By Felix Quigley

July 24, 2009

The Goebbels (Obama) team are not alone. We have just witnessed how Obama, Mitchell and Hilary Clinton have called for the numbering of Jewish births in what are misnamed “The Territories”!!!, which is really Judea (You know Judea aka land of the Jews)


Count those births from those pesky Jews in those thar territories!!!


A slight interconnection here to another little historical truth. Jews have lived on that land, in those hills, drinking that water, tilling that soil, having their children, bringing them up, reading quietly to themselves the pages of their special history and book the Bible, for 4000 years. But the comparision underlines the anti-Semitic Obama team. They have lived there as Jews. “Palestinians” have lived there all of 4 decades, since 1967


But the dopey business man Mitchell and the lesbian Hilary Clinton is now all about counting those little and newly arrived Jews.


There must be a word for this but I cannot discover it. Perhaps “Jew Hatred”!!!


Expect one huge growth now in Jew hatred in the world as a whole.


We are dealing now with one great apparatus, a kind of complicated machine, which is the world capitalist economy.


The contradictions in this global apparatus are such that moves must be made to


  1. create rigid systems of government whereby workers are forced to knuckle down and be used to insert value into capital
  2. Great waste of human beings and their potential as mass unemployment internationally is inevitable
  3. Use of Fascist ideologies, Islam being but one of these but a particularly destructive and deadly one


Israel the little land of the persecuted through the ages Jews is No 1 scapegoat


Of course the oil and energy crisis in the world cannot be solved within capitalism. There are spasmodic and isolated examples but as a rule capitalism cannot plan, or especially pre plan. All it can do and all it does is follow the market.


Now there opens up a market for the creation of wind turbines etc but too late. Britain as one example is closing down its wind turbine creation plant because the nation is in deep crisis.


This is a clear example of failure to plan.


China is such a vast country that it is able to keep in place some of the socialized forms of production and state planning that the revolution put in place.


So it is no accident that China can now step into the opportunity of wind turbine manufacture that the abject Brits have to abandon.


This is a partial example of socialised planning. But China still cannot exist as an isolated socialised unit. It too is caught up in the globality of the world system and will be attacked with ruthless venom by capitalism.


One thing will unite all of these great world powers, from Europe, to Russia, to America and to China.


Followed by smaller capitalist outfits like Ireland and Spain!


Sacrifice the tiny state of Israel, the Jewish Homeland, to the Arabs in payment for their oil.


This is going to be the reality that faces the Jews of Israel and of the whole world, because Israel remains their only place of refuge, in the context of growing anti-Semitism.


This is a danger of great Jewish extinction which is quite real. The Arabs were fully intent in killing all Jews in 1942 in a great butchery that surpassed even what happened to Jews and Serbs in Europe.


So what can be done to stop this?


We on 4international are most hopeful of the future.


This is because we believe that the crisis in capitalism is deep and is not episodic but is of a completely historical nature.


The great nemesis of the capitalists, the working class, we insist does exist.


And the great issue of today and of future days is to create the Trotskyist leadership


In America only 2 Jewish organizations have proved to be principled> Camera and Zionist Organization of America. All the rest, all of the Jewish leaders and parties are traitors to the Jewish cause.


It is in that context that ZStreet has been launched and the Trotskyist vanguard of the 4international are throwing all of our weight behind this amazing new development.


This is an affirmation of what we said above. The working class will fight, American Jews as part of this American ordinary people will also fight, and not fight in isolation as Jews alone.


The whole orientation of ZStreet is towards linking up with friends in the Non Jewish world. That is the correct tactic for Jews.  Inside the socialist revolution Jews and Trotskyist leadership can ensure a safe place in the world, their historic Zion Homeland, where they will create and be assisted in having a place where they are free…to be Jews, in whatever way they decide to be. And the Bible will remain the centre of their historical being because 4000 years are also part of that history.



To sum up


All capitalist countries will sacrifice the Jews once again


Such is the still significance of oil they will sacrifice the Jews to the Arabs and to Islam


The capitalist crisis is two edged as far as Jews are concerned. The crisis will create the forces of Fascism which could eliminate the Jews. But the crisis can also create the Trotskyist leadership which will save the Jews. It is all down now to leadership.

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