Albanian organ extraction from Serbs

Albanian organ extraction from

 Serbs probed

Aug 3, 2009


Europe’s top human rights watchdog is launching a probe into Serb allegations that ethnic Albanian guerrillas kidnapped Serb civilians during Kosovo’s war, removed their organs and sold the body parts on the black market.

Leading the probe is Dick Marty, a Swiss senator representing the Council of Europe. He is expected to meet top Serbian judiciary and war crimes officials during his two-day visit to Belgrade starting Monday.

Serbian officials say up to 500 Kosovo Serbs vanished without a trace during the 1998-99 war. They claim at least some of them may have had organs removed.

Ethnic Albanian officials deny the claims. They say the allegations are part of Serbian propaganda against Kosovo’s independence, declared last year with Western backing.

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Monday, August 03, 2009
Associated Press


This is a story that 4international will follow



people should be fully aware that Oliver Kamm, now from his position in The Times, is continuing to slander the Serb people

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