by Felix Quigley

September 5, 2009


Defense Minster Barak has vowed several times to destroy Jewish homes in 23 hilltop communities that have been termed “illegal.” Barak has stated in defending his decision, “In a law-abiding country, we cannot allow a situation in which everyone does whatever he wants.”


The above is the political position of Israeli Defence Minister Barak. Barak is a Labourist, cannot really by any stretch of the imagination be called a socialist. He belongs to the same political stable as say Tony Blair or Gordon Brown.


You can also immediately see that Barak is a traitor to the Jewish people of Israel because while Barak refuses to allow Jews to build houses illegally in Judea and Samaria, he does allow Arabs to build houuses illegally in Judea and Samaria!

when a Jew is found to have built a structure in Area C without approval, the structure is demolished almost immediately. However, when a PA Arab builds illegally in the same area, any subsequent demolition order is protested with help from anti-Zionist groups, and a lengthy court case commences.


It often takes years until illegal Arab homes are finally destroyed, while in the meantime, the builders benefit from having broken the law by living rent-free on Israeli land…



What does all of this mean?


Well essentially that the Barak wing of the Government of Israel has swallowed the antisemitic propaganda that Judea and Samaria belongs to the Arabs and that it does not belong to the Jewish people.


It is this point that has to be fought.


Judea, Samaria, Gaza, Golan and present day Israel … all of this belongs to the Jewish people as their Homeland.


The question of Jordan is separate and indeed Jordan was robbed from the Jewish Homeland by Britain. That issue is not over. A reckoning will have to be made of that issue before there can be peace in the Middle east.


For Islam there can be peace, but a peace of the dead, when Israel is no more.


Those who spout on about peace should keep that firmly in mind.


Hitler in his antisemitic and demented brain wanted some kind of peace also, but a peace created by the murder of every Jew on the planet.






If this is illegal building, what difference does it make [if it is Arab or Jewish]?

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