The hard decisions that every Jewish person and every supporter of Israel Jewish or not must face are contained in this comment to Israpundit by Nahum

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My question to everyone who reads this blog and for all commenters.
A- Does anybody really believe a peace (not peace agreement) can be somehow attained with the Arabs living in so called territories?

1- If Yes why do you think so?
2- If no why do you think not?

B- Is our existence dependent on the good will of America or anybody else?

1- If Yes why>
2- If no why not?

C- Is there a general consensus in Israel as to what are Israels national interests?

D- What are they?

Same set of questions re: EU
Same questions substituting any other country

What happens when Iran goes nuclear? What happens when Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Algeria and other countries not yet thought about go nuclear as well?

Who would benefit or lose when that scenario happens? Consequences for Israel and the world?

Would withdrawing and destroying settlements on the WB precipitate a civil war in Israel? In such a case would a second Jewish State be feasible?

What happens if Hizbolla wins today in Lebanon today? Will Obama recognize it? Will he then recognize Hamas? How would recognition impact on Israel?

BB is set to submit to the public his plan or Peace with the Arabs ala Glicks suggestion in her article May 21. Counter Hussein O. with our own plan. Won’t work, I think and we find a lot of resistance here in Israel from bothe the right and the left. Looks like BB will cave cave completely and declare for a 2 state option with stipulations that everyubody including BB will ignore in the future. We’ve been down that road before. (14 stipulations for accepting road map)

Assuming a forced deal can be made will it bring peace disarmament in the region cessation of Arab demands and terror?

If the ans to most of my questions is in the negative why play the game? Why pretend? Why weaken ourselves internally and externally for fear of sanctions etc. America will continue to support and supply with same weapons if not better than it supplies to Israel. any deal with the Arabs will not reduce the Arms build-up on all sides and we can’t compete long term in such an environment. Iranian Nukes will nullify Israeli nuclear deterrent and everybody will seek them… Do we bomb Egypt when they upgrade their current program?

Comment by yamit82 — June 7, 2009 @ 1:07 pm

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