By Felix Quigley

4 August, 2009


The growing attacks on Israel which are led and promoted by the President of the USA and his Government, a very powerful entity by any standard, poses great danger for the Jewish people and for Israel.

This means that the Trotskyist leadership, and the future Trotskyist Party in Israel, must become healers of this terrible division in Israel between those who are religious and those who are either not so religious or are clearly secularists.

The Zionist movement is a broad church.


There is the religious aspect to Israel, that Israel was promised to the Jews by the Supernatural Being that they worship.


There are also non religious inside the Zionist movement. The non religious does not believe in the supernatural. The non religious does not need to believe in the supernatural in order to support Israel.


The support of the non religious will come from both his feelings of patriotism and from his intellect.


The key to a successful defence of Israel now will come from the religious tolerating the viewpoint of the non religious and vice versa.



Both the religious and the non religious can easily meet on this ground


  1. Jews have had an unbroken attachment to the land of Israel for 3000 years
  2. Their main enemy the Arabs a. entered the area from Arabia as conquerors and suppressors of national minorities b. were powered by a religion ideology which was reactionary and repressive imperialist and c. this gives a definite edge to the political campaign of the Arabs today in that they tolerate no competitors (google the Copts and Kurds)


To start and end though with the above categories will give a very incomplete picture in the mind of the youth or fighter for (Jewish) freedom. That is because we live in the age of Imperialist power and reaction. The capitalist or Imperialist system is dominated by American Imperialism and in order to prolong its corrupt and crisis ridden system the aim of American Imperialism is to create a kind of New World Order. And because of this undoubted fact Israel and the people of Israel are caught up in a spiders web of US, EU and Islamofascist intrigue.


It is only by understanding this total picture (gestalt) that a person can hope to give leadership which is scientific and correct.


There is therefore needed in Israel a Trotskyist party which will give clear leadership to the people of Israel in this vital period. It is only if these reactionary world forces of Imperialism, Stalinism and Islamofascism are grasped with a deep understanding that Jews and Israel can be guaranteed their freedom.


Furthermore if the Arab and Islamic poor are to have any future then they will have to join with Jews and help to overthrow their Islamic monsters who rule over them with Sharia Law based on reactionary Mohammedan dogma. But Jews and Trotskyists will not be required to wait for that. Jews have to defend themselves against another Holocaust.

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