabs are waging a nationalist struggle for land, and not an Islamic jihad against Israel. Even Hamas, although it openly proclaims that it is fighting an Islamic jihad, realizes that this news could damage its cause in the eyes of its useful idiots in the international Left, and so issues a furious denial.

“Israel: Foreign Jihadists Are Living in Gaza,” from AP, July 19 (thanks to Jesse):

JERUSALEM — The head of Israel’s Shin Bet internal security service says foreign nationals linked to the global jihadist movement have infiltrated the Gaza Strip.Service chief Yuval Diskin told ministers at Sunday’s meeting of the Israeli Cabinet that there had been “a steady trickle into Gaza of foreigners linked to global jihad,” according to an official present at the closed-door meeting….

Gaza’s Hamas interior minister Fathi Hamad dismissed Diskin’s charge as “baseless propaganda.” The militant group Hamas controls the West Bank….


Posted by Robert at July 19, 2009 10:32

…………Fathi Hamad dismissed Diskin’s charge as “baseless propaganda.”

Anything that the jihadis don’t like is baseless propaganda.
And anyone who does not agree with their philosophy is an islamophobe.


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AlaskanInfidel  91p · 1 day ago


And when will the Department of Homeland Security issue a report on the foreign jihadists living right here in the USA?

Oh that’s right…the US faces a far more grave and immediate threat…you and I.

Never mind that, let’s see our government report on the 35 or so, “Islamburgs” that have sprung up.
And forget having the Obama Ministry of Propaganda and Misinformation report on what we face here at home. isalm is now, more than ever, the religion of peace. (That phrase makes me wanna hurl…)
When people are practicing attacking a school bus right here in America…you’d better pay attention and I get the impression that under Barry…..? not so much…

islam is a lie and
Truth is killing it.


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+3 Vote up Vote down biggershovel  66p · 1 day ago


Well of course there’s terrorists aplenty in Gaza… especially now that Ogiggles America’s Usurper-in-Clown has stolen US taxpayers’ monies to the the tune of 900 MILLION DOLLARS to gove to HAMAS. What self-respecting terrorist could fail to take advantage of all that free money provided by the US taxpayers–the world’s largest ATM!

No wonder Ogiggles usually gets hero’s welcomes in Islamic nations. He’s the ATM-in-chief for Islam and Islamic terrorism!


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+8 Vote up Vote down gravenimage  101p · 1 day ago


Muslim terrorists are always drawn to centers of hot Jihad–Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, Sudan, Somalia. The calls for these “mujihideen” to flock to such areas are mostly done quite openly. That there are non-“Palestinian” members of the Ummah eager to fight the hated “Zionist entity” comes as no surprise to me, no matter how this goes against the Palestinian “national narrative”.


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+5 Vote up Vote down pulsar182  93p · 1 day ago


it looks like the Palistinians are reinforcing and gearing up for the next assault on Israel…all this talk about a two state solution is nothing but smoke and mirrors…it is blood and guts they want to see..


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RobTaylor  41p · 1 day ago


I am shocked, SHOCKED, that this is happening. It is interesting though to see the transnational orientation of Islam. Christians never flocked to the cause of other Christians, even during the crusades where there was a strong sense of national identity among the participants. Islam truely erases traditional loyalties, making it the perfect imperialist ideology.


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+3 Vote up Vote down cjk  80p · 1 day ago


“Israel: Foreign Jihadists Are Living in Gaza,” from AP, July 19 ………………………………………The real surprise here is that the AP reported it!……..And if the AP don’t get back into line, the cry will change from ‘Stop the Presses’ to ‘Bomb the Presses’


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Hugh  97p

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+8 Vote up Vote down Hugh  97p · 1 day ago


The world-wide Jihad is simply the sum of all the local Jihads. Each local Jihad receives automatic support from Muslmis world wide, who are quick to identiy, always and everywhere, with other Muslims. For a century and a half the pursuit of Jihad was largely abandoned, not because the doctrine of Jihad had been changed, or had fallen into permanent desuetude, but because Muslims were too weak, vis-a-vis others, and they were fully aware of that weakness.

After World War II, the main objects of Jihad were the State of israel and Kashmir. The former, in particular, received so much attention because, as Bernard Lewis so drily put it, expressing what we all know to be true, disputes involving Jews were certain to attract attention, not least from antisemites (who found a new, more politically and socially acceptable outlet for their antisemitism, now that Mr. Hitler had temporarily dampened the open delight one could take in it), and others who, often unaware, but feeling an intolerable civilisational guilt, found it quite a relief, eventually, to find ways to accept the Arab narrative about those terrible Israelis and thus to have the psychic consolation, in the most extreme form of this mental illness, to allow themselves to believe that it was Jews who were now behaving like Nazis (utter nonsense, but what a boost, not least in Germany and other parts of Europe), and the cult of “Palestinianism” could be tied in — quite wrongly — with a hypertrophied sense of embarrassment about anything that might, however implausibly, be linked to European “colonialism.”


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+8 Vote up Vote down Hugh  97p · 1 day ago


In remote Asia, in the first several decades after Partition, the Pakistanis had so much else to worry about, including holding the country together, and the Jihad against India, that begins but does not end with the attempt to force all Hindus out of Kashmir, and to claim Kashmir, and then all of India, for Islam, was largely behind the scenes, and it is only in recent decades that the war against the Hindus has been carried on, by Pakistan itself, and by individual Muslims and Muslim mobs in Pakistan (formerly West Pakistan) and Bangaldesh (formerly East Pakistan) and in India proper, where terror attacks have been conducted in Mumbai, and on the Indian Parliament in Delhi, and elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the Jihad against Israel was carefully camouflaged after the Six-Day War, which taught the Arabs two lessons. The first lesson was that Israel could not so easily be destroyed through military means, and that it first had to be weakened, through diplomatic isolation, economic boycotts, and steady international pressure to force Israel to disgorge all of its territorial gains, including the very territories which had originally been assigned to Israel by the League of Nations Mandates’ Commission. The second lesson was that the Western world would have to be cultivated, and that the way to cultivate its support would be to re-present the conflict as one between “two tiny peoples” rather than, as Nasser and all other Arab leaders, including Shukairy, the predecessor of Arafa=t as head of the local Arabs, and the most important task would be to change the designation of the local Arabs so that they now suddenly became what they had never been before, and certainly not when in Gaza they were ruled by the Egyptians or, in the “West Bank,” by the Jordanians. From here on out those local Arabs would be known as the “Palestinian people” and everything would be done to reinforce, mainly by dint of constant repetition of the phrase (and the attendant, almost comical “construction” of a “Palestinian identity”), the belief in this “Paleistnian people” who had, it was also absurdly claimed, always inhabited a place — unknown as a political unit to the Arabs — called by the Western world, for quite a while, “Palestine.”


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+6 Vote up Vote down Hugh  97p · 1 day ago


As long as Israel (and distant, remote Kashmir) was the main victim of Jihad, receiving 99% of the attention, the Western world could, it seems, afford not to pay attention to what Islam was all about, to what Islam had meant historically for vast Infidel lands and many different Infidel peoples. And in ignoring what Islam was all about, in a fit of colossal and criminal civilisiational negligence, the countries of Western Europe, starting about forty years ago, began to admit into their midst large numbers of Muslims, supposedly because they could be workers, but actually they were not needed, and insisted upon coming. The British did not import the Pakistanis, the Pakistanis simply came.The French did not encourage the Algerians and other Maghrebins to arrive, but could not, it seems, prevent them, or monitor their arrival and swelling numbers with the vigilance that was necessary. The only place where some Muslims were invited to come was in West Germany, where Turkish males were allowed in, as Gastarbeiter, Guest-Workers, who were supposed to work, remit sums home, and eventually return home themselves. It did not work out that way.


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Hugh  97p · 1 day ago


And now, three developments that coincide in time, have made the threat of Muslims and of Islam to the entire West, no longer a matter of Israel alone, as may once have appeared. First, there has been the unhindered movement of millions of Muslims into the countries of Western Europe, where they greatly outbreed the locals, and conduct constant and aggressive campaigns to change the ways, and the laws, of Infidel societies, and the transfer of fantastic sums — more than twelve trillion dollars since 1973 alone — to Muslim members of OPEC, which has disguised the economic underdevelopment that Islam, in the absence of unearned oil wealth, almost always guarantees (unless, as in Turkey and in Tunisia, Islam has been systematically constrained or, as in Malaysia and Lebanon, a large econmically active class of non-Muslims spurs development). Third, there has been the appropriation of Western technology by Muslims who use that technology, in audiocassettes, videocassettes, satellite television, and the Internet, to spread propaganda for islam and against non-Muslims.

All of this is now becoming more and more understood in the Western world, though it has taken a while for that understanding to spread beyond the forthright apostates (Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Ibn Warraq, Wafa Sultan, Ali Sina, Magdi Allam, and many more ), and those who were never fooled, and understood the threat of Islam (Pim Fortuyn, Geert Wilders). Now this understanding, still resisted by so many in the political and media elites, spreads and spreads, not so much becuase of what Infidels say or do, but because of what Muslims say and do, and that can no longer be hidden, nor explained away, just as the canonical texts of Islam — Qur’an, Hadith, and Sira — can no longer be hidden, nor explained away.

And that is why it is so important to Arabs and Muslims to keep pretending that Jihad is a Western fabrication, or that its goal is misunderstood, or that this or that local Jihadist group is limited in its desires to this or that localized goal. So we are asked to believe that Lashkar-e-Toiba only wants to put Indian-held parts of Kashmir under Muslim control, or that a similar group in Indonesia only wishes to bring Shari’a to the country and possibly drive the Australians and other Western tourists out. Or we are asked to believe that Hamas and Hezbollah care only about destroying Israel, but have absolutely no interest in a Muslim takeover of the countries of Western Europe or, ultimately, North America.

But this is nonsense. Islam does not tell Believers that they should be concerned only with this, or with that, small sliver of land. It tells them that the entire world belongs to Allah, and to his people, the “best of peoples,” and that as Believers, as members of the Umma, they have a duty, not tangential but central, to engage in the “struggle” or Jihad — not necessarily through violent means, if violence at this point would not be effective — to remove all obstacles to the spread, and then the dominance, of Islam. And those obstacles include the laws and customs of the Infidels, or any laws and customs that violate the Shari’a, or otherwise prevent Muslim life from being conducted according to the Shari’a, and preventing the unhindered conducting of campaigns of Da’wa, or preventing non-Muslims from yielding to Muslim demands for changes in accord with what Muslims want, in lands built by, and peopled by, Infidels.

Thus it is important that any whiff of the most obvious promoters of the world-wide Jihad, members of Al Qaeda, be kept from public view if they end up, as of course they have, in Gaza or in the “West Bank.” In the same way, the Uighurs have a vested interest in making sure that any Arab fighters or Arab funds or Arab propaganda (or Pakistani, or Iranian) are not found in Xinjiang. And the same is true for those Muslims conducting jihad in southern Thailand, or the southern Philippines. And so on, everywhere that Muslims are fighting against non-Muslims. Since North America and Western Europe are still, militarily, overwhelmingly more powerful than Muslim states, wiles and guiles must be employed to prevent Western Infidels from recognizing the truth about Islam. And a delay in the day or date of recognition will also serve to allow Muslims to breed and breed, and enlarge their numbers in the states of Western Europe, making it ever more difficult, in democratic societies, for undertaking the kind of measures that will be necesary to halt all Muslim immigration, and then to reverse it, in the first place by making the conduct of Muslim life, where it violates (as for example in the public slitting of throats of animals during Eid al-Fitr) Western laws, more rather than less difficult.

But this is exactly what the Western world will, in order to survive, sooner or later have to do…



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