by Felix Quigley

August 7, 2009

Bibi Netanyahu had this to say in his famous speech as a response to the Obama clearly anti-Semitic speech in Cairo University 2 weeks ago. The following is only a small extract from the Netanyahu speech and I ask the reader to listen to the words very carefully and assess how reasonable is Netanyahu


[begin extract from Netanyahu speech made in response to Obama in Cairo]


“To achieve peace, courage and honesty are necessary from both sides,” Netanyahu said. “The Palestinians must say, ‘Enough with this conflict. We recognize Israel’s right to exist and want to live by their side.”

He continued, “A public Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation-state is a prerequisite for regional peace.”

“For peace,” Netanyahu said, “we must ensure that Palestinians have no weapons and the opportunity to create pacts with hostile forces. We ask that the U.S. commit that in the end-deal the Palestinian territory will be demilitarized. Without that, sooner or later, we will have another ‘Hamastan.’ And Israel can’t agree to that.”

Netanyahu continued, “If we receive a commitment to Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish state and a demilitarized Palestinian state, we can reach a final agreement.”


[end extract from Netanyau here]


Do you not agree? Very reasonable indeed!


The Arabs (Netanyahu wrongly calls them “Palestinians” but before 1967 it was the Jews who were known as “Palestinians”) need to want to live in peace with Israel.


They need to want to therefore not use guns, explosive belts, rockets, stones thrown by hand at Israeli youth in uniform, stones in slings, agitate and use forged documents over houses as has happened last week in Jerusalem.


The so called Palestinians who are Israeli citizens, use the education system etc, do not treat Israel with any respect. They show their hatred by joining in war time with the opposing forces. In other words they operate as traitors. Take the privileges of being a citizen of successful Israel yet hate Israel.


If you live in peace you do not live in war.


In other words for the Jews in Israel to be safe the Palestinian state must not be a war state.


If it is a war state then Jews ask themselves “what is the use of creating another Gaza.”


There the Jews took the Arabs as being normal people. If we give them the land they will use the land to create a decent life for their own Arab people, grow special fruit, open up the fabulous Mediterranean for tourism.


But because war against Jews was in their heart they did not chose any productive activity but made war in every conceivable fashion, in word and in deed, against the Jews.


So all that Netanyahu asked for really was for the Arabs to be peaceful. That is the key to the Jews agreeing to the Arabs having their own 22nd state, but this time on the most precious soil of historic Israel, on Yesha.


[I personally believe that granting a state to this bunch of terrorists misnamed Palestinians is the stupidest folly. Here I am just following some of their logic to understand just how anti-Semitic is the Obama position towards Israel and the Jews]


Now enters into the situation the most amazing thing…The President of the US, Obama, has let the Arabs know that the Obama speech (typical extract above) should be disregarded and he passes on to the Arabs the message that it is not worth tuppence.


That is war on the Jews and the President of the US, Obama and his crowd of flunkeys, Clinton, Mitchell, Jones et al declaring openly war on the Jews.


Netanyahu asks only for peace. The President of the US tells the Arab terrorists, that is the PLO and Hamas, that Netanyahu is talking bullshit.


What is this? Obama is urging the Arabs on to make war with the Jews.


Is this not anti-Semitism? Is anti-Semitism not the correct word for this?


The proof of the Obama anti-Semitism and on behalf of the Israel and Jew Hating Arabs.


This has got great implications for everybody living today, and not at all just for Jews.


First of all socialists. Are socialists going to back an anti-Semitic President of the US?


What about heads of state in Europe? Europe already the place where the Holocaust of the Jews was allowed to happen?


What about the American people of all classes? Are the American people going to do nothing as their anti-Semitic president, which the American people under their rules elected, are they going to stand by and do nothing?


And the Blacks in America who were supported so much, and rightly so, by Jews in their struggle for Civil Rights back in the Kennedy era?


You can see that all of this is heading in the direction of a revolutionary situation, no matter how you define that term.


The issue is possible to condense into a few words. Are the people of the world going to stand by and watch an anti-Semitic President open up a new anti-Semitic front on the Jews?

Now Obama moves into another gear and try to follow the connection with Mitchell and Northern Ireland


Mitchell set deadlines in Northern Ireland. It was a feature of all those years of Mitchell plotting. Every month there seemed to be a deadline in operation.


This was a very deliberate construct to take the debate and power out of the hands of elected representatives. Nobody dared ask what gave Mitchell any power to authorize deadlines anywhere in the world.


Expect deadlines soon in Israel.


There is a death wish among a section of the Israeli and AMERICAN Jews. Note the following. Lieberman with strong ideas was elected by the majority of Jews and became Foreign Secretary. Now barak is the acting Foreign Secretary. What has happened.


The Israeli Court system has happened. Lieberman is being pursued by his own country men over some trivial matter and Lieberman who is a potential rival has been shat upon by Netanyahu.


The Americans are playing all their cards on Barak but Barak had few votes in the election. Same thing. Elections do not count as far as the US Empire is concerned.


The War in Iraq comes to mind. No excuse for war. Oh heck then invent an excuse. The Media created the WMD hoax and giant lie.


Power, that is the power won in election, that is the power of the Israeli vote, is being very craftily removed from Netanyahu. The latter by promoting Barak facilitates this. (note 2)


There is only one way in which this can be stopped and Mitchell and Obama driven back. That is if there is a great united struggle of the religious Jews and the secular but patriotic Jews created.


And vital support internationally, especially among ordinary peoples, especially among the US Christian organizations, especially in that regard CUFI, must urgently be sought.


We on 4international admire and support the spirit of the Jewish Yesha fighters for the Jewish Homeland in Yesha. But the programme of this movement, and of leaders such as Ruth Matar, must urgently change its focus.

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