by Felix Quigley

July 21, 2009

The Israeli Ambassador to the US has visited the White House to leave his credentials, which is a notable formality.

Michael Oren thus left this message for Obama:

Ambassador Oren thanked President Obama for his friendship and support for the State of Israel, and expressed optimism that the strong ties between Israel and the United States can be further strengthened

We on 4international state:

There is no friendship from Obama to Israel and the above by Oren needs to be looked at very critically indeed

This is the treachery really of the Israeli elite or ruling class as represented here by Oren.

As one ruling class to another in the form of Obama, who represents the latest attempt of American Imperialism to solve its own crisis at the expense of others (economic and political crisis)


“Friendship and support” ???

This is a lie. The very opposite is the case. Bush was betraying the Jewish people big time with his espousal of a Jihadist Islamist state out of Jewish land and his promotion of Abbas and the PLO.

Now Obama has carried this on and is in fact an antisemite.

The Obama team and administration is antisemitic. THAT is what Oren needed to say.

But the Israeli ruling class is quite unable to say this.
It remains firmly in the embrace of US Imperialism.

So what then can the Jewish people do in order to break free from this embrace?

Is the new organization ZStreet a step in this direction?

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