by Felix Quigley

24 July, 2009

The following proposal written in today tot he Jewish blog Israpundit is indeed very reasonable.


Here we have this antisemitic team of chancers around Obama trying to lord it over the world, flying here there and everywhere, today it is Georgia with its close historical connectens to Russia and Eastern Europe, tomorrow it is to the land of the Jews where they have special relations with the Fascist antisemitic Hamas

What next?

Well next step is for Jews to ask Obama is he actually an American at all. Or is he a stooge which the US Media has placed into power, a George Soros New World Empire stooge.

[begin comment here]

Before anything happens regarding Israel, I first propose that Obama show his long form birth certificate to prove he was born in the United States! Because until Barack Obama’s legitimacy as President of the United States is first sorted out, all his policies are moot! Therefore the Israeli government’s response regarding Obama’s demand to stop even natural growth of Jewish communities in Judea & Samaria should be, first you show us your birth certificate than we’ll talk. And this is the legal point, the government of Israel can’t deal with the current presidential administration because Barack Obama has sealed up any and all personal records (birth certificate, school records, etc.) that are evidence in proving his background. The government of Israel cannot commit to any legal agreements with the U.S. government because one party to all the contracts and treaties refuses to reveal his true identity! No legal agreements can be binding if one of the two parties is actively concealing his identity because in the end, if Obama is proven to have been born outside of the U.S. then Obama has committed fraud by misrepresentation! Under this fraud, any legal contracts or agreements made between the Obama administration and Israel will become null and void!

So in order to protect themselves, the Israelis’ response to all the Obama administration demands should be the following: in order to best protect the State of Israel, we the government of Israel are unwilling to legally commit to any international agreements and/or treaties with the government of the United States at the present time. We the government of Israel at this time also legally refuse to partake in any international peace and/or economic conferences with the United States that affect our country. In doing so we are protecting our country and the citizens of Israel from any actions that might be imposed on Israel by the current President of the United States who might not truly possess the legal authority of that office. Until and/or unless Barack Obama can prove to the government of Israel that he was born in the United States, we must take the position that Mr. Obama is committing a fraud due to his refusal and his active concealment of all his personal identification. Therefore, we the government of Israel must protect our nation’s safety by refusing to enter into any international commitments with the present commander and chief of the U.S.A. because all agreements become legally nullified if Barack Obama is proven to be born outside of the United States. The current actions of Mr. Obama lead us to believe that Barack Obama is actively concealing factual evidence that can prove he was born outside of the United States. Therefore the government of Israel refuses to place its country and its citizens at risk by entering into any international agreements with the Obama administration for fear these agreements might at some future date become null and void. Therefore we the Israel government must have proof that Barack Obama was born in the U.S.A. before we even consider any international agreements being offered or suggested by the current American administration.

[end comment here]

It is now more clear than it has ever been in history. The US is openly the enemy of Jews and their Homeland which is Israel.

Let us on 4international add our voice to this comment.


Obama, show Americans your credentials!

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