Black president demanding segregation in Jerusalem

By Jeff JacobyJeff Jacoby



Late last week, the Obama administration demanded that the Israeli government pull the plug on a planned housing development near the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood of Jerusalem. The project, a 20-unit apartment complex, is indisputably legal. The property to be developed — a defunct hotel — was purchased in 1985, and the developer has obtained all the necessary municipal permits.

Why, then, does the administration want the development killed? Because Sheikh Jarrah is in a largely Arab section of Jerusalem, and the developers of the planned apartments are Jews. Think about that for a moment. Six months after Barack Obama became the first black man to move into the previously all-white residential facility at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, he is fighting to prevent integration in Jerusalem.


Jacoby is 100 per cent correct here.


He is totally right to point out that this is a BLACK President who is doing this to Jews. This means that the stories about the contacts between Obama and Sharpton and co are and were absolutely correct.


So the reality is that now in position of President of the US is an ANTISEMITE.


Jacoby does not just spell out the antisemite nature of the action of Obama in stopping Jews from BUILDING IN JERUSALEM


He does something else rather vital.


He visualizes the situation if it was Arabs building on Jewish land in a Jewish sector

It is impossible to imagine the opposite scenario: The administration would never demand that Israel prevent Arabs from moving into a Jewish neighborhood. And the Obama Justice Department would unleash seven kinds of hell on anyone who tried to impose racial, ethnic, or religious redlining in an American city. In the 21st century, segregation is unthinkable — except, it seems, when it comes to housing Jews in Jerusalem



And look at the contrast between ANTISEMITE Obama and the Prime Minister of Israel


Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday. “This has been the policy of all Israeli governments. There is no ban on Arabs buying apartments in the west of the city, and there is no ban on Jews building or buying in the city’s east. This is the policy of an open city.”


The full report can be found on

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