By Felix Quigley

August 7, 2009

Many people who know little believe that the Good Friday Agreement was a good thing. It is claimed that it brought an end to the troubles and that by discussion a “peace” agreement could be reached anywhere.


These people who say this are liars, hypocrites and lack all sense of fairness and principle.


What happened in Northern Ireland is that the Provisional Sinn Fein whose political programme was in a total shambles was rescued by the British Government, the Irish Government, the EU and especially by the US (Clinton of course and later Bush)


The rescue…Provisional Sinn Fein had launched their campaign of ciolence and terror in 1969 as a response to sectarianism of the loyalist protestants. The first to die were in fact Catholics, now long forgotten along with thousands of other unfortunates.


Leave that aside for the moment. If one considers the political programme of Sinn fein it was to drive the British out of the North of Ireland and create a United Ireland.


In formulating this plan the Provisionals proceeded as if the Northern Protestants were nothing, just an adjunct of Britain. It was the Protestants though that defeated the provisionals.


In the end the Provisionals were at the end of the road due to this bankrupt type of politics. They were in fact rescued by Britain and placed in power (note 1)


So what can we say, in short, about what happened


  1. The Protestants won a large majority in election after election. This meant little because the Empire elite simply disregarded elections and helped by the Media moved the discussion right outside of the elected representatives. This was of course by any consideration a step to a form of Fascism
  2. The ordinary people both catholic and protestant were presented with what was already decided. The Media was able to whip public opinion into line behind whatever the elite wanted.


The essential result was that terror in the North of Ireland was proven to pay handsomely


The similarities to what is happening now in Israel is almost exactly similar.


This should hardly be a surprise. Consider


  1. The point man of the Empire and this Conspiracy was George Mitchell. He is the point man in Israel too.
  2. Bill Clinton is not really gone, his wife thinks and operates the same
  3. There is a Clinton clone, Obama, in power


If anything Obama is worse and the results will be worse.


Obama hates the power of Israel and the powerful heritage and history of the Jewish people. He sets out to destroy their Yesha, their Homeland.


Obama made a speech a month or so ago in Cairo in which he belittled the Jewish struggle for a Homeland, saying that it arose because of the Holocaust, a mirror of what Ahmadinejad says. Obama hides that the Jewish struggle for Yesha is 3000 years old.


This was a calculated move and insult.


Now Obama moves into another gear and try to follow the connection with Mitchell and Northern Ireland


Mitchell set deadlines in Northern Ireland. It was a feature of all those years of Mitchell plotting. Every month there seemed to be a deadline in operation.


This was a very deliberate construct to take the debate and power out of the hands of elected representatives. Nobody dared ask what gave Mitchell any power to authorize deadlines anywhere in the world.


Expect deadlines soon in Israel.


There is a death wish among a section of the Israeli and AMERICAN Jews. Note the following. Lieberman with strong ideas was elected by the majority of Jews and became Foreign Secretary. Now barak is the acting Foreign Secretary. What has happened?


The Israeli Court system has happened. Lieberman is being pursued by his own country men over some trivial matter and Lieberman who is a potential rival has been shat upon by Netanyahu.


The Americans are playing all their cards on Barak but Barak had few votes in the election. Same thing. Elections do not count as far as the US Empire is concerned.


The War in Iraq comes to mind. No excuse for war. Oh heck then invent an excuse. The Media created the WMD hoax and giant lie.


Power, that is the power won in election, that is the power of the Israeli vote, is being very craftily removed from Netanyahu. The latter by promoting Barak facilitates this. (note 2)


There is only one way in which this can be stopped and Mitchell and Obama driven back. That is if there is a great united struggle of the religious Jews and the secular but patriotic Jews created.


And vital support internationally, especially among ordinary peoples, especially among the US Christian organizations, especially in that regard CUFI, must urgently be sought.


We on 4international admire and support the spirit of the Jewish Yesha fighters for the Jewish Homeland in Yesha. But the programme of this movement, and of leaders such as Ruth Matar, must urgently change its focus.


There is already a potential powerful movement and cadre created there in Yesha (Judea and Samaria). But under the present leaders it remains too religio centred, too centred on the “settlements” (a word we do not like to use actually), and it must be mature enough to move out into the broad masses of the Israeli people. (note 4)


To sum up: Watch out for the Empire strategy of taking electoral power away from those elected: the issue of deadlines by Mitchell above all use of the tactic of divide and rule, not between Arab and Hew but between Jew and jew (note 5)


A classic example of all of the above strategies in action has emerged just 2 days ago with this piece of aggressive crowing by the anti-Semitic Arabs (called “Palestinians”)


Obama to PA: Don’t take Netanyahu’s speech seriously.


JERUSALEM – The Palestinian Authority has received signs from the U.S. that it should not take seriously Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s recent major address, according to a top PA official speaking to WND.

Nimer Hamad, senior political adviser to PA President Mahmoud Abbas, also said the PA is not concerned about Netanyahu’s policies since Abbas relies on American support for key Palestinian demands.

During Netanyahu’s speech Sunday, the Israeli leader called for a demilitarized Palestinian state and said Jerusalem would always be united under Jewish sovereignty.

Hamad countered: “No matter what is the position of the Israeli government and no matter what are the statements of Netanyahu, what counts is what was promised to us by Obama, which is totally the opposite [of Netanyahu’s positions].”

“We received encouraging signs from the Americans that we should not take seriously into consideration Netanyahu’s speech,” Hamad said.

Hamad said the Obama administration holds views that strongly differ from Netanyahu’s.

“The U.S. is committed to the evacuation of settlements (in the West Bank),” he said. “We know from what we understand that also Jerusalem will be determined in the final negotiations that will take place on the basis of an international community that doesn’t recognize eastern Jerusalem as part of the state of Israel.”

The Abbas adviser claimed the Obama administration “understands that the Israeli policy is dangerous not only for the region but also for the U.S.”

Hamad said Netanyahu’s speech was “destructive for the peace process.”

He surmised the Israeli leader’s statements were “in the first level directed to his partners in the government and the radicals in Israel.”

Separately, a top PA official, speaking to WND from Ramallah on condition his name be withheld, said the Palestinians “never felt strong like we are feeling now.”

That PA official claimed the Palestinians “never felt like we had a sympathetic administration like there is now in Washington”

“We know also that Netanyahu will be obliged to carry out the vision of the U.S., which is right now closer to ours than to Israel,” he said.

In a speech branded as a response to Obama’s Mideast policies, Netanyahu on Sunday called for the “immediate” resumption of “peace talks” with the Palestinians. The Israeli leader said he would support a demilitarized Palestinian state if the Palestinians meet certain conditions, such as first combating terror and recognizing Israel as a Jewish state.

Netanyahu’s remarks were a departure from recent statements in which he refused to tacitly endorse a Palestinian state.

“To achieve peace, courage and honesty are necessary from both sides,” Netanyahu said. “The Palestinians must say, ‘Enough with this conflict. We recognize Israel’s right to exist and want to live by their side.”

He continued, “A public Palestinian recognition of Israel as a Jewish nation-state is a prerequisite for regional peace.”

“For peace,” Netanyahu said, “we must ensure that Palestinians have no weapons and the opportunity to create pacts with hostile forces. We ask that the U.S. commit that in the end-deal the Palestinian territory will be demilitarized. Without that, sooner or later, we will have another ‘Hamastan.’ And Israel can’t agree to that.”

Netanyahu continued, “If we receive a commitment to Palestinian recognition of Israel as the Jewish state and a demilitarized Palestinian state, we can reach a final agreement.”

Netanyahu said Jerusalem would remain the united capital of Israel – a nonstarter for the Palestinians. He also ruled out the option of granting so-called Palestinian refugees the right to settle within Israeli borders.

In a section of his speech that likely did not sit well with Hamas’ Yousef, Netanyahu said that Israel would not negotiate with terrorists who wish to destroy it and said that Palestinians must choose between path of peace and Hamas.

Addressing the issue of Jewish communities in the strategic, biblical West Bank, Netanyahu stated, “In the interim there is no intention to create new settlements or expand existing towns, while not preventing the natural needs of settlers, who are not enemies.”

Netanyahu was alluding to continuing “natural growth,” or adding housing units to settlements to accommodate for the existing settlement population. He is openly defying the Obama administration’s strong call for an end to all settlement activity, including natural growth.

There were several aspects to Netanayhu’s speech that were direct responses to Obama’s address to the Muslim world in Cairo two weeks ago.

During his address, Obama pointed to Israeli West Bank settlements as specifically undermining “efforts to achieve peace.”

Netanyahu today stated, “Let me use the most simple words – the root of the struggle is the refusal to recognize Israel as the Jewish state. The initial Arab refusal was to a Jewish state in any location, before Israeli presence in the West Bank.”

“The closer we get to an agreement with the Palestinians, the further it is rejected,” Netanyahu continued. “We tried a withdrawal with an agreement, without one, a partial withdraw and we offered a near-complete withdraw. We uprooted Jewish settlers from their homes, and received a barrage of missiles in return.”

Also in his address, Obama indicated Israel’s creation was a response to “anti-Semitism in Europe, culminat[ing] in an unprecedented Holocaust.”

Netanyahu pointed out the Jewish people have been linked to the land of Israel for over 3,000 years.

Not a single Jewish home without Obama’s OK’
Official says U.S. guarantees make him confident Jews won’t build in biblical territory
Posted: June 30, 2009

By Aaron Klein
© 2009 WorldNetDaily








Note 1…Even to the extent of British intelligence installing their people in the very top of the leadership of Sinn Fein and the IRA who remain even in the leadership and in cabinet positions to this very day


Note 2…There needs to be a union between patriotic secular and religious in the massive struggle at present and ahead. Netanyahu is not that bridge but the opposite. Netanyahu had a choice in forming his government; he abandoned the religious and took Barak in from the cold. The Americans are finely attuned to these things (note 3) and have placed Barak at the centre, and Netanyahu with his speech is being sidelined.


Note 4…it must be remembered that Gaza offered 2 main lessons. Sharon sought to separate the “settlers” from the broader masses of the Israeli people. And Sharon nearly lost his battle against the settlers because the broad mass of the Israeli people were turning against Sharon’s mad scheme, under direction from Bush, as it became clear that the Arabs were taking it all as a sign of weakness. That separation tactic will be tried again by especially Mitchell and Obama, who are experts in this (note 5)


Note 5…Mitchell divide and rule in Northern Ireland, Obama divide and rule on the “black” issue in the American Election at the beginning of this year (2009)

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